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12:00 PM on 01.30.2014

Last call for Miya-san pre-orders

If you haven't ordered Bigshot Toyworks and Martin Hsu's Miya-san yet, but you want to ... time's running out. Pre-orders end Friday at midnight Eastern (9 p.m. Thursday Pacific, 3 a.m. GMT). We've also been sent a little pr...

Brian Szabelski


Up to 90% off this week at Paypal's Spring Gaming Sale

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Love Monster MegaSeth comes to Super Series Sundays photo
Love Monster MegaSeth comes to Super Series Sundays
by Brian Szabelski

Can't get enough of Lisa Rae Hansen's MegaSeth? The little resin rock 'n' roller returns this Sunday, Feb. 2, as part of Tenacious Toys' Super Series Sundays line-up. This time, it's as the Love Monster Edition, with the shirt featuring Tenacious Toys' pit bull of the same name (and yes, Love Monster is a real dog).

If you want one of the eight Love Monster MegaSeths that have been made, they'll be on sale Sunday at 6 p.m. Eastern (11 p.m. GMT, 3 p.m. Pacific) at Tenacious Toys, priced at US$60 each. They also come with a mini-print and button as part of the deal.

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Tenacious Toys offering up a trio of resin releases photo
Tenacious Toys offering up a trio of resin releases
by Brian Szabelski

Tenacious Toys have three new resin series on their website, all done in collaboration with We Are Not Toys as blind-boxed resin collectible sets. The series, all hand-painted by the artists who created them, are:

  • Shadoe Delgado's Shadowlings, a collection of 10 designs, all 3-inch figures, that remind me of something you'd expect to see in a dark fantasy realm;
  • Nerviswr3k's Nibirian Drones, a series of 3-inch figures with 12 different designs (plus chases) that are pretty similar to a lot of Nervis' past, alien-like monsters;
  • Tony Devito's Best Buds, a set of 3-inch figures based on Tony's Best Bud character, with 15 different designs available (plus chases)

All three are available either as blind-boxed individual figures (Shadowlings - US$35; Nibirian Drones - US$35; Best Buds - US$29.99) or full sets of all the figures (Shadowlings - US$300; Nibirian Drones - US$350; Best Buds - US$420), exclusively at Tenacious Toys.

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Tomopop LinkUP: The Girls und Painter edition photo
Tomopop LinkUP: The Girls und Painter edition
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hello and welcome back to another round of Tomopop LinkUP! December 12 is observed as 'National Ding-A-Ling Day', a day set aside to watch out for crazy people. I couldn't say why, but doesn't that also mean it's a good day to act crazy? I don't see why not! After all there's a very fine line between genius and insanity and it probably takes a good amount of both to make it in the figure world. 

This week we're looking at some brilliantly warped works from a number of designers and customizers as well as a number of great looking ladies along with a few other things. 

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NYCC 2013: Tenacious Toys and friends photo
NYCC 2013: Tenacious Toys and friends
by Brian Szabelski

New York Comic Con seemed to have a lot of vendors there this year, and no surprise, Tenacious Toys was there. However, they didn't just have a few exclusives like the JC Rivera Bearchamp shirt/figure combo; like last year, Benny from Tenacious Toys had rented out little parts of his booth to other smaller companies and artists, who brought their work along for the ride.

VISEone's Zombie Goo was there, as promised, along with plenty of custom creations from Kris Dulfer and the Gundam-inspired Machine Type AW177 Stealth Edition Munny from AW177 that was in the OutsmART Originals corner of the booth.

Check out the gallery below for a glimpse at what was on display, and let us know if you see anything that catches your eye in the comments!

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NYCC exclusives round-up: Designer toys photo
NYCC exclusives round-up: Designer toys
by Natalie Kipper

New York Comic Con is almost upon us and I am sure those planning on attending already have their heads swimming with thoughts of lines, swag, and those ever-elusive exclusives. And, while we can't help you out with the first two, we can make sifting through that long list of exclusives a little easier.

After the break, you will find the NYCC-exclusive designer toys, divided into figures and plushes, with booth numbers, prices, and edition sizes provided. If we previously covered the toy on Tomopop, we threw in that link as well. Hopefully, this will help with planning and make your con experience easier. Keep a look-out for the companion piece to this post detailing the comics toys! Oh, and happy shopping!

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VISEone's yellow Zombie Goo seeps into NYCC photo
VISEone's yellow Zombie Goo seeps into NYCC
by Brian Szabelski

Tenacious Toys boothVISEone has revealed that his Zombie Goo vinyl collectible will indeed have a special colorway for New York Comic Con. The 8-inch figure will be available in a bright yellow version with some black detail accents. Only 100 of these will be available, and they'll be at the Tenacious Toys booth (#208).

If you like the yellow variant (I don't because I prefer the original green color), they'll be US$40 each.

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Furry Feline Creatives unleashes NYCC 2013 exclusive photo
Furry Feline Creatives unleashes NYCC 2013 exclusive
by Natalie Kipper

Furry Feline Creatives will once again be joining forces with Tenacious Toys at their New York Comic Con booth (#208 in The Block). To celebrate their partnership, Furry Feline Creatives' Alvin and Cheri Ong have created something extra-sprecial for their con-exclusive. The plush is a new character in Furry Feline lore, a dog by the name of Bogie. It seems he was rather nosy and wandered into the Tenacious Toys' warehouse. Somewhere in his travels, he managed to spill blue paint all over him, transforming him into a sort-of likeness of Tenacious Toy's canine mascot.

This edition is dubbed "Tenacious Bogie" and is limited to 10 pieces, each one handmade with love by Cheri Ong. Each 15-inch plush will cost US$40. This plush can only be found at NYCC's booth #208!

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9:00 AM on 05.29.2013

Carson Catlin's G.I. Joe customs for SubUrban Vinyl

Vanessa recently wrote about the upcoming G.I. Joe Custom Show running over at SubUrban Vinyl in New Jersey, which starts up this Friday, May 31st with Tenacious Toys. She included a few pictures of pieces that'll be shown at...

Kristina Pino

9:30 PM on 05.21.2013

Save the date: G.I. Joe Custom show at SubUrban Vinyl

Attention, New Jersey! SubUrban Vinyl and Tenacious Toys will be having a G.I. Joe custom show on May 31. Partnered with The Loyal Subjects and Hasbro, this custom toy show will have over 30 artists bringing with them over 1...

Vanessa Cubillo

Teru Fujita's Androids are more than meets the eye photo
Teru Fujita's Androids are more than meets the eye
by Brian Szabelski

The latest Tenacious Toys Super Series Sundays release is out, and it's a series of custom 3-inch Androids from Teru Fujita. The initial appearance of the figure is that of a regular DIY Android, so there has to be something hidden inside, right? That would be correct: if you press a little button on the back of the Android, the head lifts up and reveals a sculpted robot head underneath with LED-illuminated eyes. The mechanism is spring-loaded, according to Tenacious Toys, so when you take your finger off the button, the head goes back down and the eyes turn off. It does require a large button battery to illuminate the eyes, and you can see in the photos that the battery is hidden inside one of the Android's legs.

If you want one for yourself, there's eight of these little guys up in the Tenacious Toys store for US$200 each. Yeah, not cheap for a custom, but do keep in mind that a.) they're a very limited run and b.) there's a ton of mechanical components that go into creating these little guys. We've put a few videos after the jump if you want to see how they work for yourself; I'm quite impressed with the mechanical aspects of this custom figure!

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A round-up of recent designer releases and teases photo
A round-up of recent designer releases and teases
by Brian Szabelski

There's been a lot of resin and vinyl releases and teases that have popped up recently. So many, in fact, that we haven't had a whole bunch of time to post them all until now. The easiest way, of course, is a nice round-up with all the info you'll need to know about these new pieces, and there's quite a bit to check out, from childhood friends to smiling corporate logos.

Hit the jump to check out the little bits of news and notes, and let us know if you have a favorite!

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