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Batman photo

'70s Batman standing watch upon your wall, courtesy of Pop Culture Shock!

He's hanging out, waiting for fish with Joker faces.
Jan 14
Pop Culture Shock toys presents another unique looking statue for the static toy collector. This is their web-exclusive Batman Bronze Age wall statue (1:7 scale). So yes, you can hang this puppy on your wall if you were worri... read
PCS Raiden photo
PCS Raiden

Pop Culture Shock calls upon Mortal Kombat's Raiden

Available for pre-order starting Jan. 19
Jan 13
Pop Culture Shock's latest Mortal Kombat statue is arriving for pre-orders next month, and it's perhaps no shock that Raiden is next in the series. The popular thunder god from the MK franchise will be 1/4-scale and available... read
PCS Skeletor photo
PCS Skeletor

Pop Culture Shock's Skeletor up for pre-order soon, you fools!

Two versions available starting Monday
Dec 01
Been waiting for Pop Culture Shock's Masters of the Universe line to get to Skeletor? Well, wait no more; pre-orders for the legendary villain are arriving on Monday, Dec. 8! Skeletor is 1/4-scale, so he'll fit with He-M... read
NYCC 2014: PCS photo
NYCC 2014: PCS

NYCC 2014: Pop Culture Shock

Featuring heroes of all shapes and sizes
Oct 14
It probably won't be much of a surprise that Pop Culture Shock arrived at New York Comic Con with some of their new licensed collectibles. After all, they have a pretty good track record of putting out expensive, but "worth t... read
PCS Man-At-Arms photo
PCS Man-At-Arms

Pop Culture Shock's Man-At-Arms readies for the pre-order hordes

Complete with real mustache action!
Sep 23
Pop Culture Shock is continuing their 1/4-scale He-Man line with Man-At-Arms as the next entry. The mustachioed royal guard carries his mace in one hand and has his wrist gauntlet firing on the other arm. The sculpt look... read
SDCC Pop Culture Shock photo
SDCC Pop Culture Shock

SDCC 2014: Pop Culture Shock

Legend of the bravest street fighters of anarchy
Jul 27
If you like large, well-painted figures, Pop Culture Shock may have what you need. If they don't have what you need, give them a year and see what random licenses they pick up. This year they carved out their own piece of the floor at SDCC, and marked it with some Akuma busts and a big red demon. read
PCS Ryu times three photo
Three variants of their 1/4-scale statue coming in 2015
Pop Culture Shock's polystone Ryu is coming next year in not one, but three different versions. All three are planned for the first quarter of 2015, are 1/4-scale to fit with their other Street Fighter figures, are up fo... read feature

Pop Culture Shock photo
Pop Culture Shock

WonderCon 2014: Pop Culture Shock

It's like everything from my childhood all in one booth
Apr 20
If I told you that Pop Culture Shock's painted RoboCop statue was the first thing that caught my eye from WonderCon, would you be surprised? Or better yet, can you blame me? From the metallic finish to the tiniest details on ... read
PCS Baraka photo
PCS Baraka

Pre-orders for Pop Culture Shock's Baraka open April 21

Sadly, his arm blades can't cut you a discount
Apr 14
Pop Culture Shock's newest 1/4-scale Mortal Kombat 9 figure is the razor-toothed (and razor-armed) Baraka, and boy, does he look awesome. I'm not a big Baraka fan at all but the sculpt, especially that sinister toothy grin, l... read
Masters of the Universe photo
Masters of the Universe

Pop Culture Shock's MotU Teela up for pre-order on Feb 10

Didn't inherit her mother's fashion sense
Feb 02
Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is expanding its Masters of the Universe line-up with the heroic warrior Teela, the Sorceress's secret daughter who served as captain of the king's guard. This 1/4 scale polystone statue comes i... read
Street Fighter photo
Street Fighter

Chun Li fights Vega in upcoming PCS Street Fighter statue

Yes, it's apparently a popular match-up
Jan 23
Pop Culture Shock Collectibles' upcoming Street Fighter Chun Li vs Vega diorama goes up for pre-order on January 27 (but for us, it will be Tuesday... errr, Monday). The 1/10 scale polystone statue will be available in two ve... read
Mortal Kombat photo
Mortal Kombat

PopcultureShock's MK9 Sub-Zero wishes you an ice day

January may be colder than usual, with a chance of Sub-Zero temperatures
Dec 31
Winter may be here but January is about to get a lot colder with Pop Culture Shock Collectibles' 1/4-scale Mortal Kombat 9 Sub-Zero whose pre-orders start January 6. PCSC is turning down the thermostat with two versions of th... read

Pop Culture Shock releases Street Fighter Balrog statue

Get ready for a knockout!
Dec 16
Pop Culture Shock Collectibles will be adding another Street Fighter character to their impressive statue line. Balrog, the heavy hitting boxer, will be made into a statue with real fabric clothing.  There will be three... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Seems to have been the week for handmade and limited editions
Hello and welcome back to another round of Tomopop LinkUP! December 12 is observed as 'National Ding-A-Ling Day', a day set aside to watch out for crazy people. I couldn't say why, but doesn't that also mean it's a good day t... read feature

NYCC Pop Culture Shock photo
NYCC Pop Culture Shock

NYCC 2013: Pop Culture Shock

There's that terrifying Akuma bust I've always wanted
Oct 13
Connoisseurs of gigantic figures, this part of NYCC is for you! Pop Culture Shock is all about going big. For starters you can see their life size Akuma bust. It's cool but also a bit creepy thanks to the stylized face. Upon ... read
PCS He-Man statue photo
PCS He-Man statue

Pop Culture Shock has the power with their He-Man statue

Pre-orders begin Sept. 16 and yes, there's a version coming with Orko
Sep 05
Pop Culture Shock is putting that Masters of the Universe license to work, as the latest statue to come from the studio is a 1/4-scale one of He-Man. Standing 29 inches tall and sculpted from polystone, He-Man has his Power S... read
PCS Skeletor photo
Putting that He-Man license to VERY good use
Pop Culture Shock picked up the Masters of the Universe license last year, and I don't think anyone's going to complain about their latest product for that line. It's a life-sized Skeletor bust, a full 29 inches of ... read feature

PCS' Dhalsim photo
PCS' Dhalsim

Check out Pop Culture Shock's Dhalsim

Pre-orders open Monday, Aug. 5 for three versions
Aug 03
Pop Culture Shock's latest Street Fighter statue is the master of the Yoga Flame, Dhalsim. The 1/4-scale statue comes with his skull necklace and two head designs (meditative and yelling), "floating" on a flame-like black bas... read
Now you can practice all those fatalities
Pop Culture Shock has its newest addition for their 1.4th scale statue line, Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat. Modeled to look as he appeared in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Sub-Zero will be available in two versions. He will be ava... read feature


Big news comes in threes for Pop Culture Shock

Ken Lily joins the design team, new He-Man statue is previewed, and MK Scorpion bust goes up for pre-order.
Apr 30
Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is sending off April in a big way with some major news! PCSC has announced that they've recruited the talents of Ken Lily as head of product development. Ken has been a fixture in the toy indust... read

Akuma, Gouki battle it out in Pop Culture Shock's diorama

New piece also comes in a light-up variant
Feb 26
The latest Street Fighter statue from Pop Culture shock is here, and it's a big, bold one. Standing 16.5 inches tall, the Akuma and Gouki diorama features the two polar opposites engaged in battle, with Akuma lunging in for a... read

Pop Culture Shock busts out Ryu, Evil Ryu in 1/1-scale

Pre-orders start Feb. 18 at $499
Feb 12
Pop Culture Shock has a new series of life-sized busts, kicking off with ones of Ryu and Evil Ryu. Each is 24 inches tall, and Evil Ryu happens to also feature LED-illuminated eyes that probably look great when turned on. Bot... read
1/4-scale figure up for pre-order Jan. 28
If you remember back to our last post about Pop Culture Shock, you might remember we mentioned an upcoming Shao Khan 1/4-scale figure. Well, here he is, and I am very, very impressed. The latest in their Mortal Kombat polysto... read feature

Will now be selling directly to customers
Pop Culture Shock Toys have sent us some news, and it's a little surprising: they're going with a direct-to-customer business model, meaning they'll be dealing with their own products in their own store. I'm not sure if it me... read feature

First pre-orders coming in February
Pop Culture Shock Toys have a few licenses under their belt that you might be familiar with, but they'dve just added another one. Starting next year, Pop Culture Shock is partnering with Mattel to launch a 1/4-scale Masters o... read feature


Pop Culture Shock brings forth a 1/4-scale Kitana

Pre-orders open on Dec. 20
Dec 12
Pop Culture Shock is keeping their Mortal Kombat 9 line rolling with a brand-new polystone statue of Kitana. Yes, the femme fatale is decked out with her bladed fans and is quite tall ... 20 inches high, to be precise. She's ... read

Pop Culture Shock's next Mortal Kombat statue is Reptile

First 1/4-scale statue in Mortal Kombat Klassics line
Nov 07
Pop Culture Shock's statues have always caught my eye (the top of my grail list is, in fact, three of their pieces), and once again, they've got something cool going on. PCS has just launched a Mortal Kombat Klassics 1/4-scal... read

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