This Mahiru pre-order is a knockout

Art Spirits - 1/10 Scale
Mar 19
Despite its overall simplicity, Working!!'s cast continues to be crafted into pvc, this latest poseable brought to us from Art Spirits' Natural Stylies line. Like a lot of 4-koma series, Working!! doesn't exactly have a lot o... read

Chibi Toro does Fate/Zero figma customs MF probably wont

figma customizer extraordinaire Chibi Toro reveals one-of-a-kind custom figures of Lancer and Berserker.
Jan 22
When it comes to figma customs there's nobody better at it than Japanese figma master Chibi Toro. We're talking about someone that's so dedicated to perfecting super articulated figures at this scale ... read

Order up with Working!!'s Petanko Popura

Penguin Parade
Nov 28
In case hotties like today's earlier Penguin Parade release just aren't your thing, they've also decided to show off the latest addition to their Petanko lineup, the adorable Popura Taneshima from Working!!. Chibi figures hav... read

Good Smile scans has RAH Mami, swimsuit Rouna, more

Also, the next Queen's Blade Nendoroid, WORKING!! Petanko, a gorgeous Elf, and some of the same.
Oct 23
Though we've some of what Good Smile Company has to offer at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival from last weekend, the latest magazine scans show that they still have some other products up their sleeve. The collaboration ... read

Dengeki Festival 2012: Sega-Prize

Online games, school hijinks, and food fights highlight new offerings
Oct 21
No real surprises from Sega-Prize at Dengeki Festival, much of what was shown is due within the next month or so, but it's hard to complain about getting new looks at some great upcoming figures! More than anything shown... read

New gallery for Working!!'s Mahiru Inami is a knock-out

New 1/10th scale figure looks like a hit!
Sep 27
It's been a while since Working!! finished it's second season on Japanese TV, but there's something to be said about lasting appeal. Even now there's still a handful of new figures coming out into next year including the... read

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Sega Prize! Part 3

Jul 30
Here we are with the final set of news and pictures from Sega Prize! This is by no means the left overs, think of it more as the grand finale. We'll be wrapping things up with new figures from Another, The Prince of Tennis, Working!!, K-On!, Sword Art Online, Accel World, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Vocaloid, A Certain Magical Index, and Bakemonogatari! Phew! [see also: part 1 | part 2] read

Good Smile Company talks June releases and delays

Jun 04
Well, with another month starting up, it's time to talk ... delays? Yes, a bit earlier in the month than usual, but we have a few delays to announce from the folks at Good Smile Company, as well as confirmations on other rele... read

Good Smile displays their products for Golden Week

May 04
Golden Week has been going on now for the past week in Japan with it coming to a close this weekend. From May 3, 2012 to May 6, 2012, Good Smile Company has taken to exhibiting their current and upcoming goods at the Kotobuki... read

Nendoroid Aoi is ready for WORKING!! at Wagnaria

Mar 06
For those who were waiting to staff Nendoroid Aoi Yamada from WORKING!! into their collection, that wait is over. As mentioned last week in Mika-tan's preview of this figure, she's now ready for pre-order. Nendoroid Aoi will ... read

Banpaku Event Coverage: Pikachu! Colors and many more!

Mar 05
Earlier as part of our continuing coverage of Banpaku we looked at several shounen series figurines as well as Tiger and Bunny figurines. Now we are going to get a sneak peek of figurines from other series which include, but ... read

Nendoroid Aoi from WORKING!! takes a peek in this preview

Mar 02
With Good Smile Company having a Nendoroid of Popura and Mahiru from WORKING!! as well as a Wagnaria playset, it comes as no surprise that the company would be releasing a Nendoroid of Aoi. Mikatan's blog updated with th... read

The latest pages show the latest figma and Nendoroids

Feb 23
Just coming off events like Wonder Festival and the Hobby Maker Expo, you'd think news would slow down. Wrong! The latest magazine scans are making the rounds and boy oh boy is there still stuff to talk about! Max Factory's f... read

Wonder Festival 2012 Winter: AZONE International

Feb 14
If you're always looking for dolls of licenses not covered by Volks as well as can't cover their costs, you can always look to AZONE International for your anime, video game, and original doll needs. The company is covering q... read

Wonder Festival 2012 Winter: Nendoroids

Feb 13
Are you an obsessive Nendoroid collector? Well, if you are ... I'm so sorry. Why? Because Wonder Festival 2012 Winter just dropped 20-plus new Nendoroids on the world. I was shocked, but perhaps it really shouldn't surprise m... read

Up on Mikatan's blog this morning, she's posted a whole bunch of teaser shots of some of what Good Smile Company will have at Wonder Festival 2012 Winter. Meanwhile, Max Factory's figma and staff blogs have made teaser posts ... read feature


More Mahiru pre-orders via Proovy's newest Chara Many set

Feb 09
So Nendoroid Mahiru wasn't enough to satisfy your craving? FIIIIINE. I guess we'll have to add in a side of mini figures from Proovy's Chara Many Series! The Inami's Mortal Blow! Bodekore Set features six figures (m... read

Boys, keep back from Nendoroid Inami Mahiru's pre-order

Feb 09
We got a preview of her on Monday, but as promised, Nendoroid Inami Mahiru from Working!! is open for pre-order! As mentioned, she comes with a smiling face, embarrassed face, shouting face along with the accompanying pu... read

WORKING's Nendoroid Mahiru is too cute in this preview

Feb 06
Restaurant anime title WORKING!! is pushing out the Nendoroid figures left and right. But it's understandable when they have the Wagnaria Nendoroid playset to staff. Mikatan's Blog updated with a preview of the second em... read

WORKING!! and Madoka Magica are AZONE's WonFes exclusives

Feb 02
February 12, 2012 is the date for Wonder Festival 2012 [Winter], an event that amazing artists show off their skills in sculpting. It is also a time for figure manufacturers to show off some upcoming goods as well as offer ex... read

Aoi Yamada is employed as the next Working!! Nendoroid

Jan 23
So we've seen Popura and Mahiru from Working!! join the staff at the Nendoroid Wagnaria. So does it come as any surprise that Aoi Yamada will be the next Nendoroid staff member at the restaurant? Yeah, not really. In the... read

Build your Yamada Aoi army with Proovy's new figure set

Jan 16
Sure, Popura gets all the attention when it comes to Working!!, but what about Yamada Aoi? Well, fear not, fans, as she's getting a six-figure set from Proovy! The six figures include the following: an "appealing face", ... read

Order up with this Popura gallery

Dec 31
It seems like figures depicting waitresses are rather popular these days, with Working!! contributing its own fair share to the mix. This latest comes to us from Alter, featuring the tiny Popura Taneshima. While she's the sam... read

Max Factory and Gift preview their Comiket 81 products

Dec 29
With the end of the year coming, a lot of businesses are posting their last entry for 2011 with either a good bye message or just a simple notice of being closed. The Max Factory blog decided to do something better. After a b... read

Nendoroid Mahiru hired at the Wagnaria from Working!!

Dec 21
With Nendoroid Popura and the Nendoroid Wagnaria opening later next year, it was only a matter of time that other staff members from Working!! would be hired at this Nendoroid City restaurant. Revealed in the latest maga... read

Make your reservations at Wagnaria with Nendoroid Popura

Dec 20
Last week we it was revealed that the Wagnaria restaurant from Working!! was being built in Nendoroid City. Not only that but Nendoroid Popura would be brought over to serve all the other Nendoroid figures that would visit th... read

Nendoroid Popura is your server at Working's Wagnaria

Dec 15
After a hard day of being displayed on your shelf with your other Nendoroid figures, there are times when I wish I could have them unwind. You know, go out, have a bite to eat, and just relax with the other Nendoroid figures.... read

Alter's Taneshima Popura is ready for pre-order

Dec 13
Not to be outdone by Panty, Miss Popura from Working!! (We saw her as a unpainted prototype during Summer Wonder Festival) is ready to serve you, come May (or so) when this figure is scheduled to be released. She's a cutie, v... read

MegaHobby EXPO: Alter's anime ladies

Nov 22
Sure we'll get the usual figure from One Piece here and game characters there, but we mustn't forget that there will always be the cute anime girl, too. And that's what ALTER presented at the MegaHobby EXPO 2011 Autumn event.... read

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