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I Heart Guts photo
I Heart Guts

I Heart Guts hoping to branch out into the wallet market

You can help make their gutsy dream come true!
Sep 26
// Natalie Kipper
I Heart Guts, the company known for its plush (and happy-looking) organs, apparently also hearts wallets. They recently made a listing on the Dynomighty Artist Collective, a site similar to Kickstarter but with a focus o...
Don't Care Bears Shirt photo
Don't Care Bears Shirt

FullerDesigns x OutsmART Originals Don't Care Bears shirt

Get these bears that don't care across your chest today in a comfy way
Jun 04
// Rio McCarthy
Yes! I'm so excited! I just recently showed you the Lil' Jammies series of the Don't Care Bears that FullerDesigns has created, but now you can get your hands on the shirt as well! Their apparel debut is featured with this re...
My Little Pony photo
My Little Pony

Three new My Little Pony Hug Me plush backpacks available

New characters are Doctor Hooves, Pinkie Pie, and 'Best Pony'
May 24
// Natalie Kipper
Plushes and cute accessories are two things I can totally get behind. Add My Little Pony into the mix and you have a recipe for magic! WeLoveFine seems to agree with me on that front, if their line of My Little Pony Hug Me pl...

Tomopop Review: iDevice accessories by SO SO HAPPY

May 21 // Natalie Kipper
Item Names: Earbuds (Tribe, Ozzie, Siq, and Wink), iPhone/iPod Cases (Tribe, Ozzie, Siq, Puff, and Wink), and Plush Headphones (Wink)Item Maker: So So HappyPrice: US$9.99 (Earbuds and iPhone/iPod Cases) and US$19.99 (Plush Headphones)Available at: So So Happy Meet the first set of SO SO HAPPY earbuds, styled after Ozzie, their bubblegum-blowing inventor. He's sitting here in his box waiting to be used. The box is both colorful and descriptive. The side shows what devices it will work with (Droid, iPhone, iPad, iPod, computer) and the top is lined with a group of So So Happy characters along with their logo. Here are the Tribe ones outside of the box. The character's face is made of a sort of flexible plastic. They are of big enough size to be seen but not so much to be uncomfortable when the bud is in your ear. It seems securely fastened to the bud and doesn't feel like it will fall off.  There were also Siq ... ... and Wink varieties. The colors of the cords and ear-tips looked lovely with the character faces on the buds. Very stylish and fun. The sound quality is also quite good. I have been using the Tribe ones now to listen to my music and audiobooks when I go on walks. The sounds come out nice and clear with no fuzziness or ambient noise. The in-line microphone's "answer" button can also be used to pause your music. For the price, I'd say these are really spiffy alternatives to the Apple's earbuds. The plush headphones looked rather appealing in their box, like some rainbow candy wrapped in cellophane. I appreciate that the box is clear all over, allowing for an unencumbered view of the product's details. Each of the headphone's sides had a different design on it. Since this set was the Wink design, that was the character adorning it. The art was bright and bold, without any printing flaws.   The plush headphones serve as sort of functional cosplay, with the headband colored to match Wink's ears and little plush horns sewn on top. Here we have my 24 inch Duffy plush modeling them for us. The headphones are adjustable to fit many sizes of heads. Unfortunately, the headband is where I noticed some flaws. The stitching on the edge of the band was on the outside and not very well done, leaving a jagged, rough edge of fabric. This makes me a little concerned about the durability of the band. I already noticed some of the fabric fraying at the end just from me handling it for the photo shoot. It is a real shame because the sound was great on them, plus, they were very comfy. Next up were the iPhone cases. They came in Tribe, Ozzie, and Siq designs. Their boxes had a little hole in the window so you feel the texture of the case before you buy it. More on that in a bit.  All three of these designs are available for the iPhone 4/4S. Ozzie is the only design available in an iPhone 5 size as well.  The cases have a smooth, rubbery texture to them. They kind of jiggle about when there isn't an iPhone inside of them. The spikes on top of the case are made of rubber as well and can easily be bent back to fit into a pocket or small purse. The details on the cases pop out from the main layer, lending additional texture along with a bolder look to the case. I did notice that the coloring for the SO SO HAPPY logo on the side of the Tribe case didn't look as filled in as Siq's or Ozzie's. It reminded me of a printer that was low on ink. Outside of that issue, the cases fit great on my phone and I think they would work well for anyone who wants to show off their iPhone in a colorful way.  Unlike the stretchy, rubbery iPhone cases, the iPod Touch 4 cases have a shell of hard plastic. They come in two designs: Puff with the magenta shell and Wink with the white shell.  The image detail is a puffy plastic that stands out above the shell. The wording on the design is indented, giving it a nice, added texture. I love the way these look. The images are cute and represent the brand well. I don't have an iPod Touch so I unfortunately couldn't test the cases' fit. To sum up, the cases and earbuds were the highlight of this bunch. They worked well and looked great. As for the plush headphones, if you can find one that doesn't have an issue with the band, go for it. They were cute otherwise. [A big thank-you to SO SO HAPPY for providing us with these samples!]
Because electronics deserve happiness, too
A few days ago, I was the lucky recipient of a veritable treasure chest of SO SO HAPPY goodies. The items included were not the typical toys I review but rather accessories for electronics bearing the likenesses of the brand'...


WeLoveFine announces Power Rangers t-shirt design winners

These winning tees can now be yours!
Apr 08
// Vanessa Cubillo
In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise, WeLoveFine held their first Power Ranger t-shirt design contest. The winners not only won some nice prizes, but their designs are now available as T-shirts to ...

WonderCon 2013: Skelanimals & So So Happy

Cute dead animals and bright fun colors!
Apr 02
// Vanessa Cubillo
For WonderCon, Skelanimals brought along their new Day of the Dead plushes. Available in three different characters, they were Diego the bat, Kit the cat, and Maxx the dog. Other items on display were their deluxe and DC supe...

Duffy the Disney Bear is ready for winter

New outfits announced!
Nov 16
// Natalie Kipper
The weather is getting cooler and Duffy the Disney Bear is breaking out his winter clothes. A sweater and cap set (US$20) sized for the 17 inch plush was recently released at the Disney Parks. I also spotted the outfit over a...

WeLoveFine debuts adorable Rainbow Dash Hug Me Backpack

The backpack that is not only adorable, but makes you 20% cooler!
Oct 25
// Rio McCarthy
Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh! Our favorite rainbow maned friend is now an absolutely adorable backpack! WeLoveFine has announced their exclusive Rainbow Dash Hug Me Backpack that has hit today for US$50! The backp...

Lisa Rae Hansen's latest custom has two good sides

Check out this custom QiQi for ToyconUK
Oct 18
// Kristina Pino
Miss Lisa Rae Hansen passed along some pictures of her latest creation, a custom QiQi (Platform: Ziqi Wu and Creo Design) headed to ToyconUK next year for a showcase curated by Chris Alexander. It's a little early, but t...

NYCC 2012: Zukies

Oct 12
// Rio McCarthy
The Zukies have made their way to NYCC and they're ready to invade your home with cuteness! We previously showed that Alison was going to have some awesome new items, including shirts, at their booth and it appears they had e...

Lisa Rae Hansen's custom PigQee for charity is in bloom

Check out this Qee submitted to Art For A Cure
Oct 08
// Kristina Pino
Lisa Rae Hansen passed along some pictures of her lovely custom PigQee, labeled Bloom, which was donated by Toy2R for Art For A Cure (here's a link to the specific Cause). Bloom features a cute little flower decoration on its...

You can wear Mikie Graham's latest work on your head

Aug 14
// Natalie Kipper
Mikie Graham is participating in San Francisco-based Five and Diamond's new DIY show, "Headdress," which asks each of the participants to put their own spin on a leather aviator cap. Mikie's entry, "Head Hunter," is littered ...

If you have ever wondered what would happen if artist Momo Okada put her spin on the Pokemon series, we have your answer: pure, though slightly odd, cuteness! Pokemon Centers across Japan, starting August 11, will begin ...


Olympic merchandise at Disney's United Kingdom Pavilion!

Jul 31
// Rio McCarthy
Has anyone else out there had their eyes glued to the television watching the Olympics like yours truly? I swear, I always get so sucked in regardless to if I even care about any of the sports that are taking place. It's just...

You've got to see Martin Hsu's new CRAKENS website

Jun 18
// Natalie Kipper
Martin Hsu's freaking adorable hybrids known as the CRAKENS now have a website to call their own. Being a huge fan of Martin's critters, I can't tell how excited I am by this new development. What does the website offer, you ...

My Melody to make the contract with Kyubey this July

May 21
// Natalie Kipper
Yes, you read that right. Sanrio's adorable character My Melody (and Kuromi, too) will become a magical girl in the new merchandise line, "My Melody x Puella Magi Madoka Magica". This is not the first time a Sanrio character ...

PopCap bring in Funko, Jazwares, more for licensed merch

Apr 30 // Kristina Pino
Let's start up real quick with the stuff that isn't toy-related. The companies involved to that end are Bioworld Merchandising, Walls360, MjC International and Trends International. Bioworld is going to be bringing in the hats, tees, bags and other accessories like wallets and rubber bracelets of which I'll probably purchase like 20. Everything, of course, will be in all shapes and sizes since their games are designed for people of pretty much all shapes and sizes. Walls360 sounds pretty much like what they're all about. Wall graphics/decals! I'm sure these will be a hilarious addition to any home or office, particularly the zombies being carried by balloons or the high-strung scholarly one with the newspaper. I could see a few cubicles sporting those, for sure. MjC International is interested in your sleepy wear. They'll be rolling in with sleepies for adults and boxers, so you could represent the brain-loving zombies round the clock. The best part is that jammies and boxers make great gifts, so you could make a lot of nerds happy depending on things. Finally, we've got Trends International. These cool guys will be making calendars, posters and the like to make sure you're the coolest, hippest administrative assistant in the office building. Or just to make you smile when you're working late at home, or cover up that ugly hole in the wall. Whatever the case may be, they've got you covered (*rimshot*). Finally, let's get to the toy and collectible side of things. This is also where I come in with the extra info based on my talk with PopCap. Funko Considering how flexible they are with their branding and the fact that we see these pretty much everywhere, Funko Pop! figures were an easy choice for PopCap. I was also told that PopCap have always had a great relationship with them anyway simply because they're both based in Seattle and the folks that work there are pretty rad. The best answer I got about when the first wave will come out was "soon," but I can tell you that it'll probably be two or three waves consisting of about four or five figures each. Then again, this could change from here to there, especially when PopCap have over 60 characters to choose from in the Plants vs Zombie cast alone. Things are pretty much still in the tentative stages, and for now we've just got some preliminary design images. More on this, of course, as things progress! Jazwares When I saw the name Jazwares, the first thing I had to ask in regards to it was whether they designed the zombie figure in the PvZ: Game of the Year Edition, or the Disco Zombie or the Sunflower. I was told no, that those were strictly promotional items and not licensed products, and indeed this is legitimately the first wave of licensed merchandise they'll be releasing. Again, there are no exact details yet on whether the figures will be posable, their run sizes, physical sizes or what the character choices are. Yeah, I know, I'm being sooo specific here. But hey, we've got a sample render here, too. Check out the figures and plushies that might be hitting stores for the holidays! After talking about what they definitely are releasing, I asked about the stuff that was passed over or, what they're still considering. Since the games are basically all ages, I asked whether they've considered making child-targeted play sets or even downloadable papercraft. All of these things have been brought up and talked about, but pretty much the default answer to a lot of my merchandise-related questions was the approach is all about quality products and doing everything the right way. One of the things that has helped PopCap have an idea of what kind of merchandise will be successful is all the bootleg stuff that flies around on eBay. I'm not saying they drew inspiration from these products, but rather took them as an indicator that there's a market for them. I learned that even PopCap has a bunch of them lying around the offices, as well as countless one-off fan creations (which they absolutely love, I'm told). Since the whole merchandising thing is a whole new world for them, PopCap are taking things slow and trying to be as thoughtful and deliberate as possible each step of the way. Instead of going on a licensing spree and signing with 50+ partners, they've only signed with six they've decided are the best fit, out of the hundreds of inquiries they've received over time. One other thing I asked about, specifically since we've seen a bit of merch-for-DLC action lately or the whole thing with Skylanders, was whether any of the toys would include incentives which tie in to the game or bring in some kind of in-game bonus or character. I didn't get the "default answer" for this one, rather I got the "I can't say one way or another." answer. It goes hand in hand with what I mentioned earlier though, as they went on to say that the idea is to create a unique and meaningful experience rather than present consumers with a marketing gimmick.  Fair 'nuff! That about wraps up everything we know and everything PopCap want you to know about what they're cooking up for their fans. Again, be sure to leave any and all feedback you've got in the comments section and let your voice be heard! Are you excited you'll be able to decorate your shelves and desks with zombies? Ready to buy a cap or buy your nephew a cool wallet? Whatever the case may be, it's pretty exciting to finally be able to sport legal, licensed duds or show off toys based on stuff we like. Plants vs Zombies isn't the end of it, either. The plan is to expand the merchandising for Bejewled, Zuma and more of the titles under the PopCap brand, so we'll be sure to keep an eye out.

Are you a fan of PopCap games like Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma? Tired of seeing all those Angry Birds plushies everywhere, even in space, but not one stinkin' Pea Shooter or Squash plant plush anywhere, much l...


Frombie's WonderCon sweetness now available online

Apr 02
// Natalie Kipper
All that Frombie awesomeness I got to enjoy at WonderCon is now available for all the fans across the interwebs! Hurray! So, if you missed the event, now's your chance to nab some of the goodies from Frombie's booth. Dou...

Tomopop About Town: JapanLA

Jan 03 // Natalie Kipper
JapanLA has the kind of window displays that know how grab their target audience. A fan of all things kawaii need only walk by the window and they will soon find themselves inside, as if lead by the pied piper of Hamelin. Hello Kitty? Check. Adorable plushes of various licenses? Check. Fun clothes and accessories? Check. And this is just the view from the outside windows! Upon entering the shop, you are greeted by a large cardboard cutout of San-X's Chapeau of Sentimental Circus. And he is so happy to see you that he tips his cap. You'll see merchandise of him and other San-X characters such as Kutsushita Nyanko and Rilakkuma throughout the store.  Up against the wall to the right of the shops entrance is a corner stuffed with San-X merchandise. This is usually where I head first when I visit. They have the usually things like plushes of Rilakkuma and stationary sets from Sentimental Circus to more obscure things like a Rilakkuma fondue set and Kutsushita Nyanka shiatsu massage pen. Interesting stuff. Directly next to the San-X corner is where the cell phone accessories (mostly for iPhone) and purses are located. One of these days I swear I am buying that Tuxedo Sam hobo bag! They also had soft-shell laptop cases, key-covers, and socks. Not sure why the last two are found there. But it works, so no matter.  If you were to go left instead of right at the entrance, you would find yourself in Hello Kitty territory. Last time I was there, the merchandise focused on Sanrio's 50th anniversary and the winter holidays. A lot of the goods were rare or, at times, one-of-a-kind. They had a whole art gallery in the back full of artist's renditions of Kitty-chan and her friends. Adjacent to the Sanrio goods is what I call the "tower of many small things." Inside this pile of clear baskets are molded Japanese staplers (which seem to be all the rage), blind-boxed trading figures, and small Japanese candies. It pretty fun to look each bin and see the variety of toys and little stocking stuffers. This is a part of the store to go to if you are looking for cheap gifts or souvenirs.  In the same vicinity as the tower of many small things is a glass display of rather eclectic jewelry. There was tokidoki stuff, earrings made of small My Little Pony figures, and a collection of lolita-style jewelry that featured a rotund feline's portrait.  In the center of of your visual field, after you pass Chapeau, is a large cart in the center of the store stuffed with plushes, bags, lunch boxes. There is definitely fun stuff on the wooden display (I love the the giant Pikachu and Gloomy Bear merchandise) but this is the kind of store where you have to explore every nook and cranny to see everything they have to offer. If you were to cast your gaze past the central merchandise cart, you would spot a large wooden island chock full of some of the shop's more random merchandise. There are plushes from the I Heart Guts line, Buff Monster goods, Crowded Teeth accessories, and items from the world of Mr. Toast. These goods may not necessarily be Japanese but they fit the shop's cutesy motif perfectly.  In the back of the shop, on the left side, is a wall of the shirts. JapanLA has some of the coolest and cutest shirts and hoodies around. They sport funny and fun graphics that I guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone who sees them. My favorite is a shirt that features a dinosaur with a talk bubble reading, "Make me a sandwich." Brilliant! If you are in Los Angeles and are a toy lover or fan of Japanese kawaii culture, JapanLA is one of those shops that should definitely be on your map. I almost always leave with a bag containing that certain perfect something for me or one of my good friends. For me, it is not a complete trip to Melrose without a visit there.  IF YOU GO: JapanLA7320 1/2 Melrose AvenueLos Angeles, CA 90046(between Fuller and Poinsettia, about 5 blocks West of La Brea)(323) 934-5201 Hours of Operation Monday - Friday: 11:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.Saturday: 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.Sunday: 11 a.m. -7 p.m.Closed: January 1st, July 4th, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas View Larger Map

Smack dab in my neck of the woods is Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, Calif., a veritable treasure trove of toy stores, galleries, and good food. Plus, it is just about the only place I know the where you can haggle for legitim...


Now you can have few friends with Sena's hair accessory

Dec 16
// Natalie Kipper
Kashiwazaki Sena of the anime series Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai may not be popular but she sure is pretty. If you want to imitate her unique style, you start by pre-ordering Cospa's new Kashiwazaki Sena hair accessory, a co...

Kyubey and Charlotte compete for control of your neck

Nov 18
// Natalie Kipper
There is an unseen, unspoken battle being waged. The stakes are high. The casualties are many. Okay, not really. But it seems as though Puella Magi Madoka Magica's Kyubey the Incubator and Charlotte the Candy Witch are both v...

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