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10:00 AM on 03.13.2014

UPDATE: Wing's Rock 'n' Roll Valentine Sonico is a sweet treat

Wing has posted some more photos of their upcoming Rock 'n' Roll Valentine Sonico figure, featuring everyone's favorite pink-haired rock 'n' roller with a chocolate guitar and a tiny swimsuit. It's based on an illustration, a...

Brian Szabelski


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Tomopop LinkUP: Gold Medal Panic photo
Tomopop LinkUP: Gold Medal Panic
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! It's been a pretty busy week in all sorts of ways. We're still plowing our way through Wonder Festival coverage with the shadow of Toy Fair looming over us. But outside of that the Olympics are in full swing once again and Valentine's Day is tomorrow, probably the two best events for precious metals. Man, why is the shortest month of the year also the busiest?

This week we've got more galleries, customs, LEGO pieces, and plushies. Follow me after the jump to see it all! Incidentally, I've tried to watch Full Metal Panic twice and still haven't finished the first season...

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Tomopop LinkUP: Walking in a winter Wonder Festival photo
Tomopop LinkUP: Walking in a winter Wonder Festival
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hello and welcome back to an action packed Tomopop LinkUP. Packed is definitely the right word for this edition as we're looking at probably our biggest LinkUP yet! And no wonder, it's the winter convention season! UK Toy Fair was last week though it was kind of a meh event. In just over a week we've got the first Wonder Festival of the year on February 9 followed by New York Toy Fair launching the following weekend on Feb 16 to 19. I'm sure there's like a dozen more before spring.

And thanks to all of these big toy shows there has been an email tidal wave in our inbox, far more than we've been able to post and there's still more coming in every day. And this is just the stuff leftover from last week! Crazy stuff and there's still tons more coming in every day. It isn't all stuff being prepared for the big events; we've also got some great custom and designer stuff that I'm actually a little sad we haven't had time to post because it's so good! See it all after the jump!

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Tomopop LinkUP: Beach movie photo
Tomopop LinkUP: Beach movie
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! I know I've complained at least once already about the winter, but when dealing with subzero temps as often as we have this year I think it warrants some additional complaining. They say the best way to deal with the cold is to think about warm weather, but that's just something people from warm climates say.

Still, the Japanese seem to be pretty content with the warm thoughts; just look at all of the bathing suit-clad figures they've been cranking out this winter! I don't even remember the last time I went to the beach; it's been years. My parents have a pool, at least, but I only used it once last year. Man, I need to get more sun...

Anyway, this week we've got more girls in swimwear, oddball movie toys, and even some hand-knit TV toys. Follow me in to the deep end after the jump!

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11:30 PM on 01.10.2014

Wing's mousey Sonico hits pre-orders

This Sonico fad refuses to do the decent thing and die, like Black Rock Shooter, Kanu Unchou, and Yoko Littner before it. I guess I like the giant block of cheese that this one comes with. Cheese is yummy, right? Sorry if tha...

Tianxiao Ma

1:00 PM on 01.09.2014

Arcadia's Sonico figure is sea-worthy

Arcadia's C:MO line is expanding out from the Evangelion universe, and the first non-Eva figure is their C:MO Sonico ... who looks ready for the sea. Wearing a little sailor outfit that only someone like Sonico could pul...

Brian Szabelski

Tomopop LinkUP: The rated A-plush edition photo
Tomopop LinkUP: The rated A-plush edition
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hello and Welcome to this week's Tomopop LinkUP! It's been a crazy, exhausting week for me. Between a three-day ice storm, a 17 hour power outage, and rushing through Christmas, it has all left me a little drained. But the news doesn't stop for anyone and there's no way I would miss the last LinkUP of 2013! The news doesn't stop for the holidays either; there's been a ton of great stuff shown in the past week. 

This week we're looking at a number of different plushies, some new release galleries, great geek toys, a massive LEGO custom, and much more!

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8:00 AM on 12.06.2013

Say cheese for new photos of Wing's Mouse Sonico

Well, no surprise here: Tsuji Santa has some new photos of an upcoming Sonico figure on Twitter. Wing's Mouse Sonico is about what you'd expect and is a bit cheesy. Literally, not figuratively, though; Sonico is resting on a ...

Brian Szabelski

11:00 AM on 11.21.2013

Cheer Girl Sonico dances her way over to pre-orders

If you found yourself enticed by our old Sonico gallery and were desperate to get your hands on her, fret no longer! Pre-orders are now open, and you too can get ready to welcome home your own busty cheerleader in...August. W...

Emily Smalara

What's in UFO Catchers? Sonico, schoolgirls, and more photo
What's in UFO Catchers? Sonico, schoolgirls, and more
by Kristina Pino

Recently, I had a chance to wander around one of my local arcades and see what prizes were locked up inside the machines. Locked away behind a promise if you get the claw to drop in some precise way, or break the piece of toilet paper separating your waifu from freedom, or some other obstacle.

Besides the usual array of plushies (including some Pokémon X & Y ones you can see in the gallery), I saw some OreImo figures, Sonico, Miku, One Piece, Medaka Box, and more. There's usually a little bit of everything, though, so you're bound to find something that you like.

This image collection is really just a bit of the highlights, since it's impossible to take pictures of all the machines (if photos are allowed in the arcade at you're in at all) when some of them are too crowded. Either way, take a look at what I managed!

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11:59 PM on 11.09.2013

Show some spirit for this Cheer Girl Sonico gallery

As usual, it's hard to dislike a Sonico figure, and Orchid Seed's marvelous cheer girl version is just as enticing as most of her releases. As perhaps expected of Orchid Seed, they do go a bit overboard in the bust department...

Emily Smalara

2:00 PM on 11.08.2013

Ring in the holidays with sexy Santa Sonico

While there are few things more annoying than the proliferation of Christmas goodies popping up everywhere just days after--and occasionally even before--Halloween, I think anyone can make an exception for Alter and their fan...

Emily Smalara