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MP Star Saber photo
MP Star Saber

Magazine scans show off all of MP Star Saber's features

One of the biggest robot releases for 2015
Aug 27
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Once again we get another month of scans featuring the incredible looking Transformers Masterpiece Star Saber. The Dengeki Hobby scans from TAG give us our best look yet at all of the little features that have made their way ...
MyTummyToys Bismarck photo
MyTummyToys Bismarck

MyTummyToys has a new character, Bismarck

Debuting at Popcon Asia
Aug 22
// Brian Szabelski
MyTummyToys' Jouwe is going to be getting a friend; at Popcon Asia 2014, MyTummyToys is going to be debuting the sculpt for Bismarck, a rhino fellow who was first designed a few years ago. Standing 7 inches tall, he'll h...
Ryuko Matoi photo
Kill La Kill heroine takes even more clothes off
[ Spoilers ahead for Kill La Kill! ] Back at Wonder Festival we saw Good Smile Company unveil a prototype for new figure of Kill La Kill heroine Ryuko Matoi. Rather than go for any of her more common looks though, the co...

Wonder Festival photo
Wonder Festival

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Good Smile Company Girls

The fairer sex out in force
Aug 01
// Martin Siggers
Though we're seeing a lot more boys making their way into figure collections these days, it's still the ladies who reign supreme. Good Smile Company were certainly doing their part, with a bevy of figures of all shapes and si...
SDCC14:Multiverse Studio photo
SDCC14:Multiverse Studio

SDCC 2014: Multiverse Studio Inc.

Four prototypes I wish I could buy now
Jul 27
// Natalie Kipper
Multiverse-Studio Inc. had a neat corner booth at San Diego Comic-Con. They brought with them the popular Harvest Moon plushes that they debuted at Anime Expo (the chicken/chick combo always brings a smile to my fac...
Aniplex Pus photo
Aniplex Pus

Wonder Festival Summer 2014: Aniplex Plus

Butlers, bikinis and black-clad girls
Jul 27
// Martin Siggers
Though it hasn't been around long, Aniplex's exclusive plus line has already garnered an enviable reputation. It's partially due to smart pairings with established manufacturers such as Good Smile Company and partially due to...
SDCC 2014 Transformers photo
Adding to the big pile of not-yet-released figures
It's hard to believe that with so many new Transformers yet to be released from Toy Fair in February and BotCon back in June that there would be anything left to show at San Diego Comic Con. Well, believe it, they've got more...

SDCC: Thimblestump Hollow photo
SDCC: Thimblestump Hollow

SDCC 2014: A look at the creatures of Thimblestump Hollow

New series by Chris Ryniak, Amanda Spayd, Cardboard Spaceship
Jul 24
// Brian Szabelski
Hiding out in Cardboard Spaceship's booth were a trio of prototypes for an upcoming series called Thimblestump Hollow. The series will feature the creatures/work of Chris Ryniak and Amanda Spayd, with sculpting by Scott Wette...
figma Snake photo
A Snake size for everyone
We'd already known Nendoroid Solid Snake was coming thanks to an announcement at Wonder Festival. Now though it seems Good Smile Company have gone deeper into Kojima territory, as on livestream today it was revealed Max Facto...

Transformers G1 photo
Transformers G1

Mysterious Japanese Optimus Prime appears online

Is it an action figure? Is it a statue? Can it transform?
Jul 16
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Best part about being a fan even in this day and age is that there are still surprises and mysteries that are hard to explain on their own. Over on Transformers Facebook fan site Planet Iacon they've found themselves wit...
Kotobukiya Rikka photo
Kotobukiya Rikka

Kotobukiya show off their Rikka Takanashi prototype

Chuunibyou heroine shows up packing quite a punch
Jun 24
// Martin Siggers
Considering how popular Kyoto Animation's Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! has been, it's been somewhat surprising there haven't been figures from it. The only two offerings so far have been directly from KyoAni themselves...
figma Homura photo
figma Homura

Akuma Homura takes flight in figma form

Make a deal with the devil
Jun 07
// Martin Siggers
Firstly, let's say SPOILERS for those of you who haven't seen the third Madoka Magica movie. All clear? Good! Good Smile Company and its various sub brands have ridden the Puella Magi Madoka Magica train pretty hard so f...
Capcom's Morrigan photo
Looking good in grey
We were very excited when Capcom announced they'd be turning out a new figure of Darkstalkers icon Morrigan a few weeks back. At the time we only got a (rather lovely) piece of artwork to illustrate what she was going to...

MegaHobby Yato photo
Take Noragami's main character home to do some odd jobs
I have to admit I'm a little surprised that the first figure released for the anime series Noragami is the main character Yato. I know that seems a little strange to say, but come on, it's a guy. I was really sure the first w...

Alter Black Heart photo
They just felt like it, OK?
We've seen Hyperdimension Neptunia figures and merchandise for the game and anime series from a number of figure companies like Wing and quesQ, now Alter is ready to make their first jump into the franchise. They're finally r...

GEM Anthy Himemiya photo
GEM Anthy Himemiya

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: G.E.M. series Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena

Nice butts seem to be a trend this time around
May 31
// Rio McCarthy
How many of you watched the hell out of Revolutionary Girl Utena back in the day? Well, with seeing this new prototype of Anthy Himemiya, it's definitely wanting to make me go back and watch it again. It's been several y...
Megahouse Honey photo
Megahouse Honey

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: MegaHouse's Honey from Space Dandy in color

In color and in person, what more could you ask for?
May 31
// Rio McCarthy
We just saw her in the magazine scans, but now Honey is sweet as can be in person with her new color job. Hobby Search tweeted a picture of how she looks at MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring, and I think I actually giggled with glee...
Alter Blazblue Mu-12 photo
Alter Blazblue Mu-12

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: Alter's Blazblue -Alter Memory- Mu-12

Look at that nice prototype booty, but check out that base!
May 30
// Rio McCarthy
Wow, I never thought I'd be super excited by a Mu-12 figure, but you know what? Alter has officially sold me on this one! Based on Blazblue -Alter Memory- this Mu-12 looks ready to kick some butt, and has an incredible base m...
Bloo Superdude photo
Bloo Superdude

Say boo-hoo to this Bloo Superdude figure that never was

Craig McCracken himself talks about Foster's unproduced action figure
May 24
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
I used to love Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends when I was a kid. OK, that's a lie, I was actually in my mid-20s when the Foster's series first hit Cartoon Network in 2004, but it still remains one of my favorite CN origin...

Medicom's new Optimus Prime is a real Be@r

May 22 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Be@rbrick Optimus Prime photo
Be@rbrick Optimus Prime adds to his legacy of strange alt modes
Calling a Transformer a brick is usually used as an insult. It means the figure has a simple transformation and limited articulation. Medicom and Takara Tomy's new Be@rbrick Optimus Prime may have brick in the name, but it's ...

SH Figuarts MJ photo
SH Figuarts MJ

S.H. Figuarts Michael Jackson kicks his way into magazine scans

I heard the sound of a crescendo
May 22
// Rio McCarthy
We first saw him in person at Toy Fair 2014, and now he reappears in the new magazine scans - my most wanted figure of the year - S.H. Figuarts Michael Jackson! The scans show him in all kinds of poses, and it looks like you'...
Phat! Company Satsuki photo
Phat! Company Satsuki

Kill la Kill's Satsuki Kiryuin figure now in color!

Viva la scans! The Queen of Eyebrows is live and in color
May 22
// Rio McCarthy
Back at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring we saw the unpainted prototype sculpt of Miss Satsuki Kiryuin in her Junketsu costume. Now, we can see her in her full color glory! Well, at least as well as you can in magazine sc...
Optimus Prime pen photo
Mightier than swords anyway
What makes Transformers great isn't just that they can turn into things, but also that they can reformat themselves. In the older days they'd accomplish this through the use of external computers, but in most modern stories t...

Transformers Masterpiece photo
Bee is looking great, Magnus is looking complicated
Thanks to a new magazine scan from Planet Iacon we're finally getting to see Masterpiece Bumblebee is full color for the first time. He's looking great and while he isn't 100% cartoon accurate he is about as accurate as ...

FFXII Fran Play Arts Kai photo
FFXII Fran Play Arts Kai

Hidemi Matsuzuka teases Final Fantasy XII's Fran Play Arts Kai figure

The sexy bunny lady returns!
May 16
// Rio McCarthy
What's that in the mist? My favorite bunny lady in the Final Fantasy universe has arrived in figure form, and I guess it's better late than never. Final Fantasy XII's Fran has been teased out on twitter by Hidemi Matsuzuka, a...
Nendoroid Yakumo Yukari photo
Nendoroid Yakumo Yukari

Prototype Nendoroid of Touhou Project's Yakumo Yukari spotted

Located at Gift's booth at the Annual Hakurei Shrine Grand Festival in Tokyo, Japan
May 10
// Natalie Kipper
Over in Tokyo, Japan, fans of Touhou Project are most likely attending the Annual Hakurei Shrine Grand Festival (or the Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai, in Japanese). The event is a mecca for all things Touhou, including merchandise....
Sailor Moon photo
Sailor Moon

Tamashii Summer Collection: Figuarts Zero Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter

Finally showing the best two Sailor Scouts
May 09
// Vanessa Cubillo
It was only yesterday when Tamashii confirmed that Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter would be joining the Figuarts Zero line. I didn't think we would be seeing those prototypes this soon.Well, here they are! I don't know how I f...
Sailor Moon photo
Sailor Moon

Tamashii Summer Collection: S.H. Figuarts Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

They should always be seen together!
May 09
// Vanessa Cubillo
Tamashii's latest event is in full swing and showing off the best they have for the summer. So, of course they have to show Sailor Moon stuff! Yes, on display surrounding S.H. Figuarts Sailor Saturn are prototypes of S.H. Fig...
Griffon - Nanoricchi photo
Griffon - Nanoricchi

Treasure Festa in Ariake 11: Griffon - Nanoricchi gallery

Chibi dolls a plenty
May 08
// Natalie Kipper
Griffon Enterprises' Nanoricchi line is fairly new but the chibi figures were still a major presence at Japan's Treasure Festa in Ariake 11. The majority of the figures were revealed back at Wonder Festival 2014 Winter but th...
Magazine Scans photo
Magazine Scans

Scans detail figma Captain America, Ingogashira Goro, and Uno Uzume

That is quite a mix
May 01
// Natalie Kipper
This month's round of magazine scans brought images of three figma from Max Factory. The figma Captain America has already seen coverage on the pages of Tomopop, including news of the figure being available for pre-order. In ...

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