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RE:EDIT Iron Man photo
RE:EDIT Iron Man

RE:EDIT Iron Man first figure set to arrive

Here comes Iron Man!
Jan 08
// Soul Tsukino
The first figure of Sen-ti-nel's RE:EDIT Iron Man series has arrived with Bleeding Edge Iron Man. The figure, like others will be in the series, are designed by Chemical Attack and are "edits" of comic-based Iron Man designs....
Danboard photo

Sentinel's Danboard figures are ready to blast off!

See them at Wonder Festival Summer
Jul 01
// Vanessa Cubillo
For me, the coolest thing to come out of Wonder Festival Winter was Sentinel’s Danboard. I mean, come on! It’s Danbo in space! So now we have a preview of three of these Danbo figures. None of these are from the ...
Sentinel Danboard photo
Sentinel Danboard

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Sentinel's Danboard

Tremble pathetic earthlings
Feb 09
// Martin Siggers
Sentinel have carved out quite a reputation as a maker of fantastic poseable mecha toys. Having worked their way up through lesser lights such as Gurren Lagann and Canti, they're now ready to take on the ultimate robot. Yes, ...
Sentinel Levi photo
Sentinel Levi

Sentinel's Levi goes up for order, promptly sells out

Watch this space for restocks
Sep 27
// Martin Siggers
Last week Sentinel showed off their take on Attack On Titan's Levi in both regular and limited edition forms with the promise of pre-orders opening today at ¥8,400 for the regular edition and ¥9,240 for the limit...

Attack On Titan photo
Attack On Titan hero also gets exclusive variant
We've known since Wonder Festival than Sentinel was in the process of making scale Attack on Titan figures, but now we've gotten the first glimpse of the finished product. Unlike most other companies who have opted to focus o...

RIO:bone photo

Aim for the top with Sentinel's Nono

Buster Machine 7 reporting for duty
Aug 09
// Martin Siggers
While Diebuster, Gainax's long awaited Gunbuster sequel may have divided opinion, few could fail to warm to its delightfully energetic lead character Nono. She's been curiously under-represented in figures in recent year...
WonFes Sentinel photo
WonFes Sentinel

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Sentinel

Levi and a trio from Drifters
Jul 29
// Tianxiao Ma
Male figures are easier to come by nowadays, but I still wouldn't call them common. Rarer still are the truly masculine ones (as opposed to the more common bishounen types). Well Sentinel has prototypes of both kinds for you ...

Tomopop Review: RIO:Bone Canti (Green)

Nov 21 // Rio McCarthy
Figure Name: RIO:Bone Canti (Green)Figure Maker: SentinelRetail/List Price: ¥6,881Available at: HobbyLink Japan We'll start with the box, as per usual, and I actually quite like it. There is a nice big window in the front so that you can get a nice view of Canti, as well as all of the accessories that lay inside with him. It may be a relatively simple box, but I like the green and blue color scheme that features white outlined images of the character himself. The back features images of the figure with the different accessories, which we'll take a look at, of course, ourselves. Opening up the box, you can see just how many accessories are in there. It's ridiculous! I knew there were several, but it's always a nice surprise to get such a bang for your buck. Several of the items are wrapped in clear plastic-like sheets to help protect them, which I can say they have successfully done. As we take Canti out of the packaging you can get a good look at just how crisp his design looks. The colors are bright and bold, and really bring this figure to life — even if he is a robot! Now we've got his bomber-style jacket on, which more how people might be used to seeing him. I'll admit it's kind of a pain in the butt to get onto him though, sadly. The sleeves and the jacket are three separate pieces. You have to wiggle him into the main part of the jacket, which fits around his torso. The sleeves then take the place of the top half of the arms, so you have to fit them onto the joints and get them all fit together before things will move correctly. Luckily, his baseball glove is much easier to put on. On the back, you'll notice there's a hole in the jacket. This is so that you can put on the backpack-type wings. I sadly had forgotten to actually put the wings on before taking the jacket back off and was pressed for time so I didn't take the time to do so. You can see an up-close view of the wings later on in the review. I absolutely love how his head looks in this figure. The TV-like face gives off an awesome reflection with its clear plastic. The molding and detailing of all of these pieces on the figure are incredible. I have yet to see a single real flaw. Oh! Hello. It seems Canti has a friend! Takkun is his name, and he's an adorable black kitten with super cute huge eyes. He actually has a place to hang onto the backpack-wings, but I got him to balance just fine like this. He is very loose this way though, so just be careful not to lose him. You may have noticed his halo in the above photo, which is very easy to install. It comes on a tiny little metal stand that just pops right onto his head. It's very simple! His second look is more of a wanderer-style, nearly Western look. He has a tattered cape, red bandana, glasses and a big ol' gun. The cape does hinder the movement quite a bit, considering how it's placed, but since it's in a couple pieces it doesn't make it nearly as bad as it could have been. The cape is very nicely shaded to show some depth to it, which is definitely nice considering its dull color. This is one of the first cape accessories I was actually not disappointed with. It fits nicely and isn't a gigantic pain to deal with. Here is a more close up picture of the gun itself, which fits pretty flush to his hand. The only place I've seen any real splotchy paint or anything like that, is on the thumb of the hand that holds the gun. There's a tiny spot there by where his thumb bends, but it's really nothing major and you probably wouldn't notice, especially since it's most likely not on all of the copies of this figure. One of my favorite accessories (besides Takkun, of course) is the box that sits on Canti's head. It's well molded and just pops right on without any issues. As you can see, the back of his head goes straight through the box. You can also see in this photos that his joints bend pretty well! This is one of my favorite poseable figures I've ever dealt with. Posing him is really pretty easy, and actually fun to do for the most part. Here you can see what the hole in the box looks like. You can also see that they didn't even skimp out on the details on the bottom of Canti's feet. There is a ridiculous amount of detail all over this figure. I never knew a robot could look so good! Well, one that wasn't a Gundam anyway. Here is the close up shot of the wings I promised. Takkun perches on the straps like so, and hangs on for the ride if you have them attached to Canti. The wings look wonderful and have a nice ombre style going from black to clear with a hint of purple throughout. Well, after going through all of that, would I suggest picking up Canti? Absolutely! If you are remotely an FLCL fan, or just a fan of cool robots with awesome accessories and a sweet fashion sense - by all mean, you should definitely pick him up! If you can't find the green version still, I would suggest taking a peek at the red version that's about to be released. I definitely dub this one a winner, and can imagine that a lot of people would have fun taking photos of this kick butt robot. [A big thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing us with this review sample!]
Not only is green the best color, but we've got one rad robot here!
If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that FLCL is one of those shows that most of you anime fans out there have seen, and probably have enjoyed! I watched the series again lately, and I'll fully admit that I still have pret...


Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Art Spirits, Union Creative

Lots of Iron Men
Nov 09
// Tianxiao Ma
The last two galleries we found for the Miyazawa Model Exhibition are for Art Spirits and Union Creative. Art Spirits had Katherine and Catherine from Catherine, which is always fun to type. They also showed Blood-C's Saya, W...

Dengeki Festival 2012: Sen-ti-nel

Oct 20
// Brian Szabelski
Sen-ti-nel's Dengeki Festival wares were pretty much limited to already announced releases, but for those of you keeping track, here's the rundown. All three figures we found on display were from Sen-ti-nel's RIO:bone line: t...

TGS 2012: More Zone of the Enders figures? Why, sure!

Kaiyodo, Sen-ti-nel lead the charge
Sep 24
// Brian Szabelski
For Revoltech, it was what we'd seen before: Ardjet as a prototype and Naked Jehuty painted in a brilliant palette of metallic hues. The earlier Jehutys and Anubis were also on display. But those other prototypes aren't Revol...

Straggling mecha come out in more of this month's scans

Jul 24
// Andres Cerrato
Always stay tuned to after the credits because there's always just a bit more afterwards. After the initial flood of mecha announcements, there's still a bit more coming out that should have your attention. There's some more ...

Sentinel, Ques Q and Alphamax in hobby scans

Jul 23
// Kristina Pino
Since these three companies only showed off one figure each, I decided to just lump them into one update. You know, so they wouldn't be lonely. Sentinel has come out with a prototype of their Teekee from Ex Troopers. It's goi...

RIOBOT Gurren Lagann delayed to July

May 07 // Brian Szabelski

Delays are never very fun to read about, and we've got a few to mention that have just popped up. Tomopop reader John Grabetz has let us know that Sen-ti-nel's RIOBOT 04 Gurren Lagann has been hit by the delay bug, pushing ba...

Tomopop Review: Metamorphose Stocking by Sen-Ti-Nel

Mar 08 // Chris Seto
Figure Name: Stocking Metamorphose Edition Figure Maker: Sen-ti-nel Retail Price: ¥8,500 Available at: HobbyLink Japan Like Panty, the box for Stocking is bright, flashy and loud. It would certainly stand out compared to other products if placed on a shelf! The only difference between this and Panty is the focus on blue as opposed to red. The side of the box shows off both figures if you choose to purchase both. The base used to display both is actually included with Stocking, but those of you expecting something flashy will be disappointed. The base is just a little bigger version of the standard base for both of the figures. You simply use the pole from the standard base to complete it. The box actually provides a background mimicking the scene when the angels transform. It also matches the base as well so it seemed like a waste not to use it! Taking a closer look at Stocking, she's been given a much more subdued pose compared to her sister. Instead of oozing out sex appeal, Stocking is much more coquettish and teasing without giving away too much, like her character. There are also a few neat little touches as well, such as the individual bracelets on her arms, but that's pretty much where the praise ends. There are quite a few issues with this figure ... The first issue presents itself as soon as you start unboxing. Unlike other figures, the base is just a very basic circular base with a sticker on top. Bigger figure makers would probably have used coloured plastic to get the same effect, but that would be more expensive. Using a sticker is cheaper, but it's easy to get it misaligned, and in my figure, that's exactly what happened. I can easily imagine other buyers having the same problem. There's a small bit spilling over one side and the area around where one of the pegs for the figure is damaged. Not the greatest of starts... There was also damage on the leg. This is less likely to affect every figure, but it just happened to stand out on mine due to where it was. Colours seemed to wash into eachother a little as the white parts had a little blue tinge to them. It's subtle and was mostly removed in the post processing when I was dealing with other issues but to the naked eye, it's easier to spot. Unlike most other figures, the material used for Stocking's hair is more of a soft rubber rather than hard material. On the plus side, it's rather bendy and flexible. On the down side, there are some really obvious marks where the separate parts join. The colours don't exactly match either. There are some subtle differences in the shades of blue between the parts. The wings on her back also appear at first glance to be one large part which go through the hair but that's not the case. It's actually two separate pieces and the outer part rests on the hair. If you bend the hair out, the gap becomes more apparent. It's not a major issue, but it does feel like a missed chance. More serious is the issue that was reported about Panty having loose parts, which meant that some parts felt like they were falling apart. I'm sorry to report that Stocking has the same issue. Even worse is that some parts don't even fit together properly, leaving gaps like the one you see in the image above. The loose parts also has the unintentionally humorous situation where her finger, which normally appears to pull back her stocking, looks like it's glued to her nail. More damage on the paintjob. This time, just on the silver armband. On a more personal gripe, I don't feel that the details on the costume have been fully exploited. The corset simply looks like someone slapped a rather thick coat of silver paint on it and left it as it was. The detailing isn't as big a problem with Panty as she shows off much more skin, but the costume for Stocking leaves me particularly underwhelmed. We just can't have a review of Stocking without a low-angle shot! Sadly, it also shows up more gaps between the various parts and also a slight oddity in the pose which makes the body look a little disjointed. I'm pretty sure that it would be anatomically uncomfortable, at best, to pull off a pose like this if the upper body is pushed that far out compared to the butt! I may be coming off as a little harsh on the figure, but there is a solid base underneath it. The pose works well for Stocking and is much more stable than her sister, and her facial sculpt, while not perfect, works well. The biggest problem is a general lack of polish compared to the products of larger companies. Granted, companies like Sen-Ti-Nel don't have the budget to compete, but standing something like this next to an Alter or GoodSmile Company figure just makes it look bad. The loose parts and paint errors all work to drag the figure down as well. Overall, people's mileage will vary with the kit depending on how much you like Panty and Stocking. Having said that, I think only the most diehard fans would not have any qualms about either Panty or Stocking. Sen-Ti-Nel look like they have the basics down when it comes to making figures, but on this evidence, they really need to up their game if they want to play with the big boys. They're not bad by a long shot, but they're pretty damn hard to recommend to anyone. Unless you hate them ... Still, if you really have to go for one, I'd say go for Stocking. She's just cooler than her sister, and if you disagree, think about it. How many weapons can Panty carry on her person without assistance? How many can Stocking? I rest my case (though Kneesocks is blatantly superior, just ask Adam Blade! Link NSFW)!! [Many thanks to Hobbylink Japan for providing Stocking for review.]

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt was a small surprise hit with many viewers when it was aired. Its ridiculously crass humour and relatively simplistic art design (taken straight out of the American Powerpuff Girls cartoon) ...

Tomopop Review: Sen-ti-nel's Metamorphose Panty

Mar 02 // Pedro Cortes
Figure Name: Panty Metamorphose Edition Figure Maker: Sen-ti-nel Retail Price: ¥8,500 Available at: HobbyLink Japan As per the usual, we begin with the packaging. Ms. Panty here has quite the nice box! More than just about any other box as of late, Sen-ti-nel's Panty box is nice and bright, with multiple photos of Panty and even one of her sister, Stocking. Note that the two can be posed together, but this particular review is only of the blonde with the diesel libido. You'll have to wait a bit for the gluttonous Stocking to get a Tomo review of her own! Anyway, Panty's box does a great job of catching your attention, what with its bright colors and dynamic choice of promotional photos. The picture of the pink and white panties on the back of the box should also do a good job of drawing the eye of potential buyers. Here is what Panty looks like when she's achieved escape velocity from her packaging! Out of the box, you get the figure herself, a stand for what I believe is her hair and the base. Panty is interesting as she isn't particularly designed to be balanced on her base. She's supposed to have her legs wrapped around the pole while she's holding on to pole with her left hand. This creates several immediate problems, which you'll see in the next couple of photos. First off, Panty's strange center of balance requires a plastic stick to support her voluptuously thick hair. Now, I'm not entirely sure if this is where it's supposed to go for the bust support, but this is where it made the most sense for me. If you have her out of the box for any length of time, you'll see that some sort of external support is necessary. Again, I'll show you what I mean in a sec. For now, I'll move on to additional problems with her posing. See how her feet are positioned? That doesn't come natural. Setting her up, I had to do a pit of jiggering to her foot to slide into the hole provided on the base. While that is more or less a common thing with PVC statues, what this does is move her into a position where her hand doesn't rest on the pole. So, you'll have her hair held up and her feet in place, but her hand is hovering over the metal bar she's supposed to be using to hold herself up. You'll notice that in a lot of the photos, she's not even touching the bar with her left hand. I'm wondering if that has something to do with the possibility of duel posing with Stocking, but with Panty on her own it doesn't look particularly nice. Remember how I mentioned the necessity for upper body support two paragraphs ago? This is why you'll need to set up that stick. Take a close look at her torso, particularly the area where her top and her flesh should be meeting. You'll see the beginning of a separation between the upper half of her body and the lower half. It's clear that Sen-ti-nel knew that if there wasn't something to hold up the back end of the figure, that there was a strong chance that the top half of Panty would topple over.  For me, this is inexcusable. We've gotten to point now with figures that we shouldn't have to be worrying about PVC coming apart at the seams, what with the use of stronger glues or proper implementation of ABS. This is something I would expect out of a ¥2,000 to ¥4,000 figure, not something that sets back collectors ¥8,500. OK, so there are the negatives. There are quite a few, believe me. However, there are some good things about this figure, primarily the sculpt and paint job. Despite my issues of how Sen-ti-nel put Panty together, this is an exceptionally sculpted and painted statue. While I wasn't sold on it at first, I've come to be quite fond of Panty's face, especially when you compare it to Sega's prize figure. It's not even close. Both her eyes and her overall expression is greatly improved, with way more attention given to her mouth, eyes and hair. Be sure to check the gallery if you want to see more differences between these two releases, but it's suffice to say that Sen-ti-nel's Panty looks way better. Moving down her body, you'll inevitably come to Panty's skirt and, well, panties. It isn't easy to make ruffles in skirts look right, but Sen-ti-nel did a helluva job with this staute. Her mini-skirty looks just right, with the proper section popping out between her hands and the pole. As odd and pervy as it may sound, I'm also quite fond of how they sculpted Panty pulling on her undergarments. It adds a sultry, unique twist on the figure and makes the whole package look more dynamic. Be sure to take note of the rings on her hands, as they don't look like plastic blobs that were thrown on. They're nicely painted. Besides displaying Panty's rather pert posterior, you can see her pulled panties in better detail as well as her sandals. The wings are nicely done so they don't look like extraneous bits of plastic tossed on the back of her heels. I also like how Sen-ti-nel molded and painted the straps that run up her calf and shin. This shot also shows how her foot will pop out of the peg if you're not careful. So i'm left a bit conflicted here. There are many things that this figure does right. The sculpt and paint job are great, as well as the little details all around her body. Hair, accessories, frills, those all those are done right. However, I cannot fully recommend this figure based off the structural problems inherent with her pose. I'm not a big fan of secondary posts to hold up sections of the figure, but I'm less of a fan of figures coming apart at their seams. What's worse, the torso is already beginning to come off fresh out of the box, before its had any time to actually feel the effects of gravity.  Normally, I try to not see other people's pictures while I'm writing a review, but I had to see if anybody else had the same problems I did. Looking at MyFigureColleciton, I'm seeing that several people had similar issues, so I can see I'm not alone. However, it's entirely possible that I got a lemon. You might luck out and get one without my problems, but I'll have to give out a strong buyer beware! [A big thank you goes out to HobbyLink Japan for providing Panty for review!]

One of the reasons that I love GAINAX's Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt are the metric ton of different costumes they put leading gals Panty and Stocking in through out the whole run. I'm especially fond of the realistic...


Sen-ti-nel's newest RIO:Bone has gone up for pre-order, and it's FLCL's Canti! Yes, he looks quite awesome, and his accessory list is quite long. Canti comes with a wing, halo, Takkun, a mask, poncho, goggles, shotgun, c...


2012 Winter Hobby Maker Expo: Sen-ti-nel

Feb 20
// Pedro Cortes
Continuing our 2012 Winter Hobby Maker Expo coverage (try saying that five times fast!) are photos from Sen-ti-nel. We have a couple repeats from the recent Winter Wonder Festival, but there are a couple new things here that ...

AnoHana's Menma by Sen-ti-nel brings the same cuteness

Feb 14
// Jonathan Tubbs
With Sen-ti-nel mostly pushing their poseable RIO:bone, especially at Wonder Festival 2012 [Winter], I forget that they dabble in static figures. As is the case with the latest pre-order of the popular little lady from Ano Hi...

Wonder Festival 2012 Winter: Sen-ti-nel

Feb 12
// Andres Cerrato
Sen-ti-nel is a company after my heart. Their collection of figures in their Riobone line are taking in some mechs that, until recently, have gotten little love. We've seen some of these before, so I'm just glad to see the pr...

Pre-order the other half of RIO:bone Panty & Stocking

Feb 08
// Jonathan Tubbs
Sen-ti-nel's poseable RIO:bone Panty from the wild title Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt was recently released but it seems odd that she would be available without her other half. I mean, the title is Panty & Stockin...

RIO:bone Panty has her guns, also bored by stick figures

Nov 22
// Andres Cerrato
Sen-ti-nel has had their kick with that Gainax license. You can tell that the company has had their fun with Panty & Stocking, so the sample for December's release of the RIO:bone Panty reflects that. The joints look a ...

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