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Pop! Voltron is a thing

Oct 14 // Scarecroodle
80s photo
A thing that I badly want
Funko has released a new image for its upcoming Pop! Voltron, which is due out this December. If you lived in the 80s, you'll probably recall Voltron as being the giant robot "star" of Voltron: Defender of the Universe, a pop...

SDCC 2015: Sideshow photo
SDCC 2015: Sideshow

SDCC 2015: Sideshow Collectibles

Always pretty pricey, but so worth it
Jul 14
// Brian Szabelski
Sideshow Collectibles never disappoints at San Diego Comic Con, and this year's booth was no different. Once again an impressive showing of all their licensed merchandise, the booth this year had something for just about any ...
New Minicels photo
New Minicels

Two new Minicels on the way next week

Kuso Vinyl, Rotobox's latest collabs drop Feb. 11
Feb 04
// Brian Szabelski
Kuso Vinyl is rolling out two more of Rotobox's Minicel designs next week: the Voltron-inspired 5Star OG Minicel, and the pearl white Zero Degree Minicel. Zero Degree has a 300-piece run size, and he comes packing three diffe...
3D Voltron hoodie photo
3D Voltron hoodie

Defend your own universe with this 3D Voltron hoodie

Tell me this isn't epic!
Nov 05
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
No, that's not someone's attempt at a fury costume. That is, in fact, a real, honest to goodness Voltron hoodie that you can buy right now from There are a lot of character hoodies out there, but we've never seen...

Toynami photo

Toynami ends Naruto & Bleach lines, brings back Voltron

Go Lion, Stop Naruto and Bleach
Oct 03
// Scarecroodle
Toynami has announced that it will stop making Naruto and Bleach collectibles, following what it deems a "long and mutually beneficial relationship". The company, which recently reclaimed the Voltron license (last held by Mat...
Voltron Yoshi Force photo
Voltron Yoshi Force

Kodykoala assembles a Voltron Yoshi Force

Newest video game-themed custom
Aug 12
// Brian Szabelski
Kodykoala's latest custom figure is a little bit of Mario-inspired mechanical mastery. The Voltron Yoshi Force custom piece is pretty much explained by its name (replace Voltron's lions with Yoshis) and uses a Cleatus body co...
SDCC 2013: Dragatomi photo
SDCC 2013: Dragatomi

SDCC 2013: Dragatomi (Part 2)

More custom vinyl than you can shake a stick at
Jul 27
// Brian Szabelski
The second part of our Dragatomi booth coverage features works from ESC-Toy, Javier Jimenez, Jeremiah Ketner, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Super Cooper, Betso, Tasha Zimich, Plaseebo, and more. Two things of note are southerndr...

SDCC 2013: Toynami

Street Fighter Sanrio, Skelanimals, Futurama and more
Jul 25
// Vanessa Cubillo
Toynami's booth at SDCC had merchandise from Sanrio, Skelanimals, Futurama, and more. Skelanimals had their usual lineup of plushes and figures that included the Day of the Dead line and their DC line. They had a lot of thei...

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Evolution Toy

Voltron fans take note: There's a new Albegas in town!
Apr 09
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
This is some pretty deep stuff that Evolution Toy is getting into with their display for Miyazawa Model Expo 31, but I'm going to keep things simple knowing not everyone is a mechahead. First and foremost: It's Albegas! Haili...

See what's Sen Custom has been up to

Making a custom Voltron Dunny and QiQi is the answer
Jan 09
// Brian Szabelski
It's been a bit since we've heard from Indonesian artist Sen Custom, but he's been busy with some new projects. First, we have an older custom from Sen; a custom 8-inch resin Voltron Dunny. It's more Voltron than Dunny, but y...

MattyCollector's August sale starts in 3 days

Aug 12
// Scarecroodle
MattyCollector's August 15th sale will begin in precisely 72 hours (or 12 p.m. EST). The sale will feature several new items including DCU Mirror Master, MotUC Sir Laser-lot, Voltron's the Blue Lion / Allura, and a JLU 3-pack (featuring Static of Static Shock!) as well as several reissues. While probably not the most exciting sale, it does offer a few essentials. Click the jump for the full story.

SDCC 2012: Mattel (Monster High, Ghostbusters and more!)

Jul 19
// Rio McCarthy
Mattel had quite the showing with their other properties, including Monster High, Ghostbusters and much more. We'll start with Monster High which showed Scarah Screams and Hoodude Voodoo. Scarah was the SDCC exclusive doll th...

SDCC 2012: The Mattypalooza Panel

Jul 17 // Brian Szabelski
So, to start with, there's the Superboy/Miss Martian Young Justice figure set. Already shown off in our DC Mattel recap, the two were supposed to be the start of the second wave of Young Justice 6-inch figures, thus why they're in their second season designs. US$50 will get you the figures only (no bases) when the pre-sale opens on August 1. Pre-sales end August 15 and they'll only be made if a pre-order minimum is met. If they don't meet the minimum numbers, orders will be cancelled, so if you're serious about completing your Young Justice set, you probably don't want to sit on these. Speaking of DC, we got peeks at the panel of next year's Club Infinite Earths subscription figures (also in our recap) and some news about the subscription going forward. Club Infinite Earths will be back in 2013 and beyond (pending getting a minimum number of subscribers), but next year's program includes 12 monthly figures that will be US$18 each (US$20 day-of) and an oversized club-exclusive figure. The bigger news, though ...  ... was that most of the fan-demanded characters, team builders, collector favorites and so-on are going to be Club Infinite Earth exclusives. Some will still be available at retail, though, but we don't know which ones. Mattel's big new license reveal was the Watchmen franchise coming that will feature the original six main characters from the comics. They'll be released every other month for US$25 each with a subscription available, but no subscription-only figure. The final Lions to form Voltron are coming, along with that exclusive Sven figure for subscription members. Black Lion is on the way in October as the final one, and each of the Lion/pilor duos comes with a piece that forms the Blazing Sword when assembled. Ghostbusters is alive after all! It's been a while since we've seen new collectibles from the franchise, but Mattel says they're committed to making more in 2013, and that includes new action figures like the Courtroom Ray Stantz with Tony figure. More importantly, there's a new prop replica coming in 2013: the Ecto Goggles! They'll actually also work with the PKE Meter; the goggles will project Slimer inside and the faster you turn the dial, the faster Slimer moves and glows.  Finally, there's MOTUC. Revealed were the winner of the MOTUC fan design contest (Castle Greyskullman) and the five runners-up, which you'll find in our gallery: - Gangstor by Oscar McDonald - Ra-Jar by Josh Howard  - Three-Beast by Angelia Pettus  - Bubblor by Jim Johnston  - Major Header by Earl Luclear As for Club Eternia, next year brings a ton of exclusives like King He-Man and Ram Man, but it also brings an increased price point. You'll now pay US$25 per monthly figure (or US$27 day-of), plus different prices for fourt quarterly items: US$25 (US$27 day-of), US$30 (US$33 day-of), US$50 (US$55 day-of) and one at US$75 (US$81 day-of). Your subscription also gets you an exclusive figure and an exclusive map of Subterrania, but doesn't include convention items, potential weapons or weapon packs. Production costs are the reason for the price hike this year, according to Mattel. On the plus side, Club Eternia members will get to vote on the November 2013 release, with one vote being allowed for each membership purchased. The choices include Crash Landing Captain Glenn; Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn; Mini-Comic Trap Jaw; Illumina; and Songster from the 1987 live concert show. Yes, that's a real thing and I have this sneaking suspicion folks will push for Songster to win because he's the most ridiculous. Just a hunch.

If you were a fan of Mattel's figure lines, then the one panel at SDCC that you just had to be at was the Mattypalooza panel. Hosted by Scott "Toy Guru" Neitlich (dressed as the MOTUC character he created for the franchi...


Mattel will cheer you up when you're feeling Blue Lion

Jun 17
// Scarecroodle
The lucky folks over at Action Figure Insider (AFI) have a review up for the Blue Lion (and Allura) from Mattel's Voltron line. Why are they lucky? Because they have one while the rest of us have to wait for MattyCollector's ...

MattyCollector's June sale may induce blood-vomitting

Jun 13
// Scarecroodle
Prepare yourselves, folks, because Friday at 12 p.m. Eastern (9 a.m. Pacific, 4 p.m. GMT) MattyCollector's June 15 sale will be unleashed. Most prominently featured will be the long-awaited DC Universe Classics Signature Coll...

MattyCollector's May sale is a time warp

May 11
// Brian Szabelski
MattyCollector's May sale kicks off on Tuesday, and it feels like days gone by. In part, that's because time travel has to do with some of this month's releases. In particular, there's Golden Age The Flash as part of the DC U...

Here's what to expect in MattyCollector's April sale

Apr 14 // Brian Szabelski
Sale items: Thunder Punch He-Man (Club Eternia Figure of the Month, April 2012) - US$22 Draego-Man (MOTU 30th Anniversary Club Figure, April 2012) - US$22 Man-E-Faces - US$22 Tri-Klops - US$22 Keldor - US$22 Count Marzo (Club Eternia Monthly Figure, July 2010) - US$22 Orko - US$25 Voltron Classics Yellow Lion & Hunk (Club Lion Force Figures of the Month, April 2012) - US$55 New non-sale Masters of the Universe Classics figures: She-Ra - US$22 Hordak - US$22 King Hssss - US$22 Swiftwind - US$33 Retro Action DC Super Heroes - all US$22: Guy Gardner Sinestro John Stewart Martian Manhunter Shazam! Darkseid

On Monday at 9 a.m. Pacific (noon Eastern, 4 p.m. GMT), the monthly MattyCollector sale kicks off, and it'll be featuring Masters of the Universe Classics figures once again. The big deal this time around is two-fold: one, Ma...

Here's MattyCollector's sale items, Hoverboard pre-orders

Mar 21 // Brian Szabelski
Masters of the Universe Classics:Kobra Khan (2012 Club Eternia Figure of the Month; included in 2012 subscriptions) - US$22 (sold out)Gygor - US$29.70Webstor (Club Eternia Monthly Figure, September 2009) - $US22 (almost gone)Catra (Club Eternia Monthly Figure, May 2011) - $US22Buzz Off (Club Eternia Monthly Figure, December 2010) - $US22Clawful (Club Eternia Monthly Figure, July 2011) - $US22Battle Cat - US$23.10He-Man - US$15.40Panthor - US$23.10Skeletor - US$15.40 DC Universe Classics Wave 20 - all US$18:Sinestro (almost gone)White Lantern: The Flash (almost gone)Reverse Flash (sold out)Dove (almost gone)Green Arrow (sold out)Hawk (almost gone)Red Arrow (sold out) (Each comes with a part for Collect and Connect Nekron) 6-inch Green Lantern - US$18 (almost gone) Blazing Sword Voltron - US$21 6-inch Peter Venkman (with Proton Stream) - US$15.40 6-inch Ray Stantz - US$15.40

MattyCollector's March sale started on Thursday, and while I managed to forget about it as I didn't write myself a reminder, that's perhaps not the only big news. Mattel's Back to the Future Hoverboard Replica is having its p...


MattyCollector, Mattel's collector-centric online store, has always struck me as the company that specializes in making action figures of stuff that should have been done ages ago. At their Toy Fair booth, the company showed ...

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