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1:00 AM on 03.28.2015

Top selling Japanese toys for week of 3/16 to 3/22

  Curious about what's the Japanese are actually buying and how they lineup with your own collecting habit? has you covered with a weekly and monthly sales round up. Last week was a good week for robot fans as ...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

10:30 AM on 06.24.2014

Figuarts Zero summons MMPR Green Ranger for release

This is an unexpected development here. I thought that when MMPR went heavily into S.H. Figuarts and just a slight dip into Super Robot Chogokin, those were going to be the two lines. Now coming out of the Premium Bandai shop...

Andres Cerrato

Tamashii Nations' next SDCC exclusive is Armored Black Ranger photo
Tamashii Nations' next SDCC exclusive is Armored Black Ranger
by Andres Cerrato

I'm sure you all remember the episode of MMPR. Sure, it was 20 years ago but you remember it like it was yesterday. Zack needs to overcome the odds, Tommy lends him his shield and we get the Armored Black Ranger. It was an episode made for just the U.S. and the figure representation thereof will only be available at San Diego Comic Con.

Just as with its fellow SDCC exclusive SHF Vegeta, it's a re-deco of an existing figure. If you don't already have the standard SHF MMPR Black Ranger, here's your alternative. It's what we've come to expect for SDCC Tamashii exclusives. Heck, I even called it back in my review of the original. No word on pricing just yet, but that detail should come shortly. For now, enjoy the photos and the fact that there won't be one of these for Billy.

[Images via Bluefin Tamashii Nations]

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9:00 AM on 05.17.2014

S.H. Figuarts Kikaider gets a photo gallery

A photo gallery has appeared for Bandai's upcoming S.H. Figuarts Kikaider, based on the character's appearance in a rebooted film. [EDIT: I've been informed that this is the costume from the original show, not the film.] I wa...


Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers Ninja Storm Blue and Yellow photo
Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers Ninja Storm Blue and Yellow
by Andres Cerrato

I mentioned it last time, but Ninja Storm was the series that got me re-interested in Power Rangers. I really liked the S.H. Figuarts Red Wind Ranger, so I figured that I should probably complete the team with Blue and Yellow. Thankfully, it's rather easy to do since they were released in a two pack. Now that the Wind School has all of its members, have the two new SHFs received their diplomas and are ready for release?

Find out after the jump in today's review!

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Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts MMPR Black Ranger photo
Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts MMPR Black Ranger
by Andres Cerrato

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers defined the childhoods of most of those born in the mid-1980s. Compared to the toys of the past, it really isn't fair to compare them to what we've already seen from Tamashii Nations in their release of S.H. Figuarts lineup of MMPR figures (Red and Green | Armored Red | White). The newest entry to the line is the Black Ranger, whose powers were shared by both Zack and Adam.

Find out why this latest release is no frog in today's review of the S.H. Figuarts MMPR Black Ranger!

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Tomopop Review: Power Rangers Legacy Power Morpher Green/White Ranger Edition photo
Tomopop Review: Power Rangers Legacy Power Morpher Green/White Ranger Edition
by Andres Cerrato

Last year, I watched as childhood was presented in one product: the Legacy Power Morpher Green/White Ranger Edition. Much like childhood, I couldn't have one. This time it wasn't due to parents who wouldn't buy me such a thing, but because it was an SDCC-exclusive item that cost more money than sense at the time. 

Flash forward to later that year and it was announced that childhood was coming again, this time as a Toys R Us exclusive release and at a reasonable price. 20 years is an awful long time to wait but now I finally have it in my hands. Find out if itlives up to my childhood in today's Tomopop Review: Legacy Power Morpher Green/White Ranger Edition!

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11:00 AM on 03.04.2014

Toys R Us places up pre-orders for you to summon Legacy Dragonzord

In a sense of "it's about time!," Toys R Us has placed online pre-orders for their upcoming Legacy Dragonzord. Retailing at $79.99, this puts it at a higher cost than its Legacy Megazord predecessor. Even with the increase, I...

Andres Cerrato

8:00 PM on 01.23.2014

Complete the team with S.H. Figuarts MMPR Yellow Ranger

You've been collecting the MMPR for some time now in just about every variant. Tamashii Nations has done pretty well in releasing the whole team, but there's just one last one left. While Black and Blue wait for their release...

Andres Cerrato

9:00 PM on 01.16.2014

Witness toy history with this 1983 Tokyo Toy Show video

There are a lot of retro nostalgia toy videos on YouTube; mostly retrospects and individuals gushing about their favorite figures. So rare is it for a video to surface that takes a slice right out of time, and even more-so wh...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

10:30 AM on 12.24.2013

Bandai gets smart with the SHF MMPR Blue Ranger

Tamashii Nations has been quite successful with their trip into nostalgia with the line of S.H. Figuarts of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (or Zyuuranger). With Red, Armored Red, Green, and Pink already released, along with Bla...

Andres Cerrato

Bandai reveals 2014 Sentai series and toy line Tokkyuger photo
Bandai reveals 2014 Sentai series and toy line Tokkyuger
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Bandai has revealed the next Super Sentai series through a catalog being sent to Japanese retailers. Thanks to images posted over at Japanator we've got our first look at Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger, and more importantly, the first batch of toys. 

The big bot this time around is the Tokkyuoh which resembles something like a train yard. He's one of the very few Super Sentai bots that doesn't just snap parts together, but can be transformed from a starting point and without taking off or adding parts. Of course all of his weapons are train themed like the railroad crossing sword. There are even other trains that can be used as weapons as well. It's neat, but I'm not so sure about the use of colors. They're very bright and could have used a lot more black to break it up. I'm sure something better looking will appear later on. 

On the human side the Rangers themselves have a very plain look to them; they've definitely gone for something very simplistic. I prefer Ranger helmets when they have mouth plates (sculpted lips optional) and I'm not crazy about the train track wrapped around the helmets so this is hardly my favorite design. The figures indicate that there is a number gimmick built into their helmets that coincide with their weapons. Oh well, their super forms will certainly make for something more interesting. 

It'll be interesting to see what Bandai of America decides to do with this series. The US doesn't exactly have a big train culture so the reception to Tokkyuger could be lukewarm. Then again I didn't think the cartoony looking Power Rangers R.P.M. would happen so who knows?

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