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Batwoman photo

Tweeterhead shines their signal on classic Batwoman statue

Lost in history thanks to DC's unceremonious reboot in the 1960's, high-end statue maker Tweeterhead revisits the now forgotten member of the Bat-family. While Barbara Gordon's popularity on the television series translated to the comics wi...

Hot Toys Igor photo

Sideshow features the brutish Igor in their video showcase

Iron Man 3 had a veritable smorgasbord of armors, which of course means plenty of fodder for Hot Toys' 1/6-scale line of Iron Man figures. Sideshow has recently uploaded a video of the Mark XXXVIII (38 to you non-Romans) armor, nicknamed "...

Superman photo

What Ever Happened to Sideshow Superman? (He's right here!)

He arrives! Well...soon at least. Sideshow Collectibles' Superman Sixth Scale action figure has a final production gallery ready for perusal. And he looks great. Hotly anticipated by fans of Sideshow's catering to the Silver and Bronze Age ...

Harry Potter photo

Sideshow now distributing Star Ace's Harry Potter figures

Sideshow has a goal to be the leading distributor of sixth scale action figures (apparently), whether they produce the figures or not. So that means they have now made a deal with Star Ace for their Harry Potter line of figures. These were ...

SDCC 2014: Blizzard panel photo

SDCC 2014: Blizzard Entertainment Showcase

Along with having a very awesome booth, Blizzard's San Diego Comic-Con presence also included a panel, the Blizzard Entertainment 2014 Showcase. Jason Bischoff, the company's Senior Toys and Collectibles Manager, was in attendance and previ...

SDCC 2014: Blizzard photo

SDCC 2014: Blizzard

San Diego Comic-Con attendees swarmed Blizzard's booth at the event and with so much new and exclusive merchandise, it was easy to see why. The company certainly blew me away with the sheer scope and quality of not only its purchasable item...

X-Men photo

Sideshow's Sentinel maquette fully revealed, up for pre-order

Sideshow Collectibles' gargantuan 32-inch Sentinel maquette is currently available for pre-order. I was fairly wowed when I saw the preview image back in May and the full thing is, well, staggering. Not what quite what I expected, but still...

Alien vs Predator photo

She-Predator Machiko Noguchi to receive Premium Format figure

Sideshow has announced plans to add "She-Predator" Machiko Noguchi to its Premium Format figure line. Noguchi is a human who hunted alongside Predators in the Alien vs Predator comics. While the character's concept seems out outlandish, the...

X-Men photo

Sideshow previews Jean Grey (X-Men) statue

[UPDATE: Sideshow has released a full gallery and additional details] Sideshow Collectibles has released a teaser image (along with a chance to win) its upcoming 1/4-scale Jean Grey Premium Format figure. The statue depicts mutant in her Ji...

Dinosauria photo

Sideshow's Mosasaur is a blast from the prehistoric past

Sideshow Collectibles has revealed that the newest entry in its Dinosauria line will be the Mosasaur: a fearsome prehistoric reptile that could grow to over 50 feet in length. The Dinosauria line (which isn't to be confused with Dinotopia.....

Sideshow Godzilla 2014 photo

Sideshow nabs Godzilla 2014 license

As part of their 12 Days of Sideshow event, Sideshow Collectibles revealed today that they've picked up the license for the new Godzilla film and will be making collectibles based on the film. Really, anything else I'm saying past that poin...


Sideshow brings The Red Death to Court of the Dead series

The Court of the Dead series has to be my new favorite series from Sideshow Collectibles. The first statue released was the Queen of the Dead. She was both dark and beautiful, a really exquisite figure. Now the second premium statue from t...

Uncharted photo

Charting Sideshow Collectibles' upcoming 1/6 Nathan Drake

[UPDATE: Drake can now be pre-ordered for US$160] Sideshow Collectibles has launched a preview gallery for its upcoming 1/6 scale Nathan Drake figure (based on the character's appearance in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception). The figure will b...

Star Wars photo

Prepare to be Probed

Sideshow Collectibles has an Imperial Probe Droid (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) on the way. Expect pre-orders to open November 21 (Thursday; you know, sometimes these probes like to phone ahead to make sure that everybody is ready fo...

Sideshow Collectibles photo

Bow before Sideshow's original Queen of the Dead

At SDCC, my favorite part of Sideshow Collectibles’ booth was their introduction of a new line called Court of the Dead. The figures were morbid, gruesome, and right up my alley! The first figure that is being released from this line...


Have no fear, Sideshow shows off Sinestro

Sideshow Collectibles, purveyor of all forms of awesome statues, dropped some info for their upcoming version of Thaal Sinestro, the some-times leader of the Sinestro Corps. A master at wielding fear as a weapon, Sinestro looks rather ...

Diablo III statue photo

Sideshow's Diablo III statue features an infernal glow

Sideshow Collectibles' Diablo statue (Diablo III) glows with the power of evil. This 20-inch tall polystone statue features a light-up function in its upper torso and head. Evil has rarely looked so cool. While the standard sculpting is coo...


Pacific Rim's Slattern is the next release for Sideshow

Sideshow Collectibles's Pacific Rim line continues to grow. After releasing Gipsy Danger and Knifehead, the next release will be of the Kaiju, Slattern. This category 5 Kaiju was designed and developed with the help of Guillermo del Toro. ...

Sideshow Shaak Ti photo

Sideshow is about to unleash a premium format Shaak Ti

Sideshow Collectibles, the purveyor of fine but extravagantly pricey figures, will be releasing a premium format Shaak Ti from The Force Unleashed. The game is about a character regrettably named Starkiller, but Shaak Ti features as a minor...


SDCC 2013: Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles' display of high detailed statues and figures at SDCC came from comics, movies and some original work. There were many Star Wars figures and statues like Darth Malgus, Snowtrooper, Chewbacca, Darth Maul and Obi Wan Ke...

Sideshow Baroness photo

Sideshow's Baroness shows why evil is hot

Sideshow Collectibles' 1/6 scale Baroness is now available for pre-order. The Sideshow exclusive version features an additional head and glasses. The Baroness is among the most iconic of Cobra's evil agents and, for many, is among the first...


Sideshow adds Harley Quinn to sixth scale figure line

Just like the Joker, Thor, and Indiana Jones, Harley Quinn is joining Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale line of highly detailed figures. Standing at over 11 inches tall, Harley is dressed in a fabric bodysuit, fitted corset and her jester tig...


Sideshow Collectibles releases Pacific Rim's Knifehead

From the highly anticipated movie, Pacific Rim, comes the second figure from Sideshow Collectibles; Knifehead. Knifehead, the terrifying monster mankind must stop, has been made into a statue that stands at 17 inches tall. Designed showing...

Sideshow Black Widow photo

Sideshow kills it with their Premium Format Black Widow

Leave it to Sideshow wanting to bring another woman into your life. This time it's Natasha Romanova, better known as the Black Widow. While recent memory just serves images of Scarlet Johansson, the comic version is just as deadly. Sideshow...

Sideshow's Gladiator Hulk photo

Sideshow's Gladiator Hulk conquers the planet

Sideshow's Premium Format Gladiator Hulk is currently available for pre-order. This 1/4 scale statue stands over 30-inches tall. Fans will recall the Hulk's gladiator ensemble from the Planet Hulk storyline (which was later adapted into a h...

1/6 Prototype Boba Fett photo

Sideshow's 1/6 prototype Boba Fett can now be pre-ordered

If you could white-wash Star Wars history, most of you would pick Episodes 1-3. Sideshow instead has picked Boba Fett, selecting the bounty hunter in his original prototype form for their next 1/6 articulated figure. You can hire this Boba ...

1/6 Prototype Boba Fett photo

Sideshow brings us the original all-white Boba Fett

Empire may be the best of the trilogy, but what could have made it better? Sure, Boba Fett is loved enough as he is now, but seeing what was originally planned for him makes me wish he was a Super Trooper instead. Sideshow Collectibles shar...


MadXcollectoR commissions New 52 Joker head

As if the Joker wasn't crazy enough before, in the New 52 he reached new heights of absolute insanity. The way he looked helped complete his transformation from crazy to frighteningly crazy. Commissioned by MadXcollectoR, this custom Joker ...


Sideshow Collectibles releases Vampirella Tooned Up

Sideshow Collectibles has just listed a statue of the sexy comic book vampire, Vampirella, up for pre-order. Vampirella Tooned Up is a cartoonish depiction of the popular vixen from Sideshow Collectibles and Tracy Mark Lee of Electric Tiki...

Win a BH Stormtrooper photo

Win a Blackhole Stormtrooper from Sideshow Collectibles!

Presumably to help promote their upcoming premium format Blackhole Stormtrooper (whose pre-orders open May 30), Sideshow Collectibles is giving one away. All you have to do to enter is click on this link and enter your email address. While ...


Awesome Superman statue? Looks like a job for Sideshow

Rarely do I see Superman statues that excite me. As such, just catching a glimpse of Sideshow Collectibles' rather awesome 1/4 scale Premium Format Superman is something of a treat. The premium format Superman stands a whopping 25.5-inches ...


Darth Vader Mythos statue is the stuff of legends

OK. We all know Darth Vader and we all know how cool of a villain he is so let's just cut to the chase. This might just be the only Darth Vader statue you'll ever need. On its own it's made to represent Darth Vader returning to Mustafar whe...


Sideshow's Ultron will soon conquer the Avengers

Sideshow Collectibles's classic Ultron on Throne Comiquette is now available for pre-order. The Sideshow exclusive version will include an interchangeable Vision's head accessory. This 1/5th scale statue stands (or sits) over a foot tall. A...


Sideshow announces Ultron comiquette

Sideshow Collectibles a new Ultron comiquette, featuring the iconic Avengers antagonist seated on a throne. The statue, purportedly based on one of his classic looks (albeit seemingly not his original design), depicts Ultron leisurely slouc...


Sideshow reveals their poseable 1/6-scale Joker

Sideshow Collectibles announced its first 1/6-scale poseable figure will be The Joker. It's the comic book version, and aside from that terrifying grin, he looks pretty dapper. I think he'll be highly desirable to say the least. There will ...


Sideshow Hulk undergoes limited ed. color transformation

Sideshow Collectibles has uploaded a photo gallery for its upcoming limited edition Grey Hulk comiquette. The design, based on a previously released Hulk, will be part of a Sideshow exclusive 500 piece limited run. Fans may best remember th...


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