SoKo Cat customs

Three new custom figures from SoKo Cat arrive

Bunnies, broccoli and bots
Jul 18
SoKo Cat has some new customs in her shop, with a "B" theme to them. By that, I mean bunnies, broccoli, and 'bots: A custom version of Paul Shih's Bevil, the Broccoflower edition, with some re-paints on Bevil's body to make ... read
Fangamer Spelunky

Fangamer releases a new series of Spelunky figures

This time, focused around bosses
Jun 24
Spelunky has been a game that's grown on me, and as such, I'm quite happy to see Fangamer make a new series of Spelunky figures! The lineup for Series 2 is a boss monster affair: Anubis, the Yeti King, Alien Lord and Old Bite... read
Gyaraga Dunnys

Go to space with Otto Bjornik's latest, Gyaraga

Showing up on Thursday at a Bjornik online shop near you
Jun 23
Otto Bjornik's new Gyaraga Dunnys aren't 100 percent new designs: two of the three main designs are based off of his larger Odyssey 1969 custom Dunnys. Joining Neil A (in the white) and A Lien (in black) is a new red ast... read

Meet The Disarticulators' new collaboration, Screwball

Yes, you can go crazy over it if you want
Jun 02
The Disarticulators' Madball has been a nice throwback to the toys of yesterday, but it's not going to be alone for long. In collaboration with Strange Kids Club, a new collectible called Screwball is on the way with a intere... read

Kibunadon rises from the depths to invade the U.S.

New kaiju from Teresa Chiba and Max Toy Co.
May 30
So we've had cat kaiju, and dog kaiju ... how about some fish kaiju? That's what's new from Max Toy Co., as they've put together the mighty Kibunadon, based off of Teresa Chiba's character. Teresa won the Kaiju Gals Design-a-... read
Doktor A's Bella Delamere

Doktor A's Bella Delamere makes one more curtain call

Final colorway being released Friday
May 28
All good things must come to an end, and for Doktor A's Bella Delamere, that end comes in the form of a final colorway Releasing on Friday at 9 p.m. in Amsterdam (that's 3 p.m. Eastern, noon Pacific), the final colorway is ca... read
Prickly Pencil Pusher

The Bots' Prickly Pencil Pusher is No. 1 in our hearts

Duo drops on Wednesday
May 19
Jenn and Tony Bot are back with their clay-coated creations, making another cuddly little critter. Their target this time? Frank Kozik's Heathrow, which they've turned into the Prickly Pencil Pusher. The little yellow fellow ... read
Storm Samurai

UPDATE: Celebrate Star Wars with Artmymind's Storm Samurai

These might be the resin pieces you're looking for
May 05
Not everyone celebrates May the 4th in the same manner, and Artmymind have chosen to celebrate Star Wars with a new piece, Storm Samurai. Obviously styled on the Stormtrooper helmet with some influence from Japanese kabutos, ... read
Kuso Vinyl WonderCon

Kuso Vinyl has a trio of new releases for WonderCon

New Luckittypons and a dragon-styled Minicel among highlights
Apr 16
Kuso Vinyl will once again be at WonderCon Anaheim, and for this year's event, their exclusives come in a trio of choices. First, there's two Luckittypons for the event: the Inazuma version that looks like Pikachu, and the Ti... read
Old favorites return alongside brand new works and a few surprises
ToyCon UK arrives on Saturday, and there's plenty of new things to gawk over before the show. So much so, in fact, that we haven't been able to keep up with it all! To make amends, we're rounding up as many of the ToyCon UK releases and news tidbits as we can, starting off with works from five of the artists in attendance. Hit the jump to see some of what you'll find at ToyCon UK! read feature

Big Chief's Tenth Doctor

Big Chief's Tenth Doctor Dynamix figure gets a new look

Exclusive version has a few changes for the better
Apr 09
Big Chief Studios have done the Tenth Doctor as part of their Dynamix line previously, but they've done a limited edition version of the figure with some changes. You might notice the color of his pinstriped suit has changed ... read
Dok A's Stumpy Warburton

Doktor A's Stumpy Warburton hobbling over to ToyCon UK

Limbs are overrated for machines
Apr 07
Seems as though Colonel Rombus won't be the only Dok A creation coming to ToyCon UK. The little Stumpy Warburton, proofreader and founder of the Limbs Can Hold You Back Society, will be at the event too. He's a brand new... read
Squink!'s My Final Breath

Squink!'s My Final Breath is nothing to huff at

Resin piece coming to ToyCon UK
Apr 03
Squink! has been quiet since the end of 2013, mostly because he's been catching up on commissioned work the whole time, but ToyCon UK is bringing out some new work from him. Specifically, it's a resin piece called My Final Br... read
Scratch MK Blue

ESC-Toy's new Scratch MK is a beautiful blue

Available at a special retail price for 24 hours only
Mar 28
ESC-Toy's newest weekly release is a little different, though it doesn't seem that way. After all, we've seen the Scratch MK figure before, and this time, it's in a metallic blue colorway. There's nothing too out of the ordin... read
Otto Bjornik's Mayari

Otto Bjornik, Kidrobot's Mayari arrives at retail

First release since Kidrobot changed prices
Mar 27
Otto Bjornik's latest work has arrived today,a  3-inch Dunny he did in collaboration with Kidrobot called Mayari. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Mayari keeps a royal theme we've seen in a lot of Otto's work... read
Doktor A's Colonel Rombus

Doktor A's Colonel Rombus to debut at ToyCon UK

Proof that old designs can sometimes come back even better
Mar 26
Doktor A will be back at ToyCon UK this year, and he's bringing along a new friend: Colonel Rombus. The newest piece from Dok is a fez-wearing robot who was once the leader of the Robotopolis army, but is now retired. He stil... read
GID Madball of Death

The Madball of Death gets a glow-in-the-dark colorway

Now it can frighten you in the middle of the night!
Mar 24
If you're a fan of The Disarticulators' Madball of Death, but perhaps would like a little more shine to your collectible, then you're in luck. Coming on Wednesday will be a glow-in-the-dark variant of the Madball of Death. Sa... read
Konatsu colorways

Konatsu's kaiju creatures are back with new colorways

More Negora and Shibara for your hoarding pleasure
Mar 19
Konatsu's Negora and Shibara sofubi figures have been favorites for some time now; I think it's just seeing pets transformed into gigantic kaiju that makes me smile a bit. But as with all sofubi, a collector's work is never d... read
Rotofugi Astrolapin

An exclusive Astrolapin touches down at Rotofugi

Released ahead of Mr. Clement's May exhibition
Mar 18
Mr. Clement's work is coming to Rotofugi for a May exhibition, and to celebrate, he's released a special variant of his Astrolapin figure. The Rotofugi variant is in a nice cherry red color, and he carries a map of Chicago in... read
New MeSmithy works

New Kaynids, Tuttz in MeSmithy's shop

Restocked with more of the custom Egyptian undead
Mar 17
MeSmithy (a.k.a. Megan Smithyman) has some new arrivals in her store, including one onyx-colored Tuttz. That Tuttz and the new KayNids are all done in her stitched leather style, with one KayNid being a Discontent Demon ... read
Dark Night Junior

MPH's newest Junior is perfect for a Dark Night

Prepare for the sales signal on Wednesday
Mar 13
I still love myplasticheart and Lou Pimentel's Junior, and their newest colorway sure touches on my geeky side. Behold the Dark Night version of Junior ... and yes, it's a play on Batman's nickname of The Dark Knight. Even th... read
Super7 Spring Foster

Super7's Foster gets ready for spring

New variant arrives Thursday
Mar 10
Super7 brings us a new colorway of my favorite kaiju cookie, Foster, just in time for spring. The bright green Spring Forward Foster is cast in a sparkly translucent vinyl, and features buttercup yellow and silver accents for... read
New Daniel Yu figures

Daniel Yu's newest works ready to hop into the ring

Gory Bomb and Bronco Buster available now from Daniel's shop
Mar 10
Do you like wrestling and original articulated figures? If you do, then you might want to take a look at Daniel Yu's Bronco Buster and Gory Bomb. If you're a wrestling fan, you'll also recognize that the two characters borrow... read
Series drops Tuesday
Kidrobot's blog is home to some preview images of the upcoming Mardivale Dunny Series, featuring the work of Andrew Bell and Scribe. Some of the more mysterious, masked designs are Andrew's work, while Scribe h... read feature

MADL Phase 4

MADL Phase 4 officially launches March 8

Special launch event to feature MAD at Rotofugi
Feb 27
MAD's new MADL Phase 4 series is almost ready to invade stores near you, and for this series, he's wrapped two of his classic characters around the MADL body. The trio of releases are MAD's Mad Ape, Modernhero and Maemaemon, ... read
New S.U.C.K.L.E. colorway

New S.U.C.K.L.E. colorway invades Toy Art Gallery

Clearly, it's a shiny red variant
Feb 24
Toy Art Gallery's newest release thinks you're a jerk, because it's the Sucklord's S.U.C.K.L.E. set in a new clear red colorway! Yes, the same 10 figures are available in a new colorway, and really, that's about all that's new here. Isn't that the case with most colorways, though?  The TAG-exclusive set will be US$25 and on sale Wednesday at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. GMT). read
Spring Green Rose Vampire

Think spring with the newest Pocket Rose Vampire

Super7's next release could make some green with envy
Feb 24
Super7's next Rose Vampire takes root this week, and all plant puns aside, the S7 crew are teasing us with a Spring Green Pocket Rose Vampire. As you can guess, he'll be a green machine, cast in glittery green soft vinyl with... read
Clockmaker Cannonball

Cannonball, The Littlest Robo, is The Clockmaker's latest

The toughest 1.5-inch robot out there
Feb 20
The Clockmaker has a new robot for his resin army, and it's a 1.5-inch mean machine named Cannonball. Available in two hand-painted colorways, the little guy is built for combat, but works in a circus fighting a regular oppon... read
Sabertooth Kaiju Negora

Max Toy Co. drops a new Kaiju Negora colorway

Sabertooth version available in limited run
Feb 14
Max Toy Co. has rolled out a new colorway of their Kaiju Negora sofubi figure, and this one is a slightly darker tone. The brown-and-yellow Sabertooth version does feature some metallic paint accents, especially around the ey... read
KR Golden Ticket

Win big (literally) with Kidrobot's newest Golden Ticket

Packed inside one Penelope McStompsalot is a $5,000 Huck Gee piece
Feb 13
Huck Gee's Penelope McStompsalot Dunny has been released into the wild, but Kidrobot has a little surprise for those picking her up in her black or olive green colorways. Huck and KR have hidden a golden ticket inside one of... read
Atomic Uchuujin

The Atomic Uchuujin rises from The Disarticulators' lab

Based off character from banned Ultraseven episode
Feb 05
The Disarticulators have a new keshi (rubber) figure that they'll be releasing on Friday: the Atomic Uchuujin. If you're a big enough Ultraman fan, then the design will look familiar to you, because it's based off of the char... read
New Minicels

Two new Minicels on the way next week

Kuso Vinyl, Rotobox's latest collabs drop Feb. 11
Feb 04
Kuso Vinyl is rolling out two more of Rotobox's Minicel designs next week: the Voltron-inspired 5Star OG Minicel, and the pearl white Zero Degree Minicel. Zero Degree has a 300-piece run size, and he comes packing three diffe... read

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