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Tiger and Bunny

SDCC 2014: Yes Anime photo
SDCC 2014: Yes Anime

SDCC 2014: Yes Anime

Bringing some real Turtle Power to the show floor
Jul 29
// Brian Szabelski
If you saw our Yes Anime coverage from Anime Expo, a lot of what was at their booth might look the same. The licensed Trexis are close to release (around September), with a few minor changes to be made to some (for example, t...
AX 2014: Yes Anime photo
AX 2014: Yes Anime

Anime Expo 2014: Yes Anime

Fluffy friends and a bunch of new licensed Trexis
Jul 06
// Brian Szabelski
Yes Anime's Anime Expo booth was home to a few new prototypes including ... 12-inch Tiger and Bunny plushes based on the popular characters as alpacas? Yes: the plushes are designed to look like alpaca-fied versions...
Tiger & Bunny photo
Tiger & Bunny

Bandai's Tiger & Bunny S.H. Figuarts offerings gets a sequel with Golden Ryan

Gold, baby!
May 27
// Scarecroodle
A photo gallery has emerged for Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Golden Ryan, a character who had a starring role in Tiger & Bunny: The Rising. While I wasn't overly enthusiastic with most of the hero's costumes in Tiger & Bunn...
S.H. Figuarts Dragon Kid photo
S.H. Figuarts Dragon Kid

Bluefin to bring SH Figuarts Dragon Kid to North America

Pao-Lin makes it to the States
Jan 09
// Natalie Kipper
The S.H Figuarts version of Tiger and Bunny's lightning kung fu master, Dragon Kid, was originally made available for pre-order to Asia-based collectors exclusively from the Tamashii Web Shop. North American fans were pl...

Hello Kitty Tiger & Bunny photo
Hello Kitty Tiger & Bunny

Hello Kitty is now Hello Tiger and Hello Bunny

And she's bringing a lot of merchandise with her
Jan 06
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Hello Kitty continues to cosplay as pop culture icons, this time playing the hero as both Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. for the latest film Tiger & Bunny the Movie -The Rising-. The movie opens in Japan on February 8 ...

HobbyLink Japan is having a figure sale, up to 95% off!

There are some gems here if you hunt for them.
Aug 16
// Jon Wills
There are sales and there are bargains. Often items posted on sale are not always marked at a low price but rather at their regular low price. Still within any sale there are always some alluring bargains to be found.  H...
SHF Blue Rose photo
SHF Blue Rose

S.H. Figuarts Blue Rose now available for pre-order

A much better Pepsi spokesgirl than Britney Spears
Jul 29
// Scarecroodle
The S.H. Figuarts Blue Rose, who made a surprise appearance in some magazine scans last month, is now available for pre-order. While the S.H. Figuarts Blue Rose was apparently left on hiatus for some time, it appears that Tig...

SDCC 2013: Tamashii Nations

Jul 23 // Brian Szabelski
SDCC: Tamashii Nations photo
From One Piece to Godzilla, there's a little something awesome for everyone
So we've seen Sailor Senshi and superheroes, xenomorphs and other morphers. But the Tamashii Nations booth was home to more than just some new reveals; plenty of figures coming in the next 6 months were all on display, from t...

SHF S.Mercury & Blue Rose photo
SHF S.Mercury & Blue Rose

Scans detail SHF Sailor Mercury & revival of Blue Rose

Releases are a timely thing
Jun 23
// Andres Cerrato
S.H. Figuarts belongs to the ladies this month as Bandai detailed their prototypes for two upcoming releases. One, Sailor Mercury, was only recently known. Blue Rose, on the other hand, has been M.I.A. for quite some time. Fo...
He's... "fabulous!"
Tamashii Web Shouten has revealed Tiger & Bunny's Fire Emblem as a web shop exclusive S.H. Figuarts, which is slated for release this July (¥4,725 base price from Tamashii). Don't fret, though -- a few shops will help...

Tomopop Review: G.E.M Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

Jan 04 // Yami Casas
Figure Name: Kaburai T. KotetsuFigure Maker: MegaHouseRetail/List Price: ¥6,800Available at: HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi | Big in Japan As always, we begin with the box. Usually, I don’t really pay that much attention to MegaHouse’s box designs for their G.E.M series line. The boxes never really have any interesting design aspect to them; however, I am instantly in love with Kotetsu’s box. The front of the box beautifully features where our hero lives, SternBild City. On the back, we have Kotetsu, in his pose along with his alternate faces, along with Oji-san’s most notable quote from the series, "Let out a wild roar!" Kotetsu’s packing is pretty simple. He comes with his base and three additional head pieces. A definite plus in my book since there is no need to worry about any other loose items upon unpacking. Speaking of unpacking, let’s remove Oji-san from his plastic prison. Once Kotetsu is out of his packaging setting him up for display is an easy feat. There is nothing really to assemble, all you need to do is place Kotetsu securely onto the three pegs on his base. Speaking of the base, while MegaHouse, didn’t specifically make it fancy I do appreciate that it was shaped to look like Kotetsu’s “Call Wristband.” Since, there are four optional heads in total included with Kotetsu, you have quite a few options to display him. While, the pose may look a bit static with Kotetsu pointing to his hunting cap, it captures his Oji-san moe personality. What do you say we take a bit of a closer look at Oji-san? So, let’s start things with getting a closer peek at Kotetsu’s face, shall we? I admit; I am very much smitten with Oji-san. It’s pretty hard to resist that smile that Kotetsu is sporting along with his soft gaze in his eyes. You may notice that MegaHouse decided to paint Kotetsu's nostrils to accentuate his nose. It’s a nice touch that I really appreciate. As we move onto Kotetsu’s famous casual shirt and vest combo. The white and black vest is molded over his green shirt, which gives it a realistic appearance. Speaking of realistic, the folds and the seams along Kotetsu’s green shirt are flawlessly executed. The folds look very natural like the creases normally would on fabric. This wonderful detail is especially evident along the creases around the vests grey buttons, as well as, in the back around the buckle. Another eye catching detail are the silver buttons on the black tie. Each button is nicely molded over the tie and perfectly painted. One of highlights of this figure is definitely the attention to detail paid on the small things, like Kotetsu’s accessories. On his left hand, his Red Monkey inspired black watch, purple amethyst beads and his wedding bands are all molded over his hand. Kotetsu’s watch is carefully detailed, even the back nickel buckle closure is painted with precision. You can even rotate his beads if you choose to. Not to be outdone his Call wristband is painted with a neon green and white pearl paint. Now, before I move on to discussing Kotetsu’s black dress pants; I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my favorite feature on Oji-san. Yes, his butt! It’s quite the nice butt if I do say so myself. It’s also hard not to notice how tight those slacks are. Let’s move onto those… dress pants. Kotetsu does have some nice long skinny legs. There is notably lighter shading on the back of Kotetsu’s calf’s that does a nice job of accentuating them. I particularly love the creases behind his knee. At last, we reach Kotetsu's shoes. The shoes have a glossy finish to them, which is a nice offset to the matte paint used on Kotetsu's clothes. As I mentioned earlier, MegaHouse included an additional three head pieces so you could vary how you display Kotetsu. Although the expression is the same for each face, there is a variety of ways he may be displayed. You can choose without his trademark hunting cap, wearing his hero mask, or wearing both. I personally have him displayed wearing his hunting cap without the mask, but it’s great to know you have four different ways to pick from. So, what’s the final verdict? I definitely give it two thumbs up. MegaHouse has added another excellent figure to the G.E.M line. Arai Kyousuke did a wonderful job in capturing Kotetsu’s personality in the sculpt. Out of all the Kotetsu’s that have been released so far, this is the best one in my opinion. Even if you’re not a fan of the Tiger & Bunny series, Kotetsu would make a great addition to any collection. I can’t recommend Kotetsu enough.
Prepare yourself for Oji-san Moe!
It probably doesn’t come as much of a shock when I say I have a huge crush on Tiger & Bunny’s resident Oji-san (old man), Kotetsu T. Kaburagi. Naturally, when MegaHouse announced that they would be adding Kote...

Tomopop Review: Master Stars Piece Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

Dec 31 // Pedro Cortes
Figure Name: Master Stars Piece Kotetsu T. KaburagiFigure Maker: BanprestoRetail Price: ¥2,000Available at: HobbyLink Japan  Yep, that's certainly a box containing a figure. Unlike a lot of prize figures I've seen, Kotetsu is being held within a close box. There's no way you can see the build of the figure itself, which worried me at first. At least in my experience, if a company doesn't show you a figure, it's because something is bloody wrong with it. Whelp, enough of the cardboard prison, it's time to get Kotetsu out into the warm Miami air! Huh. Another cardboard prison. Overly-cautious figure packers, or nefarious plot to hold back all of Kotetsu's potential sexiness? Considering the tube-like nature of the package, I'm leaning toward the later. However, I will not be denied. Release Kotetsu at once! That's better. Am I the only one that finds it strange that he's been separated into half? Usually, he's either in one piece or in several, depending on the maker and the class of figure. It's a strange middle step. Either way, the real strange thing is the "base." I say "base" in quotes because it doesn't do a particularly good job of keeping Mr. Kaburagi standing up. At best, it keeps him from immediately toppling over, but as you'll see later he can do a good job of keeping himself up. Since it started to get uncomfortably warm, I decided to take Kotetsu inside to finish things up. Let's go into the Cortes Studio. Well well well! Color me impressed. While it won't beat Megahouse's version of Kotetsu, this is a nice representation of our intrepid hero. It does a great job of capturing his personality. Oh, and they got a nice smoldering look on the figure. It's as if he's saying "Ladies, ladies, one at a time please!" The next several shots are highlighting Kotetsu's details. You'll notice that the seam at his waste has been covered by his vest. That's some good work by Banpresto. You'll also see that Kotetsu's arm connects at the watch, cleverly hiding another slot. While you're looking at that area, take note of the details on his hands and the wedding band on his finger. Most other prize figures wouldn't have captured stuff like that. Here's a better look at Kotetsu's vest and face. Banpresto added stitching to the paint job on his arm. Yet another rare detail seen in prize figures. I'll also give Banpresto major props for the detail on his face. It's pretty damn close to what he looks like in all the still material. One of my big criticisms of prize figures is that there are usually some...liberties taken when adapting the faces of characters. Some times they don't even look like the people they're supposed to represent. Oh my, did somebody leave these buns in the oven? Besides having a decently shaped butt, I love the creases on his pants and the belt line. My only problem? The obvious copyright mark and "Made in China" stamp on his right cheek. Did it really have to be there? It's one of the only downsides I have with the figure overall, but come on! Here's a closer shot of Kotetsu's shoes as he's being slightly propped up by the base. As you can see, the base is made for him to slot into the mold, giving him a wider area to keep balance. Truth be told, he can stand just find without it, but will probably take a dive if a shelf is moved around. Anyway, the shoes look pretty damn good. Usually, feet/shoes/boots on prize figures are hunks of plastic that get little to no attention. Here, there's stitching, whether marks and shoe laces. A lot of love was put into molding Kotetsu, shown by the little details that have been included. All in all, I think Banpresto's Master Stars Piece Kotetsu is a great buy for anybody that loves Tiger & Bunny. While he doesn't have the same material quality as a Kotobukiya, Megahouse or Good Smile figure, the figure itself looks great. It's got plenty of details that even more expensive figures might miss. At the retail price of ¥2,000, it's less than half of the larger static PVC figures. If you love Tiger & Bunny and either can't afford or get the G.E.M., you owe it to yourself to pick this up! [Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing a review sample!]
Sponsored by HobbyLink Japan
Without a doubt, the biggest merchandising surprise in the last couple of years is Tiger & Bunny. I don't think anybody figured that both men and women would flock to a show inspired by western super heroes, but lo and be...


For the lady of your life, here's a cake with a Barnaby

It's for White Day, so white cake. Also Tiger & Bunny
Dec 01
// Andres Cerrato
You love cakes. Bandai loves making money, and perhaps also cakes. Mix in that love with a splash of Tiger & Bunny and you'll get the latest product offerings from Bandai for you to buy. Since the ladies love them some Ba...

MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn: MegaHouse

The hottest shows get equally hot figures
Nov 26
// Natalie Kipper
MegaHouse brought an boatload of anime figures to MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn. And, I am pleased to see, there was quite a variety in the shows represented. We're seeing the lovely girls of The Idolm@ster and Idolm@ster 2 ...

More MegaHouse boys from Fate/Zero and Tiger & Bunny

Fate/Zero's Lancer in color, Archer and Velvet revealed as well as Tiger & Bunny's Ivan, and Gundam Seed's Yzak teased.
Nov 22
// Jonathan Tubbs
Egad MegaHouse! You're going all out with the guys from Fate/Zero and then some as seen in the latest magazine scans! We knew that the 1/8-scale M.M.S. Collection Lancer is coming but now the fellow is featured in color ...

Tomopop Review: Bandai's S.H.Figuarts Lunatic

Nov 19 // Scarecroodle
 Figure Name: S.H.Figuarts LunaticFigure Maker: BandaiRetail Price: ¥4,500Available at: HobbyLink Japan Lunatic comes in some rather average-looking packaging. While the color use and conventions (specifically the moonlit backdrop) are themed to the character, I can't help but feel that the box still looks bland. It's worth mentioning that box spoils the character's secret identity, although it's nowhere near as egregious as the infamous Phantasm figure from Batman: Mask of the Phantasm where the secret identity was intended as some great mystery. Lunatic comes with a copious number of accessories. These include two "punching" flames, two "holding" flames, a snap-on cloak/robe with an interchangeable front piece, an alternate head with fiery eyes (rather than just a face-plate), eight alternate hands (four are inside the flames), an at-rest crossbow, a burning crossbow, a crossbow holster, two items that snap onto the back of his belt (the function of which I can't recall), and a personalized base/stand. While this is a lot more than other figures in the line have received, it's really not as insane as at it might seem at a glance. Most of the alternate pieces offer little to the figure and the second tray is there mostly to accommodate the cloak/robe. Lunatic's cloak is possibly the worst offender. The first mode is a molded-close version which impedes arm movement. While the character does occasionally just pose with his hands at the sides like this, Lunatic has probably also just burned his cloak off about as often (honestly, given how times he's just intentionally DESTROYED this accessory, I'm not sure why he bothers wearing it out in the first place). At any rate, the display value is fairly low. (Side-note: I want you to look at the area above and below his knees. Observe the creased material. It's a nice example of added detail.) Much cooler is the slightly opened cloak. Besides giving Lunatic the use of one arm, it has a nice flowing effect as if reacting to the wind. Lunatic can wear the cloak with the holster (and other items) attached to give him something of a gunslinger look. While the cloak restricts some arm mobility, it less impacts poses that use expensive elbow movement like the one seen above. The cloak isn't without its issues, however. It snaps into place with six pegs which can be difficult to line up properly and also requires the figure's shoulders to be positioned a certain way (the belt accessories don't present any additional problems). Beyond that, the actual pegs feel a little flimsy so I worry about snapping the things. Speaking of things snapping together, the way the flames were implemented is a nuisance. Each one snaps around a hand (only specific hands seem to work), which seems somewhat wasteful. I'm not sure why they didn't just glue the things together given that the punching flames (pictured) seem to snap apart whenever you go to pose Lunatic's arm. They're basically non-functional as a result. The held flames (see previous photo) are a bit better. I like how you can see the actual hand through the translucent plastic but, at the same time, they could have easily just fused the bits instead of leaving them detachable and had the same effect. Both kinds of flames make use of a translucent blue plastic with greenish tinges. The flame sculpting seems superb. Changing the heads can also be annoying. The alternate fiery-eyed head took maybe five minutes trying to actually get it to snap on, but the standard doesn't seem to have that issue. Given that it's a mask, both head-sculpts feature the same expression although the alternate has a pair of flames glued onto the eye-sockets. The fiery eyes were always awesome in the anime but I have to admit preferring the standard head because it allows you to better appreciate the detail that went into the head. The eyes and forehead are probably the strongest facial features. Non-fans may notice a recurring motif in Lunatic's outfit in the form of a blue "hand" as seen on his face and torso area. It's something that you might not immediately notice in the anime (Kotetsu points it out during one encounter) although the costume choice ties into the Lunatic's backstory and symbolizes his motivation for becoming a vigilante. You'll also notice that the figure features shoulder pads that flip up to allow additional arm movement. They aren't terribly flattering when posed. In addition, the hands are on a sort of double-ball joint (allowing them to be interchanged), as is the head. Lunatic also has a double-pinned elbow, bicep rotation, and ball-jointed shoulder with an additional deep shoulder-span. The neck also features a separate joint at the base, allowing Lunatic some spastic poses. The upper torso has a shallow forward/back motion while the lower features rotation with a lot of forward/back and side/side movement. Lunatic's hips feature physical ball-joints as well as a small rod that allows an additional vertical motion. Although the joint itself is concealed by the lower portion of his tunic, the cut and soft plastic don't really impede the joint. He has also has double-pinned knees. For whatever reason, the lighting makes the grays look like black in this photo. The crossbow holster and two things that attach to the back of his belt (still can't remember what these are) peg into their respective location and are completely optional (see left for without). The at-rest crossbow (left hand) can be stored in the holster. The other one has a flame permanently attached to the top and can only be posed in-hand. Lunatic has two open hands with trigger fingers (one for each side); placing the gun may require bending the fingers a little bit. The plastic used for the fingers is soft and rubbery enough to move easily but, if you're worried about warping the plastic over time, just leave the chosen weapon in-hand unless you specifically want to change it to the other one. For those unfamiliar with the character, Lunatic uses his crossbow to fire targeted bursts of flame. As you can see, the holster has an opening on the side to accommodate the crossbow. Lunatic's feet/shoes might contain some die-cast. They're cool to the touch and seem to have some weight to them. Despite the slender build, they support the character fairly well (although I haven't yet managed to get the character to stand on just one leg unassisted). The ankle features a ball-socket joint and ankle pivot. While Lunatic also has a toe joint, it doesn't have much practical function even if you can break it in. For those who want additional stability in their figure's life, Lunatic comes with a stand. The base features the character's name, also that of his secret identity, and a little scale symbolizing justice (I wonder if Yuri is a Libra...?). Lunatic features an interesting design that may appeal to non-fans. His design is colorful and interesting, besides featuring a good number of display options. Beyond that, the figure is similar to what we've come to expect from the S.H.Figuarts line (I'll also mention that he stands around 6-inches tall and gets a little extra boost when the legs are fully extended). Bandai has generally delivered a consistent level of quality in the line so if you've bought previous entries then you probably have a good idea of what to expect in terms of articulation, poseability, and balance. So far we've seen a lot of Tiger & Bunny characters in the S.H.Figuarts line. Some have already been reviewed. At this point I believe we've seen the primary characters in at least prototype form. While Lunatic is supporting cast rather than a series regular, he's still something of an essential character especially given the villain-starved selection so far. [Many thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing this review sample!]
I dedicate this review to the memory of Yami Casas
While anime and manga have encompassed pretty much everything in existence, one particular area that they've never seemed to do justice has been the conventional superhero genre. Tiger & Bunny has been one of the most rec...


Become Wild Tiger with new 1/1 scale helmet

Want to be a super hero? Too bad! It won't go on your head!
Nov 11
// Andres Cerrato
Fancy yourself a hero? If you've get the rest of the suit ready to go or just a maniacal villain wanting the heads of heroes on your mantle, Bandai has you covered if you've got the dough. Coming in February to the, you guess...

Tamashii Nation 2012 preview has a load of anime figures

Magi, Strike Witches, Code Geass, To Love-ru, Another, and the kitchen sink join Bandai's many figure lines.
Oct 25
// Jonathan Tubbs
Tamashii Nation 2012 may be tomorrow officially but the preview event is already giving us and then some for figure announcements. We've seen Sailor Moon and Sol Badguy to name a couple of big announcements. Now there's a sle...

Eva, Kamen Rider, and more Bandai at Dengeki Festival

Tiger & Bunny, Kamen Rider, Evangelion, and others also coming later from Bandai.
Oct 22
// Jonathan Tubbs
We've already seen quite a bit from Bandai at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival with series like Durarara!, Senran Kagura, and Strike Witches getting figures. With the number of properties Bandai produces for, of course t...

NYCC 2012: Bandai/Bluefin

Gundams, Dragonball, Star Wars and a giant monkey
Oct 13
// Pedro Cortes
Once again, we're here with a gallery from New York Comic Con! You saw some of the newer things at their booth, but this time around, you'll be checking out Bluefin Distribution's booth and all of their delicious Bandai merch...

Battle it out for three big MegaHouse pre-orders tonight

Tonight's orders: P.O.P Sailing Again Perona, Princess Shirahoshi and GEM Series Barnaby Brooks
Oct 09
// Kristina Pino
Though MegaHouse tweeted about this a while back already, I wanted to make sure that the notice was fresh in your minds for tonight! The One Piece Portraits of Pirates faithful will be up for a heated battle tonight to nab Sa...

Will you go Wild (Tiger) over this S.H. Figuarts release?

I don't care if my wordplay is upside-down face.
Sep 07
// Scarecroodle
Bluefin Distribution will be providing a Western release for the Tamashii web-exclusive S.H. Figuarts "TOP MAG" version of Wild Tiger. Occasionally referred to as the "Crapsuit", this outfit was Wild Tiger's first and, might ...

Power Anime to return to retail this Friday in LA

There's a little something special for those long-distance fans, too.
Sep 05
// Natalie Kipper
Los Angeles-based collectors, rejoice! Power Anime will once again have a physical retail location beginning with its soft opening this Friday, September 7. The store's last location was at the Westside Pavilion mall and I sh...

Keep an eye out for these Banpresto figures

Banpresto's August 2012 prize figure releases
Aug 31
// Kristina Pino
More than a handful of awesome prizes from Banpresto have been released this month, so check these highlights: Blue Exorcist: Petites Rin, Yukio, Amaimon; plush Kuro two Hunter x Hunter DX figures: Killua and Leorio two K-On...

Wild Tiger's 12"PM figure will light up your wallet

Aug 30
// Yami Casas
After months of waiting (nine to be exact) Bandai is set to launch its 12 Perfect Model (12”PM) action figure line. The 12"PM line is designed to represent Bandai's high-end figures which feature meticulous detail work ...

C3 x Chara Hobby 2012: Collectage

Aug 27
// Kristina Pino
Collectage are collections of premium chibi candy toys made by Bandai (here's the link to their main page). So far, the figures they're showing off are from Nisemonogatari and Tiger & Bunny, as well as a teaser for upcomi...

C3 x Chara Hobby 2012: Ichiban Kuji

Aug 27
// Kristina Pino
Thanks to the cool folks at Tokyo Hunter (particularly Ramon McGlown, who took pictures), we've got some great images of what Ichiban Kuji showed at the C3 x Chara Hobby event this weekend. Check out the gallery for pictures ...

Bandai reveals new Tiger & Bunny figure-rise 6 kits

Aug 23
// Yami Casas
The latest scan from Hobby Japan's October issue has popped up with the new additions to Bandai's Tiger & Bunny figure-rise series. The scan featured the figure-rise 6 model kits of Wild Tiger (FamilyMart Version), Barnab...

[REMINDER] Monthly Megapixel: A picnic with Frankenstein

Aug 14 // Kristina Pino
The rules are simple! You don't need to have narrative text in your story, as Scarecroodle and others have proven, in order for it to be good or acceptable. We've had folks make their entries look like comic strips as well, which is also encouraged, creative, acceptable, rad, you name it. There isn't really a minimum or maximum amount of images, although I think one of our readers figured out what the max amount of BBCode image lines are allowed in a c-blog post (it's.. a lot). Your images must be at most 620 pixels wide in order to fit in the page properly, otherwise something's going to get cut off. There isn't a limit to how many images you post, since you're hosting them anyhow. In order to get some images on your blog post, just put them up on Flickr, Photobucket or any of those free image hosting services and link to them using BBCode tags (the line with the [IMG]<text>[/IMG] tags). If you don't have a Tomopop log-in account, you won't be able to create a blog entry. If you're new to these contests, this is your first step! It's quick and easy, and once you're through, you need only click on the "create new blog" button at the top of the page, and title it with "Monthly Megapixel: <your story title here>" to be entered in the contest. Lastly, those of you who don't live in the U.S. or Canada are not excluded from this contest. The only thing we ask is that you cover the shipping if you are to be prized on something. This way, we could open the contest to everyone! I promise it won't cost you an arm and a leg, too. Remember, it doesn't have to be a photographic epic — if it's all you can come up with, you could submit entries with just a few beautiful and descriptive images and it's just fine. It's all about being creative and hitting the mark with the contest theme, by any photographic means possible! If any of you are having issues with the editor and getting your post up, just send an e-mail to me (kristina [at] tomopop [dot] com), or Brian ([at] Tomopop [dot] com), or even our tips@ mail so somebody could get to it. Sometimes a post won't show up on your end and cause some confusion, but will still be visible to everyone else; things could be a little buggy here and there. Just don't panic! I will accept all entries that were completed on time as long as we could see your post, even if we had to recover it after the due date. As I mentioned earlier, this contest is being sponsored by HobbyLink Japan (whee!). The three main prizes will be Chibi-Arts Kotetsu and Taito's Persona 4 Chie and Yukiko (separately). They're all rad, and depending on how many entries we get, I'll toss in some extra prizes on the side, so don't you worry! I also still have some Peanuts Formation Arts figures, also from HLJ, that I can give away. Let's make it another good month! Also, it's opinion poll time! Do you like the regular Megapixel format? Is it too much work, and not enough fun? Speak up! We got so many entries for the last contest, that I'm wondering whether I should condense this a little more? What I like about Monthly Megapixel is it challenges everyone to get creative and have fun with their figures, and I add prizes to sweeten the deal. Should I do more "Micropixel" style contests in between, to give y'all breaks from these bigger contests? Because I can totally do that. After all, they're my contests. I call the shots. Leave me your feedback in the comments section below!

[update: Once again, I forgot to put in the deadline! Thanks for reminding me, tears4dragons... you've got until Monday, August 27 to enter this contest! Good luck, everyone!] August already? Yeesh. So, last month's "Micropix...


Bandai introduces new 12" Perfect Model Series

Aug 11
// Andres Cerrato
The big announcement at Tamashii Features vol. 4 at Hong Kong is the formal introduction of Bandai's new product line, the Perfect Model Series. As to what exactly that means, the line is composed of 12" action figures (read ...

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