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8:00 PM on 11.05.2013

Defend your own universe with this 3D Voltron hoodie

No, that's not someone's attempt at a fury costume. That is, in fact, a real, honest to goodness Voltron hoodie that you can buy right now from There are a lot of character hoodies out there, but we've never seen...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

10:00 AM on 10.05.2013

Check out these spiffy LEGO watches for grown-ups

LEGO is preparing to launch a whole new line of  timepieces this November that will be aimed at adults for the first time ever. Up until now, their watches have only been made for kids. The line will be called LEGO Watch...

Kristina Pino

Vannen, Kronk collab on the new Rat Basterd watch photo
Vannen, Kronk collab on the new Rat Basterd watch
by Brian Szabelski

Vannen Watches' latest is a new timepiece with art designed by Kronk called Rat Basterd. Using Kronk's style — which is based off tattoos and as I just learned, old-school animation — the watch is his take on a Mickey Mouse-like character, which you can see on the watch face. The strap is more of Kronk's tattoo-styled work, and it all has a very neat four-color palette to make details pop out. 

You can find the Rat Basterd watch at both Vannen and Mintyfresh for US$75/€64.95. Only 150 have been made in total, and five are a "stealth" variant that have black watch hands instead of white.

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11:00 PM on 08.16.2013

Yosiell Lorenzo has two new T-shirts for your wardrobe

Just a quick heads up if you're a Yosiell Lorenzo fan: he's got two new T-shirts available in his shop right now. The Bury Your Secrets shirt is based off an earlier print Yosiell released, while Spirit Board Vessel features an Ouija-inspired design. Both shirts are available for US$25 in Yosiell's shop. Going to pick either one up?

Brian Szabelski

4:00 AM on 07.25.2013

SDCC 2013: Sanrio

Hello Kitty had a presence all over SDCC this year, but the main focus here will be on Sanrio's booths themselves. A lot of you might have heard that they were having a pop-up shop in Petco Park outside of the convention. Thi...

Rio McCarthy

SDCC 2013: Hasbro - My Little Pony photo
SDCC 2013: Hasbro - My Little Pony
by Rio McCarthy

SDCC and I go way back, of course with a lot of us it does, but for a strange reason on my end. Every year it's my goal to get the My Little Pony exclusive of the year. This was the first year I was able to be there to obtain it myself, and DJ Pon-3 was what I wanted most. Needless to say with all the pushing of children, etc. that was going on I wasn't about to deal with the crowd at Hasbro myself, so I just took photos of it while I was there and ordered it online.

As for what other offerings Hasbro had to show us in the MLP world? There is a lot to talk about here, but the easiest thing to do is look at the entire gallery. There was an SDCC exclusive t-shirt with DJ Pon-3 on it as well that was US$25, but you still had to stand in the ridiculous line with a ticket, so I said, "Forget that." There were a few things that debuted here including a Princess Twilight Sparkle that is adorned with Swarovski Crystals to match the SDCC exclusive DJ Pon-3. It will be a Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive and release on August 20th.

There was also a set for Toys R Us that features Queen Chrysalis (or Queen Chrysalia as it's written on the tag... which I'm hoping is just a typo) and several other ponies. It will retail for US$34.99, and will be available August 1st. A lot of the toys they showed were either available now, or would be available in August. There was a huge Princess Twilight that was on display as well that lights up, talks, moves and sings, so that should be interesting to see in person when it hits stores.

A lot of what they had on display were things we've talked about here, or were already pretty well known about. There were a lot of lines that were continuing with their releases as usual, including the Crystal Motion Ponies. As always, I can't wait to get the new Rarity figures! Check out the gallery for all the rest of the goodies.

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5:00 PM on 07.02.2013

Karl Lagerfeld and tokidoki collaborate on new line

Tokidoki will once again be partnering up with famous fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld. With this new collaboration, tokidoki will be releasing another Lagerfeld figure, this time called "Mr. Choupette". This limited edition...

Vanessa Cubillo

1:30 PM on 06.14.2013

Show off your nails with the Sailor Moon Nail Collection

For the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, Bandai created a special makeup collection for their cosmetic brand, Creer Beaute. Their first release was the Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder. Now their second rele...

Vanessa Cubillo

9:00 PM on 06.10.2013

Transform yourself with Sailor Moon Shining Moon Powder

Ladies, now you can be fashionable, and show that you're a fan of Sailor Moon. For the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, Bandai is adding Sailor Moon themed items to their Creer Beaute cosmetic brand. Their first release from...

Vanessa Cubillo

12:05 PM on 05.03.2013

OutsmART celebrates May 4 with a sale

Everyone's putting on their best Star Wars-May 4 puns in anticipation for Saturday (i.e. Super7's May the 4th Be With You event), and OutsmART Originals is jumping in with the May the 4th One Be Free sale. Yep; it's buy-three...

Brian Szabelski

10:00 PM on 05.02.2013

OutsmART Originals jumps on the bacon train

Bacon: it's what's popular. And it's also a theme for OutsmART Originals' new original apparel line called The Bacon University. There's six shirts in total in the Bacon University shop, and while all aren't university appare...

Brian Szabelski

2:00 PM on 04.27.2013

You can now pre-order Cavey iPhone cases

Soon you will have a chance to show your love for a little stranger's lovable Cavey plushes just by answering your phone. Two adorable iPhone case designs (available for both iPhone 4/4s and 5) were revealed on the ...

Natalie Kipper