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12:00 PM on 07.10.2014

Megahouse's Space Dandy and Honey are up for pre-order baby

OK, it might not be as delightfully continuity-baiting as Be@rbrick Dandy, but there's good news for Space Dandy fans who prefer their figures a little more traditionally styled. After popping up at MegaHobby Expo a few ...

Martin Siggers

1:00 PM on 05.15.2014

This giant poodle version of Charlotte Dunois is definitely a thing

You know, I haven't seen Infinite Stratos. I can't tell you a single plot point about the show. I couldn't even tell you its genre. However, I'm pretty sure that whatever Infinite Stratos may be about, it probably doesn't inv...

Pedro Cortes

10:15 AM on 05.14.2014

Super Sonico looks out of place in a school swimsuit

Beat have just put two versions of a school swimsuit-clad Sonico up for pre-order, and I have mixed feelings on the whole thing. Though I love her pose and almost everything else about the figure in terms of sculpt and design...

Kristina Pino

2:00 PM on 05.13.2014

Preview gallery of Megahouse's Sorceress looks a bit sleepy

After going up for pre-order in early March, we now have an extended gallery of Dragon's Crown's Sorceress, as envisioned by Megahouse. Big surprise, she's still rather busty and ridiculously proportioned. On top of that, she...

Pedro Cortes

10:45 PM on 03.05.2014

MegaHouse's Sorceress goes up for pre-order

Looks like tonight is boob night. Anyway, I'm pleased to report that MegaHouse's Sorceress is going up for pre-orders right now. I might actually like the back of this figure more than the front. The paint and sculpt look gre...

Tianxiao Ma

Gift's swimsuit Sena is a bounty of booty photo
Gift's swimsuit Sena is a bounty of booty
by Tianxiao Ma

Although this figure appeals to me, I feel like I shouldn't champion it too much. It's the kind of figure that gives otaku their creepy reputation. Hey, I'm not about judging people based on their tastes (within reason) but that's the way it is.

Disclaimer over, now to the goods: this is a 1/4-scale figure by Gift of Haganai's Sena in a swimsuit. I'd say "voluptuous" is a very good descriptor, as you can see in this Kahotan preview (she knows her audience, by the way). This isn't the most original of figures. I don't even mean in the sense that it's a swimsuit figure; there are actually other figures of Sena wearing basically the same outfit.

What sets Gift's figure apart is that it's enormous. 1/4-scale usually puts me off but this sculpt is pretty decent (trashy pose aside). Her signature butterfly and the moe fang complete the look. The MSRP is a surprisingly reasonable ¥14,040 - though you should expect a large EMS fee - and she'll be out in June, right in time to hit the beaches. Just kidding, don't let anyone see you with this in public.

[ Pre-order at Good Smile Online ShopHobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | J-List | ToysLogic | Big in Japan ]

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Griffon puts out a giant Himawari with a squishy surprise photo
Griffon puts out a giant Himawari with a squishy surprise
by Martin Siggers

Occasionally in this hobby you just see stuff that is really, really weird. This is one of those cases, as Griffon outs yet another Vividred Operation figure that they're making. The subject this time is Vivid Yellow, aka Himawari Shinomiya, who they've already released three different versions of. Gotta ride that cash cow hard I guess.

So what makes this one so special, aside from the fact it's a swimsuit version. Well, sheer size is one thing - Himawari is rendered in 1/2.5 scale, leaving her standing at about 60cm tall. The other is...well, she's going to come in two versions. One regular version and one version which - and there's no other way to say this - has squishy boobs. Yeah.

I'm sort of literally lost for words here. One thing I will say is that if there's any sort of silicone involved in the construction, this is not a figure that will age well. There's also the matter of price to consider - the regular edition will cost a whopping ¥28,000 while you'll need ¥29,900 to get your squeeze on. Don't even think about the shipping cost when she's released in January. If you must have her, pre-order links are below. Me? I'm going to back slowly away from the computer now.

[ Pre-order Regular ver. at HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi | CD Japan ]

[ Pre-order 'Soft Bust' ver. at HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi | CD Japan ]

[via Cafe Reo]

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8:30 PM on 11.29.2013

MegaHobby Expo: Autumn - get a load of Amazon

A single image of MegaHouse's Amazon has appeared! Well, there might be more, but I haven't found them yet. Anywho, Tian had a quick look at her in the magazine scans earlier, but now we've got a proper "in the flesh" image. ...

Kristina Pino

[Sorta NSFW] Alter previews its Santa Sonico photo
[Sorta NSFW] Alter previews its Santa Sonico
by Jon Wills

Late last month we caught a quick glimpse of Alter's Santa Sonico, but we really didn't get many good photos showing off the details of her sculpt. Alter apparently sought to remedy this issue and posted a nice splash of pretty photos on their blog! While they do not show off anything more than what you would see on a swimsuit figurine I would still suggest you not view this at work.

I have to hand it to Alter and their photographer, they took some really exceptional photos showing off all of Sonico's nice curves and they got close up here and there where it really counted, like the detail work done to make Sonico's little hood look extra fluffy and the sweet look in her eyes.

Okay yeah, she is also very showy and sensual and the photos do a great job of showing that off. It could be the way the bokeh came out, but it's getting a little stuffy in here! I have never really liked a Sonico figure before, but this one is both (somehow) hot and cute enough to turn my head. I only wish they had a full Santa girl suit for her and that this was just how she looked when that was cast off... Ah well, one can dream right?

I have to wonder about why Alter is making all of these Christmas themed figurines. Wouldn't it be funny if it was some sort of inside joke that they will be done by next Christmas or something? Well, we'll see, hopefully this Sonico will be released before next Christmas. Pre-orders will open soon!

[via Alter's blog]

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Sena and Kobato sport their NEXT Beach Queens suits photo
Sena and Kobato sport their NEXT Beach Queens suits
by Kristina Pino

Sena and Kobato (of Haganai, Haganai NEXT) already had entries in the Beach Queens line a while back, but with the second season of the anime, Wave gave them an encore.

Sena sports a nice, relaxed expression and hairdo as she strides along in her way-too-small bikini. Kobato strikes her signature pose while hanging on to an inflated inner tube. Both of these figures are still available for pre-order at the usual places, and will be released this coming January. You can check out a selection from AmiAmi's gallery in our own below, but do click through to see their full sample review.

Feel free to share your thoughts! As for me, I'm not liking the seam lines on both figures (they're more obvious on Sena), though I appreciate the meaty thigh thing Sena has going for her. That and I'm feeling the absence of Kobato's bunny plush.

[Pre-order Sena: AmiAmi | Hobby Search | J-List]
[Pre-order Kobato: AmiAmi | Hobby Search | J-List]

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10:00 AM on 10.07.2013

It's almost game time for Super Sonico Cheer Girl

Orchid Seed have been rather quiet about their lovely Cheer Girl version of Sonico (last seen at WF), and it looks like they're almost ready to let her go now. In a recent blog update, the team also mentions that she'll have ...

Kristina Pino

Who likes POP 'Strawhat' Nami's short shorts? Not me! photo
Who likes POP 'Strawhat' Nami's short shorts? Not me!
by Scarecroodle

Nami has picked up a new (old) hat for a limited edition Bandai web exclusive Portrait of Pirates figure. The figure (which I couldn't believe was real when I first saw it) is entitled Nami: Mugiwara version and depicts the Strawhat Pirates' navigator basically cosplaying as Luffy.

Uh, wow much? If somebody told me about a design that put Nami in a(n overtly sexualized) version of Luffy's clothing, I wouldn't even be able to picture it and yet here we have a design that looks so oddly spectacular it almost seems natural... except for those daisy dukes --- in fact, I absolutely love the design with the sole exception of the denim thong that Nami is wearing. And no, don't try telling me those are actually shorts. Shorts don't ride up like that from behind.

The denim thong wouldn't be so bad if not for all the butt cleavage. I suppose it works if you just never turn the figure around. The figure is fantastic otherwise. Nami has a neat character design and a decent enough pose, which makes it a shame that MegaHouse really went overboard on that rear view.

Portrait of Pirates Nami Mugiwara version can be ordered from Bandai's premium site if you're in Japan or through Big in Japan (or your preferred hunter) in you reside in another part of the world. She'll be released in February 2014.

[ Pre-order at Big in Japan ]

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