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4:00 PM on 07.20.2014

Tomopop Review: FuRyu's Cardcaptor Sakura

The drought of Cardcaptor Sakura figures has long been a source of incredible frustration to me. The series has everything you need to make an army of great collectibles - cute girls, handsome boys, annoying mascots and ...

Martin Siggers

What Pedro Is Up To: Learning to Love the POP photo
What Pedro Is Up To: Learning to Love the POP
by Pedro Cortes

Looking back, when I first saw the Funko POP series a few years back, I didn't think much of them. I thought they were cute, but I didn't expect for the line to last very long. Well, needless to say that I was wrong. Dead wrong. Multiple lines, a ton of exclusives and dozens of figures later, it's safe to say that the POPs are a success.

However, it took me a long time to start picking up POPs of my own. Despite their cheap price, I didn't want to start dropping money on yet another series of figures. There are just too many that I'd want and if I got started, who knows where I'd stop. Leave it to the Mass Effect series to drag me kicking and screaming into this line, with Funko's first series of toys based on Bioware's space opera RPG.

Now with about ten or so POPs around me room, it's clear that I'm finally a convert to the irresistibly cute collectables. Hit the jump to see which ones have made it into my abode!

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Tomopop Review: Monster Factory's Margot the Unicorn photo
Tomopop Review: Monster Factory's Margot the Unicorn
by Natalie Kipper

In the past, the majority of Monster Factory's plushes have been, well, monsters. In their upcoming Kickstarter venture, the studio is branching out into the realm of mythological critters. Fittingly named "The Mythicals," the first run (should they be funded) will feature plushes of a dragon, Cthulhu, and a unicorn. They all look darling but the unicorn in particular spoke to me. Who wouldn't want a ropy-poly fantasy horse-thing? Plus, it's name is Margot.

Suffice to say, I was more than a little pumped to check Margot out in person, and I can't wait to share what I discovered with you!

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Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's Honda Futayo photo
Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's Honda Futayo
by Chris Seto

One thing which has always bemused me is why a show like Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon has not received more figures than it has, given its ridiculously large cast of characters. Early releases focused on Horizon and we've had a few releases of Asama Tomo, but other than a beach queen figure of Mitotsudaira, and the occasional prize figure, that has been it. And the figures have been a little lacklustre. Tomo never seemed to pose like her character should, and one of the bigger Horizon releases was done by Volks, who have not got the best reputation when it comes to their PVC releases (their resin kit and doll releases are without peer though).

So, we were really lacking in Horizon figures - That is, until Kotobukiya stepped in. Their first release is Honda Futayo, the honourable air-headed duelist warrior of the group, and one third of the busty trio (the other two being Tomo and Aoi Kimi).

She steps into an arena which is honestly lacking any major competition, but that doesn't mean that she can slack off. So, does the Kotobukiya figure hold up to scrutiny? Only one way to find out.

Let's get it on!!

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Tomocast 48: Pre-SDCC Madness photo
Tomocast 48: Pre-SDCC Madness
by Pedro Cortes

At the time of this post, it's only 15 days until San Diego Comic Con. With time ticking down, you know that there'd be a ton of exclusive announcements and let me tell you, companies have definitely unleashed the floodgates. Everything from Power Rangers to Funko POPs to Transformers and more Funko POPs keep getting announced day by day. Did I mention that Funko has some new POPs that'll be exclusive at the show?

Anyway, I'm joined by Andres Cerrato and (a returning!) Rio McCarthy to talk about all those exclusives, as well as a couple other news stories that snuck in between the cracks. As usual, you can download the episode here, follow us on iTunes or hit the jump to get the show notes and stream it all. Enjoy!

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Tomopop Review: McFarlane's The Walking Dead Riot Gear Zombie photo
Tomopop Review: McFarlane's The Walking Dead Riot Gear Zombie
by Vanessa Cubillo

In case you didn’t know, The Walking Dead is a comic book series and show about zombies. So far, McFarlane has been one of the major companies that has been producing toys from both the show and the comics. Coming from McFarlane’s TV series 4, Riot Gear Zombie is the figure we’ll be looking at today.

Taken from season three of The Walking Dead, these zombies were seen outside the prison, and their gear proved to be very useful later on in the series. How well did this depiction of a zombie translate to an actual figure?

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DO WANT: June 2014 photo
DO WANT: June 2014
by Pedro Cortes

The world has shot through space for another 77 million kilometers, which means it's time yet again for DO WANT. For those who might not be familiar, the DO WANT is the feature where your favorite editors let you, the marvelously gorgeous reader, know what they want the most. Call it a snap-shot into our wishes and dreams. Some of those dreams include:

  • a girl who wants to be a prince
  • a giant robot with a punny name
  • a pony
  • and more!

Hit the jump to find out more.

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What Scarecroodle Is Up To: Adventuring with Ratonhnhaké:ton photo
What Scarecroodle Is Up To: Adventuring with Ratonhnhaké:ton
by Scarecroodle

I recently went for a hike and took McFarlane Toys' Ratonhnhaké:ton (Assassin's Creed III) along for the ride... err, walk. Then I took a bunch of photos. Some of those photos even turned out okay.

Check the gallery for some highlights.

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Tomopop Review: Devil Survivor 2's Hibiki Kuze Nendoroid photo
Tomopop Review: Devil Survivor 2's Hibiki Kuze Nendoroid
by Rio McCarthy

"Everybody's weak. That's why we rely on others. We live by helping one another. We can say, we need one another. I've been able to survive because I have you and the others."
— Hibiki Kuze, Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

Pop on that bunny hood, and let's listen to some tunes, shall we? Hibiki Kuze is the main character of Devil Survivor 2 The Animation, also just known as the protagonist from Devil Survivor 2 the 3DS game. I'm a pretty big fan of Shin Megami Tensei and their numerous projects, so I was excited to get this guy in my hands.

Take a peek after the jump to see if that excitement still stands after playing around with him a bit!

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Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's Marvel Bishoujo Spider-Woman photo
Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's Marvel Bishoujo Spider-Woman
by Tianxiao Ma

Kotobukiya must have hit a winning formula with their Bishoujo figures because they're cranking them out like nobody's business. Well they're cranking them out like it's their own business, because it is - ah you know what I'm trying to say.

This time we go back to the first property to get the Bishoujo treatment: Marvel Comics. I'm sure you're all aware of Bishoujo Spider-Woman by now. From the promo shots, the figure looks like it has a lot going for it. Naturally I was excited to have a sample in my hands.

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Tomopop Review: Bandai's Figuarts Zero Sailor Moon photo
Tomopop Review: Bandai's Figuarts Zero Sailor Moon
by Brian Szabelski

So far, Bandai's put the Sailor Moon license to good use on their S.H. Figuarts line, as they've been very busy churning out the entire cast (sans Tuxedo Mask ... really, guys, come on). However, it's been years since we've seen a new scaled Sailor Moon figure, which makes the release of Figuarts Zero Sailor Moon all the better

My past experiences with the Figuarts Zero line have been relatively positive, but does the first Sailor Senshi from Bandai hold up to those expectations? 

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What Natalie Is Up To: Studying for the JLPT photo
What Natalie Is Up To: Studying for the JLPT
by Natalie Kipper

Since I can't let Kristina and Scarecroodle have all the fun, I am getting in on this feature action. Besides writing up posts for Tomopop, I have been studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or JLPT. But I haven't been doing it alone! Like guardian angels stuffed with fiberfill, my toys are always by my side.

Read on to get a glimpse of one of my semi-daily study sessions!

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