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QMx lists their SDCC exclusives photo
QMx lists their SDCC exclusives
by Tianxiao Ma

Quantum Mechanix (QMx) has announced their SDCC exclusives, and while they don't look like anything I'd fight someone to get (the gold standard for exclusives), they do seem like cool souvenirs.

First up is a gold Millennium Falcon keychain. This one is certainly no hunk of junk - it's barely a hunk of anything at all. It's a gold plated 1/700-scale replica that will run you just US$14.95.

After that is maybe my own personal favorite: a tiny gold Serenity replica on a bronze leaf. Given the symbolic nature of this piece, I'd like to pour one out for our dear Hoban Washburne. This keychain will also be US$14.95.

Lastly we have a set of three DC-themed posters. They feature Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy illustrated in the style of classic pinup ladies. You can get the set for US$24.95.

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Funko's fifth SDCC reveal gives us Frozen exclusives photo
Funko's fifth SDCC reveal gives us Frozen exclusives
by Vanessa Cubillo

Funko is again delivering exclusives from one of their more popular upcoming series, Frozen. I mean, are we surprised that people wanted Frozen Pop! figures? So there will be three exclusives from this Disney movie.

Glow in the dark, Olaf, Freezing Transition Elsa, and Frozen Anna. If Disney isn’t your thing, there are also some Marvel exclusives here. There will be a Flocked Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.

There will also be an exclusive Marvel Mystery Minis series. This series will include 12 special edition figures like Spider-Man, Daredevil, Hulk, and Thor. Ok, Funko, I want to be surprised with your next batch! 

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Funko's fourth SDCC batch is filled with cartoons and violence photo
Funko's fourth SDCC batch is filled with cartoons and violence
by Vanessa Cubillo

So here we are seeing the fourth batch of SDCC exclusive figures from Funko. This time it consist of all Pop! figures. The first two come from the animated movie, Despicable Me 2.

If you loved Dave and Carl in yellow, you’d probably like them even more in purple. Funko has even made new versions of Princess Bubblegum and BMO from Adventure Time. These exclusive versions will glow in the dark!

Now this batch has been too kid-friendly, so Funko had to end it with a little blood. From Pulp Fiction, there will be a blood splattered version of Vincent Vega and Jules. Now we have to wait until next week to see what other exclusives Funko will come out with. 

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Skybound announces their Walking Dead SDCC exclusives photo
Skybound announces their Walking Dead SDCC exclusives
by Vanessa Cubillo

So Skybound has finally decided that it’s time to announce their SDCC exclusives. Of course they’re all mostly from The Walking Dead comic series, and I’m not complaining. First up is a limited edition figure of Ezekiel from McFarlane Toys.

He’ll be coming with his sword cane, but not his tiger. For US$25, Ezekiel will be available in full color or black and white with blood splattered. Next, if you wanted to cosplay as Negan, you’ll need a replica of his bat, Lucille.

So here it is! This mini replica bat is made of vinyl and designed by October Toys. Limited to 2500, this will be US$40. There will also be a Skybound Minis two-pack that will feature Rick from The Walking Dead, and Invincible, from the self-titled comic series.

Designed by Scott Tolleson, these will come blind boxed with the possibility of being one of six colors. Limited to 5000, the two-pack will be US$20. The last toy exclusives will be more figures from The Walking Dead PVC Miniatures line.

These two-packs will have figures of Abraham, Jesus, and Andrea each with a zombie. They will be available in grey, grey with blood platter, purple, and glow in the dark. The purple and glow in the dark ones will be limited to 500, and the grey and grey with blood splatter will be limited to 250.

You can get these for US$10 each. All of these exclusive toys will be available at Skybound’s SDCC booth #2729.

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Funko's next SDCC batch has SpongeBob mashups and Disney Mystery Minis photo
Funko's next SDCC batch has SpongeBob mashups and Disney Mystery Minis
by Vanessa Cubillo

It’s Monday, so that means Funko has announced another batch of SDCC exclusives. This one opens up with a Pop! mashup between SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. SpongeBob is green, with Leonardo’s blue bandana, and two silver spatulas as weapons.

With him is Plankton dressed exactly like Shredder. These two will come together in a special collectible lunchbox tin. Next up, is a special version of Hannibal Lecter. From the TV show, Hannibal, this exclusive is splattered with blood.

After all these Pop! figures, there will be an exclusive Disney Mystery Minis series. There will be 12 figures from popular Disney movies like Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast and Alice in Wonderland. The last two exclusives comes from the cult favorite, Firefly.

As part of the ReAction series, these two special versions of Jayne Cobb and Malcolm Reynolds will come with their signature accessories. Enter to try and win this prize pack on social media, and keep watching for more SDCC announcements. What exclusives would you like to see? 

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Furry Feline Creatives' Kaiju-inspired plushes set to battle across SDCC photo
Furry Feline Creatives' Kaiju-inspired plushes set to battle across SDCC
by Natalie Kipper

After quite a bit of teasing on their Facebook page, Alvin and Cheri Ong of Furry Feline Creatives have fully revealed their new plushes exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con. The series of four is entitled "Kawaii Kaiju Friends" and decks Furry Feline Creatives' Purridge, Ringo, and Dude in costumes themed to those old-school Japanese monster figures.

Kitty Purridge is now "Kawaii Kaiju Purridge" (US$60 each) and can be found in either a tangerine or lightning blue-colored Cyclops-style monster suit. Dude the turtle grows some spiky bits as "Go-Go Supaiku Dude" (US$50). And finally, Ringo the cat transforms into the heroic "Ultra Mega Ringo" (US$50). I presume his battles are going to be more of the pillow fight variety, though. He just looks so squishy! Each of these plushes will be limited to 10 pieces. Given that each plush is handmade, I would make a stop at this booth early if one of these guys is on your shopping list.

San Diego Comic-Con attendees will have a chance to purchase these cuties as well as meet the artists at booth 5149 (right next to Tokidoki). I highly recommend checking them out. Besides being genuinely enthusiastic about their toys and toy culture, Alvin and Cheri always put tons of effort into making their booth look super-cool. Seriously, it'll be hard to miss, visually speaking.

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Hasbro's SDCC My Little Pony exclusives are super, hairy photo
Hasbro's SDCC My Little Pony exclusives are super, hairy
by Natalie Kipper

Hasbro recently revealed the My Little Pony portion of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives line-up. The company will have two figures available, Mane-iac Mayhem Pony (US$49.99) and her Equestria Girls' human doll equivalent (US$29.99). Hasbro had this to say of Mane-iac Mayhem Pony:

This power-mad pony from Maretropolis features a metallic purple outfit, accessorized with fashionable black and gold glittery boots. She comes with Spike the Dragon as 'Hum Drum.'

Pretty fitting for SDCC, don't you think? They don't go into much detail in regards to her humanoid counterpart but I think the picture speaks for itself. Crazy hair matching her pony plus a super-wild outfit certainly give the impression of a out-of-the-ordinary girl. 

These figures will be sold at San Diego Comic-Con at Hasbro's booth. Edition sizes have not yet been revealed. Any remaining stock will put up for sale online on HasbroToyShop.com post-SDCC.

[via USA Today; image via Facebook]

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TFCC announces Transformers Subscription Service 3.0 photo
TFCC announces Transformers Subscription Service 3.0
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

The end of BotCon 2014 came with the Transformers Collectors' Club and BotCon heads revealing the Transformers Collectors Club 3.0 offerings for 2015. I have to say, I've seen some obscure references translated into figures by this crew and really dug deep for this one. So deep that two of the figures were nothing more than Hasbro test prototypes that have never been released as figures or used in fiction before. 

  • Krok with Gatoraider - One of the original Actionmaster figures finally given a proper transforming figure as a repaimt of Generations Dreadwing. Comes with repaint of Japanese Arms Micron Dai.
  • Nacelle - New character based on a very early prototype for G1 Thrust. Made from the BotCon 2007 Trust figure mold.
  • Serpent O.R. - AKA Serpentor Prime from the  Devil's Due G.I.Joe vs. Transformers comic. Made from a Japanese-only Generations Ratbat. Will have the mixed Cobra/Decepticon logo!
  • Zap with G.B. Blackrock - Zap uses the Generations Bumblebee mold and is based on an unused Carzap figure that would have been part of Takara's unreleased Block Town building block series. Blackrock is a reoccurring Marvel Transformers comic character that is getting his first figure ever as a Kre-O Kreon. Seeing the block theme here?
  • G2 Starscream - Classics Starscream in G2 red and white with gray camo. 
  • Tarantulas - For the BotCon Dawn of Future's Past series. He uses the Takara Transformers United Scrapheap figure base and comes with two Arms Micron Ida figures. 

Super obscure prototypes, somewhat obscure comic characters, an Actionmaster, a G2 figure, and a BotCon character. Why yes, that is one interesting roundup for characters. I like that this set doesn't create character designs (Tarantulas is debatable), but everything, including Nacelle and Zap, are based on something that already exists in one form or another. No woolly mammoth Ultra Magnus equivalent this year. As with the TFCC 2.0 there will be a mystery bonus seventh figure released with the sixth figure. No word on when the sub orders begin or prices, but I'm thinking that info should be coming soon. 

[images via TFW2005, Seibertron]

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Hobby Japan opens orders for Rikka from Chuunibyou, Utsutsu from Gatchaman Crowds photo
Hobby Japan opens orders for Rikka from Chuunibyou, Utsutsu from Gatchaman Crowds
by Martin Siggers

It seems like only yesterday I was bemoaning the lack of figures of Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!...wait, it was! Not content with letting Kotobukiya steal the spotlight, Hobby Japan today put up pre-orders for their own version of Rikka. She's accompanied another exclusive from the magazine, Gatchaman Crowds's Utsutsu.

Rikka is definitely the more understated of the two, and considerably more low key than the Kotobukiya version. It's super charming though and extremely cute in a subtle way, with the hanging bandage a nice unique touch. Utsutsu is more immediately flashy and has some great stuff to show off, like her incredible hair. Still I'm a little concerned by that painfully arched back and dimpled hip bones, which look...weird.

Amakuni is behind both of these girls, which means quality isn't a concern. Availability is though, since they're naturally both exclusives and you'll need a proxy to get your hands on them. Rikka will be ¥8,315, while Utsutsu clocks in at a hefty ¥10,000 (or ¥11,000 if you want an exclusive poster), with both open for orders until August 11th. They're quite a piar, but is that enough for any of you to go for one or both?

[ Pre-order Rikka at Big In Japan | Nippon-Yasan | Mio Boutique ]

[ Pre-order Utsutsu at Big In Japan | Nippon-Yasan ]

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Funko's second SDCC exclusive batch is a mix of Flintstones and Buffy photo
Funko's second SDCC exclusive batch is a mix of Flintstones and Buffy
by Vanessa Cubillo

Now that Funko is announcing all of their SDCC exclusives, each announcement is like a fun surprise! Ok, that’s a little over the top, I just want to see what series are getting exclusives. So this batch starts off with Star Wars.

There will be a box set featuring Luke from Hoth and a Wampa. The Wampa will also be missing an arm that will be included too. Next, there will be an exclusive from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It’s Buffy herself damaged from one of her epic fights. Oh man, I hope there’s more Buffy exclusives coming. The next exclusive is a Predator ReAction figure.

This Predator is invisible, but will have green blood splattered over it. Funko’s last exclusive reveal comes from The Flintstones. There will be a Pop! two-pack of Fred and Barney in three different colorways. Remember, you can win all of these by entering on their social media accounts. 

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Kotobukiya's WonFes-exclusive Olivia comes stateside photo
Kotobukiya's WonFes-exclusive Olivia comes stateside
by Brian Szabelski

Earlier this month, Martin posted a teaser from Kotobukiya that appeared to be a new colorway of Dark Angel Olivia ... and that's exactly what the teaser was for. Just one problem, perhaps: she's going to be a WonFes Summer 2014 exclusive.

But the good news is that she's not just going to be at WonFes; Kotobukiya's US branch has a limited quantity of the new Olivias and they're giving folks who can't make it to Makuhari Messe a chance to own one.

The Olivia pre-order is open right now on Koto US' shop, priced at US$139.99 and releasing in September. You will have to pay for Olivia in full, though, when you pre-order her, but it's possibly an easier way to get a hold of her than going through a proxy buyer (plus, there's the bonus of having customer support should something break in transit).

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Funko announces first batch of SDCC exclusives photo
Funko announces first batch of SDCC exclusives
by Vanessa Cubillo

The countdown to SDCC is now underway! Funko has just announced their first batch of SDCC exclusives. If you recall last year, you know that they will have plenty of exclusives to offer.

So this first reveal is dedicated to Ghostbusters. Funko will have exclusive Pop! sets that feature Dr. Peter Venkman covered in slime and a metallic Slimer, and the entire ghost hunting team covered in Stay Puff’s goo. There will also be a six inch, glow in the dark, Stay Puff Pop! figure available.

The last exclusive in this batch comes from The Rocketter. There will be a black and white Rocketter ReAction figure. He will come with a removable helmet and a jetpack.

Now after this announcement, Funko will reveal their exclusives every Monday and Wednesday until SDCC begins. They also will be giving away these exclusives on their social media accounts, so you can win them without having to go to SDCC. 

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