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8:00 PM on 04.04.2014

Tomocast 44: The most unfortunate spin

Welcome back to the Tomocast! Once again, I'm joined by Andres Cerrato and Rio McCarthy, back from the adventure known as life. Since the three of us have been in the same approximate area in the recent past, we're buzzing wi...

Pedro Cortes


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DO WANT: March 2014 photo
DO WANT: March 2014
by Pedro Cortes

Don't let the date fool you folks, this is the real deal. Come on, we wouldn't lie about the DO WANT. It's the feature that lets you know what we want the most from the last month. To fib on such a sacred occasion would be tantamount to taking the last cookie and leaving the box behind. We wouldn't dare.

In this edition of DO WANT, you can expect:

  • A hot gladiator
  • A cyborg
  • A robot
  • A fluffy fish
  • and more!

Hit the jump to get the details!

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Tomocast 43: Dragon Dagger beatings photo
Tomocast 43: Dragon Dagger beatings
by Pedro Cortes

Welcome back to the Tomocast!

Sorry for the delay folks, real life snuck out from its cage and proceeded to maul all of us. No matter, we're back with a brand new episode. I was joined by Andres Cerrato and Tianxiao Ma to talk about the latest and greatest news to come out of Tomopop. There was talk of drunk sorceresses, ill-armored ladies, ungrateful grandchildren and Jack Daniels. You know, the usual stuff we go on about.

As per the usual, you can download the episode here, follow us on iTunes or hit the jump to stream the whole shebang. Our talking points follow right after. Enjoy!

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TomoTour: Final Fantasy edition photo
TomoTour: Final Fantasy edition
by Natalie Kipper

Final Fantasy is one of gaming's most well-known roleplaying series with millions of fans. It stands to reason that a good portion of them would have to have to be crafters. On this edition of TomoTour, we look at some of the Final Fantasy-inspired loot to be found on Etsy. So cue the overworld theme, because we are going on an adventure!

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DO WANT: February 2014 photo
DO WANT: February 2014
by Pedro Cortes

Ah yes, the end of the month is here. Honestly, I can't believe that it's already the end of February. I keep thinking that we just started 2014 and we're already finishing off month number two. Well, that just means that it's another month for DO WANT, the feature where the editors of Tomopop tell our loyal readers what we want the most.

What should you expect this time? Well, you can look forward to:

  • School girls with a saucy school uniform
  • a dominating figure made from cardboard
  • fluffy arthropods
  • famous card dealers
  • and more!

Hit the jump to get all the details!

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Tomocast 42: Toy Fair 2014 photo
Tomocast 42: Toy Fair 2014
by Pedro Cortes

Hey everybody, we're back with another episode of the Tomocast! For this episode, I'm joined by Andres Cerrato and Rio McCarthy to talk about our Toy Fair 2014 coverage. We discuss some of the better things to come out of the event, as well as the things that didn't impress us so much. There's also talk of Bennigan's, exploding Newtypes and excessive consumption of whiskey and tobacco. You know, the usual.

Hit the jump to read the show notes and stream the episode. You can also download the episode directly or follow us on iTunes. Enjoy!

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Tomopop Review: Alphamax's Velvet Batrass photo
Tomopop Review: Alphamax's Velvet Batrass
by Tianxiao Ma

I really like the sexy pirate trope, which seems more prevalent in Japanese properties than in the West. When thinking of pirate figures, Mouretsu Pirates' Marika and Queen's Blade's Liliana spring to mind. Alphamax's Velvet has recently joined them, though she lacks the stereotypical frilly coat and pirate weaponry.

Velvet struck me with a combination of a lovely face, nice body, and appealing outfit design. Although I have a few other figures from the Shining series (I'm a Tony Taka fan, what can I say), this is my first Alphamax figure. As such I decided this would make the perfect occasion for a review!

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Tomopop Teaches: Composition for figure photography photo
Tomopop Teaches: Composition for figure photography
by Tianxiao Ma

When you show someone a photo, that photo is like a little self-contained reality. So you'd better use the visual elements in that photo effectively to fulfill whatever goal you had while taking it. That's why composition is the heart and soul of photography.

Composition is a vast topic that starts from a few well-known principles. As such you can study it and refine your techniques for a lifetime. It also means you can Google "photographic composition" and find more material than you'll know what to do with. However, applying that information to figure photography isn't always straightforward. In this guide I'll try to demonstrate some techniques that apply to figures, which will hopefully serve as a jumping off point for your own pictures.

If you haven't already, I suggest looking through the previous parts of this series to get caught up on the motivation behind it all, the terminology used, and some basics of camera usage:

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TomoTour: Disney edition photo
TomoTour: Disney edition
by Natalie Kipper

Welcome to the Tomopop Etsy Tour, a brand-spanking new feature that will be appearing on the pages on Tomopop! Here we will look at the handmade toys found on Etsy, focusing on a specific theme each time.

In this inaugural post, the theme is Disney toys! Now, these can be from any Disney franchise, be it movies, television shows, theme parks, and well, just about anything the company has had a hand in. Read on to see (and perhaps purchase) what other folks have made!

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Tomopop Feature: DC Collectibles Scribblenauts interview photo
Tomopop Feature: DC Collectibles Scribblenauts interview
by Scarecroodle

DC Collectibles' Scribblenauts Unmasked series was among the most interesting items on display at SDCC last year, partly for being a blind-boxed line. I recently had an opportunity to sit down with DC Collectibles and discuss the line (which is just hitting stores!).

Full interview after the jump.

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Tomopop Original: Wonder Festival Winter 2014 Impressions photo
Tomopop Original: Wonder Festival Winter 2014 Impressions
by Pedro Cortes

Another Wonder Festival has come and gone, leaving in its wake a metric ton of plastic that will soon be on the shelves of fans worldwide. It's a daunting event filled with the dreams of licensee and fan alike. One is hoping that their items generate some solid buzz so they'll be able to turn a decent profit, the other hoping that their favorite shows get represented in some form.

Ah hell, what am I saying? It's a trade show that shows us how much we'll be spending in several months time. It's wonderful and horrible, depending on your cash flow and how much you actually want to keep the heat on. We here at Tomopop have seen what Wonder Festival had to offer and we have some opinions that you need to know. What we liked, what we didn't like, it's all revealed here. Hit the jump to find out the best (and worst) of show!

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Tomocast 41: Wonder Festival 2014 Winter photo
Tomocast 41: Wonder Festival 2014 Winter
by Pedro Cortes

Hark, what is that sound? Is that the wind traveling through the canyons formed by the rivers of time? Nay, it is the wondrous voices of the hosts of Tomocast!

That's right folks, after an extended hiatus, Tomocast is back. The podcast that talks toys has returned with your occasionally stalwart host Pedro Cortes. Joining me are Rio McCarthy and Andres Cerrato to talk about this year's Winter Wonder Festival. We talk about our favorite toys that came out of the huge event, as well as some of the ones that infuriated us. Well, infuriated one of us. That's all we really needed.

You can subscribe to us on iTunes, directly download the episode, or hit the jump to stream it and get the show notes. Enjoy!

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