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SDCC 2015: Koto Bishoujo photo
SDCC 2015: Koto Bishoujo

[Update] SDCC 2015: Kotobukiya's Bishoujo sketches reveal Metal Gear Bishoujo line, more

Here's your ladies from Koto
Jul 08
// Andres Cerrato
[Update 9:00 AM EST] Added overnight are Marvel Bishoujo Spider-Gwen and DC Bishoujo Harley Quinn version 2! Stay tuned for more updates as the weekend goes on! Comic-Con is here, which means Kotobukiya is bringing out the bi...
Bishoujo Anna Williams photo
I'm not quite sure what she's doing in that pose
What was teased in July has now become a real thing: here's Kotobukiya's Tekken Bishoujo Anna Williams! The translation from illustration to figure went pretty well. While Anna's pose looks a bit silly from some angles, at le...

NYCC 2014: Kotobukiya photo
NYCC 2014: Kotobukiya

NYCC 2014: Kotobukiya

The perfect accompaniment to Kotobukiya's panel
Oct 11
// Natalie Kipper
After reading all about Kotobukiya's future products in Tian's overview of their panel at this year's New York Comic-Con, I am sure you are chomping at the bit to feast your optical nerves on the company's booth from the...
Wonder Festival photo
Wonder Festival

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Koto Bishoujo Street Fighter/Tekken

More beautiful fighting ladies
Jul 26
// Vanessa Cubillo
Kotobukiya's Bishoujo figures are always a highlight at every event they're at. From the Street Fighter line, Chun-Li is in her same figure pose, but this time she's wearing her pink outfit instead of blue. We also see a figu...

Kotobukiya photo

SDCC 2014: Kotobukiya - Bishoujos

One of the loveliest corners of the floor
Jul 25
// Pedro Cortes
You didn't think that I'd leave out the Bishoujos, did you? Of course not, what would a Kotobukiya booth tour be without the popular line of ladies interpreted by Shunya Yamashita? It wouldn't be complete, that's what. And let me tell you, Kotobukiya really outdid themselves this year at San Diego Comic Con. Hit the jump to see the photos we got on the show floor as well as my impressions.
Tekken photo
The fight continues
Kotobukia has posted a teaser image for what appears to be a Tekken Bishoujo of Anna Williams along with the caption, "Try showing me a good time." Anna's teaser joins teasers for a Marvel Bishoujo Wasp, DC Bishoujo Zatanna, and Street Fighter Bishoujo Sakura in a very teaser-filled month. Full image in gallery.

Bishoujo Nina photo
Breaking hearts, breaking spines
I've had a bad feeling about Bishoujo Nina Williams ever since we saw some brief prototype shots at WonderCon earlier this year. Now Kotobukiya have unveiled a gallery of the finish article and oh my god what is even going on...

WonderCon 2014: Kotobukiya's Spring Preview panel, Part 1

Apr 21 // Natalie Kipper
Firstly, it should be noted that this panel did not deal with any model kits or toys not destined to reach North American audiences. In other words, the toys shown will see the light of day outside Japan, at least in North America (I am not sure about Europe). The panel started off with talks of the exclusive toys for San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic-Con. SDCC will have two as yet unnamed pieces and NYCC will have one. More news will, of course, be revealed as those events draw closer. In the world of anime, we saw slides of Rage of Bahamut's Dark Angel Olivia and Sword Art Online's Leafa, both of which release next month, along with Fairy Dance Asuna, due out in October of this year. It was also revealed that Kotobukiya is currently working out the details for handling the Attack on Titan license. That news received a large amount of fanfare from the panel's audience. Moving on to the Star Wars universe, we confirmed that Bishoujo Mara Jade will have an interchangeable base, allowing it to bare the insignia of either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. The next announcement was the ArtFX+ Sandtrooper Squad Leader two-pack and the ArtFX+ Sandtrooper Squad Sergeant single-pack. Both figure sets were on display at Kotobukiya's booth after the panel. The previously announced ArtFX+ Han Solo and Chewbacca two-pack will be followed by a two-pack of Luke and Leia. The four figures can be posed together. Next up was the realm of gaming, starting with the news that Kotobukiya would now be making figures of characters from the Halo series. Along with that reveal came images of the the first release in the line, ArtFX Master Chief. The figure will have limited posing capability and come packaged with rife and hand grenade accessories (which he will be able to hold). For the Street Fighter series, we saw additional pictures of Bishoujo Cammy (her base will be clear; not black like in the photo), set to release this September. Following her in the Street Fighter Bishoujo line will be Juri, which we saw concept art of. And for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the next Bishoujo statue for that line will be Nina Williams. That's all for part one of the Kotobukiya Spring Preview 2014 panel. Part two will be coming up shortly. Look forward to it! 
WonderCon 2014 Kotobukiya photo
Covering the anime, Star Wars, and gaming portions
For a toy collector, if you only attended one panel at last weekend's WonderCon, it was Kotobukiya's Spring Preview. They had licensing announcements. They had prototypes. They had concept art a plenty. Heck, they even had a ...

WonderCon 2014 Kotobukiya photo
WonderCon 2014 Kotobukiya

WonderCon 2014: Kotobukiya

All of the Bishoujos, comics, and Star Wars stuff you love
Apr 20
// Tianxiao Ma
Kotobukiya didn't bring much (if anything) new to WonderCon, which is understandable as it's not a tentpole convention in the US. However our determined editor Natalie covered their booth all the same despite being sick as a ...
Kotobukiya photo

Toy Fair 2014: Kotobukiya

Bishoujos, DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and more!
Feb 20
// Vanessa Cubillo
Kotobukiya is always fun to see at conventions because you never know what new stuff they’ll have. Their recently revealed DC Bishoujo Starfire was on full display, and actually looks better in person than those promo ...
WF 2014W: Koto Bishoujo photo
WF 2014W: Koto Bishoujo

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Kotobukiya Bishoujo Roundup

DC Bishoujo Starfire painted!
Feb 09
// Tianxiao Ma
Most of Kotobukiya's newer Bishoujo figures were up at WonFes, included a painted Starfire sculpt for DC fans! I think she looks great; her green eyes really stand out, and the sculpting on her hair is awesome. We've seen the...
Bishoujo Nina Williams photo
Bishoujo Nina Williams

Tekken Tag Bishoujo Nina Williams enters the arena

Enter the ring as a blonde purple assassin
Feb 08
// Andres Cerrato
I'm kind of amazed at how many Bishoujo figures that Kotobukiya has released. Of the many releases, I'm most surprised at the amount from Tekken Tag 2. Not that it doesn't have a great roster for release, but that it's gone o...

Tomopop Review: Tekken Bishoujo Xiaoyu by Kotobukiya

Nov 26 // Tianxiao Ma
Figure Name: Tekken Bishoujo Ling XiaoyuFigure Maker: KotobukiyaRetail Price: US$64.99Available at: Koto US  Xiaoyu seems like a great fit for a Shunya Yamashita redesign as she has a lot in common with some of his original designs. Spunky girls in qipaos appear to be a large part of Yamashita's repertoire. The box has the normal Tekken Bishoujo look. On the reverse is a teaser for Jun Kazama. I know those are birds on her outfit, but she looks like she's dressed as a Holstein cow. Xiaoyu is definitely not sporting any farm animal motifs on her outfit. Xiaoyu's design follows fairly closely to her Tekken 6 look, except here she's not wearing any shorts. Her dress is also much, much shorter. Honestly it looks like she just forgot to put on a bottom, but I guess it would be practical for fighting. Yay? No, Xiaoyu has not escaped the sexualized Shunya redesign. Now I personally don't have a problem with it (it's more playful and cute than overtly ero), but if this isn't your thing, then you've been warned. Modesty isn't much of a concern here. From the front, there's just the tiniest tease of visible panties. Turn Xiaoyu around, though, and it's all butt and underwear. The last few Tekken Bishoujo figures I've reviewed have all done very well in the derriere department. Her pose isn't super dynamic, but it does resemble something a fighter would use. The other Bishoujo figures have more random, pinup-style poses, but I think Xiaoyu is the only one striking a martial arts stance. I tried to see if it was based on an actual martial art - baguazhang seems closest. Tekken Bishoujo figures have a history of well-sculpted legs, and that fine tradition continues here. The musculature, especially around the knees, looks very realistic. Combined with soft but well-shaded skin tones, her legs look utterly lifelike. Here's a photography tip: if you have a figure with nice legs, use a hard rim light to highlight them. Although the comic book Bishoujo figures have decorative bases, the Tekken Bishoujos all come with these interchangeable designs. I chose to go with the art and title card, but you get your pick of three. Xiaoyu is not a busty girl, and Yamashita stayed true to that by not giving her a bust upgrade. However, she did get an ab upgrade. This is a girl who has been doing her crunches! Generally I didn't notice any unsightly seams or mold lines. You can see some seams on her side, but they're actually well hidden. As with the other Tekken Bishoujo figures, Kotobukiya is offering superb craftsmanship for the $64.99 price point. You don't even have to bother with international shipping on these. I've seen a lot of mixed reactions to the Bishoujo faces on the internet. I think Xiaoyu's face is very good - probably second best to Alisa Bosconovitch. It is pretty different from the game model (and from most Shunya faces too); it doesn't look that much like Xiaoyu, so caveat emptor. But the thing is, I don't like Xiaoyu's official design that much so this face is an improvement in my opinion. With this, I have yet another addition to my magnificent legs harem. Xiaoyu may be close to eking out MegaHouse's Siggy for the top spot - her legs are that good. This figure is just great to have in general if you're into Tekken figures. If the accuracy of the face isn't a concern for you, then there isn't really anything else that could be a deal breaker. Chalk up another very solid effort from Kotobukiya. Keep these gals coming! [Thanks to Kotobukiya for the review sample!]
Tekken Bishoujo Xiaoyu photo
The outfit is practical for fighting
It felt like yesterday when Kotobukiya's Tekken Bishoujo figures were just a nascent product line. The series has filled out quite a bit since it was first announced, and now everyone's favorite fighting Chinese schoolgirl ha...

NYCC 2013 photo
NYCC 2013

NYCC 2013: Kotobukiya Bishoujo

Shunya has done right by these ladies
Oct 11
// Andres Cerrato
After taking a brief look around Kotobukiya's booth, some of you were undoubtedly impressed by the assortment of Bishoujo figures. As any good man would, sometimes you have to go back and take a second look. In doing so, I wa...
Kotobukiya photo

NYCC 2013: Kotobukiya

Bishoujos...Bishoujos everywhere
Oct 11
// Vanessa Cubillo
At this year's Kotobukiya booth there were lots of new figures for fans to see. These last couple of days they've been releasing teasers for new figures in their Bishoujo lines and these teasers and figures were in attendanc...
Bishoujo Jun Kazama photo
She's one hot mama who looks good from any angle
Tekken's Jun Kazama has jumped from the video game world to the figure world, and she's ready to show it all off. This is one hot mama who looks absolutely gorgeous, and anyone should be proud to have her in their collection ...


Kotobukiya releases images of Bishoujo Jun Kazama

Coming in March 2014
Sep 06
// Vanessa Cubillo
Kotobukiya has just released images of their newest Tekken Bishoujo figure, Jun Kazama. After seeing her illustration, done by Shunya Yamashita, revealed in March, we're finally seeing how the actual figure will look like. J...

SDCC 2013: Kotobukiya

Jul 21 // Natalie Kipper
SDCC 2013: Kotobukiya photo
A boatload of reveals heading your way
Kotobukiya's booth at this year's San Diego Comic Con was like a four-sided gallery of beautiful new figures, peppered with teaser placards for ones that have yet to be seen. It was all very exciting! Let's start with some of...


Tekken Bishoujo Xiaoyu enters the arena of pre-orders

I see London, I see France...
Jun 27
// Andres Cerrato
Last time eyes were laid on Xiaoyu, she was but a sketch at WonFes and Wonder Con. Fast forward, the Tekken Bishoujo release has moved into productions and pre-order. Upon seeing the sculpt and final result, I'm sure the same...

Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's Tekken Bishoujo Lili

May 16 // Tianxiao Ma
Figure Name: Tekken Bishoujo LiliFigure Maker: KotobukiyaRetail Price: US$64.99Available at: Koto US I decided to skip the customary box shot because it's pretty much the same as the other Tekken Bishoujo boxes. Lili comes very well packaged, with most of the figure wrapped in plastic. Before I get to the figure, I want to note that her feet attach to the base via slots instead of pegs. This method made for a loose fit for my Jaycee figure, but the connection is very secure for Lili. The main criticism I've heard is that her face doesn't look right. The issue is that the hair just overwhelms it, making the rest of her head look gigantic and oddly narrow. This is true of Shunya Yamashita's original illustration too, and kind of true for the official character design. Speaking of Yamashita's design, he seems to have taken some artistic license with Lili. The outfit reflects her trademark style: goth loli boots, the ascot tie, and lots of frills. However, it shows much more cleavage and midriff than the official design. Here we arrive at my favorite feature: her legs! It's a combination of sculpting and painting that make them magnificent. They look muscular, as if in the act of flexing. Kotobukiya did a great job capturing the look of legs in motion, slightly strained under the weight of the body. In concert with the lovely skin tones, Lili's legs — especially the back — catch the light very well. Next you have to look at what the legs are attached to. Some readers complained that Jaycee didn't have enough of a butt. Well I think Lili is beyond adequate in that department. The best thing about her butt is not the shape, but the fact that her skirt is lifted up just enough for you to see it. Since I'm a perv, I very much appreciated this detail. See? Just that little bit of a skirt flutter turns a good butt into an amazing one. You'll also notice that Lili's panties are pretty fancy. Someone at Kotobukiya put a lot of effort into sculpting them, so be sure to pay them their due attention. The rest of the outfit was sculpted with the same attention to detail. I've never sculpted anything in my life, but it can't be easy to make all those wrinkles and frilly bits. The checkered pattern on her tie is well done, and even Lili's choker (which you can barely see) looks good. The level of detail exceeded my expectations, as did the quality of the sculpt and the paint job. This figure is just really well-made; it gets even better when you realize it won't break the bank. When you have a low-key scene like the above with plenty of shadows and contrast, you can start to appreciate just how elaborate the outfit is. On the flip side, if you blast the figure with light, you can see all the detail and movement of her hair. Ignoring the part that frames Lili's face, the rest of her hair is very well-made. It conveys a sense of flow and movement while the use of translucent materials gives it lightness. Without a strong backlight, it retains a bit of depth and shading. Lili fits in well with Alisa Bosconovitch. Alisa has a better face, but I think Lili has by far the better body sculpt. In terms of the ability to pull off fluttery outfits and the color pink, I'll say it's a wash. I've been pleased with my growing harem of Tekken Bishoujo figures. The game features some outlandish character designs, and they translate well as figures. Lili's design isn't super fanciful, but Kotobukiya managed to make the figure interesting and charming in other ways. The deal breaker, though, is whether or not you can live with her face. If you don't mind it, you'll be very happy with the quality of the rest of the figure. If you forced yourself to buy it despite not liking her face, I guess you could always display her backside. [Thanks to Kotobukiya for this review sample!]
Tekken Bishoujo Lili photo
Prepare to enter the top tier of legs
I haven't played a lot of Tekken games in my life, but I am enjoying Kotobukiya's Tekken Bishoujo figures. Overall, it's a solid line of figures. The latest one to arrive is Emilie de Rochefort, otherwise known as Lili. This figure has its unique charms, as I was pleased to discover during the review process. Read on to see what I mean!

Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's Tekken Bishoujo Jaycee

Apr 24 // Tianxiao Ma
Figure Name: Tekken Bishoujo JayceeFigure Maker: KotobukiyaRetail Price: US$64.99Available at: Koto US  I've found that this figure sums up the spirit of the Bishoujo series in a nutshell. It's colorful, fanservice-y, cute, a bit silly, and even slightly whimsical. These things also sum up many of Tekken's female characters, so the two make a great pairing. There will be no great mystery as to Jaycee's identity with this figure. As you can see, she comes unmasked in the box. The package includes the two heads, one ponytail piece, a mask that fits in her hand, and three inserts for the base. Shunya Yamashita often alters the designs of Marvel and DC characters to give them skimpier clothing. He had to do no such thing with Jaycee because her outfit's already plenty skimpy in-game. Even with the mask on, you can see some of the hallmarks of Shunya Yamashita's style. When I first saw the figure, I thought something weird was going on with her lower lip - like she had a bit of the Habsburg lip going on. Upon closer inspection, Jaycee's actually sticking her tongue out. This discovery upped the cuteness by several orders of magnitude. Jaycee's stance exudes confidence. It's not an action pose; it's more of a winning pose. I like that it still shows some movement, accentuated by her flowing hair. Kotobukiya did a good job with the feathers. They don't look like globs of plastic. Instead there's some definition to them along with a feel of lightness. The production quality here is good but a notch below top tier. I didn't notice any distracting mold lines, but there were some small gaps where the body parts were fitted together. They're barely visible to the naked eye, but will be more easily spotted in photographs. The paint job is mostly clean. Again, you'll struggle to notice imperfections with just your eyes, but they will show up in photographs. You can display Jaycee masked or unmasked. I'm not sure which one I like better. She does have a nice face so you can't go wrong either way. I do wish her eyes were brightened a bit, but I don't have any real complaints about her face. Kotobukiya includes a separate mask to go with the unmasked head. This fits into Jaycee's hand. The chin straps are flexible, so you just need to bend them into place. I have to give Kotobukiya props for this sculpt. The texture and finish on her costume look very much like the vinyl used in real wrestling outfits. You can see above that her shoes are a bit strange. They kind of look like platform boots but they have no heels. The official art shows that they're just flat-soled boots, so I guess Jaycee's actually standing on her toes with this pose. Speaking of her shoes, they connect to the base via slots instead of pegs. This improves the fit but also seems to make for a looser connection. Whenever I picked the figure up, the base would fall off. It's not a big deal as long as you're careful. I often find that figures have a character to them that come out during the photo shoot. Some figures tell you how to look at them while others get you to think about how to look at them, if that makes sense. Jaycee is one of the latter, and that's why I had so much fun shooting this set. Ultimately that's what I enjoyed about this figure. It has personality, and that goes a long way. [Thanks to Kotobukiya for this review sample!]
Bishoujo Jaycee review photo
Fighting game storylines and wrestling storylines are often alike
Tekken seems to have returned to its status as Namco's flagship fighting game series with several new titles having come out in the last few years. One such title is Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is where Jaycee comes f...


Kotobukiya's Tekken Bishoujo Lili is open for pre-order

For fans of the Tekken Bishoujo line, Lili will soon be available.
Apr 12
// Vanessa Cubillo
After being shown at the Miyazawa Model Expo, Tekken Bishoujo Lili is up for pre-order. Coming from the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Bishoujo statue line, Emilie "Lili" Rochefort first appeared in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, and...

Tekken Bishoujo Jun Kazama illustration revealed

No other details yet, of course
Mar 25
// Brian Szabelski
Kotobukiya has just posted the Bishoujo Jun Kazama illustration to its Facebook page, and no surprise, Shunya Yamashita has put a little more sexiness into the Tekken fighter. Based on an illustration Shunya did for Tekken Ta...

Toy Fair 2013: Square Enix

If you like Play Arts Kai, this is the post for you
Feb 12
// Brian Szabelski
Fans of Square Enix's Play Arts Kai line probably wish they could have seen Square Enix's booth at Toy Fair 2013. It was an avalanche of Play Arts Kai figures of all shapes and sizes from a ton of different franchises. Here's...

Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Kotobukiya Bishoujo Chun Li

Oh and Ling Xiaoyu is going Bishoujo too
Feb 09
// Andres Cerrato
She exists! She's finally there, albeit in sketch only. When Kotobukiya announced it had acquired the Street Fighter license for their Bishoujo figures, I only wanted Chun Li and was thrilled when she was announced as the fir...

Tekken X Street Fighter Minimates wave 2 soon

The cross-over continues
Dec 22
// Scarecroodle
The second wave of Diamond Select Toys' Tekken X Street Fighter (not to be confused with the similar-sounding Street Fighter X Tekken) will be hitting retail soon. The wave of twelve Minimates, some of which are store exclusi...

Kotobukiya has more Tekken, Shining Blade, and others

Mikoto dresses for the beach again and the Dark Magician Girl poses in a cute super deformed fashion.
Nov 22
// Jonathan Tubbs
Kotobukiya has many titles that it can easily pluck from to bring regular releases and the latest magazine scans show that still to be true. The company has more coming from the Shining series, more for their Tekken Bishoujo ...

Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Kotobukiya

Plamo, PVC, and whatever else you like
Nov 07
// Tianxiao Ma
Kotobukiya had a diverse array of products on display at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition. You can see some of their character model kits, such as the Combat-san Rookie, Yotsuba&!'s Danbo (and miniature version) and Yotsuba,...

Tomopop Review: Tekken Bishoujo Asuka Kazama

Oct 15 // Kristina Pino
Figure Name: Tekken Bishoujo Asuka KazamaFigure Maker: KotobukiyaRetail: US$59.99Available at: Koto US Here's my obligatory shot of the box! Unlike the other classes of Bishoujo figures, Tekken boxes are black rather than white. Besides this, there's nothing too different than usual, and her box is only as big as it needs to be. Nice and slim.  Now that we've freed her, let's take a look at the turnaround. My immediate reaction is "whoa, nice abs!" All three Tekken Bishoujo girls have been sculpted by Busujimax, and all three of them have had solid, muscular bellies.  Once I was through staring at her abs, I got to noticing her cute and lively pose, lovely haircut and huge eyes. Many of the complaints I saw about this figure prior to release had to do with her face, the pointy chin and the lack of girlish chubbiness. I think she might have looked kind of ridiculous if her face had come out much rounder, though. Just think of this muscular, womanly body with a much younger-looking face.  So she's got this zippered top with some cleavage showing, elbow pads and gloves, then shorts with her signature jacket tucked into it. Everything is black, white, or varying shades of blue and purple, with a little green on the boots -- a beautiful palette combination that's easy on the eyes and photographs well.  Here's a better look at her jacket. It's just hanging there, and it isn't flexible enough to fold up for a look at her butt or anything. It isn't removable either. This isn't a complaint -- I'm just saying.  Her top has the haltered ribbon and a thin strap in the back. I like the touch with the ribbon as it adds a bit of movement and volume to the view from the back. The strap digs in to her skin a little bit -- just enough to add that touch of realism.  She's got those elbow pads and gloves on her arms. The sculpt and paint work, as usual, are stellar here. This time around, our spotlight girl is wearing a very light pink nail polish, which is hardly noticeable. It's a nice touch, and I'm glad a color like white or blue wasn't chosen.  I don't know what it is about her boots, but I love them. She's got these socks and sneakers with shin guards on them, going all the way up to just below the knee. They're serious business -- ready for most sports and very cleanly detailed. The purple to blue gradient in the back is attractive and adds a nice splash of color there, too. Asuka's face has been the subject of much ... contention? Debate? throughout her production. It is definitely not as chubby and young-looking as the original illustration portrays, but I personally enjoy the changes. Her big eyes and thin face make her look a bit older, and the flip haircut compliments it amazingly well. Her pose with the hand over her eyes and the winking is cute, and like most Bishoujo figures these days, she's easy on the make-up, only wearing some bright pink lipstick. Her mouth has a nice shape to it and going back to the hair -- the seam is well-hidden.  I hardly have any complaints about this figure. In fact, I didn't notice any paint goofs besides one minor blemish on the strap of her top, and if I really wanted to be picky, I might have something to say about this woman's diet. Get her a burger! But in all seriousness, if you're not too hung up about the designs over her classic Tekken portrayal, she's a wonderful addition to the Bishoujo line and looks much better in person (and on your shelf next to her co-stars Christie and Alisa).  The next Tekken girl in the line is Jaycee, which features new posing options (masked or mask-free face) and a very interesting costume. I'm looking forward to it! [Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing Tomopop with this review sample.]
Review sponsored by Kotobukiya
I've enjoyed all of the Tekken Bishoujo designs so far (reviews: Christie Monteiro, Alisa Bosconovitch), so I was more than excited to get Asuka in the mail recently. I know some folks had taken issue with her though, either ...

NYCC 2012: Square Enix

Oct 13 // Brian Szabelski
Old faces return to New York
Square Enix's booth at New York Comic Con was, of course, home to a number of released and future Play Arts Kai figures on display, along with other collectible goodies. Some of them we've seen before, like the Tekken Play Ar...

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