VISEone custom, teaser photo
VISEone custom, teaser

VISEone shows off a custom, teases Zombie Goo colorway

Looks like Zombie Goo will be pretty in pink
Jan 17
VISEone has sent out a bit of news on what he;'s been up to lately. Primarily, that's been a new commissioned piece, a henna-tattooed metallic purple Qee. The dark color does hide some of the styling, but if you look at some ... read

C2E2 2013: Dark Horse

The biggest announcement wasn't even on display
Apr 28
For C2E2, Dark Horse brought a lot of pieces we've highlighted before, and really, the highlight of it all was seeing all of the upcoming Hellboy Mini Qees. The five on display will be releasing on July 10, the week before Sa... read

He's Mr. Sparkle and he's disrespectful to dirt

You can own this limited edition custom by Zombiemonkie.
Mar 16
Those who are fans of The Simpsons will recognize Mr. Sparkle as the Japanese soap mascot who eerily looks like Homer Simpson. Last year, Mikie Graham a.k.a. Zombiemonkie, debuted his Mr. Sparkle custom at SDCC for disp... read
Custom Made Monday photo
The designer vinyl community gears up for one of the coolest looking shows this year
After a one-week break due to being busy, Custom Made Monday returns! This week's edition brings a certain flavor to it ... a very heavy gaming flavor. Whether you're a fan of the classics or more in tune with the modern titl... read feature


Toy Fair 2013: Dark Horse

Hellboy, spaceships, and a statue honoring a sci-fi legend
Feb 13
Dark Horse's Toy Fair booth had more than just the Hellboy Qqs on display (more on them in a moment). For fans of Domo, there's a ton of new merchandise to look forward to, including some samurai Domo gear, more blind-boxed f... read
Custom Made Monday debuts photo
Now featuring more than just Munnys and Dunnys
Today's my birthday, and as such, I figured today would be as good a day as any to announce the rebirth of Munn-day Morning Recap into a new, expanded feature — Custom Made Monday. Custom Made Monday expands on what Mun... read feature


Rotobox's 2013 starts off with more robots

Latest customs draw inspiration from Akira, 1970s anime series
Feb 11
Rotobox has sent us news about two news customs they've just finished up. First off is a custom Celsius inspired by Akira: Yamagata's bike, with Yamagata at the controls. Part of the Rotobox Parallel Series, this is a bit mor... read
Will come in several variants, too
We're happy to bring you guys news that Dark Horse will be distributing a new series of Hellboy Mini Qees that Toy2R is producing. Dark Horse previously released some larger, 8-inch Hellboy Qees, and these are slightly smalle... read feature


Albert Art's Ness Qee ends 2012 with a bang

Maybe if we're lucky, he'll do Jeff next.
Dec 31
Albert Art has passed along a new custom that he's been working on, and if you're an EarthBound fan, you should be pleased. As part of a commissioned piece, Albert has made an 8-inch Qee of Ness, complete with his tradem... read

Custom Delights: Okokume's custom Qees

Five gorgeous choices to pick from
Oct 23
From Barcelona, Spain, we bring you a new set of 5 custom Qees by Okokume (a.k.a. Laura Mas). Sponsored by Okrabelo and Lapolab, the 8-inch Qees were inspired by Okokume's custom Qee for the "TOY'Z by FLS" event for SWAB... read
Original works and custom creations mingle
Tenacious Toys' booth at New York Comic Con was definitely one for toy collectors that fancy their figures with a touch more hands-on artistry. I believe all of the toys there were either hand-made or created by a smaller gro... read feature


Lisa Rae Hansen's custom PigQee for charity is in bloom

Check out this Qee submitted to Art For A Cure
Oct 08
Lisa Rae Hansen passed along some pictures of her lovely custom PigQee, labeled Bloom, which was donated by Toy2R for Art For A Cure (here's a link to the specific Cause). Bloom features a cute little flower decoration on its... read

[UPDATED] Carson Catlin shows off the goods for NYCC

Look for Carson Catlin and others at Tenacious Toys' booth #3121
Oct 08
[updated: We now have pictures of the 18-inch Qee, labeled THXKW, which will be available at Tenacious Toys for US$500 during NYCC. It's got some nice colors to it!] As most of our favorite designer artists, Carson has been r... read

Uncle Argh Noir Edition Qee headed to Tenacious Toys

Exclusive to be on sale Wednesday, Sept. 19
Sep 18
You might remember back in March, we posted about a Kickstarter for Scott Tolleson, Toy2R and Tenacious Toys' Uncle Argh Noir Edition Qee. Well, the Kickstarter was a success, the Qees have been shipped off to the backers, an... read

Custom Delights: Albert Art's Pussee Riot Qees

Sep 14
Albert Art has sent us along some photos of his most recent custom figures, a set of three 8-inch Qee Cats he's calling the Pussee Riot Qees. The threesome are looking for a figut, as evidenced by the mean looks on their face... read

SDCC 2012: So So Happy custom Qees

Jul 20
So So Happy studio put up an impressive display of custom Qees at SDCC. Many of their own characters from various lines were represented by a several talented artists working in a variety of mediums. The bright colors aren't ... read

Toy2R announces four new Qees from four artists

Jun 27
Toy2R has a bunch of new Qees coming out in the next few months; in fact, four of them have already been announced by Toy2R, each featuring a different artist and different theme. Whether you want an undead warrior, an o... read

The custom Qees of So So Happy, Toy2R's touring show

May 10
Earlier this year, Toy2R and So So Happy announced they'd be teaming up for a custom toy show featuring Toy2R's Qees as customized by a number of artists from around the world. The show will be touring to various cons and oth... read

Two new customs have appeared over the weekend from the crew at Rotobox, and both of them are great for you old-school anime and robot fans out there. First, there's the custom Celsius they've done of Plawres Sanshiro's ... read feature


Custom 8-inch Qee by Lisa Rae Hansen totally rocks it

Apr 30
Recently we were alerted to this great addition to the Heavy Metal Qee Show curated by fugi.me's Daniel Perry. It's called "Iron Maiden Plus Special Guest MegaSeth" and it looks fabulous. Here's Lisa's description: Heavy Met... read

Albert Art's newest Qees are Double Trouble

Apr 25
From Albert Art, we have photos of two of his recent custom Qees, the team known either as Double Trouble or A & A. Based on the style of his Letterman the Hound, the Pigee and QeeBear customs look ready for a fight or tw... read

Toy2R's Spike and Melting Toyer Qee Collection

Apr 10
I always liked the Toyer Qee design, and now that Spring has rolled around you'll be able to see two new designs for them. These newly sculpted 5 inch Mini Qees come as the Spike Toyer or the Melting Toyer and are available i... read

A new Domo Qee blind box series coming soon? Count me in! I've had some of the previous series' pieces and I loved them! They're always very fun and come in exciting colors. Series 4 looks to be heading in the same direction,... read feature


Tenacious Exclusive Scott Tolleson Qee on Kickstarter!

Mar 20
Tenacious Toys is doing their thing and starting off a Kickstarter project to fund an exclusive grayscale colorway of Scott Tolleson's 5 inch Uncle Argh Mini Qee. If they reach their goal, Toy2R will produce 500 pieces of the... read

VISEone's Comic Stripped Hobbes Qee brings nostalgia

Mar 15
It seems I'm far from the only one who grew up with the incredible comics of Bill Watterson, namely Calvin and Hobbes. Without having to say it, this is definitely my favorite of VISEone's Comic Stripped pieces to date. This ... read

Mikie Graham's Mon-Kii draws from So So Happy's world

Mar 10
Mikie Graham is entering Toy2R and So So Happy's custom Qee show, and he means business. Monkey business, that is. The premise of the exhibit is to design a Qee that would fit into the So So Happy world. His entry, Mon-Kii Bo... read

Two new Deady Bunee Mini Qees on the way

Jan 26
Toy2R's Mini Qee line will get two new additions from Voltaire's Deady series this April in the form of the Deady Bunee Mini Qees. Each 5-inch Qee is based on the Bunee figure, and there will be two designs available — ... read

Rotobox turns Mach Baron into a custom Qee

Dec 12
Rotobox has a brand new custom Qee from their mech custom series. The newest Qee is from Super Robot Mach Baron, an old tokusatsu show from the 1970s in Japan. Big and red, Mach Baton has all the details of its bigger self, i... read

NYCC 2011: A run in with Crook ED the cop!

Oct 18
Ian Ziobrowski came in with a big box right as we were setting up to leave Toy2R & Tenacious Toys on Saturday with something quite dangerous inside! I didn't know it at the time, but apparently ED here is one crooked cop!... read

NYCC 2011: Checking out Rsin Art's customs at the show

Oct 18
While I was at Tenacious Toys & Toy2R's booth, I was lucky to run into a few other artists and customs I'd been looking forward to after we went to say hello, and the first artist I met (besides Carson, whose interview wa... read

Nerviswr3k's two newest customs are revealed

Oct 14
Nerviswr3k has sent along some photos of two new customs he's been working on. First up is a commission for a collector, who wanted a piece that pays tribute to the awfully ugly kaiju figure Nagnagnag Genjin. And hooboy, is i... read

Check out Carson Catlin's complete line-up of customs being shown at NYCC!

Oct 10
Now that we're just a few days before the actual event, lots of last-minute reveals and information are cropping up all over the place. For one thing, Carson Catlin recently confirmed via Twitter that he will actually be atte... read

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