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kinda pricey

SDCC 2015: Sideshow photo
SDCC 2015: Sideshow

SDCC 2015: Sideshow Collectibles

Always pretty pricey, but so worth it
Jul 14
// Brian Szabelski
Sideshow Collectibles never disappoints at San Diego Comic Con, and this year's booth was no different. Once again an impressive showing of all their licensed merchandise, the booth this year had something for just about any ...
Monster Munny photo
Monster Munny

Kidrobot's new Art Giant is the Monster Munny

You've seen him before at conventions
Jul 02
// Brian Szabelski
Kidrobot has another Art Giants piece to roll out, and con-goers will recognize this one. Those giant 4-foot-tall Monster Munnys in Kidrobot's booths — the ones you can doodle on in chalk — are actually being made...
Star Wars photo
Star Wars

This life-size Darth Vader will have you believing in the force

Or at the very least scare any intruders
Apr 25
// Pedro Cortes
Space is at a premium in my collection. If a figure is too large, chances are I can't own it. That said, I would make room for a life-size Darth Vader. Clocking in at nearly seven feet, Gentle Giant Ltd. digitally scanned the...
PCS Baraka photo
PCS Baraka

Pre-orders for Pop Culture Shock's Baraka open April 21

Sadly, his arm blades can't cut you a discount
Apr 14
// Brian Szabelski
Pop Culture Shock's newest 1/4-scale Mortal Kombat 9 figure is the razor-toothed (and razor-armed) Baraka, and boy, does he look awesome. I'm not a big Baraka fan at all but the sculpt, especially that sinister toothy grin, l...

Senran Kagura Niitengos photo
Senran Kagura Niitengos

Senran Kagura Niitengos part of 3DS pre-order bundle

Once again, the pre-order exclusive monster rises off the coast of Japan
Mar 25
// Brian Szabelski
I've never really liked figures getting bundled in with deluxe versions of games, but it looks like they're pretty much here to stay, especially in Japan. I say that because yet another game — Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crim...
Gaming Heads Doom Diorama photo
Knee Deep in the Dead diorama brings classic cover art to 3-D life
Sure, Gaming Heads put their Doom license to use with some cuddly plushes ... but if that's not your thing, then you might love the new Knee Deep in the Dead diorama. Based on the original game's box cover art, the diora...

figma Thor photo
figma Thor

Avengers figma Thor arrives for previews and pre-orders

I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing
Feb 27
// Andres Cerrato
They've been teased for some time already, but it looks like we are finally getting those figma Avengers figures. The first Avenger won't be Cap, but rather the demi-deity from Asgard, Thor. Full previews are now out as well ...
Art Giants Skullhead photo
Art Giants Skullhead

Huck Gee's Skullhead added to Kidrobot's Art Giants

It's 4 feet tall and $5,000 ... yeah
Jan 28
// Brian Szabelski
Are you a Huck Gee fan with US$5,000 sitting around collecting dust? Well, then congrats: you can afford Kidrobot's newest Art Giants piece, a 4-foot-tall fiberglass version of Huck's Skullhead. Truthfully, I don't imagine it...
Titanfall statue photo
Just announced today, will be available in March 2014
Our crazy cousins over at Destructoid have posted about the new Titanfall Collector's Edition bundle, and surprise, there's a statue included in the mix. The bundle — which releases on March 11, 2014 — comes ...

Gentle Giant Sept. stuff photo
Gentle Giant Sept. stuff

Gentle Giant shows off their September solicits

Something for Star Wars fans both big and small
Sep 12
// Brian Szabelski
Gentle Giant doesn't have as many new pre-orders lined up for September, but they definitely have one big one. We mean that literally: the life-size Kenner Stormtrooper figure/statue (or their term, monument) is one of the tw...
PCS Skeletor photo
Putting that He-Man license to VERY good use
Pop Culture Shock picked up the Masters of the Universe license last year, and I don't think anyone's going to complain about their latest product for that line. It's a life-sized Skeletor bust, a full 29 inches of ...

Amakuni's Dark General photo
Amakuni's Dark General

Amakuni's Dark General summoned for pre-order

Arriving in November
Jun 27
// Brian Szabelski
Popping up in Hobby Japan's shop today is Amakuni's Dark General. Based on the character from Shingeki no Bahamut, the November release packs one heck of a hefty sword, a lot of detail, and not a lot of armor. I guess when yo...

Iron Man 3 is coming, so let's make a Revoltech IM Mark I

There's a lot to iron out here
Apr 25
// Andres Cerrato
Revoltech has been very successful in their mass production of Iron Man armors. From Mark II through VI, they've got them all. Iron Man 3 is on the horizon, and while it's a long way to Mark XLII, Kaiyodo is going back to the...

Akuma, Gouki battle it out in Pop Culture Shock's diorama

New piece also comes in a light-up variant
Feb 26
// Brian Szabelski
The latest Street Fighter statue from Pop Culture shock is here, and it's a big, bold one. Standing 16.5 inches tall, the Akuma and Gouki diorama features the two polar opposites engaged in battle, with Akuma lunging in for a...

No debate, Studio HalfEye makes the perfect Gurren Lagann

It FULLY transforms. I mean that.
Feb 24
// Andres Cerrato
There have been a lot of Gurren Lagann figures. With each one that comes out, it's just a comparison between the last. The Revoltech has great articulation, the ver. Ka has a Giga Drill Breaker, the Riobot has great sculpting...

Pop Culture Shock busts out Ryu, Evil Ryu in 1/1-scale

Pre-orders start Feb. 18 at $499
Feb 12
// Brian Szabelski
Pop Culture Shock has a new series of life-sized busts, kicking off with ones of Ryu and Evil Ryu. Each is 24 inches tall, and Evil Ryu happens to also feature LED-illuminated eyes that probably look great when turned on. Bot...

Yamato's Elin gets a release date and price

She won't be cheap
Jan 24
// Brian Szabelski
While we have seen TERA's Elin before as a Cerberus Project garage kit and later as an announced PVC figure by Yamato, the details on her release date and price have been ... missing, for lack of a better word. In fact, so mu...
1/4-scale figure up for pre-order Jan. 28
If you remember back to our last post about Pop Culture Shock, you might remember we mentioned an upcoming Shao Khan 1/4-scale figure. Well, here he is, and I am very, very impressed. The latest in their Mortal Kombat polysto...


Hot Toys presents its new Hall of Armor for your Iron Men

Has a price only Mr. Dink could love
Dec 29
// Andres Cerrato
You've paid a lot of money for your Hot Toys Iron Man collection. Every armor, Mark I through VII, is out and fully posed. However, you've gotten tired of seeing them out taking advantage of all those points of articulat...

Max Factory's Lineage II Elf is beautiful, up for order

Orchid Seed vs. Max Factory - which do you like better??
Dec 20
// Kristina Pino
Pre-orders have just opened up for Max Factory's 1/7-scale Lineage II Elf, which looks absolutely gorgeous. I was surprised to see her go up, and I think I like her even more than Orchid Seed's rendition. She just has th...

Volks unveil their Xenosaga III Dollfie Dreams!

Relinquish your pain unto your wallets!!!
Nov 30
// Chris Seto
I'm sure a fair few people have been waiting for this moment, but Volks have finally shown the first images of their Dollfie Dream KOS-MOS and MOMO from Xenosaga III, a scant few hours before they open the floodgates to get p...

Plaseebo pulls a new kaiju out of the deep blue sea

I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those jaws...
Nov 01
// Kristina Pino
The newest addition to Plaseebo's monster collection is the GREAT WHITE Gunkanjima Kaiju, which just recently went up for sale in his online shop. For a full background on the figure and where it comes from, here's some cool ...
Harrison's Comics-exclusive blood-splatter figures to debut at NYCC
Fans of The Walking Dead attending NYCC might want to shuffle over to Booth #239 to check out Funko's variant Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon figures all sprayed up with blood. Well, even if you are a fan and you aren't...


The Xenosaga Dollfie Dream site opens up and teases more!

Something old, something new
Oct 05
// Chris Seto
Volks have just made their Xenosaga III Dollfie Dream page live with a small image of who will be given the doll treatment. As expected, KOS-MOS ver 3 has made the cut but, in a bit of a surprise, Volks will also be making a ...

Medicom's new RAH Unit 02 ready to deploy ... in May 2013

Sep 28
// Brian Szabelski
Medicom's latest Real Action Heroes figure from Rebuild of Evangelion is none other than Unit 02 ... which isn't a big surprise considering they've done Unit 01 in the past. But what is big is the size of this figur...
Includes Axe statue, weapon replicas
You might remember our earlier post on the Dota 2 license being picked up by Weta for collectibles, and now, all of that first wave is available for pre-order! But what does that include? Check out the four items listed on th...

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: KURATAS

Jul 30 // Brian Szabelski

While we were taking a look at Wonder Festival photos, there was this giant mech-like creation just sitting there in the middle of the show floor. What the heck was it? Turns out it's not only a real thing, but the most expen...


Any MLP fans out there need some expensive jewelry?

Jul 26
// Rio McCarthy
Huh, well it's a good thing my taste in jewelry runs more toward silver, as at least I'm interested in one of the cheaper pieces, but I still never had the thought of brushing my necklace's hair. Onch Movement is producing hi...

Akatsubaki goes up for pre-order; you'd better sit down!

Jul 25
// Chris Seto
Well, that didn't take long! It was only a few days ago that we posted more images of Shinonono Houki in Akatsubaki from magazine scans with a few scant extra details about her release. Well, she's now up for pre-order but be...

Good Smile offers up two re-releases and Tomo Asama

Jul 06
// Brian Szabelski
It's been a busy day for pre-orders, because Good Smile just offered up three of them! First, from Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere comes Max Factory's 1/7-scale Tomo Asama. Yes, you can either pose her with her bow or a...

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