WonFes X-Plus photo

Wonder Festival 2016 Winter: X-Plus

X-Plus hit WonFes with some big name properties. Right off the bat you have their Godzilla figures, sure to please you kaiju fans out there. If classic anime is more to your taste, they also showed a selection of Dragon Ball Z figures. In t...

100% Soft photo

100% Soft releases first plush Kaiju Kitty, Boomu

If Godzilla was ever lonely and wanted to get a pet, this is the cat Godzilla would get. This Kaiju Kitty is named Boomu and it looks like a cross between a cat and a dinosaur. Boomu has a cute, cat face with a horn, claws, and a big, scaly...

X-Plus photo

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: X-Plus

X-Plus drops some new and old figures, making a great impression this year. Some wacky stuff here, folks. Let's break the diverse range down a bit. The vinyl masters are offering another chance for some high demand figures in Biollante (who...

New Super7 stuff photo

Supe7 lines up new Micros, Zombie Fighter

The fine folks at Super7 are readying up some new releases, one of whici is a new colorway of their kaiju Micros! This time around, Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire are cast in a peanut butter brown hue and will be on the Super7 store at noon Pac...

Top toys photo

Scarecroodle's massive EXPLOSION of AWESOME recap

Sometimes there's more awesome than there is time and humble Tomopop editors can't get around to everything. As such, an explosively awesome recap is needed. Click the jump to see explosions, Gamera, more explosions, Bishoujo She-Hulk, expl...

New Konatsu figures photo

New Konatsu figures arrive at Q Pop

Q Pop has a few new Konatsu pieces up in their shop, with one standing out above the others. Of course, there are some new Negora and Migora figures, featuring a calico pattern to them, available. Calico Negora is US$35 and the smaller Cali...

SDCC 2014: Gargamel photo

SDCC 2014: Gargamel

Gargamel returned to San Diego for SDCC 2014, bringing with them the army of kaiju and sofubi we've become accustomed to. There were plenty of one-offs of their various larger pieces, but the show also saw a new set of Nazogacha micro-figur...

Konatsu exhibition photo

Konatsu's first U.S. exhibition opens June 28

Q Pop is bringing Konatsu's work to the U.S. for her first stateside exhibition on June 28, which means that those of you who like her Negoras and happen to live in southern California will get a chance to meet her. And I'm really jealous o...

kaiju photo

Protect your garden from random kaiju with Gardenzilla

Garden decorations have needed to improve, in my opinion. What’s mostly out there? Gnomes, pink flamingos, creepy children, animals, a lot of boring stuff. So that’s why I welcome garden decorations that add a little excitemen...

Kibunadon photo

Kibunadon rises from the depths to invade the U.S.

So we've had cat kaiju, and dog kaiju ... how about some fish kaiju? That's what's new from Max Toy Co., as they've put together the mighty Kibunadon, based off of Teresa Chiba's character. Teresa won the Kaiju Gals Design-a-Kaiju contest, ...

Godzilla  photo

Love Godzilla? Soko Cat has custom figures for you

Since Godzilla is back in the spotlight, many are remembering how much they loved this mighty kaiju. So artist, Soko Cat has taken a few Godzilla figures and customized them by hand to her liking. There are three figures available; Godzill...

WonderCon x Super7 photo

WonderCon 2014: Super7

Our gal on the show floor, Natalie, passed by Super7's booth and grabbed some shots of what they were showing off. The key items on display were their exclusives for the event, the Toxic Garbage Dump Fossilla, Spring Training Baseball Pocke...

Super7 photo

Super7 is ready for WonderCon

WonderCon at Anaheim is just around the corner. It's this weekend (Friday, April 18th - Sunday, April 20th), actually, and Super7 updated their blog with what they're taking to the show. Check them out at Booth #1453 if you're hitting the e...

Konatsu colorways photo

Konatsu's kaiju creatures are back with new colorways

Konatsu's Negora and Shibara sofubi figures have been favorites for some time now; I think it's just seeing pets transformed into gigantic kaiju that makes me smile a bit. But as with all sofubi, a collector's work is never done ... because...

Super7 Spring Foster photo

Super7's Foster gets ready for spring

Super7 brings us a new colorway of my favorite kaiju cookie, Foster, just in time for spring. The bright green Spring Forward Foster is cast in a sparkly translucent vinyl, and features buttercup yellow and silver accents for his mouth, eye...

GODAI Guardians photo

GODAI Guardians crosses Kaiju with collectable USB figures

I will admit it: Kaiju figures and USB drives were a combination that I hadn't considered. But when the Kickstarter campaign for Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians was brought to my attention, I realized that it was a match made in heaven. The...

Plaseebo's Atomic Chicken photo

Plaseebo's Atomic Chicken is nightmare fuel cast in resin

Plaseebo has sent along some pictures of his latest gruesome creation, the Atomic Chicken, which is a part of The Total Atomic Meltdown show at Clutter Gallery. The event is opening on March 8th, and the pieces will be on display until Apri...

Spring Green Rose Vampire photo

Think spring with the newest Pocket Rose Vampire

Super7's next Rose Vampire takes root this week, and all plant puns aside, the S7 crew are teasing us with a Spring Green Pocket Rose Vampire. As you can guess, he'll be a green machine, cast in glittery green soft vinyl with metallic blue ...

Sabertooth Kaiju Negora photo

Max Toy Co. drops a new Kaiju Negora colorway

Max Toy Co. has rolled out a new colorway of their Kaiju Negora sofubi figure, and this one is a slightly darker tone. The brown-and-yellow Sabertooth version does feature some metallic paint accents, especially around the eyes and spine, t...

 Superfestival 64 recap photo

A look at the wares of Superfestival 64

It might be a national holiday in Japan, but there's a tiny bit of news trickling out in the form of a Superfestival 64 recap! Andy from Kaiju Korner was there as he always seems to be, and he brought back some interesting photos from the e...

Cojica Toys' Monoclon photo

Cojica Toys' Monoclon surfaces from the vinyl depths

Need some new kaiju in your life? Step right up: Lulubell has got a new figure from Cojica Toys called Monoclon that's coming next week! The Nara, Japan-based Cojica Toys is a flesh-tone piece, about 7.5 inches tall and painted with some sk...

DCon: Super7 photo

DesignerCon 2013: Super7

Kicking off our DesignerCon 2013 coverage is Super7, which had a brand new sculpt at the show! And it's something I really want! That would be the new Pie Guy, cast in his orange Pumpkin Pie Guy variation. I love, love, love pumpkin pie and...

NYCC 2013: Lulubell photo

NYCC 2013: Lulubell and Velocitron

Lulubell Toys and Velocitron shared a NYCC booth, offering up a sampling of their wares. There were the usual selection of Japanese sofubi and kaiju figures, along with a few exclusives, including a cherry red Bones and Lucky from Mike Egan...

NYCC 2013: Grass Hut photo

NYCC 2013: Grass Hut and friends

Bwana Spoons and Grass Hut Corp. made the trip out to New York Comic Con, but they weren't alone this year. Along with Grass Hut's own variant figures, I've spotted figures from Rampage Toys, Yaki-mon and Zack Soto, among others. It's ...

NYCC: The Jelly Empire photo

Jellyzilla to terrorize NYCC with cuteness

The Jelly Empire has revealed yet another release for NYCC, this time in the form of the cutest little kaiju NYC has ever seen (at least this week), Jellyzilla. This resin figure will be available at Argonaut Resins' booth (#325) and is lim...

Galaxy People sofubi photo

Galaxy People to debut sofubi figures at Superfestival 63

Superfestival 63 in Tokyo flew under our radar a bit, but it's coming up fast (Sept. 29, to be precise), and Galaxy People have sent along some info on their sofubi releases for the event. There will be three at the event: Meklops (lef...

TAG Anniversary Show IV photo

Toy Art Galley's Anniversary Show IV opens Saturday

Toy Art Gallery's Anniversary Show IV opens on Saturday, Sept. 14, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Pacific, and this year's "platform du jour" happens to be Paul Kaiju's Pollen Kaiser. It's appropriate, too; Pollen Kaiser is one of TAG's more well-k...


Obscure unleashes the Pollen Kaiser for TAG's anniversary

After Super Cooper's "Music To My Ears" custom art show, Obscure is back again with another custom for a Toy Art Gallery event. This time, Obscure is participating in Toy Art Gallery's anniversary show. The anniversary show will mark Toy A...


Soko Cat releases Angel Micro Negora with Mark Nagata

SoKo Cat is back again with more custom Negora figures with Mark Nagata of Max Toy Company. The cat kaijus available now are custom Angel Micro Negora figures. This is Soko Cat's second collaboration with Mark Nagata after releasing their ...

WonFes: Sofubi photo

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Sofubi and indie companies

Kaiju Korner has a ton of photos up of the kaiju, sofubi and indie figures that were at Wonder Festival 2013 Summer. Among the highlights are: Cometdebris' new colorways of Sametan and Ace Robo; I know I'll end up with both of them Futuris...

SDCC 2013: Lulubell Toys photo

SDCC 2013: Lulubell Toys

Lulubell Toys arrived at SDCC with a full army of sofubi, kaiju and indie toys. It looked a little bit like something we might in fact see this weekend at Wonder Festival 2013 Summer. Works from Velocitron were present all over the booth, a...

SDCC: Gargamel/Grasshut photo

SDCC 2013: Gargamel and Grasshut Corp.

Gargamel and Grasshut Corp. shared a booth once again at San Diego Comic Con, bringing some new surprises with them. The Grasshut side of things saw Bwana Spoons and Le Merde manning the booth, and each had a new piece on display. For Le Me...

SDCC 2013: Rotofugi photo

SDCC 2013: Rotofugi

Rotofugi's booth at SDCC again played host to a wide range of designer toys, as well as some new surprises. The biggest of those are the new Eyezon sculpt from Max Toy Co.; and the Mark Nagata/Javier Jimenez collaboration, Gangster Eyezon. ...

SDCC '13: Nagata/Jimenez photo

SDCC 2013: Mark Nagata/Javier Jimenez signing at Rotofugi

Thursday marks the traditional beginning of the signing sessions at San Diego Comic Con, and one of the first over in the designer toy corner of the show floor was Rotofugi's signing with Mark Nagata and Javier Jimenez. The two collaborated...


Soko Cat collaborates with Mark Nagata on Demon Negora

Hello Kitty's not the only cute cat around. Soko Cat has collaborated with Mark Nagata on these custom Demon Micro Negoras. Measuring 2.25 inches tall, these figures were hand painted with acrylic paint and hand signed and numbered by Soko...

Super7 at SDCC photo

Super7's full SDCC haul unveiled

Super7 is rolling into San Diego Comic Con booth #5245 with some more exclusives this year ... and to be honest, it's overwhelming to see what they've got. There are 15 exclusives they have on hand this year, from new pieces to old favorite...

SHM King Kong photo

Tomopop Review: Bandai's S.H.MonsterArts King Kong

When people think "kaiju", quite often Godzilla and his ilk are the first things to come to mind. As such, some might be surprised by the "American kaiju", King Kong, breaking into the S.H.MonsterArts line which, up until this point, basica...

Locals Only photo

Monster Kolor's Locals Only show opens Saturday

Monster Kolor owner Matt Walker has recently opened the Monster Kolor Studios venue (located at 54 Center St. Middleborough, Mass.), and they're kicking things off with their first show called Locals Only. The show features new kaiju works ...

Max Toy releases photo

Lots of new releases emerge from Max Toy Co.

Max Toy Co. has just released several new colorways and figures, and some are looking downright adorable. Those include cotton candy pink colorways of new figures Nyancocco (US$12) and Usa-Ringo (US$12); a classic-styled colorway of Mini Dr...


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