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5:00 PM on 11.19.2014

Hop to it for FREEing's Yukata Mikoto Misaka.

FREEing has found big success in their recent forays into Yukata figures, and A Certain Scientific Railgun remains a perennial merchandise favourite. It's hardly surprising therefore that the two have crossed paths, with...

Martin Siggers

4:30 PM on 07.27.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: FREEing

FREEing definitely know a good thing when they see it, as their booth was packed with their popular range of yukata-clad ladies. It seems like paired sets are the new hotness in FREEing's world. For me the highlight here is d...

Martin Siggers

Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's Beach Side Mikoto Misaka photo
Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's Beach Side Mikoto Misaka
by Martin Siggers

I've never particularly liked swimsuit figures. 

Now, before everyone gets up in arms, this is not intended as a judgement call on those who *do* like them. That's cool! But personally, they've always made me a little uncomfortable, even though we get exposed to an awful lot of NSFW stuff in this job. That's not to say that I can't appreciate a good figure when one shows up though. And from the moment we first saw Kotobukiya's bikini clad Mikoto Misaka (from A Certain Scientific Railgun) I thought she looked fantastic. So what better way to dip a toe into the world of sporty ladies not wearing much?

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Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Kotobukiya's Cu-poche photo
Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Kotobukiya's Cu-poche
by Natalie Kipper

Ah yes, the Cu-poche; what some might call Kotobukiya's answer to Good Smile Company's popular Nendoroid line. Whatever your take on the chibi-fied figures, Wonder Festival's Cu-poche display is sure to draw more than a few eyes. A good many of the figures shown had already been released, ( Dark Magician Girl, Haruka AmamiSaber, and Kirino Kousaka, for example), giving the display a feel of a museum exhibit showcasing the lines past and future.

The new prototypes draw from the anime series, Sword Art Online and Chu 2 Byo, along with an extra-special original figure. From Sword Art Online, we see an unpainted Asuna Cu-poche. From the world of Chu 2 Byo, Kotobukiya provided a painted prototype of Rikka Takanashi plus a silhouette teaser image of Sanae Dekomori. Finally, we come to the Scale Bathing Suit Body Cu-Poche. This is Cu-poche doesn't come from any game or anime series; it is just a charming little lady in her swimsuit.

Check out the gallery to see the photos Tomopop's own Kristina Pino snapped for us!

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10:00 AM on 01.16.2014

Cu-Poche Mikoto Misaka bolts to pre-orders

I wasn't initially a huge fan of Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche line, but they've done a great job of winning me over and I'm totally on board now. Their latest release is a looking great too as the company takes on the ever popular l...

Martin Siggers

9:00 AM on 01.09.2014

[NSFW] Pre-order Orca Toy's 1/6th scale Last Order

Japan can be kind of crazy sometimes. No matter how many years pass, what they make never ceases to amuse and occasionally disturb me. Such is the case with Orca Seed's 1/6th scale Last Order, from the To-Aru series who is no...

Jon Wills

5:00 PM on 09.18.2013

Grab a clone of your own with Nendoroid Misaka Imouto

Good Smile has been on a roll with their A Certain Scientific Railgun Nendoroids recently, with both Mikoto Misaka and Kuroko Shirai being smart, good looking and well accessorised releases. You'd think the obvious step ...

Martin Siggers

Preview the fun of Kuroko and Misaka Nendoroids photo
Preview the fun of Kuroko and Misaka Nendoroids
by Jon Wills

Just when I think I'm started to get bored of seeing Nendoroids looking cute and doing cute things Kahotan posted some very squee-worthy photos of Nendoroid Kuroko (last seen at Wonder Festival) messing with a Nendoroid Misaka. Seeing it reminds me of good times laughing and sometimes cringing at Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. The series had some good and bad moments but really, for the most part it was great fun. It's nice to see that some of it can be re-created in Nendoroid style.

Though Kuroko is fun to pose with other Nendoroids she has a ton of accessories just by herself. She comes with handcuffs, her school bag and iron arrow holster, three different expressions and most epicly a pair of frog panties that obviously belong to Misaka. Only she would wear panties with a frog pattern on them!

Check out the gallery to see all of the cute photos, including some censored ones that show other Nendoroids wearing Misaka's panties.

[via Kahotan's blog]

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10:00 AM on 07.11.2013

Nendoroid Mikoto Misaka pre-orders are live

We saw her just a few days ago, but now Tokiwadai's electric princess, Mikoto Misaka, is available for pre-ordering in painfully adorable Nendoroid form. For your ¥3,334 you'll be getting some cool effects parts and not o...

Martin Siggers

Watch the sparks fly with Nendoroid Mikoto Misaka photo
Watch the sparks fly with Nendoroid Mikoto Misaka
by Martin Siggers

As revealed this morning by Mikatan, Good Smile Company are going back to the schoolgirl well for their next major Nendoroid release. Fear not however since it's a good one, as A Certain Scientific Railgun's Mikoto Misaka will finally be joining the big-headed brigade.

Mikoto isn't the most distinctive looker in the world but as ever GSC have done a great job with her distinctive face and hair and it's a really cute design overall. The attention to detail extends to her trademark skirt and shorts combo, and she's also provided with not one, but two embarrassed faces. Clearly they're expecting a lot of compromising snapshots. Also in the box are some neat electric effects parts and Mikoto's frog themed Gekota phone.

I'm not sure how well the all-action Mikoto really fits as a Nendoroid, but I can't deny she's very, very adorable. For those of you who fancy a little shock in your collection, the Electric Princess will be available for pre-orders from this Thursday, the 11th.

[via Mikatan's Blog]

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8:00 PM on 06.25.2013

Skirts off and pre-orders on for new Mikoto Misaka figure

Chara-ani is back again with a second figure from the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime series, this time featuring title character Mikoto Misaka in a rather compromised position. The first figure was a rather unabashed ve...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Dengeki's Mikoto Misaka gets more details, pre-orders photo
Dengeki's Mikoto Misaka gets more details, pre-orders
by Martin Siggers

Last week we got a glimpse of the latest Dengeki exclusive, a new swimsuit version of everyone's favourite electric-powered tsundere Mikoto Misaka. Details were frustratingly thin on the ground at the time but now a few more have emerged, so let's round them up.

Firstly, as I guessed, the mysterious manufacturer has been identified as Kotobukiya. That can only be good news, as their stuff remains top-notch, so quality is assured. Mikoto's also confirmed to be a whopping 1/6 scale, way bigger than you'd normally expect, measuring 28cm from top to bottom. There's also some official pictures for you to check out in the gallery below.

Naturally, this isn't coming cheap. Mikoto's list price is ¥8400 but as a mail-in exclusive you'll need to go through a proxy, and such a large figure won't be cheap to ship either. Nevertheless, that's not actually a terrible price for an exclusive 1/6, and she's looking extremely sharp, so if you're willing to make the investment there are some pre-order links for you below.

[ Pre-order at Big in Japan | Nippon-Yasan | Mio Boutique ]

[via Dengekiya]

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