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8:00 PM on 09.26.2013

I Heart Guts hoping to branch out into the wallet market

I Heart Guts, the company known for its plush (and happy-looking) organs, apparently also hearts wallets. They recently made a listing on the Dynomighty Artist Collective, a site similar to Kickstarter but with a focus o...

Natalie Kipper

3:00 PM on 06.04.2013

FullerDesigns x OutsmART Originals Don't Care Bears shirt

Yes! I'm so excited! I just recently showed you the Lil' Jammies series of the Don't Care Bears that FullerDesigns has created, but now you can get your hands on the shirt as well! Their apparel debut is featured with this re...

Rio McCarthy

10:00 PM on 05.24.2013

Three new My Little Pony Hug Me plush backpacks available

Plushes and cute accessories are two things I can totally get behind. Add My Little Pony into the mix and you have a recipe for magic! WeLoveFine seems to agree with me on that front, if their line of My Little Pony Hug Me pl...

Natalie Kipper

Tomopop Review: iDevice accessories by SO SO HAPPY photo
Tomopop Review: iDevice accessories by SO SO HAPPY
by Natalie Kipper

A few days ago, I was the lucky recipient of a veritable treasure chest of SO SO HAPPY goodies. The items included were not the typical toys I review but rather accessories for electronics bearing the likenesses of the brand's characters. There were earbuds, headphones, and iPhone and iPod Touch cases, all in a multitude of colors and designs. It was like receiving a rainbow in a box!

Want to know more about the goods? Sure, you do! Well then, click the jump to read my review!

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7:00 PM on 04.08.2013

WeLoveFine announces Power Rangers t-shirt design winners

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise, WeLoveFine held their first Power Ranger t-shirt design contest. The winners not only won some nice prizes, but their designs are now available as T-shirts to ...

Vanessa Cubillo

6:00 AM on 04.02.2013

WonderCon 2013: Skelanimals & So So Happy

For WonderCon, Skelanimals brought along their new Day of the Dead plushes. Available in three different characters, they were Diego the bat, Kit the cat, and Maxx the dog. Other items on display were their deluxe and DC supe...

Vanessa Cubillo

7:00 PM on 11.16.2012

Duffy the Disney Bear is ready for winter

The weather is getting cooler and Duffy the Disney Bear is breaking out his winter clothes. A sweater and cap set (US$20) sized for the 17 inch plush was recently released at the Disney Parks. I also spotted the outfit over a...

Natalie Kipper

10:00 PM on 10.25.2012

WeLoveFine debuts adorable Rainbow Dash Hug Me Backpack

Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh! Our favorite rainbow maned friend is now an absolutely adorable backpack! WeLoveFine has announced their exclusive Rainbow Dash Hug Me Backpack that has hit today for US$50! The backp...

Rio McCarthy

1:00 PM on 10.18.2012

Lisa Rae Hansen's latest custom has two good sides

Miss Lisa Rae Hansen passed along some pictures of her latest creation, a custom QiQi (Platform: Ziqi Wu and Creo Design) headed to ToyconUK next year for a showcase curated by Chris Alexander. It's a little early, but t...

Kristina Pino

4:00 AM on 10.12.2012

NYCC 2012: Zukies

The Zukies have made their way to NYCC and they're ready to invade your home with cuteness! We previously showed that Alison was going to have some awesome new items, including shirts, at their booth and it appears they had e...

Rio McCarthy

6:00 PM on 10.08.2012

Lisa Rae Hansen's custom PigQee for charity is in bloom

Lisa Rae Hansen passed along some pictures of her lovely custom PigQee, labeled Bloom, which was donated by Toy2R for Art For A Cure (here's a link to the specific Cause). Bloom features a cute little flower decoration on its...

Kristina Pino

8:00 PM on 08.14.2012

You can wear Mikie Graham's latest work on your head

Mikie Graham is participating in San Francisco-based Five and Diamond's new DIY show, "Headdress," which asks each of the participants to put their own spin on a leather aviator cap. Mikie's entry, "Head Hunter," is littered ...

Natalie Kipper