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GSC delays photo
GSC delays

Nendoroid Link sails to two month delay, brings others along for the ride

He'll drop them off in September though
Aug 19
// Martin Siggers
Bad news for those of you who were eagerly anticipating getting your hands on Good Smile Company's rendition of Nintendo's Wind Waker hero - he's been delayed until October. This news was revealed in GSC's regular resche...
GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

Delays hit Max Factory's Cerberus, Phat Company's Ryuko and more

Good Smile announces latest round of delayed gratification
Jun 23
// Martin Siggers
Ah, the Good Smile Company delay announcement post. It's like an old familiar friend at this point, popping up once or twice a month to shatter our hopes and dreams, and then riding off into the sunset. While Deep Sea Miku re...
GSC June delays photo
GSC June delays

Good Smile reveals its June figure delays

Knights of the Blood Asuna, swimsuit-clad Sena among those affected
Jun 16
// Brian Szabelski
Good Smile Company has just posted its list of delays for June, and thankfully, the delays aren't long. Everything on this month's list has been pushed back to a July release, with Penguin Parade releases making up the majori...
Deep Sea Miku photo
Somewhere, beyond the sea...
Deep Sea Miku is gorgeous. Deep Sea Miku has also been delayed more times than most of us can count. In an effort to convince us that she's finally actually a real thing, Kahotan has put up a new blog post previewing the love...

GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

Good Smile Company delays everything...again

You should really expect it by now
Apr 21
// Martin Siggers
Man, the guys over at Good Smile really need to invest in a better calender. Just one month after a massive blitz of delays, GSC has issued the by now grimly familiar press release announcing the April releases that are being...
delays photo

Good Smile Company announces release (and delay) dates for April

Oh no!
Apr 14
// Kristina Pino
It's that time again. Good Smile Company have posted up a release schedule for April, including some delays. As more dates are announced, we'll be sure to update. Delays first: GSC's Asuna, Knights of the Blood ver. (delayed...
GSC delays photo
GSC delays

Good Smile Company announces it's delaying (almost) everything

Over twenty figures hit by setbacks
Mar 17
// Martin Siggers
OK, not quite everything but man, there are a LOT of delays this month. In fact, there are so many delays that GSC took the rare step of not bundling the announcement in with its upcoming release schedule. Instead, we go...
GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

Good Smile's here to drop some more delays

New Madoka and Deep Sea Miku both bumped a month
Feb 24
// Martin Siggers
By now the regular Good Smile Company delay post is a warm familiar friend. OK, that's a lie. It's still a crushing disappointment, but at least Good Smile is prompt and consistent about notifying us when our eagerly awaited ...
GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

Good Smile announces first delays of 2014

Time for your regularly scheduled disappointmen
Jan 20
// Martin Siggers
Good Smile Company has just announced their releases and their delays for January and it's a pretty regular month. Which is to say, there's a fair few delays, some of them disappointingly high profile. Probably the most notab...
Orchid Seed Alleyne photo
Orchid Seed Alleyne

Orchid Seed's Alleyne delayed a month or two

Surely it can't be the weather
Jan 11
// Tianxiao Ma
Good Smile Company has been hogging all the delay news as of late, but let's not forget the old master of delaying: Orchid Seed. Announced way back when I was a wee lad, Orchid Seed's Alleyne was scheduled for a January 2014 ...
GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

Good Smile unleashes a torrent of further delays

There'll be some space under the tree at Christmas
Dec 16
// Martin Siggers
We should have known it was too good to be true. When Good Smile Company announced a very slim roster of delays just a few days ago, it looked like the company was on track for a remarkably punctual December. Turns out not so...
GSC delays photo
GSC delays

Good Smile updates releases and delays for December

Could Bayonetta finally be real?
Dec 09
// Martin Siggers
Good Smile Company has put out their monthly list of what's coming out and what's not coming out for December, and it looks like it's been a pretty solid few weeks for the firm. There's only two delays to note this time aroun...
GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

Good Smile Company announce more October delays

And we were doing so well
Oct 21
// Kristina Pino
It seems that last week's delay announcement was just too good to be true, because Good Smile Company have come through with a solid list of delayed figures, some of which have already been bumped from previous months. Expect...
GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

It's a good month for Good Smile delays

For once I bring tidings of great joy
Oct 15
// Martin Siggers
Good Smile Company's delay posts have been regular occasions for much gnashing of teeth here at Tomo Towers, as the company regularly puts out apologetic statements about how all of its best figures will sail happily past the...
ALTER delays photo
Oh Alter, you should just add a question mark to all your release dates.
I knew things seemed a bit too quiet in Alter-land. After all, Alter wouldn't be Alter without a delay or two on a monthly basis, right? Right. They recently updated their September shipment schedule, and as you can probably ...

GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

GSC announces a raft of delays for September

Isn't this like the millionth time Bayonetta has been delayed?
Sep 17
// Martin Siggers
By now, Good Smile Company's monthly release schedule post has become a regular source of frustration as the firm announces which figures will miss their shipping dates. This month is no different, except maybe for a higher t...
Dragon's Crown photo
Dragon's Crown

Alphamax's Sorceress appears for pre-orders, is pulled

Dragon's Crown heroine removed from sale for unknown reasons
Aug 13
// Martin Siggers
Well this is certainly something you don't see every day. Alphamax's take on the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown has caught a little bit of heat, mostly due to the controversial character design, but it had plenty of fans ...
More delays photo
More delays

Good Smile confirm a mass of further delays

Sub-brands affected as well.
Jun 18
// Martin Siggers
Hold on Good Smile Company, I thought we'd already gotten June's delays done and dusted? Alas, it was just a trick to lure you into a false sense of security, as GSC have now unleashed a massive second announcement confirming...

Good Smile Company announces June's roster of delays

Notables include Insane Black Rock Shooter
Jun 10
// Martin Siggers
Good Smile's monthly announcement of delays has become as regular as clockwork and sure enough a new press release indicates that June has not been spared either. In addition, Good Smile also sent out an email to all those wh...
High Priestess Chie delay photo
High Priestess Chie delay

High Priestess Chie Satonaka delayed to September

Did we just got Trial of the Dragon'd?
May 24
// Brian Szabelski
As much as Megahouse's High Priestess Chie Satonaka looks awesome, there's been some bad news the last two times I've posted about her. First, it was the news that Chie was a MegatreShop exclusive, and now a second bit of new...
Delays, delays, delays photo
Delays, delays, delays

Good Smile, Arcadia, others announce delays

Hope you weren't waiting for Mikudayo
May 22
// Brian Szabelski
Delay time has arrived, and it's apparently hit Good Smile Company's Nendoroid line. Three Nendoroids are among those delayed, and they include both the Rin and Wooser set and the big-headed Mikudayo, destroyer of worlds. It'...

The dreaded 'D' pays ALTER a visit

Delays ahoy!
May 21
// Yami Casas
I'm sure this will not come as a surprise, but ALTER recently updated their page with news of some of the upcoming figures which were delayed to June (or tentatively "after" June). Here's a complete list of all the items we'l...

Good Smile announces shipping dates and figure delays

Check out what'll actually come out this month!
Apr 15
// Kristina Pino
The folks at Good Smile Company have recently updated their page with shipping info for this month as well as items that were delayed to May. Among the things you'll have to wait for a bit longer are: Max Factory's Hacker Ch...

Good Smile Company announces exciting new round of delays

Sadly, this post isn't an April Fool
Apr 02
// Martin Siggers
I think everyone knows by this point that Good Smile Company are the world's premier maker of inexplicable delays. While other companies might try hard, nobody can compete with GSC for quality, craftsmanship and sheer an...

Alter delays products! My wallet rejoices!

Accelerator for a V-day gift! Woohoo.
Jan 31
// Jon Wills
Here at Tomopop we were having our usual lazy tea party when we all realized that there have been delays for some of our anticipated Alter figures. A few cookies passed hands and some shout-outs were heard. Here is what we ca...

MotUC Ram Man delayed to February

...why does that announcement have 21 likes?
Jan 07
// Scarecroodle
Matty Collector has announced via their Facebook that Masters of the Universe Classics Ram Man, originally slated for January, will now be pushed back to February. You know, to screw up my intended monthly order. The official...

Fate/Extra CCC game and figma Saber Bride delayed, again

Often delayed game now pushed to March 28, 2013.
Dec 27
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
You're probably used to this by now, right? The Fate/Extra CCC Virgin White Box bundle with figma Saber Bride first went up for order in September of 2011 for a vague 'Spring 2012' release, but an increased budget g...

Nendoroid Hachune Miku is delayed due to defects

Now shipping in January 2013 ... we hope.
Dec 17
// Brian Szabelski
The Nendonesia crew is reporting some sad news for those of you hoping to have Nendoroid Hachune Miku soon: she's delayed. According to an e-mail sent out to everyone who pre-ordered her from Wonder Festival 2012 Summer, the ...

Granamyr, Procrustus somewhat delayed

Ugh, no Granamyr to adorn my Christmas tree? Bah humbug!
Dec 15
// Scarecroodle
Matty Collector / Digital River has announced that both Granamyr and Procrustus will have a delayed shipment. Both figures will still be offered during the 12/17 sale (Club Eternia subscribers will also be affected by the Pro...

Alter announces more delays

My wallet sighs with relief.
Nov 24
// Jon Wills
Alter is known for making fabulous and very detailed figures. They produce them with an attitude of "It's not done till it's done right." As collectors we appreciate this, however this also means that delays are bound to happ...

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