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2:30 PM on 03.10.2015

Ume Toys' Geekwok does a bit of cosplaying

Rich Page of Ume Toys has recently painted up one of his Geekwok resin figures in a bit of a cosplay favor. Calling it the Geekachu, the little yellow fellow has a sculpted tail and blushy red cheeks meant to evoke a certain ...

Brian Szabelski

9:00 AM on 01.17.2015

This Earl's lemon styles are off the charts

The Earl of Lemongrab is one intense dude. This custom Cranston Fellows Jnr piece shows off his fervor with some detailed sculpting. Sitting on an intimidating looking throne and ready to judge, he holds his glow in the dark ...

Rachael Chambers

12:00 PM on 12.02.2014

Ume Toys' holiday releases are in stock

Ume Toys has a quartet of new releases just in time for the holiday season, featuring some past Ume characters dressed in their festive best: Father Bonehead, Buttmas, Benjamin Whitebottom, and Father Geekmas. All four are sp...

Brian Szabelski

8:00 AM on 05.07.2014

Under the Radar: Ume Toys' Barney the Wookie

Ume Toys celebrated May the Fourth with a tiny little furball called Barney the Wookie. The 3-inch-high Wookie is supposedly Chewie's nephew, but more importantly, he's been handmade, handcast and hand-painted by Ume Toys' Ri...

Brian Szabelski

8:00 PM on 03.21.2014

Ume Toys goes serious with a Joker mask sculpt

Ume Toys' Rich Page is working on a new sculpt, and like some of his other pieces, he's pulled a bit of pop culture into the collectibles realm. This time, it's a replica of The Joker's mask from the bank robbery scene in the...

Brian Szabelski

9:00 AM on 12.12.2013

Ume Toys is making Star Wars geekier with GeekWok

Ume Toys has released a preview of their new limited figure, GeekWok. They’ve taken a beloved creature from Endor and given it thick black glasses. It’s pretty darn adorable! Actually, because of internet memes, ...

Vanessa Cubillo

Ume Toys cooks up a holiday resin surprise photo
Ume Toys cooks up a holiday resin surprise
by Brian Szabelski

Rich Page, better known as the guy behind Ume Toys, has a new release in time for the holiday season. He's bringing us a little sweetie called Plum, derived from the fact that she's actually plum pudding. There's a little holly berry/leaf topping on top of the gooey pudding insides, but the whole thing isn't edible. It is just a 3-inch-tall resin figure, after all.

Ten Plums will be up in the Ume Toys shop for 28 plus shipping, starting at 9 a.m. GMT (4 a.m. Eastern, 1 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday.

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NYCC exclusives round-up: Designer toys photo
NYCC exclusives round-up: Designer toys
by Natalie Kipper

New York Comic Con is almost upon us and I am sure those planning on attending already have their heads swimming with thoughts of lines, swag, and those ever-elusive exclusives. And, while we can't help you out with the first two, we can make sifting through that long list of exclusives a little easier.

After the break, you will find the NYCC-exclusive designer toys, divided into figures and plushes, with booth numbers, prices, and edition sizes provided. If we previously covered the toy on Tomopop, we threw in that link as well. Hopefully, this will help with planning and make your con experience easier. Keep a look-out for the companion piece to this post detailing the comics toys! Oh, and happy shopping!

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5:00 PM on 09.19.2013

Ume Toys' The Grump is back and more miserable than ever

Last Friday, Ume Toys introduced fans to a spooky little malcontent called The Grump. This burlap bag head figure was limited to 13, and has since sold out. Now Ume Toys has released two new Grump figures so more people can ...

Vanessa Cubillo

Beware, for Ume Toys' The Grump rises on Friday the 13th photo
Beware, for Ume Toys' The Grump rises on Friday the 13th
by Brian Szabelski

Friday the 13th is usually considered an unlucky day, but you're in luck if you're a Ume Toys fan. A new resin figure, The Grump, is coming into the Ume Toys shop that day. He looks a bit spooky with that burlap bag head and button eyes, paired with a scary scowl ... but he's also only 3.5-inches tall and not living, so you don't have to worry too much about him doing something evil. I think ...

The Grump has been cast in a run of 13 pieces, each £28 plus shipping and on sale at 9 a.m. GMT (5 a.m. Eastern, 2 a.m. Pacific) this Friday.

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Ume Toys' Mini Merc is a handful photo
Ume Toys' Mini Merc is a handful
by Brian Szabelski

Ume Toys' latest resin piece is a familiar little fellow called Mini-Merc. The 3-inch resin figure is based on a certain merc with a mouth, and is a hand-sculpted and hand-painted piece with some fun detail to check out. What's even cooler is that his head is attached by magnets, and you can remove it (as seen here), just like a certain mercenary we all know. 

Only 10 of these have been made, priced at £35 each, for the Ume Toys Shop. Seven remain at the time of this post, but they might not last for much longer when word gets out. Thinking of picking one up?

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Ume Toys' Lolly Shortstick is a sweet treat photo
Ume Toys' Lolly Shortstick is a sweet treat
by Brian Szabelski

Ume Toys' latest little character has arrived, and her name is Lolly Shortstick. The 3-inch resin figure is a happy little ice cream on a stick, and is just the cutest little thing. D'awwwww. She even has a little popsicle with wood-grain pattern sticking out of her head.

Lolly is available in her Pink Punch colorway for £20 right now in the Ume Toys shop.

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