So steamy for such a wintery theme!
Late last month we caught a quick glimpse of Alter's Santa Sonico, but we really didn't get many good photos showing off the details of her sculpt. Alter apparently sought to remedy this issue and posted a nice splash of pret... read feature

AmiAmi Blog shares some shots of the lovelies
Sena and Kobato (of Haganai, Haganai NEXT) already had entries in the Beach Queens line a while back, but with the second season of the anime, Wave gave them an encore. Sena sports a nice, relaxed expression and hairdo as she... read feature

Super Sonico Cheer Girl

It's almost game time for Super Sonico Cheer Girl

Release the pom poms!
Oct 07
Orchid Seed have been rather quiet about their lovely Cheer Girl version of Sonico (last seen at WF), and it looks like they're almost ready to let her go now. In a recent blog update, the team also mentions that she'll have ... read
She's otherwise a figure with a bounty worth paying
Nami has picked up a new (old) hat for a limited edition Bandai web exclusive Portrait of Pirates figure. The figure (which I couldn't believe was real when I first saw it) is entitled Nami: Mugiwara version and depicts the S... read feature

Dragon's Crown Sorceress

Sorceress of Dragon's Crown has her pre-orders revived

Fake smiles = diverting attention spans
Sep 02
Last month, Alpha Max opened its pre-orders for its rendition of the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown. The figure was controversial to its design, and out of nowhere, was pulled from pre-orders. Now the Sorceress has been summon... read
Senran Kagura

Pre-order CM's Asuka and defy the laws of physics

The best of the breast
Aug 07 this figure of Asuka from Senran Kagura by CM's Corporation is nice I guess. It's the latest in the their Gutto Kuru La Beaute line, and the paint looks good. I like the yellow and green checks colour palette. The swo... read
SDCC Yamato

SDCC 2013: Yamato

Yamato has some gorgeous ladies to show you.
Jul 21
Yamato had a tremendous showing at SDCC this year and showed off a few prototypes. Also they had some A+ models which should be coming to stores soon. Also at the booth was last year's 50cm tall Cat woman collectible which st... read
Pre-order Freeings Yuzuko

Pre-order FREEings Yuzuko from Yuyushiki

Not sexy, but just right.
Jul 11
FREEing just announced that their swimsuit figure of Yuzuko from Yuyushiki is now available for pre-order. Her sculpt is looking very sharp and captures the style of the show well. Yuzuko isn't really striking a sexy pose in ... read
Pre-order Leafa

Pre-order Griffon's Leafa

Leafa had a great design, even if people did not like her arc.
Jul 08
Say what you will about the second major arc of the animated series Sword Art Online. Personally I enjoyed it because it was different. Sure, it was not as intense as the original, also it lost a lot of the live or die feelin... read
Media Factory's Sena

See more of Media Factory's Sena in her maid outfit

Double the fun
Jul 03
Both Akiba Hobby and Moeyo have gotten their mitts on Media Factory's lovely new Sena figure, so I've included some of their images in our own gallery. It's only a selection from what they've posted, so be sure to click throu... read
Pre-order AGP Charles

Pre-order Bandai's AGP Charolotte & Rafale Custom II

She is cool, but I want to see Charles!
Jul 02
Just in time for season two of Infinite Stratos Bandai has announced that its Armor Girls Project Rafale Revive Custom II X Charlotte Dunois is now available for pre-order. Charlotte is a very popular girl from the series so ... read
Lechery Black Piano

Pre-order Lechery's Amadeus Black Piano

1/6th scale
Jun 11
Lechery's Amadeus Black Piano figurine is now available for pre-order. She is built to 1/6th scale and is made out of candy resin, PVC and ABS plastic.  Amadeus hits all the right notes too if I don't say so myself.... read
That's it. I should just buy everything Alter
When we first previewed Alter's Laura Bodewig in some hobby magazine scans In July of last year I was quick to dismiss her. For one, in Infinite Stratos I liked all the other girls more than her. Also I thought her ... read feature

Megahobby Expo 2013 Spring: One Piece [Updated]

No gold here
May 25
Megahobby Expo is going on at this very instant on the other side of the world. For me, this should be a joyous occasion. Unfortunatley, it isn't. Why you ask? Well, I've got to point at the currently anemic showing... read

1/2-scale Sonico is up for pre-order with warning labels

Warning labels!
May 21
Alright, so we had a peek at 1/2-scale Sonico not long ago, and I'm back again to let everyone know the very important news that she is up for pre-order! If you're ready to fork out the dough (over ¥40,000 retail) for her... read

Preview these rare Nendoroids Yukari Tamura & Nana Mizuki

Such a novel idea! Gimmie gimmie
May 19
When looking around for news to write about I stumbled into something pretty amazing. Check this out everyone. Good Smile Company is making a Nendoroid of Yukari Tamura and Nana Mizuki.  It is a fantastic idea isn't it? ... read

1/2-scale Soniko gets a coat of paint

Super duper super sized!
May 13
Though I don't have as many words to say on things like this as some of my co-editors around here, I wanted to make sure that you folks were at least up to date with the fact that yes, 1/2-scale Soniko still exists (last seen... read
She's a real beauty
[Updated: added links for pre-orders, and more pictures! She's ¥12,000 and slated for release in January 2014! Please check her listings for the cast-off images.] e've been pretty excited for this upcoming Queen's Blade f... read feature

How appropriate, Sena. You look like a cow

Get it?
Apr 19
[update: Added an image to the gallery that is probably the source artwork for this figure! It also appears that this originates from something in the manga. I don't know anything else beyond that at the time of writing~][upd... read
Magical breasts aside, I still like what I'm seeing
I gushed about this figure when it went up for pre-order, but some folks were entirely unimpressed with what I consider a lovely figure of Haganai/Haganai NEXT's Sena as a dancer. Since the last time we saw her, it doesn't lo... read feature

Pre-order Alter's Sanya V2, now with rocket boosters!

She comes with lots of options, even two outfits!
Apr 03
I count Strike Witches among the few, more ecchi guilty pleasure shows that I have enjoyed. However I did not really enjoy this show until the second season. So I found it to be pretty cool that Alter just announced... read
It's alright, I'll be your friend
When Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai, or Hagani for short, debuted in October of 2011, I don't think anybody expected it to be as successful as it was. Typically for a show like Haganai, most companies would have had a ton of me... read feature

Alter reveals Hyakka Ryouran's Keiji Maeda

Emphasis on "reveal"
Mar 24
The latest Hobby Japan scans brought with them a new Hyakka Ryouran figure: a 1/8-scale Keiji Maeda. If you're into well-developed women, it's tough to beat that body. Although Keiji is wearing a kimono-like outer layer, it's... read

Pre-order AlphaMax's Black Bunny

What is your favorite color?
Mar 02
When I first started watching "Problem Children are Coming from Another World aren't they?" over at Crunchyroll I was 100% sure that the bunny girl "Black Rabbit" would be made into a figurine. I just didn't know fo... read

Beautiful Sena Kashiwazaki Dancer ver. up for pre-order!

I'll dance with you any day, babe!
Feb 26
[updated: added more pre-order links.] Well, this figure completely flew under my radar, and has now gone up for pre-order! A surprise by Griffon Enterprises, this figure depicts Sena from Haganai NEXT as a dancer. She looks.... read
I hear you wanted to see just a little bit more. So here you go!
A few days ago our very own Tianxiao Ma brought us a preview of AlphaMax's Golden Darkness. However recently Danny Choo took photographs of a sample figure of her and posted an updated gallery, I wanted to shar... read feature

Yay Estelle! I can't wait!
In a scant two days Alter will be showing off its latest prototypes at Wonderfest Winter 2013. I can't wait to see more of their Estelle sculpt from Tales of Vesperia, but there are so many more figures on display. In ad... read feature

[NSFW] Super Sonico goes super size with 1/2-scaled piece

Jan 28
I'll start by admitting I'm not the biggest Sonico fan. I'm not really a fan at all. While the Nitro+ mascot has been the subject of many figures, they just don't catch my interest. They tend to be very well-sculpted with gre... read

[NSFW] Admire the female form in this Tamaki gallery

BEAT Tamaki sounds like the long-lost third member of Two Beats
Jan 17
For the next installment of "things there are too many of" we'll be looking at a Tamaki figure. To Heart's heroine is bordering on Kanu Unchou levels of oversaturation, but the tide is inexorable. At least BEAT's Tamaki has a... read

[NSFW] Get romantic with Celia Aintree in this gallery

Is she wearing two bottoms?
Jan 15
I think this figure is pretty much Daiki Kougyou in a nutshell: nudity, chunky girls, and odd proportions. You're looking at Celia Cumani Aintree from Walkure Romanze: Shojo Kishi Monogatari. She clearly isn't the type to tak... read

Kotobukiya's Cryska rocks some curves in this preview

Skin-tight suits are great, aren't they?
Jan 08
We've seen this beauty before, but I figured more body suits would be good for your health. This is Kotobukiya's Cryska Barchenowa in her Eishi outfit, which happens to be perfectly colored to highlight her curves. It doesn't... read
A very pretty Cryska. Will you be her hero?
In recent months we've seen a lot of new figurines from various companies of characters hailing from the animated series Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. One of them was Kotobukiya's excellent 1/7th scale Yui Takamura... read feature

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