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cLayz Rei Ayanami photo
cLayz Rei Ayanami

Get over your mommy issues with Clayz's Rei Ayanami

1/8-scale cold cast figure
Aug 20
No you haven't fallen into a time warp, this is an Evangelion 2.0 figure in 2014. Like, a thousand years after the film's release. Why this Ayanami? And why now? I don't know, but I welcome it. The subject admittedly isn't th... read

[NSFW] Pick up a naughty kitty and his master MoMo

Kurushima - 1/5.5 Scale
Jun 14
If you're looking for something on the higher end of naughty figures, try Kurushima's upcoming pair, the original characters MoMo and Dosuke the cat. There's not much to be said that can't be gleaned from the duo themselves--... read

[NSFW] Aizu Project's Gisen Yagyu goes up for pre-order

Two versions available with different expressions
Mar 27
It's been a while since I last saw a big, cold cast figure, but here's one: Aizu Project's 1/6-scale Gisen Yagyu from Hyakka Ryouran. "Cold cast" refers to the materials used in the manufacturing process of this figure. There... read

[NSFW] Get double the Sonsaku with Aizu Project

Aizu Project - 1/6 Scale
Mar 22
When I think of sexy Ikkitousen characters, my mind definitely jumps to the raven-haired Kanu on the spot. Aizu Project seems to have something different in mind however, bringing us a pair of lingerie-clad Sonsakus this comi... read
1/4-scale figure up for pre-order Jan. 28
If you remember back to our last post about Pop Culture Shock, you might remember we mentioned an upcoming Shao Khan 1/4-scale figure. Well, here he is, and I am very, very impressed. The latest in their Mortal Kombat polysto... read feature


Aizu Project's Nadia returns

Re-release of 1/7-scale coldcast figure coming in April
Jan 17
Aizu Project's Nadia is back, with a re-release coming in April. The 1/7-scale figure is the third different Nadia I've seen in the past few months, and she's the biggest of the three, posed in her trademark outfit and lookin... read

Ikkitousen's Ryomou gets a little fiery with Aizu Project

Aizu Project - 1/6 Scale
Nov 19
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. When a character I don't particularly like gets a figure that I actually find appealing, I'll sit up and take notice. So it is with this cold cast figure of Ikkitousen's visually im... read

[NSFW] Lie back with the latest Kanu Unchou

Kishi Kikaku, Kurushima
Nov 09
The Kanus never stop coming, this time with an absolutely stunning rendition of the raven haired lass thanks to Kishi Kikaku and Kurushima. Unlike most, this one is a resin cold cast, so be prepared to pony up big time if she... read
Bucky takes his turn in the spotlight, smashing some Hydra faces!
Of all the items I received for this month's giveaway, I was most excited for this particular review, though at the same time I was kind of dreading it the most. The dread comes from imposing size of the box Cappy here comes in, but everything else is pure excitement. Click past the jump to see my full review of this limited, hulking, 13-inch tall cold cast statue of the New Captain America! read feature


Yet another Kanu bares all for pre-orders

Jul 06
Still not down and out of the figure market yet, it's a wonder if she ever will be. Ikkitousen's infamous raven-haired vixen Kanu returns for yet another release, brought to us by the fine folks at Aizu Project. As per the us... read

Sogeking kicks off Plex's Real Mask Project

Feb 17
Plex are launching a new line of collectibles, the Real Mask Project line, and the first addition to the line is One Piece's Sogeking. The coldcast mask is 35 by 46 by 18 cm, which is quite a large size, and comes on a plaque... read

This Kanu gallery scales new heights

Jan 31
Proving that some things just never go away, Aizu Project is bringing us a new Kanu figure from the infamous Ikkitousen. With so many releases, it stands to reason that they tend to be rather hit or miss, and this one is no d... read

Gaming Heads' 1/6 Medic ready for pre-order, Oktoberfest

Jan 31
Brian gave the heads up that Gaming Heads was preparing their assortment of Medics to see the pre-order stage. As it has now become the magic hour of 8 a.m. PST, the Medic is fully revealed and available to order. Fans of Tea... read

Gaming Heads calls for Team Fortress 2's Medic

Jan 28
Well, well: Gaming Heads has been quiet lately, but just recently, they posted a teaser showing off their next Team Fortress 2 statue, the Medic. The image in the gallery is the only info we have, but considering the history ... read

[NSFW] Kurushima's Mie is way, way too relaxed

Jan 22
2012 has gotten off to a pretty good start, but you know what we're missing? If you said "ridiculous NSFW figures," then you're right and you're also cheating, so shame on you. But yes, from Kurushima Seisakusho, we have the ... read

Ryomou Shimei cold cast has her eye on pre-orders

Dec 16
Despite a strong preference for the much more popular Kanu, I still know a good Ikkitousen figure when I see one, even when it happens to be of a character you've got to really try to make me take notice of. Aizu Project's do... read

Aizu Project's Evangelion cold-casts back in stock

Nov 21
Aizu Project's 1/6 Asuka and Mari figures are back in stock for those of you who missed out on the initial release. While Asuka looks rather pretty, I don't think they got Mari quite right. Still, how many figures of Mari in ... read

Syco Industries shows off some new gaming statues

Nov 11
The crew at Syco Collectibles have assembled a trio of gaming icons for their newest statue pre-orders.Two of them are 10" statues from the Mortal Kombat franchise: Raiden, limited to only 500 pieces, and Kitana, who is indee... read

Have some homemade cold cuts from Aizu Project's cold cast Ayanami Rei

May 31
If there is something that fans of Evangelion can count on, it's the never ending supply of merchandise pouring out from the widely popular title. For the figure world, Aizu Project has a new Ayanami Rei coming. The 1/6 scale... read

More Hyakka Ryouran goodness is announced in the latest Hobby Japan

May 23
Hidden away in the latest issue of Hobby Japan was a rather big announcement: more Hyakka Ryouran figures! Two illustrations by artist mht were shown off, one of Yagyu Jubei, the other of Sanada Yukimura, and underneath a sho... read

DC's newest Batman: Black and White figure is MAD-dening

May 18
Sometimes, yes, DC Direct does some stupid things. But there's one thing they definitely have yet to do wrong, and that's their Batman: Black and White line, featuring the many different looks of Batman, all beautifully craft... read

A gallery of AlphaMax's Kusanagi Motoko figure? Yes, please

May 10
Sure, last month, we got a gallery full of Kaitendoh's brand-new Kusanagi Motoko figure, but they aren't the only ones on the block with a new figure of her. AlphaMax has got one as well, featuring Motoko in her outfit from 2... read

Alphamax's Kusanagi Motoko is mega hot

Mar 23
Seriously, we have posted some figures of Ghost in the Shell's Motoko before, but holy hell ... this is easily my favorite in some time. I'm not usually crazy about stuff by Alphamax, but this one earns a wow from me. This co... read

Kurushima gives you a couple of choices for which beach Holiday you want to take

Mar 09
It's been a while since we've last heard about Kurushima's latest Original Yasumi-chan figure. Back in December, the company revealed on their web site that the next release would be the Holiday ~on the Beach~ refined ver. fi... read

Cute, super deformed figures plus Ikkitousen still makes my head explode

Mar 03
I'm still trying to wrap my head around this since the first time we covered U-Art's Micro Pop Show series of adorable, super deformed Ikkitousen figures. Notice something wrong with the previous sentence? I used adorable and... read

Black Angel from Clayz is stunning

Feb 03
Wow. Did you know about Clayz Original Black Angel? I sure didn't, but now I am totally in love with this figure. The body and pose would be beautiful on their own, but the wings and hair make this figure a real work of art. ... read

Prepare to call "call in pasta rice" with this Tamaki figure by Clayz

Jan 13
No, not that Tamaki!! This time, we're talking about Kawazoe Tamaki, one of the main heroines of the manga (and anime) Bamboo Blade.Being a kendo practitioner myself, it may come as no surprise to hear that I really like Bamb... read

Original Yasumichan Series Holiday on the Beach ~refined ver.~ quite rare, quite sexy

Dec 27
Not much has been seen of Kurushima's Holiday on the Beach figure since it was spotted at the 27th Miyazawa Model Exhibition sporting a more colorful swimsuit and a cowboy hat. The new, refined version has several subtle chan... read

DC Universe Online cold cast figures look fantastic

Dec 21
Okay, so I'm still not very sold on the new DC Direct Ame-Comi figures. But here's two I'm much more likely to look at buying: Zatanna and Solomon Grundy, also from DC Direct, based on their designs in the upcoming DC Univers... read

MUSASHIYA gives us a blast from the past with these Nadesico figures!

Dec 09
Nostalgia can be such a powerful thing. Back in the day I remember collecting video tapes of Martian Successor Nadesico and watching them religiously! Even now, it still rates highly as one of my favourite shows of all time. ... read

[UPDATED]Ladies, ladies; try and control yourselves while checking out some pictures of the upcoming Light figure by Griffon

Nov 18
I wasn't even that much of a Death Note fan, but this figure looks great! A few months ago, Colette said something similar, and I find myself just as enamored with this figure as she was. I'm just as impressed with the qualit... read

Why look, it's another Ryomo fig-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN

Nov 09
Man, going into the future is going to be a sad affair. With all the trash we generate, we'll have landfills covered in paper cups, plastic bottles and Ikkitousen figures. The bloody things come out faster than a high school ... read

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