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Tenacious Toys

Maddie Kickstarter photo
Maddie Kickstarter

Kickstarter for Bigshot Toyworks' Maddie begins final fundraising push

56 percent of the way there with 10 days to go
Jun 09
// Brian Szabelski
Were you wondering how Bigshot Toywork's Kickstarter for Maddie was coming along? Well, with about 10 days to go, they're at US$20,638 of their US$37,000 goal, or about 56 percent of the way there. Obviously, 44 percent's a b...

Tips for curating an excellent art toy collection without going broke

Jun 02 // Community
Over the past 10 years I've watched the art toy collecting community change. These changes probably would not be apparent to outsiders, but those of us who are deeply entrenched in the community see these trends happening right before our eyes. One of the major changes that has occurred, especially since 2010, is that the active veteran collectors have gotten more focused in their collecting habits. What I mean by that is: after a year or two, a collector will usually stop collecting random blind box figures and start focusing on one type of toy, or a few artists. I first noticed this quite a long time ago with the release of Kathie Olivas' Scavengers. Kathie's fans have been extremely focused for a long time- many of them ONLY collect Kathie's art. They knew what they wanted, and if I couldn't deliver the product, they'd go elsewhere. Simple as that. Multiply that by 500 different artists, each with their own fan base, and you've got a giant group of active collectors who ONLY buy art by specific artists. That means those collectors, many of whom have some disposable income, tend to go straight to the artist to make their purchases. APs and handcrafted items go fast, sold by the artist directly to his or her fans, and often they are signed and include an awesome exclusive item like a sticker or a mini print. It makes a lot of sense to buy direct from the artist. However, not everybody is a seasoned collector, and not all seasoned collectors are that focused. I've been collecting art toys for 10 years, and my own personal collection is really random. I usually collect pieces by artists I know personally, but even then, my habits are random: big, little, production, custom, resin. All over the place. I know some seasoned collectors are the same way. Brand new collectors who are in their first year or two of discovery of art toys tend to collect smaller items like blind boxes and small production vinyl figures, which exposes them to a variety of different artists and aesthetic ideas for a little bit less money. The Dunny by Kidrobot is the archetypal example of this type of product. Let's face it- many of us kicked off our collections with a few blind-boxed Dunnys. The various Kidrobot Dunny Series often pull together many different artists, some of whom have never applied their art toy toys before. Kidrobot does do a good job of showcasing a lot of different artists in their series. It's only been in recent years that fans have been grumbling about seeing the "same old faces" in the Dunny Artist Rosters. (You really can't fault KR for sticking with what works.) And of course, there are many, many other $10/BB series from other companies that introduce collectors to new artists. This act of discovery is one of the best parts about the blind box concept. How to build a hodge-podge collection: Obvious: Searching eBay for "Kidrobot" or "Dunny" will wield many results which are NOT Kidrobot or Dunny…. this is called "keyword spamming" and the intention is to get you to look at a piece by including a non-relevant popular keyword. Kidrobot and Dunny are two of the biggest. While this is irritating to both Kidrobot collectors, and eBay, it is a great way to see a ton of various art toys from different companies! Not just Dunnys. Also, watch Trampt and the Kidrobot forum for pieces being sold by collectors. Sad but true: Surf around on the various art toy shops' websites. This industry is in a state of upheaval, which means as a new collector, you get to take advantage of amazing sales pretty frequently. A lot of us shop owners are slashing prices on items that are 6-12 months old, making semi-recent releases quite affordable. Get on at least 10 of those email lists and I guarantee you'll see a shop running a sale within a week or two. Not so obvious: Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters, Toys R Us. Not kidding- there's a series of Godzilla figures put out by Bandai that were designed by Japanese art toy designer Touma, and that's just one random example of the plethora of art toys that are becoming available in big-box retailers. You can now find items by tokidoki, Kidrobot, Toy2R and The Loyal Subjects in Urban Outfitters or Barnes & Noble. The Loyal Subjects just got picked up by Toys R Us as well! You can kick off your art toy collection no matter where you live! Note that the big-box retailers tend to stock smaller, less unique items, so when you feel like going bigger, or going for small-run items, you'll usually have to start looking at art toy shops online. Get on their email lists! Best emails ever. (see "Sad But True" above) How to build a focused collection: Obvious: A focused collection is one made up of more specific pieces. The most effective way of obtaining specific pieces is to get yourself on the email list of the person/company that produces the pieces, that way you're the first to know when a new piece is going to be released. Not every artist has, or uses, an email list, but most of them do. The ones that want to reach their customers directly will always have an email list signup for somewhere on their website. I do this all the time- most of the pieces I get from the "hot" companies never even hit my shop- I sell them privately via my email list, giving my subscribers the first dibs on those pieces. Not so obvious: Engage the other fans of that artist. Get on the social media accounts or forums associated with the artist or company, and just strike up some friendships. A lot of cool deals start with "Hey everyone, I'm new here but I really love the art of XXX. Anyone selling XXX piece?" PROTIP: Ignore the trolls and haters. The internet is full of them. Block and ignore them. They are not worth your time. Humble and kind people will help you out, as long as you are nice! Even better: attend a show featuring that artist, or a convention. Shake hands, be nice. Buy something. The artist will not forget that interaction. You'd be AMAZED at how you can benefit from true kindness- artists like helping out kind people with secret presales, unreleased items, special stuff they normally don't sell. You might even try paying it forward by mailing them fan art or just a piece of your own artwork. There's no one that appreciates artwork like an artist- it's a truly meaningful gift. I hear about a lot of artists exchanging art with each other. You don't have to be a professional artist to create something fun for someone. Warning: do NOT be a stalker. Stalking means bothering the artist more than once a week, or constantly mailing them stuff with no reciprocation. They are all people. Treat them as you'd like to be treated. [Thanks to Benny for submitting this awesome guide for folks dipping into the world of vinyl/designer/art toy collecting! Please be sure to check out his store if you're hungry for more. Want to contribute a guest post for Tomopop? Shoot us an email at guest_writers (at) tomopop (dot) com.]
Community photo
Tips from a pro
This is a guest post by Benny Kline, who owns and runs Tenacious Toys. He is located in New York and has been in the business for about 10 years. While Tenacious Toys is primarily a storefront for awesome designer art toys, you can also keep up with news from the scene at their blog. Additionally, you can connect with Benny on Twitter and Google+.

Maddie Kickstarter photo
Maddie Kickstarter

Bigshot Toyworks' Maddie rises from the Kickstarter depths

Who says ponies have to be all about friendship?
May 21
// Brian Szabelski
Have you ever thought, "Man, I just wish someone would combine My Little Pony with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?" No? Well, even if not, Bigshot Toyworks' Klim Kozinevich did, and he came up with Four Horsies of t...
Miya-san pre-orders photo
Miya-san pre-orders

Last call for Miya-san pre-orders

Pre-orders close at midnight Friday
Jan 30
// Brian Szabelski
If you haven't ordered Bigshot Toyworks and Martin Hsu's Miya-san yet, but you want to ... time's running out. Pre-orders end Friday at midnight Eastern (9 p.m. Thursday Pacific, 3 a.m. GMT). We've also been sent a little pr...

Love Monster MegaSeth photo
Love Monster MegaSeth

Love Monster MegaSeth comes to Super Series Sundays

Latest addition to Tenacious Toys' line-up comes Feb. 2
Jan 27
// Brian Szabelski
Can't get enough of Lisa Rae Hansen's MegaSeth? The little resin rock 'n' roller returns this Sunday, Feb. 2, as part of Tenacious Toys' Super Series Sundays line-up. This time, it's as the Love Monster Edition, with the shir...
Tenacious Toys resins photo
Tenacious Toys resins

Tenacious Toys offering up a trio of resin releases

Shadoe Delgado, Nerviswr3k and Tony Devito creations listed in shop
Dec 19
// Brian Szabelski
Tenacious Toys have three new resin series on their website, all done in collaboration with We Are Not Toys as blind-boxed resin collectible sets. The series, all hand-painted by the artists who created them, are: Shadoe Del...

Tomopop LinkUP: The Girls und Painter edition

Dec 12 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Wooser is almost here again! Season two returns in January so that means a big product push for all things Wooser. Kahotan has posted this Belle Maison oshiruko soup set that features rubber straps of mascot Shirukuma and Wooser. They also have a pair of Wooser talking pens. Wing gave a very cryptic hint for one of their next figures. The hint is just an offset black and white image of a fleur-de-lis. They'll be doing their official reveal at Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter] in February. Disney has posted on their Insider blog a look at the creation of their Infinity game figures from sketch to final product. The post talks pretty extensively with Art Director Jeff Bunker and Lead Character Designer Jon Diesta of Avalanche Software and their roles in making the game and figures a reality. Chauskoskis appears to be in a Greasebat kind of mood as he's made two of them. Based on Jeff Lamm's characters the first is Dunny baby Greasebat that he has Jeff's OK to make a few resin castings of. The other is an evil Greasebat that is only one of a kind that he put up for auction.  Check out this amazing Iron Samurai kitbash bade by Ken Lee. Reminds me of one of those samurai from Sucker Punch. I thought that movie was kinda awful, but this is very cool! It's 1/6 scale and a nominee for the 3A Customs and Kitbashes 2013 Awards. Good luck! No, I didn't embed an ad into LinkUP. Well, I mean I did, but not for advertising purposes. Matt Hopkins of Custom Papertoys sent along this really cool commercial he worked on for the SPCA. You think stuff like this is done with CG, but it's really stop motion. Matt says he built the models and much of the stop motion.  Tenacious Toys is offering Nerviswrek's Nibirian Drone resin figures by We Are Not Toys. The terrifying little things are hand painted and sold in set of 12 for US$350. Reflective Boundary did a great gallery for Alter's 1/8 Chitanda Eru from Hyouka. I'm glad this show is still getting some great figures, it gives me hope that a second season could be on the horizon! The AmiAmi blog posted a review for the latest Vocaloid GUMI figure. The Megpoid Whisper version made by Aquamarine is in a cute outfit and the bright colors fit her perfectly. She'll be out in February. VISEone displayed six new 16 inch Qee customs at a charity event in Germany recently. His work was a big hit and he even sold one right at the event with all proceeds going to the charity.  Funko is showing off a new series of Uglydoll x DC Comics vinyl figures. Featured are Ice-Bat as Batman, Wedgehead as Robin, and Babo as Superman. They'll be out on February 11.  Ron English has a special Metallic Purple Heart Skull in his PoPaganda store just in time for Christmas gift giving. They're going for US$150 and limited to only 20.  If you've ever wanted to try your hand at building Gunpla with no idea where to start then check out this handy ebook. Mecha Model Guide for Beginners looks to be a very comprehensive guide judging from its preview were it goes deep into all sorts of terminology and even deciphers the little symbols found in the instructions. There's even modeling history in there which could make it a good read even for advanced modelers. The ever-manly Black Star from Soul Eater has gotten the HQS treatment from Tsume with this fantastic looking statue. He's only limited to 250 printed on a metal serial plate and priced at 259€ (about US$356).  Akiba Hobby has posted a review (in Japanese) of Wave's new Beach Queens Chiho from The Devil is a Part-Timer! She'll be out in 2014. Hopefully if she sells really well they'll make a second season of the anime! Tentacle Armada posted a lengthy review of Pop Culture Shock's Katana statue from Mortal Kombat. They've got an awful lot to say about this enormous figure and it sounds like it isn't without its fair share of problems.  And that brings us to the end of another Tomopop LinkUP. See you next week where we'll have another batch of great things to talk about. 
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Seems to have been the week for handmade and limited editions
Hello and welcome back to another round of Tomopop LinkUP! December 12 is observed as 'National Ding-A-Ling Day', a day set aside to watch out for crazy people. I couldn't say why, but doesn't that also mean it's a good day t...

NYCC 2013: Tenacious Toys photo
Loads of designer toys
New York Comic Con seemed to have a lot of vendors there this year, and no surprise, Tenacious Toys was there. However, they didn't just have a few exclusives like the JC Rivera Bearchamp shirt/figure combo; like last year, B...

NYCC exclusives round-up: Designer toys

Oct 03 // Natalie Kipper
In the figure department, we have: Beefy & Co.: Ghost Tribe Warrior x Ghost Edition at booth #222 . Limited to 175 pieces, US$65 each. Clutter: Rotocast Mint Heart Skull by Ron English, "Dali x Crow Bear" by Erick Scarecrow, Count Calorie - Signature Colors edition by Ron English, "Phantom Starkiller: The Cosmic Ghoul Warrior" by Killer Bootlegs, and ManOrMonster Studios' "Warlords of Wor: Weelord Minis" at booth #504. Mint Heart Skull is limited to 30 pieces, price unknown. "Dali x Crow Bear" is limited to 20 pieces, US$35 each. 50 out of the 100  Count Calorie figures will be at Clutter booth (the rest will be sold online after the con), price unknown. Phantom Starkiller is limited to 10 pieces, US$100 each. Warlords of Wor's edition size is unknown, price is US$15 per set. Frombie: Robo Zora Morphers (link) and S2B2 (link) at booth #609. Robo Zora Morphers are limited to 12 pieces per design with each figure costing US$125. S2B2's price is US$200, but edition size is unknown. Myplasticheart: Sideways - NYCC edition by Yoskay Yamamoto (link), Necro Candy Corn Junior by Lou Pimentel, Akashi 5YL - Mono edition by David Bondi (link), Glop in a Box - Radioactive by Andrew Bell, and Negora - NYCC edition by Konatsu at booth #113. Sideways is limited to 100 pieces, US$85 each. Necro Cany Corn Junior's edition size is unknown, US$35 each. Akashi 5YL is limited to 50 pieces at US$65 each. Negora - NYCC's edition size is unknown, US$35 each. Tenacious Toys: VISEone's Zombie Goo - yellow variant (link), MegaSeth Exclusive by Lisa Rae Hansen, Monster Embryo Exclusive by Taylored Curiosities, Smurf Blood Reticulated Box by Carson Catlin, Sippy Shortstraw by UME Toys, Little Bunny Boom Boom - Mountain Dew edition by JFury, The Ewoking Dead by Peter Goral, and Zombie Candy Corn by SoKo Cat at booth #208. Zombie Goo is limited to 100 pieces at US$40 each. MegaSeth is limited to 5 pieces, US$60 each. Monster Embryo is limited to 10 pieces, US$16 each. Smurf Blood Reticulated Box is limited to 10 pieces, US$50 each. Sippy Shortstraw is limited to 10 pieces, US$40 each. Little Bunny Boom Boom is limited to 10 pieces, US$65 each. The Ewoking Dead is limited to 50 pieces, US$80 each. Zombie Candy Corn is limited to 10 pieces, US$45 each. Triplikid & Eunioac: Glow-in-the-Dark Groper by Triplikid at booth #419. Edition size and price unknown. For plushes: Beefy & Co.: Bunnipoo from "The Adventures of Ryupoo" at booth #222. Limited to 100 pieces, US$25 each. Clutter: Gary Ham and Lana Crooks' Neapolitan Hermees and Steff Bomb's Bacon Pancakes at booth #504. Neapolitan Hermees is limited to 5 pieces, US$200 each. Bacon Pancakes are limited to 15 pieces, US$60 each. House of Darkly: Werewolf Candy Corn (link) at booth #214. Limited to 10 pieces, no price given. jellykoe: Goopy Scoops (link) at booth #413. Limited to 5 pieces, US$35 each. Monster Factory:  Giant Colin Monster at booth #508. Limited to 10 pieces, US$75 each. Myplasticheart: Rexy by Leesasaur at booth #113. Edition size unknown, US$40 each. Phil Barbato: Blind Box of Tiny Plush at booth #402. Edition size and price is unknown. Tenacious Toys: Furry Feline Creatives' Tenacious Bogie (link) at booth #208. Limited to 10 pieces, US$40 each. Keep in mind this is the list for only the designer and vinyl toys. The comics-themed toys are in another round-up. Did I miss something? Please share the information in the comments!
NYCC exclusives round-up photo
Here is a handy list of where to get those coveted exclusives
New York Comic Con is almost upon us and I am sure those planning on attending already have their heads swimming with thoughts of lines, swag, and those ever-elusive exclusives. And, while we can't help you out with the first...

NYCC Zombie Goo photo
Colorway coming to Tenacious Toys booth
Tenacious Toys boothVISEone has revealed that his Zombie Goo vinyl collectible will indeed have a special colorway for New York Comic Con. The 8-inch figure will be available in a bright yellow version with some black detail ...

NYCC exclusives photo
Available at booth (#208) in NYCC's The Block
Furry Feline Creatives will once again be joining forces with Tenacious Toys at their New York Comic Con booth (#208 in The Block). To celebrate their partnership, Furry Feline Creatives' Alvin and Cheri Ong have created some...


Carson Catlin's G.I. Joe customs for SubUrban Vinyl

A Real American Hero
May 29
// Kristina Pino
Vanessa recently wrote about the upcoming G.I. Joe Custom Show running over at SubUrban Vinyl in New Jersey, which starts up this Friday, May 31st with Tenacious Toys. She included a few pictures of pieces that'll be shown at...

Save the date: G.I. Joe Custom show at SubUrban Vinyl

Starting on May 31, a custom G. I. Joe event will be held in Waldwick, New Jersey
May 21
// Vanessa Cubillo
Attention, New Jersey! SubUrban Vinyl and Tenacious Toys will be having a G.I. Joe custom show on May 31. Partnered with The Loyal Subjects and Hasbro, this custom toy show will have over 30 artists bringing with them over 1...

Teru Fujita's Androids are more than meets the eye

No, they're not Transformers-themed, but they're still just as cool
May 13
// Brian Szabelski
The latest Tenacious Toys Super Series Sundays release is out, and it's a series of custom 3-inch Androids from Teru Fujita. The initial appearance of the figure is that of a regular DIY Android, so there has to be something ...

A round-up of recent designer releases and teases

Apr 04 // Brian Szabelski
Our pal Bruscolino has a new resin release called BLOMB. Yes, it's a blobby bomb, done in Bruscolino's usual gooey style, and I think it actually works really, really well for this piece. It's a teeny tiny figure at 5 cm tall, and 25 have been made. Right now, there's also a BLOMB plus T-shirt offer at BeOffTheChart for €21.99. A new figure company named pe-cu-liar from Indonesia has a new figure named Euranth they are debuting. It's a sinister-looking plant-like creature based on pe-cu-liar's own creation, the Glandastern myth, and apparently stands about 5 inches tall. No word on a release date or price yet, but hopefully that info is coming soon.  [via TOYSREVIL] HX Studio is making some new resin toys that are set to release soon, also called HX. The designs, which you see above, have a bit of a futuristic look to them and are around 3-4 inches tall. Follow development of the pieces on the October Toys forum. [via Man-E-Toys] Coolrain Studio is best known for the MINDstyle NBA figures they helped design, but now, they've got their own little 3.5-inch figure coming called Sakun. Featuring designs from Youn Seok Kang, Sakun is set to drop this summer with a number of different looks.  [via TOYSREVIL] For Glyos System fans out there, 1Shot Toys has made a new head sculpt. It's a pug. No, really; it's a pug head for your Glyos figures. And better yet, they're only US$10 each and are available in clear or one of six glow-in-the-dark colors. Go get them from the 1Shot Toys shop if you're interested. [via Man-E-Toys] I thought with Instagram being sold to Facebook, we'd seen the last of JC Rivera and Shinbone Creative's Instagram mascot figures. Nope: Man-E-Toys spotted another teaser showcasing the resin figure (currently named Iggy) that's been painted by SmallAngryMonster. No details yet on when to expect it, though, but I still like the design quite a bit myself. He looks awfully friendly! Also on the teaser front, Mike Die is making his first resin piece. It's a cool looking robot originally birthed from a Dunny body (but really no longer resembling it at all) with some very nice, smooth design elements. Plus, you all know how much I like robots. So naturally, I'm looking forward to it [via Man-E-Toys]   Tenacious Toys' latest Super Series Sundays Releases are still available if you're so inclined. First, there's the second wave of the Pillaging Pop Culture series from Task One, available as individual blind boxes, a three-figure set or even the whole series. You don't have to be a scientist to figure out which three classic characters got released this week. And speaking of the Pillaging Pop Culture series ... Here's the preview for the set being released April 14. Also in the Tenacious Toys shop are Kid Ink Industries' Sumo Trooper. The 3-inch resin figure is blind-boxed in three varieties: the blue resin figure is the main release, but the handpainted and GID variants are the chases. They're US$30 both here and in Kid Ink's shop, which hosts the red variant. Finally, Dr. Death is bringing along a new figure called Death, Doom and Destruction. Such a scary sounding name, no? It has an old-school figure feel to it (and it's 5.5 inches tall), with plans for the figure including a clear dome and a brain suspended in the middle of the dome. Dr. Death has a thread in the October Toys forum dedicated to this figure alone, with all sorts of updates, so keep an eye on that if this catches your attention. [via Man-E-Toys]
Lots and lots to explore!
There's been a lot of resin and vinyl releases and teases that have popped up recently. So many, in fact, that we haven't had a whole bunch of time to post them all until now. The easiest way, of course, is a nice round-up wi...

woo, contest! photo
You could win rare, custom, and full cases of Android figures.
This Easter, Google+ user Jim Long wants to fill your baskets with more than just chocolate. Long is holding a major Android giveaway with prizes from many sponsors like VinylRiot, Tenacious Toys, and Fuller Designs. To...


Tenacious Toys announces Super Series Sundays

New limited run releases each Sunday night, starting tonight
Feb 17
// Brian Szabelski
Tenacious Toys has started up a new special release each Sunday night: Super Series Sundays. Starting at 10 p.m. Eastern, the series kicks off tonight with DuBose Art's Species 246 resin figure series. The release tonigh...

Buy Android Series 3 figures open-boxed at Tenacious Toys

HUZZAH for open box sales!
Dec 04
// Kristina Pino
Ever looked at a series of vinyl figures and wanted just one particular design, but didn't want to buy a few blind boxes or pay a "premium" on eBay for it? Tenacious Toys has you covered if Android Series 3 falls into that ca...

NYCC 2012: Tenacious Toys

Oct 17 // Natalie Kipper
Original works and custom creations mingle
Tenacious Toys' booth at New York Comic Con was definitely one for toy collectors that fancy their figures with a touch more hands-on artistry. I believe all of the toys there were either hand-made or created by a smaller gro...


NYCC 2012: Rsin Art

Loads of colorful customs
Oct 15
// Kristina Pino
We already covered Rsin's Agent K figure for Kid Robot, but that isn't all he brought to the show. Check out the gallery for all his other beautiful customs, all done in Rsin's signature whisper style and on display over at Tenacious Toys' booth. To my delight, he had customs of all shapes and sizes, so there's something here to please everyone.

NYCC 2012: Ian Ziobrowski

All the NUGGS in town -- on display!
Oct 15
// Kristina Pino
I'm always impressed with Ian Ziobrowski's work because he's so great at expressions on his customs. I love the faces on his figures -- they make 'em stand out! Check out the gallery for pictures of his recent works which wer...

NYCC 2012: The resin creations of Jacob Jams

Oct 13
// Brian Szabelski
One of the many artists that were at the Tenacious Toys booth this year was Jacob Jams. Jacob's wares on display, including his creations Toothy, Dropping Jaw and Mutation X51Z, were some very cool little resin figures, with ...

[UPDATED] Carson Catlin shows off the goods for NYCC

Look for Carson Catlin and others at Tenacious Toys' booth #3121
Oct 08
// Kristina Pino
[updated: We now have pictures of the 18-inch Qee, labeled THXKW, which will be available at Tenacious Toys for US$500 during NYCC. It's got some nice colors to it!] As most of our favorite designer artists, Carson has been r...

Check out what's in store at Tenacious Toys' NYCC booth!

Oct 03 // Natalie Kipper
The artist collaborators are good folks that will be sharing a portion of the  booth Tenacious Toys. The first of which is Bugs and Plush, a vinyl toy design company (check out my Wonder Con coverage of them here). Next up is Rampage Toys, which focuses on sofubi designs. And last but not least, is Furry Feline Creatives, headed by Alvin and Cheri Ong. Rampage Toys and Furry Feline Creatives will bring con-exclusive merchandise for purchase to the booth, but they aren't the only ones. Here's the rundown on the exclusives: Jon-Paul Kaiser's Pandaimyo Blue Mini Qee (limited to 300 pieces, US$28 each) Scott Tolleson's Uncle Argh Noir Mini Qee (limited to 500 pieces, US$28 each) Furry Feline Creatives' Black CandyCat Purridge (limited to 10 pieces, US$40 each) Rampage Toys' Ugly Unicorn, Manotaur, and Dinosaurs blue resin figures by Jacob JAMS There will also be a few items that will be sold at NYCC before being released to general retail. They are: Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire vinyl figure set (US$50) VISEone's Tube Monsters (all three colorways, US$15 each) Jason Freeny's Gummi Anatomy figures (two colorways) plus prints Rich Page's Dita sculpture And, who wouldn't want to get that new figure signed by the artist? Here is the schedule of artist signings going on throughout the days of the convention: Friday October 12 11am: Jacob JAMS signing his resin figures (including blue Tenacious Exclusive colorways) 2pm: VISEone signing his new Tube Monsters (all 3 colorways) 3pm: Nathan Hamill signing his new Strife & Sire vinyl figure set Saturday October 13 11am: Jason Freeny signing his Gummi Anatomy figures, Gummi Anatomy prints by 1XRUN & the Freeny CAPSL figures 1pm: Jon-Paul Kaiser & J*RYU tag team signing, featuring our exclusive JPK Pandaimyo Blue Mini Qee and J*RYU's Baby Sapling resin figure (also a Tenacious Exclusive) 2pm: Carson Catlin signing, featuring his Reticulated Dunny series 3pm: Rich Page of UME Toys signing, featuring the debut of Dita and a whole slew of other offerings 4pm: JC Rivera signing, featuring assorted customs and resin figures Sunday October 14 2pm: Jason Freeny signing his Gummi Anatomy figures, Gummi Anatomy prints by 1XRUN & CAPSL figures Is there a toy or artist you are particularly excited about? [via Tenacious Toys' blog]  
Signings, exclusives, and collabs!
New York Comic Con is swiftly approaching and Tenacious Toys planning on taking part in a big way. Their booth, number 3121, is one you will certainly want to hit up. Why? Well, how you feel about artist signings? And event e...


Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire to debut at NYCC

Two figures for the price of one!
Oct 01
// Natalie Kipper
New York Comic Con begins in a little bit over a week and Nathan Hamill has announced that he will be debuting his latest vinyl creation at the event. The new work is a pair of figures called "Strife and Sire," featuring a ba...

Resin is King Series 2 arrives Oct. 4

Release party happening at Kidrobot New York
Sep 30
// Brian Szabelski
Earlier this year, we saw the Resin is King series from Tenacious Toys and Dead Hand Toys. Having been a success, the two are joining forces again for Resin is King Series 2! The series features sub-3-inch resin pieces f...

Uncle Argh Noir Edition Qee headed to Tenacious Toys

Exclusive to be on sale Wednesday, Sept. 19
Sep 18
// Brian Szabelski
You might remember back in March, we posted about a Kickstarter for Scott Tolleson, Toy2R and Tenacious Toys' Uncle Argh Noir Edition Qee. Well, the Kickstarter was a success, the Qees have been shipped off to the backers, an...

NEMO customizes some Sharkys for Tenacious Toys

Aug 28
// Kristina Pino
Check out the gallery for images of what Mike "NEMO" Mendez has done to two of his Sharky figures (sculpted by NEMO and produced by ToyQube)! One of them looks plain old mean, while the other is a zombie shark. It looks prett...

Carson Catlin's Tenacious Toys-exclusive Munnyworld set

Aug 06
// Kristina Pino
Carson's been busy! We only just saw this neat video of him creating one of his signature cuts customs on a vinyl figure, and he's back now with a full series of Munnyworld figures that will be sold exclusively by Tenacious T...

Mike 'NEMO' Mendez's Hello Gummi is too sweet

Apr 23
// Kristina Pino
NEMO sent over an image of this 9" custom Hello Kitty piece done Tiki style on Saturday for the Candy-Coated Custom Show, currently displaying cool art toys at New York thanks to The London Candy Company and Tenacio...

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