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7:00 PM on 08.01.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Anime Garage Kits (Part 3)

We're coming up to the home stretch now and we still have a few surprises and some very cool kits still to come! Sekai Seifuku Zvezda Plot has proven to be rather popular with several characters getting a garage kit this time...

Chris Seto

5:00 PM on 08.01.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Good Smile Company Girls

Though we're seeing a lot more boys making their way into figure collections these days, it's still the ladies who reign supreme. Good Smile Company were certainly doing their part, with a bevy of figures of all shapes and si...

Martin Siggers

9:00 AM on 08.01.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: A-Toys

A-Toys didn't seem to have much at WonFes, but holy crap did they have something awesome: the Female Titan! The skinless beauty has her dukes up, and would look great next to Sentinel's Rogue Titan figure (which I really hope is in the same scale). They also had an unpainted prototype of Maou from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Her cleavage game is as strong as ever!

Tianxiao Ma

8:00 AM on 08.01.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Embrace Japan

My experience with Embrace Japan has its good and bad points, but I do like their original character designs. They're revisiting an old favorite of mine, Diabolus Inclinatus, with a new figure that looks quite pretty. The oth...

Tianxiao Ma

12:00 AM on 08.01.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Good Smile Company - Vocaloids

Now that we're seeing more and more creative takes on Vocaloid designs, I'm actually enjoying their presence. It looks like the days of the same boring Miku design being made over and over again are done with. Good Smile Comp...

Tianxiao Ma

10:30 PM on 07.31.2014

SDCC 2014: Beefy and Co.

I didn't have a chance to see Beefy and Co.'s booth in person, but Brian and Natalie were able to drop by and get some pictures of their neato merchandise. Their exclusives included a limited edition Jade Bad Buddha and a Mar...

Tianxiao Ma

8:01 PM on 07.31.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Mecha Garage Kits

The Mecha offering was pretty small this time around at Wonder Festival but it was made up somewhat by the quality! But first, gotta dance the monkey because we have King Gainer in the house!! *ahem* I did cheat a little by a...

Chris Seto

7:00 PM on 07.31.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Vocaloid Garage Kits

The Volcaloid kits may not play second fiddle to the sheer numer of KanColle kits but Miku is still popular enough to draw enough kits to make a gallery. Having said that... DAT MEIKO!!! I know a few people who would be happy...

Chris Seto

6:30 PM on 07.31.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Anime Garage Kits (Part 2)

And now we return to the anime garage kits with another look at some more from the dealer floor at Wonder Festival! The highlight for me in this gallery is probably the Inari and Uka-sama from Inari Konkon koi Iroha. The Puch...

Chris Seto

6:00 PM on 07.31.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Kris gives us a closer look at more Garage Kits!

Our very own Kris Pino was at Wonder Festival taking snaps for all of us and she was able to visit the dealer floor this year and provide us with some photos of the booths at the dealer section!  Now, this gallery doesn'...

Chris Seto

SDCC 2014: Blizzard Entertainment Showcase photo
SDCC 2014: Blizzard Entertainment Showcase
by Natalie Kipper

Along with having a very awesome booth, Blizzard's San Diego Comic-Con presence also included a panel, the Blizzard Entertainment 2014 Showcase. Jason Bischoff, the company's Senior Toys and Collectibles Manager, was in attendance and previewed some of the upcoming toys heading our way. There is a lot for fans of Blizzard's games to be excited about!

Attendees got another look the new plushes (along with their con-exclusive variants) that we saw in the previous SDCC post. We also got a glimpse of what Sideshow Collectibles' impressive Kerrigan 1:6 statue will look like painted. The Deathwing statue that was previewed last year was also shown in color. They also announced 1:6 figures of Raynor and Tychus (US$499.99 each). Funko revealed their upcoming line of Blizzard Mystery Minis. Each blind-box is priced at US$5.95. Slides were also shown of there upcoming Pop! Vinyl Series 2 toys (US$10- $15), which were on display at Blizzard's booth. NECA showcased their Diablo III figure variant (US$24.99) as well debuted their action figures for Heroes of the Storm.

All of the toys shown are either currently available at the Blizzard online store or will be in the future.

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9:00 PM on 07.30.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Kantai Collection Garage Kits

Time to get the elephant out of the room once more. Yet again, Kantai Collection had a HUGE presence on the dealer floor, easily dwarfing the offerings from the other series, even Vocaloid! Not being a fan of KanColle, I don'...

Chris Seto