Batwoman photo

Tweeterhead shines their signal on classic Batwoman statue

See the origins of Huntress, here!
Mar 18
Lost in history thanks to DC's unceremonious reboot in the 1960's, high-end statue maker Tweeterhead revisits the now forgotten member of the Bat-family. While Barbara Gordon's popularity on the television series translated t... read
SDCC 2014 Sideshow photo
SDCC 2014 Sideshow

SDCC 2014: Sideshow Collectibles - Court of the Dead

A booth so large it had a sub-booth
Jul 27
Sideshow's Court of the Dead line is a series of original figure designs with a horror theme. The Queen of the Dead figure had its own display at SDCC last year, but this year there was an entire extra tent dedicated to this ... read
SDCC 2014 Sideshow photo
SDCC 2014 Sideshow

SDCC 2014: Sideshow Collectibles - Hot Toys

There might have been actual Stark tech there
Jul 27
Hot Toys' 1/6-scale figures were featured at Sideshow's booth as usual. This year they had a couple of vehicles, some figures from The Dark Knight and Avengers, and lots of Iron Men. So many Iron Men. You should know the drill by now: hit the jump to see my impressions and favorites. read
SDCC 2014 Sideshow photo
SDCC 2014 Sideshow

SDCC 2014: Sideshow Collectibles - statues and maquettes part 2

Today I learned Savage Opress is a character's name that exists
Jul 27
Continuing with Sideshow coverage, here's the rest of their licensed statues and maquettes. Star Wars characters featured heavily, as did Marvel. The booth also had a smattering of horror and other movie characters. Most of the experience is about simply gaping in awe at the larger scale figures (especially the legendary scale ones). Click through for the gallery! read
SDCC Sideshow photo
SDCC Sideshow

SDCC 2014: Sideshow Collectibles - statues and maquettes part 1

Fat Godzilla, DC, and some Predators
Jul 27
If I could own an entire booth at this year's Comic Con, I think Sideshow's would be it. Their stuff appeals to the sci-fi, movie, and sexy women fan in my. Sorry anime fan Tian, you're not getting catered to here. "Vast" wou... read
X-Men photo
Hopefully when they made this they didn't break the Master Mold
Sideshow Collectibles' gargantuan 32-inch Sentinel maquette is currently available for pre-order. I was fairly wowed when I saw the preview image back in May and the full thing is, well, staggering. Not what quite what I expe... read feature

Alien vs Predator photo
Alien vs Predator

Under the Radar: 'She-Predator' Machiko Noguchi available for 'she-order', additional images

The hunt is on
May 21
Earlier this month, Sideshow Collectibles ran a teaser image for its upcoming Alien vs Predator series "She-Predator" Machiko Noguchi Premium Format Figure along with the news that pre-orders opened on May 15th. Long story sh... read
X-Men photo

Sideshow previews Jean Grey (X-Men) statue

Precognition might be more useful than telepathy right now
Apr 16
[UPDATE: Sideshow has released a full gallery and additional details] Sideshow Collectibles has released a teaser image (along with a chance to win) its upcoming 1/4-scale Jean Grey Premium Format figure. The statue depicts m... read
Prime 1 Optimus Prime photo
Prime 1 Optimus Prime

Sideshow opens orders for Prime 1's colossal Optimus Prime statue

From their high end Second Mortgage Collection
Apr 05
Almost exactly a year ago to the day we first talked about Prime 1 Studio's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Megatron statue (which Sideshow is currently offering for May). The big guy towered at nearly three feet tal... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Tomopop LinkUP

Tomopop LinkUP: Remakeover

Breathing new life into old favorites
Mar 15
Sometimes our favorite characters are too good to fall off into obscurity over the years. Often they'll get a new outfit and and just continue their adventures like Sideshow's upcoming 1/6 scale Catwoman. Sometimes they trans... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Tomopop LinkUP

Tomopop LinkUP: Winter (Soldier) Blues

Bring on the superhero movies
Mar 08
I know I've talked a lot about the terrible winter we've been experiencing so I don't want to spend a lot of time on that. I'll just quickly say that I have a feeling I'll be pulling weeds from my garden this year while it's ... read
Sideshow Reeve Superman photo
An icon gets an equally impressive collectible
Sideshow Collectibles has been working DC Comics' characters into their Premium Format line for some time with some pretty awesome statues so far ... but you get the feeling like they could do something even better than their... read feature

Sideshow Snake Plissken photo
Be right back, throwing money at my monitor for this
Sideshow Collectibles are taking my money once again, and this time, it's for their Sixth Scale Series Snake Plissken. Apparently, someone told them I'm a big fan of Escape from New York and they decided to roll out this... read feature

SDCC Blizzard photo
SDCC Blizzard

SDCC 2013: Blizzard

The video game giant had an array of collectibles on display!
Jul 25
Where do we begin? Blizzard is all over the place when it comes to collectibles these days! Sideshow Collectibles is a wonderful place to start. They had Arthas, Diablo and Deathwing (sculpted by Brian Fay) on display, and we... read
Sideshow's Gladiator Hulk photo
Sideshow's Gladiator Hulk

Sideshow's Gladiator Hulk conquers the planet

Hulk topples dictator, leaves planet in worse shape
Jul 06
Sideshow's Premium Format Gladiator Hulk is currently available for pre-order. This 1/4 scale statue stands over 30-inches tall. Fans will recall the Hulk's gladiator ensemble from the Planet Hulk storyline (which was later a... read
Sideshow exclusive polystone statue features incredible details and interchangeable parts.
OK. We all know Darth Vader and we all know how cool of a villain he is so let's just cut to the chase. This might just be the only Darth Vader statue you'll ever need. On its own it's made to represent Darth Vader returning ... read feature


Chewbacca joins the Sideshow Premium Format family

Cannon fodder, err, I mean Stormtroopers not included
Mar 18
So what's new from Sideshow? How about a new Premium Format Figure featuring everyone's favorite Wookie? Yep, Chewbacca is the latest Star Wars character to join the line, and he's huge. I mean, we're talking 23 inches tall, ... read

Sideshow announces Iron Man 3 license

Jan 23
In news that should surprise exactly no one, Sideshow Collectibles have announced that they have a license for Iron Man 3, as well as that Hot Toys' figures will still be selling through Sideshow. I imagine that this wil... read
A well detailed, but very, very basic large-scale figure
If there's one thing the Star Wars universe has plenty of, it's cannon fodder whether it's Stormtroopers in the original trilogy or droids in the prequel films, there's always something for a Jedi to slice through thousands o... read feature


Nathan Drake arrives in Premium Format for Sideshow

You can see it in a video. Wooo technology!
Jan 02
As part of their 12 Days of Sideshow, the company has been busy unveiling new projects and releases for 2013. Today's revelation was a preview of their upcoming Premium Format Nathan Drake. If you were overly disappointed by ... read

[UPDATE] Black Friday sales kick into high gear

Check out some of the deals so far
Nov 23
Friday marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season here in the U.S., and while Black Friday usually means deep discounts at retailers ... it also means a few new releases sprinkled into the mix. ESC-Toy and Quan... read
Artwork for both spotted on DeviantArt of Artgerm, who's doing the illustrations for Sideshow
If you've been wondering where Sideshow Collectibles' DC Comics Premium Format Figure line will be going in the near future, that image above is your answer. Popping up online earlier this morning were images of Catwoman and ... read feature

Details to be revealed on Premium Format Figure
I'm sure you remember seeing the Premium Format Figure Master Chief from Sideshow Collectibles at SDCC and elsewhere, but good news, Halo fans: Sideshow's license will cover Halo 4 as well, with Cortana joining the Premi... read feature

Whether you are an adventurer at heart or want a piece of the Star Wars universe
It's been a while since we've mentioned Sideshow Collectibles' latest offerings, but here we are, with not one, not two, but five different pieces that have recently opened for pre-order. Quite a diverse selection, too, including Star Wars, movies and comic collectibles. Wondering what's new? Hit the jump to find out! read feature


Can your bank withstand the Hulk maquette's radiation?

Aug 06
The Avengers is coming to DVD and bluray in late September but you have a bit longer to wait if you want this incredible 1:4 scale Hulk maquette based on his movie appearance. Sideshow's Hulk maquette is a bulky 25.5-inches t... read

SDCC 2012: Sideshow Collectibles - Star Wars

Jul 17
Sideshow has made a ton of Star Wars goods. In what seems like an infinite amount of merchandise for just about every character in the Star Wars mythos, I imagine it'd be rather difficult to create so many different types of ... read

SDCC 2012: Sideshow Collectibles - Marvel Comics

Jul 16
The amount of product that Sideshow has at their booth, as you may have noticed, is rather massive. It also fits the theme when looking at what they have produced with their license for the Marvel Universe, as many of the pie... read

SDCC 2012: Sideshow Collectibles - DC Comics

Jul 16
Let's just start from the top. Sideshow's Legendary Scale Catwoman is just that, legendary. Yes, she is massive and that goes without saying. I just can't imagine bringing this home, not due to objections from the Mrs., but r... read

SDCC 2012: Sideshow Collectibles - Video Game edition

Jul 16
I'll just get this out of the way first. By far and away, Sideshow Collectibles had the most expansive booth at Comic-Con. It's crazy to think of one company producing so many high-end, amazing pieces, but Sideshow did just t... read

Sideshow's Galactus hungers for your bank account

Jul 11
Mere wallets aren't enough to satiate Sideshow Collectibles' Galactus's hunger. You know, because most people don't carry US$800 around in their wallets. And at a gargantuan 33-inches tall, this maquette understandably has a ... read

Sideshow's Poison Ivy now has a gallery and pre-order

Jul 06
There was a very positive response here at Tomopop for Sideshow Collectibles' first Premium Format figure of DC Comics' Poison Ivy. She's best described as shapely, voluptuous, villainous, and most importantly, up f... read

Sideshow previews its first DC villainess, Poison Ivy

Jul 03
Nearly a year ago, Sideshow announced its new partnership with DC Comics to produce new material. For their first piece featuring a DC villainess, they have selected the ever-seductive Poison Ivy. This piece is absolutely gor... read

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