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RG Astray Red Frame photo
RG Astray Red Frame

Real Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame gets promo video at AX

Gimmicks are a good thing
Jul 04
// Andres Cerrato
The Real Grade line is expanding later this year to include the found in a destroyed colony Gundam Astray Red Frame. It's been a favorite design among fans, which helps to explain why SEED is seeing yet another RG release. Th...
NYCC 2014: ThreeA photo
NYCC 2014: ThreeA

NYCC 2014: ThreeA

Your new Doom awaits
Oct 13
// Brian Szabelski
ThreeA's display space at New York Comic Con 2014 featured some old favorites like the WBR figures alongside a few newer figures we'll be seeing in the coming months. The new Popbots are looking particularly nice, but the cen...
Evil King Machine photo
Evil King Machine

TOYSREVIL gets a custom version of Storm King Machine

Quiccs' Stormtrooper-styled design coming soon in red
Oct 01
// Brian Szabelski
Filipino urban artist Quiccs has a resin piece by the name of Storm King Machine, which mixes Stormtroopers with 1970s-style anime mechs (or Gurren Lagann, if you're looking for a contemporary simile). The newest version is ...
PG Gundam Unicorn photo
PG Gundam Unicorn

Perfect Grade Gundam Unicorn coming this December

Fully transformable with optional LEDs
Sep 25
// Andres Cerrato
It's the kit that everyone said they wanted when they learned what they could do. The gimmicks for the Perfect Grade line made people dream of what the Unicorn could be if they were to do it. Yes, it's finally coming this Dec...

Iron Giant Dunny photo
Iron Giant Dunny

Custom Delights: Josh Mayhem's Iron Giant Dunny

Vin Diesel voice acting not included
Sep 08
// Brian Szabelski
Josh Mayhem has recently completed a new 3-inch Dunny commission, and this one is one of my favorites from 2014. His Iron Giant Dunny is exactly what you'd expect: a pint-sized representation of the film's title character, us...
ThreeZero Aphrodite A photo
ThreeZero Aphrodite A

Pre-orders for ThreeZero's Aphrodite A begin Friday

Yes, the trademark missiles are here, too
Sep 03
// Brian Szabelski
As if the Ned Stark news wasn't enough, ThreeZero also announced that their Aphrodite A figure is up for pre-order on Friday. The Mazinger Z mech will come with her chest-mounted Koushiryoku missiles as accessories, but ...
Chronicle photo

SDCC 2014: Chronicle

Cain bringing the pain
Jul 30
// Pedro Cortes
Walking the floor on San Diego Comic Con, you sometimes run into some surprises. The Chronicle booth was one of those wonderful surprises. Looking at the small booth, it's clear that quality trumps quantity. All of Chronicle'...
WF 2014: ThreeZero Atlas photo
A massive mountain of mech
ThreeZero showed up at Wonder Festival 2014 Summer with their big, bad Atlas from Titanfall. The Atlas stands a full 20 inches tall, comes with a pilot figure that has it own accessories, has LED illumination on the top of th...

Standby, here are your Gundam Build Fighters Season 2 Gunpla

Jul 17 // Andres Cerrato
HG Build Burning GundamOctober, ¥1,512   HG 1/144 Lightning GundamNovember, ¥1,728   Winning GundamNo release info  HG 1/144 Powered GM CardiganOctober, ¥1,944   Lightning Back Weapon SystemNovember, ¥864 Powered Arms PowadaOctober, ¥648 
Gundam Build Fighters Try photo
They're gonna Try it this time
Gundam Build Fighters was amazing. It didn't have a great plot, but it was at least enjoyable if just for all of the cameos. It certainly surpassed expectations in the west and now season 2, Gundam Build Fighters Try is on th...

MG Hi-Nu HWS ver. Ka photo
MG Hi-Nu HWS ver. Ka

MG Hi-Nu Gundam ver Ka's Heavy Weapons are ready for battle

Heavy weapons will equal a light wallet
Jul 16
// Andres Cerrato
The Hi-Nu Gundam ver. Ka is simply a beautiful mobile suit. While the first MG Hi-Nu had its detractors because it wasn't like the original design by Izubuchi, the new kit follows his design aesthetics much more faithfully. A...
Revol Mini Date Masumune photo
Revol Mini Date Masumune

Revoltech introduces Mini Date Masamune and reintroduces Legacy figures

They're back again at modern (re: higher) prices
Jun 25
// Andres Cerrato
Revol Mini continues to be a thing. After Kinnikuman, Solid Snake, and Iron Man Mk VI, the 4th release in the line will be Date Masamune of Sengoku Basara. Just as with the other releases, Masamune got a release  in the ...
HG Reconguista in G photo
HG Reconguista in G

Here's the first Gunpla from the new Gundam series

But first, let me build the G-Self
Jun 22
// Andres Cerrato
The late summer of 2014 will see the entry of the latest Gundam television series, Reconguista in G. Being the brainchild of original Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino, I'm looking very much toward this series. As the series wi...
RD God Gundam photo
RD God Gundam

Make your peace with God Gundam in Robot Damashii form

Take this! My love! My anger! And all of my money!
Jun 02
// Andres Cerrato
Way back in the distant past of last month at Tamashii Nations, the world finally saw the debut of Robot Damashii God Gundam. Sure, we're going to get Master Gundam and Master Asia soon enough, but first will be that which wa...

Tomopop Review: Takara Tomy Transformers 4 Premiere Edition Optimus Prime

May 25 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Figure Name: Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Premiere Edition Optimus Prime Figure Maker: Takara Tomy Figure Price: ¥7,500 Available At: HobbyLink Japan Starting with the box, the art is really nice. It's very big and jumps right out at you thanks to the cut of the flap and the overall unusual shape. Note that there's a big silver foil sticker on the front of the box covering all of Hasbro's English text and logo. It also changes him from a "First Edition" to a "Premiere Edition". I'm not all that crazy about the red and white Transformers logo and its positioning, but I'll have to get used to it; they're using it everywhere.  Shot at the back. Mostly unchanged save for another sticker to add the typical Takara Tomy stuff. The photos look good, but the figure is clearly hand painted and given a glossy Photoshop treatment. His sword and shield look good in orange, it's a shame they went with yellow in the end.  Inside the flap is the first movie poster and a nice, big window viewing the figure. I wouldn't mind seeing more Transformers in a similar box; this isn't altogether unlike the Masterpiece or Platinum Edition boxes. I can't help but think they're spending as much making the box as they do making they figure inside it, though.  Here he is freed from his package. First thing you'll notice if you're looking at one in person is just how tall he is. He stands over 10 inches tall and with all of that kibble he gives the impression of being big and bulky, but it's all deceptive. He's extremely light thanks to being mainly hollow and made out of very thin plastic. Thankfully the plastic is pretty sturdy despite the thinness. I never once felt like anything was going to break, even when transforming.  The chrome is nice, and if you like that sort of thing, there's a ton of it here. My real beef with chrome is that it's rarely done in the right place and not enough. Then they get lazy and use light gray where they can't use chrome and the whole thing just looks wrong. So I'm happy that they used dark gray instead of trying to blend a bunch of colors that kinda look alike. However, they also used silver paint where they couldn't use chrome which I assume is a cheaper process and looks just as good. I figure if they dropped the chrome they could have covered even more of the figure in silver with just the paint alone.  Now's as good a time as any to also point out how little paint there is on this figure. There are only four dominant colors used here: silver, gray, red, and blue. That's all. Granted, Prime's new bot mode and truck modes don't have a ton of color, but this is pretty sparse. You can definitely tell this is a Hasbro figure by the lack of paint details. After this figure the two companies are going their own ways with the paint on the same molds. Oh well, I'm sure we'll see an upgrade option from ReproLabels or something later.  Taking a closer look at the head. For this figure they decided to go without the mouth plate. I don't know anyone who actually wants a figure of Optimus Prime without his mouth plate, but Hasbro keeps making them. That would be like making a bunch of Superman figures without capes just because it's something different. I'm pretty tired of it. I do like that the eyes are nicely sculpted, too bad Hasbro still insists on using light piping for their figures which rarely works to any effect. On this figure the light is received from the back of his head and all the stuff behind him blocks any light from hitting it making it pretty much worthless. Just go back to molding the eyes in opaque colored plastic again already. Articulation isn't terrible, but just adequate. He has good range of motion in the shoulders and double elbows, plus a swivel above the elbows, but no wrist articulation. He also has hinges on his shoulder armor so it won't restrict his arm movements. Surprisingly, he has no ball joints in his arms to wear out, and even has ratchets in his joints, so it's nice to see they didn't entirely cheapen out. His neck can only turn; this is a spot were all Transformers should have a ball joint. He also can't twist at his waist which is unfortunate, but not a deal breaker. The legs aren't too bad either. The hips are articulated like the shoulders so he can even do a split or just sit (more on that later). His knees can be bent to a 90 degree angle and there's also a swivel just above the knee joint. Problem is the junk behind his legs hanging from his back makes it very difficult to maneuver his legs around. He has ball jointed ankles, too, but they can barely move at all. At least it's there I guess. No guns this time around. His accessories include the "Sword of Judgement" and the "Sentinel Shield". Both are molded in translucent yellow which is OK, but I prefer the orange of the prototype as seen on the box. Then again, in the movie the sword is mostly silver with some red so it doesn't really matter at this point. Then again the figure itself doesn't look all that much like the character model from the movie so it's probably too late to start complaining about accuracy. The sword also has a peg in it, but doesn't seem to serve any function I could find. The shield can either be plugged into the side of his left arm, as it should, or he can hold it in his hand, which doesn't really look right.  Time to transform. This is were things really become underwhelming.  He's advertised as transforming in 12 steps, but this could easily be considered the first step. Just sit him down and flip his backpack down to plug it into his legs. He could practically drive off just like this. The rest of the transformation is moving the body forward, folding the arms behind his back, and snapping all of the shell pieces into place. It's beyond simplified, it's no wonder why his bot mode is full of kibble. Last part of the transformation is folding over the roof and windshield. These last two images really show just how little effort they're putting into these figure to cut costs. It's just a shell of a truck wrapped over a robot action figure, it hardly qualifies as transforming. Unfortunately that's how most of the vehicles figures in the movie are made. At least we have the Dinobots, those actually transform for the most part.  Truck mode looks pretty good, but all things considered it had better. The new truck this time around is based on a Western Star Trucks concept vehicle that hasn't been fully revealed yet. I'm glad they went with something a little less traditional this time around. After three previous movies where Prime was paired with a bunch of cars that look like they came from the future it's nice to see him finally get a much needed update. I'll nitpick about the paint shortly. Rubber tires! Sadly this is the absolute best thing about this figure. In all fairness, this could be the best Transformer in the world and the rubber tires would still be the best thing about it, they're just that good.  This is just pathetic. Big hunk of blue plastic with no paint of any kind. They coudn't even be bothered to mold in the rear lights. Then again they did give him headlights either so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.  I'm guessing the stacks are painted like this to prevent the paint from rubbing, but it looks bad. They should let us worry about the paint rub and paint the entire stack. That also means painting the L bend on the bottom and the pipes coming off the top. As mentioned before, trying to get us to pretend the gray plastic and silver paint are the same color is just foolish.  The sword can be stored on the bottom via a clip. Like I sad, the peg on the sword serves no purpose at all. The shield also has storage on the back plugging into the trailer hitch. *Shrug* OK, so now that we give the figure a thorough look over, let's check out why it's such a disgrace for a figure from 2014. Here's 2014 Optimus Prime with the Optimus Prime figure for the first movie from 2007. The new figure is supposed to be a special premium, high priced figure only sold through specialty retailers while the old figure was a standard Leader class figure you could get at any store. There are nearly seven years between these two figures, and yet it's the 2007 figure that's the most impressive. Look at the amount of paint detail in the flames: The 2014 flames are overly simplified and lack their detail, but the 2007 figure kept its gradient. Look at the headlights: The 2014 figure doesn't even have headlights molded in while the 2007 figure has them molded out of clear translucent blue plastic. Look at the panel lines: The 2014 figure has just a few because it's just a shell, while the 2007 figure is full of them because of its intricate transformation.  The 2007 figure also has parts that auto-transform like the chest and feet, articulated fingers, firing missile, and lights & sounds features that correspond to what mode he's in. He wasn't exactly movie accurate, that figure came with the second movie, but at least he was a real Transformer.  Now, as negative as I've been I don't hate it. Or rather, I don't like it as a Leader class premium figure. If this were a smaller figure or priced as an Ultra figure it wouldn't be so bad. But as a figure that feels and looks like an oversized Voyager class figure at Leader class prices it's really hard to recommend. If you find one on clearance for around US$30 then go for it, but at full price you'd be better off steering clear.  One last pic. Knights are supposed to fight dragons right? Go get him, boys! [Huge thanks to HobbyLink Japan for the review sample!]
TF4 Optimus Prime photo
Oh, how the mighty have fallen
You're probably already well aware that 2014 marks yet another Transformers movie year. This time around Transformers 4: Age of Extinction begins a new story arc featuring returning and new Autobots (now in more knightly look...

Transformers x Evangelion photo
Transformers x Evangelion

There is now a story behind Transformers x Evangelion

Also Starscream Sachiel
May 23
// Andres Cerrato
Just yesterday, we finally got to see what the ever-weird Transformers x Evangelion crossover would result in toy-wise. TakaraTomy is now giving us more with an official page, story, and what will hopefully be a resulting Sta...
Magazine Scans photo
Magazine Scans

MP Optimus Prime x Evangelion is about as creative as you thought it would be

A delivery of paint to NERV HQ
May 22
// Andres Cerrato
Were you expecting something really cool when it was announced that Transformers would crossover with Evangelion? Maybe something like that stylized Revoltech that made people actually seem genuinely interested in the possibi...
Shizuoka Hobby Show photo
It's actually happening!
Bandai usually saves their big announcement for Shizuoka and this year they did not disappoint. While the show actually opens tomorrow, someone sneaked in and spoiled us all with this glorious announcement: 1/100 Nightingale....

HGUC Neo Zeong photo
HGUC Neo Zeong

Let's take another giant look at the giant HGUC Neo Zeong

Also fake Char trains and fake Char cars
Apr 26
// Andres Cerrato
In case you missed it this week, Japan is going crazy with Gundam promotions again. The airport in Osaka now features the Red Comet Express, a bullet train decorated in the motiff of Neo Zeon and Full Frontal, the not Char of...
Bootleg Gundam photo
Bootleg Gundam

Bootleg Hell is now in your lawn with knockoff Gundam statues

With bonus Grendizer head!
Apr 26
// Andres Cerrato
We have visited Bootleg Hell many times before, but now it's leaving convention halls and trying to enter your home. You can put a lot of gnomes, various saints, and even the juxtaposition of the two previous entities in your...
Magazine Scans - Gundam photo
Magazine Scans - Gundam

This month's scans feature tons of new Gunpla

Build Fighters, MG Turn X, and HGAW Airmaster
Apr 23
// Andres Cerrato
I don't think there's ever been a time where I've been more excited by monthly scans. Not only is the Master Grade Turn X now in color, but there's also 4 new kits from Gunpla Build Fighters. On top of that, the new Real Grade Char's Z'Gok has its prototype, and a pair of new HGUCs from Unicorn. Get the full rundown of this month's Gunpla scans after the jump.
GBWC 2014 photo
5 live events plus 1 online competition
You've built your Gunpla and now you want something to do with it. You've painted, sculpted new parts by hand, added armor by cutting many, many small pieces of plaplate. If you'd like the chance to show off your Gunpla, you ...

Tomopop Review: Robot Damashii Wing Gundam

Apr 14 // Andres Cerrato
Figure Name: Robot Damashii Wing GundamFigure Manufacturer: Bandai Tamashii NationsRetail Price: USD $49.99Available At: Amazon | Big Bad Toy Store | Entertainment Earth Hooray! It's a box telling and showing us what's inside. As you notice, the Gundam is visible through the clear plastic, but the Wing is shown in its Bird Mode, indicating that this figure can transform. How? Well, the figure's inside so let's just get it out. Back when the first Gundam Wing figures hit the U.S. market, two versions were made, presented in either gold or yellow trim. As for the Robot Damashii, the main yellows have remained yellow while only the shoulder armor markers have the metallic gold to them.  As for balance, there really isn't any issue. While the large wings may have lead to some having concerns, I haven't encountered any problems with getting a good pose. Don't worry and stand him as you need to. The main weapon of the Wing Gundam is the buster rifle. What is nice is that the rifle is done in different colors. The energy containers and nuzzle of the rifle are done in gunmetal while the rest is the standard dull gray. Only problem is that the seam line down the middle of the rifle is off-putting. What might have some worried is how the figure holds the rifle itself. In my time with the figure, I've yet to find it sagging down or wearing down the shoulder or elbow joints' strength. This is more to the actual suit design, as the talon on the forearms helps hold the rifle in place. It's nice to have the rifle in there and not falling off. My favorite part of this figure though is the shield. Just as in the show, the shield can open up to reveal the lone beam saber. The shield itself can be moved in different positions about the arm thanks to the piece connecting the forearm. It's been a problem for some Gundam figures in the past, but it's largely alleviated due to the newer RDs including it. However, let's get to the sabers. Yes, plural. While there is only one beam saber, you have your choice of two effect parts for the beam. You can either display it as above, with the energy coming off the beam as it swings down. Or you can just have the standard, normal straight-as-an-arrow beam saber. Yes, I prefer the energy effect saber much more. Definitely the energy effect. Ah yes, Bird Mode, the transforming aspect of this Robot Damashii. Getting it to this state is a tad complicated. While the transformation was relatively simple in the show, for a figure, there's just one more step, namely a parts swap. As you'll note here, the Tamashii Stage connects to the torso via a swapped in part. Other than that, it's simple. Clip rifle to shield, move wings to side, rotate torso, add shield/rifle to back and you have Bird Mode.  While Bird Mode isn't all that impressive to me from a design standpoint, the Robot Damashii does it better than the previous Master Grade, HGAC, or old MSiA did it. Perhaps the coolest accessory added in to the package was the alternate head, featuring half of it blown off. If you're wondering where this comes from, it was a shot during the first opening where the Tallgeese had made the damaging blow. Unfortunately, I don't have a Tallgeese, so this unbelievably menacing Leo will have to do. Taking it all in, the Robot Damashii Wing Gundam is the figure you wished you would of had back when it was airing on Toonami. It fits into the standard that Robot Damashii has established, and if you like them already, you'll like this. Wing is what started me down this path and this will go nicely in that collection. [Thank you to Bluefin Distribution for providing this sample for review!]
Review - RD Wing Gundam photo
The shooting star she saw
I've had a lot of fun with the recent Robot Damashii I've acquired. The Leo Flight Type is the grunt I've always loved, and Deathscythe Hell has become one of my go-to figures. Cut to the latest entry, the Wing Gundam, the fi...

Onorio ToyCon UK photo
Onorio ToyCon UK

Onorio D'Epiro's exclusives for ToyCon UK revealed

Will be at the booth
Apr 10
// Brian Szabelski's booth will be home to a few collectibles from Onorio D'Epiro at ToyCon UK, and if you love robots, then you'll love what he has in store: The fellow in the header image is P.A.L., a 7-inch robot with light-up eyes ...
Magazine Scans - Gundam photo
Magazine Scans - Gundam

More new Gunpla including HGUC Neo Zeong with an equally large price

June is going to be BIG. Also expensive
Mar 21
// Andres Cerrato
When the Neo Zeong was revealed, no one thought it would actually get a HGUC release. Things get crazy and sure enough, it does. This month's hobby scans give a glimpse of what to expect from the monstrosity, along with a few...
LEGO photo

Custom LEGO Jaegers and Kaiju are glorious

Why aren't these real and in my hands?
Mar 03
// Pedro Cortes
Several months ago, Emily posted a LEGO Gypsy Danger designed by Mako. It was glorious and I rejoiced. I prayed to the robo-heavens for more. More Jaegers, more Kaiju, more anything Pacific Rim-related. It seems those wishes ...
Designer vinyl photo
Designer vinyl

Evilos customized the Android I'm looking for

Cutest Artoo
Feb 24
// Kristina Pino
[update: added some more images to the gallery] Evilos has recently Instagrammed the image below of a stunning custom job he did on a mega Android, making it look like R2D2. "Mega" here means the Android is 9 and 3/4-inches ...
Magazine Scans - Gundam photo
Magazine Scans - Gundam

This month's scans feature Bandai's largest Gunpla yet

Prepare yourself a shrine to Neo Zeong
Feb 22
// Andres Cerrato
If you haven't already viewed the two Gundam Unicorn episode 7 trailers, you're going to need to. (Don't worry, they're after the jump!) Featured in the new trailer is the newest mobile armor, the NZ-999 Neo Zeong. Upon seein...
Custom Beargguy photo
Custom Beargguy

Your Beargguy San isn't this adorable

Gunpla has gotten flocked up
Feb 15
// Andres Cerrato
Gunpla is a hobby that can be enjoyed by anyone. Beargguy has had its hand in getting people to be especially creative with their Gunpla and the third edition from Gundam Build Fighters has been no exception. A crop of custom...
WonFes 2014 Winter photo
WonFes 2014 Winter

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Sentinel Mega Drive Megatron

This is as great an idea as the amount of puns inserted
Feb 08
// Andres Cerrato
The Console Wars left many laid to waste. Jaguar, Lynx, and other cat-themed consoles died off while the two giants of the Mega Drive and Super Famicom fought to the bitter end. In a fitting recreation of said wars, the conso...
Legacy Dragonzord photo
Legacy Dragonzord

Legacy Dragonzord closer to being reality with these pics

Feb 08
// Andres Cerrato
What I have wanted the most for the longest has been the upcoming Legacy Dragonzord. I was never able to get one as a kid and I refused to pay the nostalgia prices for one. With the announcement back at New York Comic Con, I ...

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