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Round 5


Toy Fair 2013: Round 5

Bruce Lee meets cuteness
Feb 13
// Kristina Pino
Round 5 was in full force at New York Toy Fair this year, and Keith captured some images of their lovely Bruce Lee Temple of Kung Fu and Cut The Rope toys, a small amount of which we've previewed in the past. Keith was able t...

Tomopop Review: Round 5's Cut The Rope toys

Dec 26 // Kristina Pino
Cut The Rope toys by Round 5This review: Set of 12 micro figures and one candy/Om Nom reversible plushieAvailable at: Zeptolab's online store | Entertainment Earth Reversible plushie: At first, this plushie looks like a piece of candy. But then, you turn it over ... ... and ... hey, I think there's an Om Nom in there! Let's pull him out. Ta-dah! He's happiest when he's got some candy to munch on, so I could only imagine how he must feel being actually popping out of a piece of candy. Anyway, it's a cute little plush and there are plenty others like it. The sample here is representative of the cuteness, but there are definitely plenty various other designs to choose from. Overall great for kiddos that are into the game, I'd say. Micro figures: The figures come in these trays of 12, with the bottom set of three hidden. They're in little capsules and everything and have special figures inside, the varieties of which are pictured on the back of the packaging. It does say ages 4 and above for the set of Nommies, but I'd call this a "know your kid" situation, especially if you have pets in the home or babies around. They're quite small, and some kids might even mistake it for a gummy candy because it's squishy as advertised. I'd say they're fine if your kiddo can play with LEGO bricks safely, though. (Here's a great DIY project: turn them into mini ornaments and hang 'em on your tree for the holidays!) The variety you get with each pack is enough that you can recreate some scenes from the game or make your own little dioramas. I like that I got the ready-to-chomp Om Nom here and two different candies (one is heart-shaped, the other just round). In case you're wondering about the trade-ables I got in this set, these are it. They're beyond adorable — I particularly like the one with the jet pack. As I said, these are pretty tiny. They're probably great to put over or under your computer monitor in a neat little line, or mixing them up with the rest of your figure collection for a splash of color and cute. Once again, these are pretty much for fans of the game. They're delightful if you're looking at these and thinking, "Oh my gawd, SO CUTE!" Thanks to Round 5 for sending these our way! You know, one of these days I need to walk into a Toys "R" Us and see what else there is out there tied into mobile games. Do you have a favorite that you'd want to own some toys for?
Play the popular mobile game in real life!
For fans of the adorable game Cut The Rope, Round 5 has teamed up with Zeptolab to make some cute miniature trading figures and plushies! I didn't know these existed until the Round 5 team contacted me about it, and I'm pleas...

Release party to take place at Toy Art Gallery
If you remember our previous post on the Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu figure series, you probably remember seeing the release date had been pushed back to the fall. Well, now we're not only giving you a release date of this ...


Some of you might remember that in the spring, we brought news about Round 5 and MAD's new blind-boxed figure line, Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu. Well, in a slight update, we've had the checklist passed along to us, and as y...

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