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4:00 PM on 10.28.2013

Tomopop Review: Ques Q's Taiga Aisaka Swimsuit ver.

Of the many companies we cover on Tomopop, Ques Q is the one that's been eluding my collection the longest. That is, up until earlier this month, I didn't happen to own a single collectible from them (and they've made some fi...

Brian Szabelski

6:00 AM on 10.01.2013

Kotobukiya's Taiga returns for a second last episode

I'm always thrilled when older figures get re-releases, particularly when the figures themselves are excellent. That's certainly the case here, as Kotobukiya have revealed they'll be giving collectors a second chance to grab ...

Martin Siggers

7:00 AM on 04.11.2013

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Vertex and Ques Q

For smaller companies, Miyazawa Model Exhibition serves as a good place to remind us what they're coming out with. Both Ques Q and Vertex did that, with Ques Q bringing its swimsuit Aisaka Taiga and school uniform Aegis....

Brian Szabelski

11:00 AM on 03.15.2013

Ques Q's Taiga proves small can be beautiful

Like any right thinking human being I love Toradora! and it's been gratifying to see a mini-revival of Taiga figures over the past six months or so. Now it's Ques Q's turn to release this rather fetching bikini clad vers...

Martin Siggers

7:45 PM on 02.10.2013

Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Ques Q

Ques Q's line-up for WonFes was in part already announced, so it wasn't surprising to see Aisaka Taiga and Aegis at their booth. What was a surprise, though, is that Persona 4's Elizabeth is joining them! The prototype sculpt...

Brian Szabelski

8:00 AM on 02.05.2013

Ques Q teases more WonFes 2013 Winter pieces

Ques Q has put a teaser on their event blog, featuring three more figures they'll be bringing to Wonder Festival 2013 Winter this year. Though the teasers don't reveal too much, the answers are pretty darn obvious. Wait, you ...

Brian Szabelski

12:00 AM on 01.22.2013

Chibi Toro does Fate/Zero figma customs MF probably wont

When it comes to figma customs there's nobody better at it than Japanese figma master Chibi Toro. We're talking about someone that's so dedicated to perfecting super articulated figures at this scale ...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Ques Q unveils Wonder Festival 2013 exclusives  photo
Ques Q unveils Wonder Festival 2013 exclusives
by Brian Szabelski

Ques Q have set up a website showing off their Wonder Festival 2013 Winter releases, and perhaps no surprise, they are bringing a lot of variants of past releases. First, they have grayscaled versions of their Ueda Hajime variant Hitagi and Mayoi from Bakemonogatari, at ¥8,000 each. There's also a black bunny suit Taiga from Toradora!, which looks better than the first colorway but I'm still not too excited about for some reason. She's the cheapest of the bunch at ¥7,000.

If you're a Touhou fan, you'll have three new colorways to pick from featuring Alice Margartroid, Yukari and Yuyuko. Each of the three is ¥11,000, and all of these will be available at booth 3-02 during the event on Feb. 10.

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11:00 PM on 11.08.2012

Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Ques Q and others

For the sake of everybody's sanity we're grouping some of these smaller displays together. Ques Q's display included their 1/8-scale Menma, Nanoha Takamachi in a swimsuit, Taiga Aisaka in bunny outfit, and the Hajime Ueda-sty...

Tianxiao Ma

2:00 PM on 10.22.2012

Furyu has more for you than the usual at Dengeki Festival

I know you're happy to get your fill of Sword Art Online and Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb figures but certainly you're reaching your limit? If you are, luckily Furyu displayed prize figures at the Dengeki 2...

Jonathan Tubbs

2:00 PM on 10.08.2012

Aki no Saiten 2012: Dengeki 20th Anniversary exclusives

This weekend saw Dengeki Aki no Saiten 2012, and the fall festival had its fair share of figures. Among those in attendance were some of the exclusives Dengeki 20th Anniversary from Kotobukiya and Wave. From Kotobuk...

Brian Szabelski

9:00 AM on 10.03.2012

Dengeki's 20th Anniversary festival has Beach Queens

Wave has done a lot of Beach Queens, but these two limited edition ones for Dengeki Hobby's 20th Anniversary Festival may be my favorite ones thus far. They are, fittingly, two of ASCII Media Works' iconic characters: Toaru K...

Tianxiao Ma