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Ume Toys

Ume Toys Geekachu photo
Ume Toys Geekachu

Ume Toys' Geekwok does a bit of cosplaying

Geekachu variant looks like a certain game character; not confirmed for production yet
Mar 10
// Brian Szabelski
Rich Page of Ume Toys has recently painted up one of his Geekwok resin figures in a bit of a cosplay favor. Calling it the Geekachu, the little yellow fellow has a sculpted tail and blushy red cheeks meant to evoke a certain ...
Ume Toys photo
Ume Toys

This Earl's lemon styles are off the charts

He is within his rights.
Jan 17
// Rachael Chambers
The Earl of Lemongrab is one intense dude. This custom Cranston Fellows Jnr piece shows off his fervor with some detailed sculpting. Sitting on an intimidating looking throne and ready to judge, he holds his glow in the dark ...
Ume Toys holidays photo
Ume Toys holidays

Ume Toys' holiday releases are in stock

Put a little (resin) cheer on your fireplace mantle
Dec 02
// Brian Szabelski
Ume Toys has a quartet of new releases just in time for the holiday season, featuring some past Ume characters dressed in their festive best: Father Bonehead, Buttmas, Benjamin Whitebottom, and Father Geekmas. All four are sp...
Ume Toys Wookie photo
Ume Toys Wookie

Under the Radar: Ume Toys' Barney the Wookie

Let the little guy win
May 07
// Brian Szabelski
Ume Toys celebrated May the Fourth with a tiny little furball called Barney the Wookie. The 3-inch-high Wookie is supposedly Chewie's nephew, but more importantly, he's been handmade, handcast and hand-painted by Ume Toys' Ri...

Ume Toys Joker mask photo
Ume Toys Joker mask

Ume Toys goes serious with a Joker mask sculpt

To be cast in resin at a later date
Mar 21
// Brian Szabelski
Ume Toys' Rich Page is working on a new sculpt, and like some of his other pieces, he's pulled a bit of pop culture into the collectibles realm. This time, it's a replica of The Joker's mask from the bank robbery scene in the...
Ume Toys photo
Ume Toys

Ume Toys is making Star Wars geekier with GeekWok

The GeekWoks shall inherit the earth!
Dec 12
// Vanessa Cubillo
Ume Toys has released a preview of their new limited figure, GeekWok. They’ve taken a beloved creature from Endor and given it thick black glasses. It’s pretty darn adorable! Actually, because of internet memes, ...
Ume Toys' Plum photo
Ume Toys' Plum

Ume Toys cooks up a holiday resin surprise

New figure Plum on sale Thursday
Nov 18
// Brian Szabelski
Rich Page, better known as the guy behind Ume Toys, has a new release in time for the holiday season. He's bringing us a little sweetie called Plum, derived from the fact that she's actually plum pudding. There's a little hol...

NYCC exclusives round-up: Designer toys

Oct 03 // Natalie Kipper
In the figure department, we have: Beefy & Co.: Ghost Tribe Warrior x Ghost Edition at booth #222 . Limited to 175 pieces, US$65 each. Clutter: Rotocast Mint Heart Skull by Ron English, "Dali x Crow Bear" by Erick Scarecrow, Count Calorie - Signature Colors edition by Ron English, "Phantom Starkiller: The Cosmic Ghoul Warrior" by Killer Bootlegs, and ManOrMonster Studios' "Warlords of Wor: Weelord Minis" at booth #504. Mint Heart Skull is limited to 30 pieces, price unknown. "Dali x Crow Bear" is limited to 20 pieces, US$35 each. 50 out of the 100  Count Calorie figures will be at Clutter booth (the rest will be sold online after the con), price unknown. Phantom Starkiller is limited to 10 pieces, US$100 each. Warlords of Wor's edition size is unknown, price is US$15 per set. Frombie: Robo Zora Morphers (link) and S2B2 (link) at booth #609. Robo Zora Morphers are limited to 12 pieces per design with each figure costing US$125. S2B2's price is US$200, but edition size is unknown. Myplasticheart: Sideways - NYCC edition by Yoskay Yamamoto (link), Necro Candy Corn Junior by Lou Pimentel, Akashi 5YL - Mono edition by David Bondi (link), Glop in a Box - Radioactive by Andrew Bell, and Negora - NYCC edition by Konatsu at booth #113. Sideways is limited to 100 pieces, US$85 each. Necro Cany Corn Junior's edition size is unknown, US$35 each. Akashi 5YL is limited to 50 pieces at US$65 each. Negora - NYCC's edition size is unknown, US$35 each. Tenacious Toys: VISEone's Zombie Goo - yellow variant (link), MegaSeth Exclusive by Lisa Rae Hansen, Monster Embryo Exclusive by Taylored Curiosities, Smurf Blood Reticulated Box by Carson Catlin, Sippy Shortstraw by UME Toys, Little Bunny Boom Boom - Mountain Dew edition by JFury, The Ewoking Dead by Peter Goral, and Zombie Candy Corn by SoKo Cat at booth #208. Zombie Goo is limited to 100 pieces at US$40 each. MegaSeth is limited to 5 pieces, US$60 each. Monster Embryo is limited to 10 pieces, US$16 each. Smurf Blood Reticulated Box is limited to 10 pieces, US$50 each. Sippy Shortstraw is limited to 10 pieces, US$40 each. Little Bunny Boom Boom is limited to 10 pieces, US$65 each. The Ewoking Dead is limited to 50 pieces, US$80 each. Zombie Candy Corn is limited to 10 pieces, US$45 each. Triplikid & Eunioac: Glow-in-the-Dark Groper by Triplikid at booth #419. Edition size and price unknown. For plushes: Beefy & Co.: Bunnipoo from "The Adventures of Ryupoo" at booth #222. Limited to 100 pieces, US$25 each. Clutter: Gary Ham and Lana Crooks' Neapolitan Hermees and Steff Bomb's Bacon Pancakes at booth #504. Neapolitan Hermees is limited to 5 pieces, US$200 each. Bacon Pancakes are limited to 15 pieces, US$60 each. House of Darkly: Werewolf Candy Corn (link) at booth #214. Limited to 10 pieces, no price given. jellykoe: Goopy Scoops (link) at booth #413. Limited to 5 pieces, US$35 each. Monster Factory:  Giant Colin Monster at booth #508. Limited to 10 pieces, US$75 each. Myplasticheart: Rexy by Leesasaur at booth #113. Edition size unknown, US$40 each. Phil Barbato: Blind Box of Tiny Plush at booth #402. Edition size and price is unknown. Tenacious Toys: Furry Feline Creatives' Tenacious Bogie (link) at booth #208. Limited to 10 pieces, US$40 each. Keep in mind this is the list for only the designer and vinyl toys. The comics-themed toys are in another round-up. Did I miss something? Please share the information in the comments!
NYCC exclusives round-up photo
Here is a handy list of where to get those coveted exclusives
New York Comic Con is almost upon us and I am sure those planning on attending already have their heads swimming with thoughts of lines, swag, and those ever-elusive exclusives. And, while we can't help you out with the first...


Ume Toys' The Grump is back and more miserable than ever

Why should he be happy?
Sep 19
// Vanessa Cubillo
Last Friday, Ume Toys introduced fans to a spooky little malcontent called The Grump. This burlap bag head figure was limited to 13, and has since sold out. Now Ume Toys has released two new Grump figures so more people can ...
Ume Toys' The Grump photo
Ume Toys' The Grump

Beware, for Ume Toys' The Grump rises on Friday the 13th

He's horror-bly adorable
Sep 10
// Brian Szabelski
Friday the 13th is usually considered an unlucky day, but you're in luck if you're a Ume Toys fan. A new resin figure, The Grump, is coming into the Ume Toys shop that day. He looks a bit spooky with that burlap bag head and ...

Ume Toys' Mini Merc is a handful

Aug 13 // Brian Szabelski
Ume Toys' Mini Merc photo
Based on an old friend and available in Ume Toys' shop
Ume Toys' latest resin piece is a familiar little fellow called Mini-Merc. The 3-inch resin figure is based on a certain merc with a mouth, and is a hand-sculpted and hand-painted piece with some fun detail to check out. What...

Ume Toys Lolly Shortstick photo
Ume Toys Lolly Shortstick

Ume Toys' Lolly Shortstick is a sweet treat

On sale now in Ume Toys shop
Jul 11
// Brian Szabelski
Ume Toys' latest little character has arrived, and her name is Lolly Shortstick. The 3-inch resin figure is a happy little ice cream on a stick, and is just the cutest little thing. D'awwwww. She even has a little popsicle with wood-grain pattern sticking out of her head. Lolly is available in her Pink Punch colorway for £20 right now in the Ume Toys shop.
Ume Toys latest photo
Ume Toys latest

Ume Toys working on some new figures

Little hats and little poops
May 28
// Brian Szabelski
New stuff from Ume Toys? You bet! He's been hard at work in the labs and come up with a few new pieces. One of them is Brandon the Crow, a beaky fellow in a top hat that will be coming to Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con in July. H...

Meet Crackles, Ume Toys' custom Fonzo

The circus is coming to town!
Apr 28
// Natalie Kipper
Rich Page of Ume Toys is one of the participating artists in the upcoming show, Fonzo Loves the UK, over at SHO Gallery in Cardiff, Wales, on May 11. His custom Fonzo figure is named Crackles and, judging by th...

New works from Ume Toys appear

An old favorite is also back
Apr 22
// Brian Szabelski
Ume Toys has a few new sculpts to show off, along with one familiar old face. Most of these are for the upcoming Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con (more on that later today), including the little shrunken head by the name of Suki. H...

Leftover Giant Monster Embryos now on sale

Includes special ToyCon release, unbought customs
Apr 10
// Brian Szabelski
As you might remember, Taylored Curiosities (with help from Creo Design) brought a batch of Giant Monster Embryos to ToyCon UK, and that included some customs. The leftovers are now up in the Taylored Curiosities shop, all lo...

A look at ToyCon UK's wares and exclusives

Apr 02 // Brian Szabelski
Lunartik will be bringing two pieces with him to ToyCon UK. First, there's Royal Tea, a new Mini Tea Special Brew in a pretty white and blue pattern. It'll be a limited release of 200 Teas, each one signed and numbered, for £15 a piece. Also at his booth will be a 2.5-inch resin figure called The Royal Fail - Mail Bomb. It's done-up in ToyCon colors (pink, turquoise and black ... you will be seeing a lot of that color palette in this post) with a run size of 25 signed-and-numbered pieces, retailing at £30. He has also invited a special guest artist to his booth, but hasn't revealed who yet. Sergey Safonov is making the trip from Moscow for the show, and while he won't have his own booth, he'll be hanging out at some fellow artists' booths during the show. At the Hang Gang booth, he'll have a Grape Juice variant of Choir Boy Godot, the superglossy black Luno, and a black/GID Darkest Night piece. At's booth, Sergey is revealing his newest figure, Govra. It'll be available in two designs, Eclipse and Zenith, and there will also be a Govra print available. A signing will take place at the booth at 1 p.m. Creo Design is finally launching their 6-inch Lofing figure at the event in both regular and DIY versions. The regular version will retail for $40 USD (£27.50) while the DIY version will be $30 USD (£20), and will be runs of 300 pieces and 200 pieces, respectively. Remaining figures will be on sale in the Creo Design shop after the event.Also debuting at the show is Creo and Blue-Frog World's Masks of Doom, a series of resin masks for 4-inch Munnys based a bit on MF Doom's awesome mask; and Creo x dust's two pieces, AlterEGO and RAS2013. There's a lot of colorways available, so check the full release list on the ToyCon UK site.And of course, how could we forget all the custom QiQis? Most have been revealed, and you can find all the photos on Creo Design's Facebook album for the event.  Alto will have several pieces at the event. First, there's the Boxen of Oxen, four show-exclusive Little Ox variants. There's 10 of each, retailing at £25 starting at 10 a.m. GMT. And speaking of Little Oxen, new custom Little Oxen will be on display (and on sale) from Sneaky Raccoon, Ume Toys, Drew Millward, Mr. Lister, RunDMB, Lisa Rae Hansen and David Stevenson. Alto's Evil Origami will also be in attendance with the "Unfold" custom show going on tour. Pieces at the show will be those from Lisa Rae Hansen, Klingatron, Conzo, Effektive, Daniel Seex, Robbie Porter, Verity Keniger, Lindstrom Effect, Berg, and DMS. He'll also have a few blank Evil Origami available for £15 each. Then there's the new collab between Alto and DMS, Skelevex. The skull-shaped piece will be at the show in a variety of colors and finishes, according to Alto, and prices will be between £100 and £125 each. There will also be a raffle for two green flocked, wooden plaque-mounted Skelevex heads. Dudebox's offerings at ToyCon will include the remaining Dai Ocean and Bob figures they have in stock. Dolly Oblong teased something for ToyCon with muffinman ... and it's a Billy Brains version of Baldwin! Twenty will be available for £35 each. Also, there will be Dairobo papercraft and a Momo plush available, too. Tesselate will have his works displayed at the GenericArt booth (more on that later), and they include two new debuting members of the ED-IT JD team: C1100 (in two colorways) and the imposing Z9900_P. Also at the show will be new Keyeyes with TC keys (because ToyCon, right?) and special colorways of the B5100 and C1200 robots. Planet Domu will have two pieces coming with them to ToyCon. First is the Womo figure, a collaboration with RunDMB, of which a one-off custom will be at ToyCon for £80. Also debuting at the show is the War Tourist resin figure, a Domu x RunDMB collab, available in the 4-inch DIY version for £45. There will also be custom War Tourists from artists like Stu Witter, Pete Fowler Jon Paul Kaiser and A Little Stranger; see the ToyCon UK pager for full details. The Tarantulas are bringing a new trio with them: Chompy Man, 1983, and Bubblegum II. The three are apparently collaborations with Onell Design, Fig Lab and Real x Head, with prices to be determined, and Bubblegum II is the vinyl version of a resin figure from SDCC 2009. Jon Paul Kaiser is bringing a new sculpt, his Libertas skulls, in both regular and scribed versions. They use his trademark two-tone style, but the scribed versions have some scribbling on them. Secret code? Maybe ... maybe. Either way, 10 regular skulls (£65) and 5 Scribed skulls (£80) will be available at his booth during the show as soon as the doors open. Ume Toys will have some old resins, like Fletcher the Fatcat and Pepper Popcorn, that it appears he's bringing to ToyCon, but he'll also have a new dapper piece. Say hi to Harrington the Third, a fellow that's one part hat, one part mustache, and one part legs. The resin Harrington is 6.5 inches tall and five will be available at the show for £55 each. There will also be 5 Ditas available (in Hellfire red and black, cyan, Ume pink, cocoa and aged bronze varants) for £75 each. Squink! is bringing a new resin Dunny with him, Happy Dream Man; the little guy will be available in three different colorways for six total at the show. He'll also have a ton of custom vinyl and resin figures of all types, including his Dreamer resin figure, at his booth. Map-Map is promising to show ToyCon stuff soon, but looks like he's working on a custom resin figure. Okkle is bringing his Runts Zero series and a whole bunch of customs. He's been tweeting out what those customs are, including a Foomi called Spring Spirit, a little Trikky called Tinks, and a Raffy he's calling Tim the Giraffe Accountant, complete with glasses. Likewise, Haus of Boz has been tweeting out her customs for ToyCon UK. Not a surprise, they look wonderful. There's the Dunnypillar, Sky Devil, or a series of Huck Gee Rhinos called Black and White. Oh, and there's poop. Yes, a Munnyworld accessory customized and prettied up to prove that you can polish a turd. No photos yet from Cris Rose, but the promise of "50-60 bots for the show, plus an exclusive pin badge colourway and 3 new bot sculpts." Likewise, no news from Lunabee, but she's been tweeting teasers. Looks like lots of different types of custom vinyl creations are on the way! TADO have their Panda Otaku (in two versions), but they're also doing plushes, wooden keychains and resin figures! The resins include two new designs - The Hermazinger and Miss Panda Super Idol. Stitches and Glue are bringing their new release, BuBu, to ToyCon. He's apparently a little monkey in a cage; photos shall be forthcoming, I suspect. [UPDATE: Photos are in! Bubu is 12 inches tall and has arms that extend 65 cm in length.] The Hang Gang is your hangout if you like kaiju or sofubi, with exclusives in ToyCon colors from: Super7 (Mummy Boy and a Foster I will never have now *cries*); Max Toy Co. (Kaiju Negora); Uamou (Uamou figure); Unbox Industries and Jeff Lamm (Spike Wad); and Gary Ham (Wooper Looper). Full details on all the prices and release times are on their blog. Monsters & Mecha will have their Raar plushes (not to be confused with the Dynamite Rex figure, as there's no exclamation point in the name) at the show in various colorways. Artransmitte has a few things from Super7 (a Casket Cruiser colorway), Dynamite Rex (Raaar!), and Brutherford Industries (the UK edition Ice Scream Man featuring a bowler hat). TOYSREVIL has the round-up already taken care of (and they're linking to it anyways), so check it out for a full rundown. Triclops Studio, long story short, is going to be bringing new figures for its' B.A.S.T.A.R.D. series. They've just been teasing them on their blog for most of March. is playing host to new releases from Rebel Scum and Robotic Industries. On the Rebel Scum side of things, the release is a new piece, Kawbanite, featurins a KAWS figure in a crunchy carbonite (actually resin) shell. Six pieces will be available total in two colorways, on sale for £35. Meanwhile, Robotic Industries says goodbye to The Rising with a final purple and black colorway, limited to five pieces and on sale for £30. But they say hello to Dead Dog, a 7-inch-by-4-inch-by-2.5-inch resin figure that lives up to its name. These will also be limited to five pieces at the show, on sale for £40 and coming with a Giclee print. In addition, a new run of Ethan Mk1 custom 5-inch Munnys will be at ToyCon. The Munnys, featuring a resin-cast head with moving mouth, are limited to a pair each in three different colorways, and they'll be £45 each. Mintyfresh has several exclusives for the show. They are: the Union Jack Hug the Killer by Nikopicto; Moony and Stay Gold versions of RESTORE's Debris Japan; two Gazer Busts from Angry Woebots; and the Trooper Lotus from Clogtwo and Mighty Jaxx. GenericArt will be home of artists like Tesselate during the event, but they're also doing some custom shows and releases. One of those is the Mini Tea custom series Fans of Tea 3. Among the participating artists are Reet Neet with his Forrest Gump-inspired LieuTEAnant Dan figure; and Kerry Dyer, who has created a Shakespeare Tea and a series of customs called Taming of the Brew for the event. GenericArt is also playing host to Art in the Groove, a custom vinyl event featuring ... actual vinyl. As in records. A number of British artists have been invited to participate, so be sure to check it out as well if you go. Previous announcements: David Stevenson ToyCon UK exclusives Taylored Curiosities Fossilized Morrows and Giant Monster Embryos Lisa Rae Hansen's MegaSeth A Little Stranger x ToyCon UK's TCon plush and vinyl figure  Cavey ToyConcaveysaurus exclusives ... and the non-ToyConcaveysaurus exclusive colorways Doktor A's Phizogs Unbox Industries/Jeff Lamm exclusives
ToyCon releases photo
More vinyl and resin this weekend than Disco Demolition Night in a pine forest
ToyCon UK opens up this weekend, and many of the major British designer artists will be in attendance (with some surprises, too). Add in the fact that many will be bringing their own pieces to Baden-Powell House, and you have...

The second iteration releases at ToyConUK
Richard Page of Ume Toys is gearing up for April 6th's ToyConUK in London with several releases, including the limited edition Pepper Popcorn figure. This corny cutie originally launched last year, courtesy of Big Kev's ...


Taylored Curiosities' Monster Embryos grow for ToyCon UK

Giant Monster Embryos to also be customized for event
Feb 21
// Brian Szabelski
If you were ever a fan of Taylored Curiosities' resin Monster Embryos, but wanted them just a little bit bigger ... you're about to get more than you asked for. As a special treat for ToyCon UK, Taylored Curiosities has partn...

Give a little love with three Valentine-themed releases

New Shawnimals Ninja, Cavey and resin piece from Ume Toys might warm your heart
Jan 31
// Brian Szabelski
Looking to add something to your collection in time for Valentine's Day, or maybe find a special gift? There's at least three options going to be released over the next 48 hours that just might warrant some attention: F...

Ume Toys gets a little lucky ... and ogre-y

Two new custom figures unveiled for charitable causes
Jan 10
// Brian Szabelski
Ume Toys has two new custom figures to share, and both are for a good cause. First, there's the fellow on the left in the header image: that's Carl Short Horn, an ogre-like fellow with a curly moustache. He's a custom Munny m...

Ume Toys gets in the festive spirit

New Martin Christmas Bottom, Hugo Christmas Pants customs on sale Dec. 5
Dec 03
// Brian Szabelski
Ume Toys (a.k.a. Rich Page) is in a festive mood, apparently, as evidenced by two new customs on sale later this week: Martin Christmas Bottom and Hugo Christmas Pants. Based off his Martin Longbottom and Hugo Shortpants scul...

NYCC 2012: Ume Toys

Oct 18 // Natalie Kipper
A cute and macabre mix
Rich Page of Ume Toys was out and about at the recent New York Comic Con. And, for the lucky attendees, he brought tons (previewed here and here) of resin figures with him, many of which were themed to Halloween. Highlights i...

Rich Page's latest customs are tasty treats
Ume Toys' latest Dee Dee resin toys will be popping up at the swiftly-approaching New York Comic Con. The two custom versions see the adorable dessert masquerading as a devil and a zombie. I bet they taste like Devil's F...

The "more" is two new projects he's working on
Ume Toys will be traveling all the way to New York City for New York Comic Con in October, and among the things Rich Page will be doing at the event is a raffle. He's offering up his Basset D. Kay figure, previously seen at t...


Ume Toys' Soundwave is one cool Decepticon

Jul 31
// Brian Szabelski
Ume Toys (a.k.a. Rich Page) has been working on a few new projects as of late, but one in particular has caught my eye. Check out his stylized sculpt of Soundwave, which has just gotten a paint job and looks very cool! I love...

For those of us who like a little sweetness with their toy collection, Ume Toys' will be releasing a new resin figure this coming Wednesday, August 1. The toy, Dee-Dee Silverspoon, is styled after a cup of frozen yogurt and c...


A look at Ume Toys' latest custom sculptures

Jun 13
// Jon Wills
Richard Page from Ume Toys had recently completed his latest custom work of a Chinese Dragon crafted from two Dunny statues. It really caught my eye and seems super creative. So I dug a little deeper and began looking at his ...

Ume Toys' Martin Longbottom releases tonight

May 31
// Brian Szabelski
The next release from our friends at Ume Toys happens tonight, and it happens to be a fellow by the name of Martin Longbottom. Each Martin is made from resin, stands 5 inches tall and looks dapper. And you know what that...

Ume Toys' newest sculpt has been revealed, and it's a little ghost in a top hat! The resin fellow is names Jason the Cheeky Ghost, a 3-inch tall fellow who just looks really cool. I mean, he's a little ghost in a top hat ... ...

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