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Blizzard's SDCC exclusives are cute, cuddly, and deadly photo
Blizzard's SDCC exclusives are cute, cuddly, and deadly
by Natalie Kipper

Year after year, Blizzard's San Diego Comic-Con booth is swamped with fans hoping to buy their con-exclusive goods. It's easy to see why. Their stuff is spectacular, managing to tie into the company's games while being collectible and, at times, a little silly. This year's offerings are no different.

Blizzard will be bringing a four exclusives with them. The first (and my personal favorite) is the Nether Faerie Dragon plush (US$35; limited to 2,000 pieces), a variant of the remarkable-looking Faerie Dragon Dragon plush coming to the Blizzard Gear Store later on. The second is a Funko Pop! Vinyl - Primal Kerrigan (US$15, limited to 2,500 pieces), a variant on the currently available Funko Pop! Vinyl Kerrigan. The third is the Cute But Deadly Cloaking Zeratul (US$18, limited to 2,500 pieces), from the same line as last year's Sylvanas. The final con-exclusive is the Whimsyshire Treasure Goblin plush (US$30, limited to 3,500), another variant of an upcoming Blizzard Gear Store plush (although the standard one is much more sinister-looking).

In addition to the con-exclusives, Blizzard will be debuting goodies coming to the online store after the show. Highlights include a Hearthstone plush equipped with light and sound effects, a StarCrafts Zergling plush keychain, and a Blizzard Heroes and Villains lanyard.

You can find all these treasures at Blizzard's booth #115.

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6:00 PM on 07.15.2014

Max Factory shows they understand swimsuit figures with Misty

Max Factory has shown a proclivity for making figures of sexy ladies recently, and this swimsuit version of Misty from Shining Hearts has caught my eye. I find most swimsuit figures to be boring, but this one appeals to ...

Tianxiao Ma

3:55 PM on 07.13.2014

Next challenger for Kotobukiya Bishoujo is Street Fighter's Sakura

Perhaps you're watching a stream of EVO right now and you're in the mood for some more fighting. While we've seen the release Bishoujo Chun Li and are awaiting Cammy and Juri, how about one more fighter to add to the mix? Kot...

Andres Cerrato

Painted PAK Fran coming to SDCC? photo
Painted PAK Fran coming to SDCC?
by Scarecroodle

Hidemi Matsuzuka recently tweeted an image of a painted Play Arts Kai Fran (Final Fantasy XII) along with some accompanying text which apparently translates to, "Painted towards the comic-con-exhibition in ‼︎"

Fans will recall that an unpainted PAK Fran was shown back in February. The sculpting looked good and, assuming that Square-Enix doesn't add too much shading, this one should turn out pretty well. I look forward to seeing more of it presumably at SDCC.

Full image in gallery.

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Diamond reveals its top 10 selling figures and games for June photo
Diamond reveals its top 10 selling figures and games for June
by Scarecroodle

Diamond Comics Distributors has released some information from its June sales charts, naming (among other things) the top ten figures and games in terms of sales.

So who made the cut? Details after the jump.

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HUGE list of DC Collectibles reveals photo
HUGE list of DC Collectibles reveals
by Scarecroodle

With SDCC only a couple of weeks away, DC Collectibles has chosen to dump a whole list of reveals on MTV News all at once. Basically everything you could imagine is here from the Bombshells series to Batman: Arkham Knight merch to the DC Designer Series to... ugh, it's just not fair having this much revealed at once!

Details after the jump.

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Walk on water to these Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class pre-orders photo
Walk on water to these Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class pre-orders
by Martin Siggers

Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class is without a doubt one of the most striking designs from Kantai Collection and in fact one of the most striking character designs we've seen in quite a while period. Whereas most of her compatriots adopt the standard 'cute girls, cute outfits' ethos, Wo-Class looks more like something out of War of the Worlds than something you'd put on a hug pillow. That's cool by me.

Good Smile Company have already announced a Nendoroid and a Dekacchu of Wo-Class as Wonder Festival exclusives, but they've now gone ahead with and put up orders for a stunning 1/8 scale version too. It's a great rendition of her very alien black and white look, lavished with the traditional GSC attention to detail and some particularly tasty shading. Not only is that gigantic hat removable but she comes with three tiny 'airships' to display alongside her, not to mention that great looking water base.

It's absolutely the first KanColle figure I feel genuine interest in owning, but I'd need deeper pockets than I currently have, as Wo-Class is listed at a sizable ¥12,778. That's not unreasonable given the complexity and quality of the figure, but it's definitely outside impulse buy territory. If you aren't dissuaded, hit the links below and you'll see her come sailing in in February 2015(!).

[ Pre-order at Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Big in Japan | Good Smile Online Shop (with bonus poster) ]

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1:30 PM on 07.07.2014

Custom Delights: The many hats of a Poro

League of Legends' little furball Poro is one of my favorite gaming characters as of late, but sadly, there is little in the way of actual Poro merchandise (or really, any merchandise) outside of the crafting community. Thank...

Brian Szabelski

11:00 PM on 07.06.2014

Anime Expo 2014: Multiverse Studio

If you hopped by Multiverse Studio's Anime Expo booth, you would have been buried under an avalanche of Natsume-licensed plushes. Specifically, Harvest Moon and Hometown Story plushes, featuring the dog, cow and chi...

Brian Szabelski

9:00 PM on 07.06.2014

Anime Expo 2014: Good Smile Company's panel

Today may mark the end of Anime Expo 2014 but it heralds the starts of Tomopop's coverage of the convention. Good Smile Company's panel, which took place last Friday night. Good Smile Company staff, including their CEO T...

Natalie Kipper

10:00 AM on 07.06.2014

This Months Volks news shows us how to eat deities!

The latest issue of Volks News has started to appear online in scans which gives us a good chance to look at the latest offerings from Volks ahead of big events like Wonder Festival and their own Dollfie Dream Fest at the end...

Chris Seto

8:00 PM on 07.04.2014

GSC shows their competitive side with third Good Smile Cup (part one)

No question that Good Smile Company is full of some of the most talented sculptors, painters, and designers in the industry. We know what they can do under assignment, but what happens when the reins come off and staff are fr...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker