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5:30 PM on 06.21.2014

Medicom's Toy Exhibition 2014 reveals new Kill La Kill Real Action Heroes

Medicom's annual Toy Exhibition opened today, and as ever for the company Real Action Heroes were front and centre. There was a good mix of announced, released and brand new stuff on show, with a few first glimpses to hand. P...

Martin Siggers

2:30 PM on 06.21.2014

At last, someone's making an Annie Leonhart figure that I can't have

This month's scans had a pair of Wonder Festival exclusives from Medicom Toy's RAH line: Annie Leonhart and Mami Tomoe. Annie certainly looks cool and collected. Although she comes with two face plates, it's difficult to tell...

Tianxiao Ma

Good Smile Company unveils Summer Wonder Festival exclusives photo
Good Smile Company unveils Summer Wonder Festival exclusives
by Martin Siggers

Is it really almost Wonder Festival time again? Yes, though it might be difficult to believe, the biannual celebration of all things figure is almost upon us, and as ever headliner Good Smile Company has some neat exclusives to announce. Rather than a long drawn out tease like usual though, instead the company has just decided to cut to the chase and reveal everything all at once. Without further ado then, your WonFes exclusives are...

There are also two event-only charms of Wo-Class, plus the announcement of an online exclusive Ninja Slayer figma, although we've got no more details on that one yet.

As ever, GSC will have a limited quantity of exclusives on the floor (500 for the Dekacchu, 2500 for everything else) but those unable to attend will be able to grab any of the six main releases from the Good Smile Online Shop between 27th July and the 4th August. Any readers tempted to crack open your wallets for these?

[ via Good Smile Company ]

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3:00 AM on 06.19.2014

Madoka dons a yukata once more, now in Nendoroid form

Madoka of the popular Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime series is once again breaking out her yukata. We saw her appear in this outfit for a figure by FREEing last year but the whole ensemble suits a cutesy Nendoroid ...

Natalie Kipper

This Aniplex Plus Homura preview has us under a spell photo
This Aniplex Plus Homura preview has us under a spell
by Martin Siggers

SPOILERS ahead for the latest Madoka Magica movie!

While we saw her figma incarnation get revealed the other day, Aniplex have been working hard at a full scale version of Akuma Homura (from the new Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie) for quite some time now. Today Akiba Hobby got their hands on a prototype to see if that time was well spent.

I don't think I need to tell you how fantastic this figure looks. It's a worthy counterpart to Good Smile's Ultimate Madoka, being just as huge, elaborate, unwieldy and awesome. I'm loving details like the huge sweep of the skirt, the insouciant cross legged pose and the big wings. This preview also reveals that there'll be some replacement parts included - a choice between spread and folded wings, and between her soul gem and rather worse-for-the-wear Kyubey in the hand.

The only thing I'm a little uncertain about is the face. From some angles it definitely nails the gleefully sadistic look, but it can look a touch dopey from others. it's definitely no deal breaker though. There's still time to get Homura if you like what you see - she's an Aniplex Plus exclusive, but remember if you're in select countries, there's now an English language store you can buy from for the paltry price of US$199.

[ via Akiba Hobby

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1:00 PM on 06.07.2014

Akuma Homura takes flight in figma form

Firstly, let's say SPOILERS for those of you who haven't seen the third Madoka Magica movie. All clear? Good! Good Smile Company and its various sub brands have ridden the Puella Magi Madoka Magica train pretty hard so f...

Martin Siggers

12:00 PM on 05.14.2014

Madoka Magica-Rebellion-'s Nightmare plush and Homura - Black One Piece Dress edition make their way to pre-order

Madoka Magica fans outside of Japan finally have a chance to get their hands on some very exclusive merchandise from the last movie, Puella Magi Madoka Magica -Rebellion-, thanks to Aniplex+'s partnering with Rightstuf. ...

Natalie Kipper

Medicom updates with first RAH Ultimate Madoka gallery photo
Medicom updates with first RAH Ultimate Madoka gallery
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

First seen live only last week we're now getting some official images straight from Medicom of Ultimate Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She's looking mighty impressive under the right lighting. Her flowing dress is quite magnificent with the inside completely blacked out in peppered with stars. Not only are we given a closeup look at her happy, smiley face, but also of her previously unseen  angry face. Plus we're given a look at the articulation hidden in both her wings and her hair. 

Medicom has also revealed the release details for the first time. As expected she won't be cheap, priced at ¥33,000. But that's OK, you've got nearly a year to save up as she won't be released until a very distant February 2015. Can't rush greatness.

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10:10 PM on 04.07.2014

Make room on the shelf, RAH Ultimate Madoka is coming!

Oh yes, this is real. Medicom Toy just announced this massive Real Action Heroes Ultimate Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica! She's a 1/6 scale figure in an extravagantly detailed cloth outfit as well as her bow and arrow....

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Homura beats the stuffing out of Kyubey in this figure photo
Homura beats the stuffing out of Kyubey in this figure
by Natalie Kipper

It's about time someone taught that albino talking squirrel-thing a thing or two! In Aniplex+'s latest 1/7-scale figure, Puella Magi Madoka Magica's Homura Akemi definitely looks determined (and dare I say, more than a little hardcore). With wisps of her time-traveling magic captured beautifully at the base combined with Homura's hair and outfit frozen in motion, the figure does an excellent job of capturing the magical girl's grace as she steps out into a battle. For those of you who don't dig girl-on-Incubator violence, it appears as though Kyubey can be removed from the figure. I kind of like that its there, though.

This figure unfortunately seems like it is exclusive to the Japanese Aniplex+ online store, where it costs ¥9,999 to pre-order. It is tentatively listed to ship in October of this year. So those wishing to purchase it have two choices: use a proxy service or hope that it will eventually come to the newly-launched USA store. Whatever you do, don't make a contract to get the figure. It isn't worth it; trust me.

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Good Smile Company to attend Sakura-Con photo
Good Smile Company to attend Sakura-Con
by Natalie Kipper

Those of you planning on attending Seattle's Sakura-Con should be excited to hear that Good Smile Company will have a presence there. They will be sharing booths #423 and #332 with Ultra Tokyo Connection. Attendees will have the chance to purchase some of Good Smile Company's and Max Factory's harder to find figures, including Nendoroid Snow Miku - Magical Snow Version, figma Snow Mikufigma Armin Arlert, Nendoroid Mami Tomoe - School Uniform Version, and Nendoroid Asuna Titiania Version. All of these toys will be in limited supply so hurry over to Good Smile Company's booth if you fancy them.

[via Good Smile Company's tumblr]

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Aniplex USA launches their own Aniplex + Store photo
Aniplex USA launches their own Aniplex + Store
by Martin Siggers

Exclusive items are the bane of overseas collectors, forcing us through expensive and inconvenient proxies just to get the figures we want. But from today, those buyers after Aniplex's exclusive Aniplex+ figures won't have to suffer through all of that. That's because Aniplex of America have just opened up their own version of the Aniplex+ store.

This is no half-assed gesture either, as they've kicked off with pre-orders for both of Aniplex's current figures - the lovely Homura Akemi kimono version and the sultry dress shirt Saber, who only went up on the Japanese store a few weeks ago. Both are pretty keenly priced, coming in close to their Japanese value - $109.98/¥11,880 for Homura and $89.98/¥9,500 for Saber. It's not just America who benefits either - international shipping is available and the company says they'll ship to North America, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Orders are being fulfilled by RightStuf, with international (non-USA) orders costing a bit more due to the additional shipping.

Needless to say this is a big boon for figure fans. I'm a huge advocate of anything which makes figures more available for everyone, and this does exactly that. It's not just a toy thing of course (for example, the store is also currently selling an insanely expensive box of the third Madoka Magica movie) but as Aniplex seems to be committing to being a figure maker, it's bound to prove useful. Homura is available until May 7th, while Saber closes up a little earlier on the 22nd of April. Anyone who's been on the fence about them, does this help sway you?

[ Pre-order at Aniplex USA ]

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