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Two months ago, I promised all the fine and sexy Tomo peeps that there'd be a movie commentary. Ladies and gents, I keep my promises and although it's taken a while, you're going to get your commentary! Tomorrow night I will ...

Tomocast 29: Batman

Aug 22 // Pedro Cortes
    Show Notes OP: "Batman the Animated Series - Main Title" by Danny Elfman into the usual "Fly Away" by TeddyLoid, from the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OST   0:00:51 - 0:29:05 Intro, What We've Been Up To and Why We'll Be Broke    BREAK "On Leather Wings - Batman Drives to Gotham" by Shirley Walker, from Batman the Animated Series    0:29:35 - 1:36:18 Main Topic: Batman. Toys, movies, TV, comics, if the dude dressed in his black and grey jammys is in it, we talked about it!    BREAK "Batman Beyond (End Credits)" by Shirley Walker, from Baman Beyond   1:36:50 - 2:41:04 Listener Questions. That's right, it's over an hour long. Many of you asked we read more questions and we listened!    ED:"Fallen Angel" by Mitsunori Ikeda feat. Aimee B., from the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OST     Here's the alignment picture I talked about. "Max, what do you want for dinner? "JUSTICE." 

Prepare yourselves for a doozy of an episode. Clocking in at two hours and forty minutes, this is the longest episode that I've ever hosted, perhaps even the longest episode in the history of the Tomocast. However, it was dif...


Tomocast 29: Batman records this Thursday and we need your questions!

Aug 16
// Pedro Cortes
Who's afraid of the big bad bat? Not us, that's for sure! We, in fact, love Batman so much that we're going to make him the topic of our next Tomocast. We'll be talking about his various TV, movie and animated adaptations as ...

Tomocast 28: BOYS!

Aug 09 // Pedro Cortes
      Note: There was some echo that I couldn't edit out. It won't ruin your experience, but I thought you should know ahead of time.   OP: "Fly Away" by TeddyLoid, from the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Original Sound Track   0:00:27 - 0:15:30  Introduction, What We've Been Up To and Why We'll Be Broke.    Break: "Lacrimosa" by Kalafina, from Lacrimosa.   0:15:57 - 1:00:46 Main Topic: Boys. Sections covered otome games, BL, yaoi and good looking guys in various other shows.   Break: "Lacrimosa" by Kalafina, from Lacrimosa.   1:01:12 - 1:17:40  Listener Questions    ED: "Fallen Angel" by Mitsunori Ikeda featuring Aimee B., from the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Original Sound Track.    

This one is a couple of weeks late, but it was totally worth it. I was joined by Kristina Pino, Rio McCarthy and Stella Wong to talk about a topic close to all our hearts: BOYS! Well, at least it's close to the lady's hearts....


Welp, I've got to say that I'm finally completely out of element. Later Wednesday night, I'll be joined by Kristina Pino, Rio McCarthy and Stella Wong to talk about men, boys and anything that can make a gal squeal with delig...

Tomocast 27: Sentai & Tokusatsu

Jul 08 // Pedro Cortes
  OP: "Fly Away" by Teddyloid, from the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt OST Break: "Go go Power Rangers" by Masaaki Endoh, from Enson Cover Songs Vol. 1 ED: "Fallen Angel" by Mitsunori Ikeda feat Aimee B., from the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt OST     Yep, this is Jason David Frank, aka Tommy, aka the Green, White and Red ranger. He's in MMA now and will kick your ass. Also, the dragon sleeve looks awesome.

That's right, episode 27 is finally ready to go! After several false starts, the cursed number is no more, thanks to Andres Cerrato and Chris Pranger. Together, the three of us talked about those Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers...


I've tried to record an episode 27 twice before and fate had deemed me unworthy to pod. I'm going to through fate to the wind and try yet again, this time with Chris Pranger and Andres Cerrato as we discuss super sentai and t...

Tomocast 26: Transformers

Jun 06 // Pedro Cortes
  Intro:  "Transformers Theme" into "Fly Away" - TeddyLoid, from the "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OST"   0:00:01 - 0:12:40 What We've Been Up To   0:12:41 - 0:17:40 Our Pre-Orders, or Why We'll Soon Be Broke    Break: "The Touch" - Stan Bush, from the 80s Transformers Movie    0:18:20 - 1:07:22 Main Topic: Transformers!    Break: "Transformers Animated Theme"   1:07:40 - 1:59:20 Listener Questions   Outro: "Fallen Angel" - Mitsunori Ikeda feat. Aimee B., from the "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OST"     Creepy photo of movie Megatron and Starscream staring deeply into each others eyes.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Tomopop community, I'm proud to unveil the latest episode of the Tomocast in the form of our Transformers episode! Delayed a couple of times, it's clear that this was the destined episode, as Jonat...


Aww yeah, it's time to get this episode recorded! We were supposed to record this episode a few weeks back, but circumstances forced it back. Luckily, I have three great guests that will make that wait worth it! Jonathan Tubb...

Tomocast 25: Nendoroids

May 20 // Pedro Cortes
    Intro: "Fly Away" - TeddyLoid, from the "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OST"   0:00:01 - 0:14:00 What We've Been Up To   0:14:01 - 0:23:18 Our Pre-Orders, or Why We'll Soon Be Broke    Break: "Be My Sacrifice" - Hatsune Miku, from the album "Hope"   0:23:49 - 1:12:02 Main Topic: Nendoroids!    Break: "Be My Sacrifice" continued   1:12:32 - 1:43:48 Listener Questions   Outro: "Fallen Angel" - Mitsunori Ikeda feat. Aimee B., from the "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OST"

I'm not going to lie, this was an episode that I couldn't wait to record . I mean, for the longest time whenever I thought of Tomopop, I thought of Nendoroids. I'm glad to say that this episode lived up to my expectations. My...


This is your Tomocast warning post. In about 36 hours, I'll will be joined by Colette Bennett, Kristina Pino and Leah Bayer to talk about a little thing called the Nendoroid. I don't know, you may have heard of them once or twice. From what I've heard, they're kind of a big deal. As per usual, leave a question here and we might ask it on the pod. The best one gets a prize!

Tomopoll: How can Tomocast be better for you?

May 16 // Pedro Cortes
Here we go!   Additional survey questions: How can Tomocast better serve the Tomopop community? Are there any specific reasons why you do or do not listen to Tomocast? Are there any topics that you’d like to hear in the future? Are there any outside guests that you'd like to hear on Tomocast? Do you have any ideas for new segments (like Pre-Orders or What We’ve Been Up To) that you’d like to hear? Are there any general comments you have about Tomocast?

Since I took over Tomocast in February, I've been trying to make it as good as I possibly can with the limited experience I have in producing and hosting. While I feel that I've gotten better in some of those categories, I kn...

Tomocast 24: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

May 08 // Pedro Cortes
Music used: Pre-Intro: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Theme Song" from the 80s cartoon. Still brings a smile to my face. Intro: "Fly Away" by TeddyLoid, from the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt OST Break: "Re-rise" by Hagane Miku, from the Vocaloid album Hope Outro: "Fallen Angel" by Mitsunori Ikeda feat. Aimee B., also from the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt OST   Things we talked about:   Star Wars vintage figures bring back the 70s.   Normandy model makes me and Chris ridiculously excited.   Shredder statue is not dopey.   Alas, I wasn't able to find that photo of me as a Ninja Turtle. Be thankful you're spared that horror. 

Aww yeah, Tomocast is back to give you the sound you crave! This time around we talk about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Everything from the original comics that spawned the classic 80s cartoon to the reboot that came out...


Tomocast is here again and we need yo questions! The topic for this 'cast is none other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, probably the first set of figures that I made my parents tear their hair out to get. I know quite ...

Tomocast 23: Mecha and Robots

Apr 23 // Pedro Cortes
All musical tracks are from the Operation British chiptune album. Give it a listen, it's awesome. Opening: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross 'Macross Theme'L Break: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 'Sorairo Days' Ending: Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory 'The Winner'   Figures discussed: Pyramid Head from Silent Hill: Homecoming will violate your wallet.   Master Grade Epyon has long, lovely legs.   This SDF-1 makes all our trousers tight.   Super Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar has the best name for yelling out in a hot-blooded manor.   The hideous Gundams we talked about on the pod:   I don't even know what the hell this is supposed to be.   The Cuban Gundam!   If you want more mecha, hit up MAHQ's Gundamn, where Chris and his two co-hosts talk shop about everything from the latest Gundam and Macross series to classic shows from the 80s. It's good stuff.  

SURPRISE POD EVERYBODY! Thanks to the buggery that is the university education system, I was unable to put up a question post for this lovely show. Damn shame too. Oh well, at least you to hear me joined by Andres Cerrato, Hi...

Tomocast 22: Happy Meal Toys

Apr 11 // Pedro Cortes
Pre-orders mentioned Bakemonogatari's Tsubasa pleases Jonathan.   Rio isn't quite so pleased with June Groove's Sengoku Basara dolls.   Kristina deems these Half Age Naruto figures cute.   Pedro likes Wedding Boa quite a bit.   The Sonic toys that Rio and Kristina remember fondly. Still diggin' the look on Knuckle's face.   TEENY F**KING BEANIES!   Here are some more articles that talk about other awesome/bizarre Happy Meal toys.

Welcome back to Tomocast, the pod that gives you all the toy talk that's legal in your neck of the woods. This time around I'm joined by managing editor Jonathan Tubbs, community manager Kristina Pino and associate editor Rio...


It's time yet again for the Tomocast to rock the internets!  Our topic this time around are Happy Meal toys in all their incarnations. That includes stuff from McDonald's, Burger King, Wendys, Taco Bell, etc. If it was a...

Tomocast 21: Star Wars

Mar 24 // Pedro Cortes
Music in order of appearance "Galvanize The Empire" - Party Ben, from Best of Bootie 2007 "Brazilian Star Wars" - FAROFF "Fallen Angel" - Aimee B, from the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Original Sound Track   Pre-orders 9" DIY Sackboy   Yamato's Yukihime   Plush Cthulhu   MIC's Mark Zuckerburg   

Nothing quite like mic problems to make podcasting forever interesting. Thanks to some good luck and a Rock Band mic, I was able to record our Star Wars episode with Kristina Pino, Crystal White and Chris Pranger. We had a go...


We're keeping the Tomocast ball rolling and presenting to all of you Star Wars! The storied franchise has influenced the last several generations all around the world and just about anybody with any sort of nerd cred has an o...

Tomocast 20: Bootlegs

Mar 14 // Pedro Cortes
Figma 100: Append Miku A   Doctor Who: The Master bust   Gintama Half Age Characters   Lucy, the Ghostbuster's Bishoujo   Questionable-substance Ray   Utterly creepy doll that Andres talked about on air

He ladies and gents, it's time for Tomocast! This episode I'm joined by managing editor Jonathan Tubbs, associate editor Andres Cerrato and community member Stella Wong to talk about the bane of all toy collectors. That's rig...


Tomorrow we record another lovely Tomocast. This episode is on bootlegs, the bane of every figure collector out there. Every time I see one, my poor heart quivers in sadness. Especially when hard-earned scratch is used to pay...

Tomocast 19: Dolls!

Feb 23 // Pedro Cortes
  Dissidia Final Fantasy Play Arts Kai   Groove's March 2011 Isul   Volks USA Doll clothing   A+'s Kanu...eww...   Also, here are a bunch of links courtesy of Brigitte! Groove Dolls in the US Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest Cool Cat - Pullip/Blythe Eye Chips Junky Spot - US Seller of Obitsu bodies MDoll Wigs both BJD and Fashion Leeke World Luts Cotin Doll Doll Forums Pullip Style - Groove only Plastic Paradise - all dolls We Play With Doll - primarily Blythe This is Blythe - primarily Blythe Den of Angels - BJD

Hey everybody, it's time for your biweekly audio/toy fix. Here comes Tomocast! This episode I'm joined by Colette Bennett, Jennifer Johnston and Brigitte Coovert to talk about the world of dolls. I'm not talking about Barbies...


Hey everybody, it's almost time for another Tomocast! This episode I'll be joined by Colette Bennett, Leah Bayer, Jennifer Johnston and Brigitte as we'll discuss dolls of all varieties. Ball-Jointed Dolls, Dollfies, it's all ...


Tomocast 18 - Vinyl & Customs

Feb 14
// Pedro Cortes
After a bit of a delay, we bring to you episode 18 of the Tomocast! I'm joined by Jason Millward as we talk vinyls and customs with guests Rio McCarthy and features editor Brian Szabelski. There's also a quick guest appearanc...

Tomocast 18 - Vinyl & Customs records tonight!

Jan 26
// Pedro Cortes
It's that time again folks. The time where you get to hear our dulcet tones over your speakers or headphones and get some toy entertainment injected into your ear holes. That's right, it's Tomocast time!But before we can give...

Tomocast episode 17: Pedro gotza Woody

Jan 17 // Jason Millward
   Character: Tsumugi KotobukiSeries: K-On!Manufacturer: Max FactorySize: 1/7 scalePrice: 8,800 yenRelease: May    Character: Black Gold Saw -animation version-Series: Black Rock ShooterManufacturer: Good Smile CompanySize: 1/8 scalePrice: 9,800 yenRelease: June    Character: Michael Jackson - Beat It VersionManufacturer: Hot ToysSize: 1/6 scalePrice: 21,000 yenRelease: early January (er, NOW)    Character: Metal Sonic (Standard Version - 1500 pieces)Series: Sonic the HedgehogManufacturer: First 4 FiguresSize: 14.5 inchesPrice: $154.99Release: 2nd QuarterCharacter: Metal Sonic (Exclusive - 350 pieces)Notes: Light up eyes, chest, back engine, and base.Price: $174.99    Character: Wolf Link and Midna (750 pieces)Series: The Legend of Zelda - Twilight PrincessManufacturer: First 4 FiguresSize: 1/4 scalePrice: $349.99Release: 3rd Quarter    Jonathan got himself quite a beautiful score under the Christmas tree.    As mentioned in the Christmas episode, here is the famous scarf. Rio yanked the cable on it before it could affect her win/loss record.    Strength is pretty!    Millions of small creatures lurking everywhere (aka Kinnikuman).    That Rubik sure is one amazing cube! (Though, five bucks says he pulls off the stickers and puts them in the right places when he needs to make himself look presentable.)

Finally, after all sorts of computer melt-downs on my end we are proud to present to you Tomocast 17: The Revenge of Pino! Our new community manager Kris Pino has been the podcasting world's dirty little secret for months, an...


[REMINDER: We're recording tonight, so get your questions in!]  Ladies and gents, it's time for yet another Tomocast. Jason, Jonathan, Rio, Kristina and your favorite Pedro Bear will be sitting around the good 'ol S...


Happy holidays, everybody. I'd like to say that this podcast will go down as a classic that you'll want to keep listening to every year. If I did, though, I would be lying. We discover early on that the Christmas spirit has l...

Tomocast Episode 15: Resin kits & Gunpla

Nov 23 // Pedro Cortes
  Plex's Luffy  Kaitendo's Celty  Yamato's Discovery  Bandai's Composite ver. Ka Mecha Suit Haruhi  Alter's Flynn Scifo   Kaitendo's Bike Tamaki   EVANGELION STORE's Eva Unit 01 Wall Figure Also, a link to the HLJ sale. Take advantage of those sales and the 50 per cent off EMS shipping!

Hello there folks, welcome to the 15th episode of our absolutely lovely podcast. This time we have far fewer DERPs per minute, but don't let that fool you; we have a helluva show for you. Well, half of a helluva show. You see...


Get your tools and paint out, folks! You're going to need it to put together tonight's episode of Tomocast as we focus on the craft of Gunpla and resin kits. Tonight we will be joined by our very own craftsmen Andres Cerrato ...

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