Creepy as hell photo
Creepy as hell

Creepy stuff I've found on ebay: Giant-sized Renamon and other stuffed... things

What has been seen cannot be unseen
Mar 04
Anybody who's used ebay for any length of time knows that there's a lot of weird stuff on it. Some of it is weird in a cool way, other things are a case of WHY WOULD ANYBODY WANT THIS?! This, of course, is a case of the latte... read
Retro photo
But will anybody actually buy this garbage... pail kids stuff?
There are some things in our childhoods that we love to remember... and also things we're still trying to forget. Funko has tapped into that latter category with upcoming collectibles to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ... read feature

Custom Tim Tebow Gundam photo
I have made a terrible mistake
G Gundam is downright silly. Stereotypes manifested themselves into some of the most odd mecha designs of the 90s. Neo America’s Gundam Maxter was a robot football player with pistols and a surfboard shield. I had an id... read feature

Duck Dynasty toys photo
Duck Dynasty toys

Why does this exist? Duck Dynasty action figures

Oh, right...MONEY
Jun 28
Given the right motive, anything will be done. I imagine in some boardroom, there's a group of men in suits, tying together evil plots. Among those plots, their latest appears to be one of the worst and most evil ever done. T... read

It was inevitable: Vocaloid x Hello Kitty Collaboration

Just wait for Star Wars: Vocaloid edition!
Dec 08
Did you ever expect to see this NOT happen? Let's be honest with ourselves here, folks. Vocaloid will put it itself in just about anything. Everyone loves to collaborate with Hatsune Miku. The heads over at Sanrio, while not ... read

Childhood toys make somewhat good movies, so here's Battleship the movie

Jul 27
Yes, what you see above is real. A movie based on the classic boardgame Battleship is coming to theaters next summer in 2012. The movie does not involve the strategic guessing and placement of pegs on a board, but rather ther... read

Hatsune Miku continues the world domination tour with a custom mecha

Jul 23
Words completely fail me... It seems that polluting the US TV airwaves with adverts to try and sell cars to Americans wasn't enough so Miku has gone back to her homeland to create one of the oddest crossovers in recent memory... read

Sota Toys' SDCC exclusive Morrigan and Lilith figure makes me weep with joy, then sadness

Jul 07
Why must SOTA Toys taunt me so? First they tease me with a 12" convention exclusive figure of my two favorite characters ever, Morrigan and Lilith of Darkstalkers fame, in a surreal sort of falling embrace. "At last!" I think... read

A+ Hideyoshi Kinoshita bust now available to make your room more creepy

Jun 29
I love Baka to Test and Hideyoshi just as much as the next Totally Heterosexual Dude, but this is just weird. Do I need a 1/1.5 scale bust of him from the shoulders up making a vaguely kissy face at me? No, I do not think tha... read

We've all been to a dollar store and opening mocked the hideous creations coming out of China. A not-so Hello Kitty, Super Cock, the Legion of Best Friends and Sader are among our favorites, but a very special one came to my ... read feature


Kidrobot gives a closer look at the Huck from Dunny 2011 with some bad news attached

Jun 09
Dunny 2011 is quickly approaching and as such, the Kronikle has been giving closer looks at the Dunnys in the series. Today though, not only did we get a closer look, but we got an announcement too when they put the spotlight... read

There is no explanation for this video

Apr 21
I'm just going to leave this video here. Sometimes, there are things that leave you speechless, not a word to say. This one simply doesn't deserve any. Go ahead. Be brave. Hit the jump to even try to make sense of this. Let me know in the comments below how long you could endure this punishment. read

NSFW: Yes, there's a Jenna Jameson figure ... really

Apr 20
Anyone want a figure of porn actress Jenna Jameson? Because yes, there's one and it's got a scary look to it. Originally made by folks at a company called Plastic Fantasy, this figure is fully poseable (for all your Woody Rev... read

Terrifying White Rabbit plush haunts your easter basket

Apr 19
If you've ever considered that the only thing missing from your Easter celebration is some form of twisted nightmare, Neatorama's got you covered with this "enchanting" White Rabbit plush. He's based on Lewis Carroll's charac... read

NSFW: Say hi to Daiki Kougyou's Aya Ayanokouji

Apr 11
The folks at Daiki Kougyou have put together another new figure, this one featuring an original character. Say hi to Aya Ayanokouji, a girl with ridiculously big eyes at 1/5 scale. As expected, she is a cast-offable figure, w... read

Support Charlie Sheen's idiotic self promotion campaign with this bobblehead

Mar 30
What's the internet's reaction to any person making a fool of themselves? Why, make a meme, of course, and then make lots of merchandise around the theme and make a profit. It's better known as the "Chocolate Rain effect", an... read

He ladies and gents, it's time for Tomocast! This episode I'm joined by managing editor Jonathan Tubbs, associate editor Andres Cerrato and community member Stella Wong to talk about the bane of all toy collectors. That's rig... read feature


Ray, what the hell were you thinking of that time?

Mar 05
I'm really pleased that the Ghostbusters are seeing a resurgence in recent years thanks in part to the awesome video game and the world remembering how cool they are. They're coming back so hard they even received a statue of... read

THE HORROR RETURNS: Taki Corp reincarnates, makes worst Kanu ever

Feb 09
Here is how things must have gone down in the board room after the famously crappy figure company Taki Corporation folded (translation to English provided for your convenience):Japanese suit A: "We really ... read

DC Direct's Ame-Comi, now available to wear

Feb 06
Last time we took a look at DC Direct's Ame-Comi line, it stirred-up quite the little debate. Throughout the line's history, the comments have ranged from interesting concept to a poor excuse for a slutty Halloween costume. S... read

Yamanaya wants how much for their Dream Club Airi soft vinyl figure? Seriously!?

Jan 18
You think this is a gashapon? Nope. Bootleg? Think again. This, folks, is an upcoming figure of Airi from dating sim meets hostess club meets The iDOLM@STER title Dream Club. This fine figure comes from Yamanaya who is really... read

Things no one needs to own: the Slimer light-up bust

Jan 11
My grandmother was an advocate of the "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all" rule, and so I kind of grew up that way. And I usually follow it. However, every once in a while, I feel it ... read

Bob Conge's Mickeybaby Marshmallow Kaiju not the first thing to pop into my head

Jan 06
Story time guys. When I was a child, I had an unhealthy fear of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Don't ask me why, but I would stay awake at night thinking it'd smash through my window and kill me dead. Apparently Bob Conge hea... read

Good news or bad news first? Kidrobot and Sanrio team up for two more pieces

Jan 06
Ok, I'll go with the good news, I guess; this wonderful line is continuing and now we have some characters outside of Hello Kitty showing up in vinyl form! The bad news: one of these has tarnished one of my favorite character... read

If I was strolling through a mall and got an eyeful of a store like Zoom In, I would probably run in there as fast as my legs could carry me. Miku wall scrolls in the windows? And did I mention this is in a mall? It would be ... read feature


It seems that Medicom's factory is having heating issues with these latest KAWS pieces

Dec 16
Well, I didn't think KAWS pieces could get any lazier, but I was wrong. From Disney and Warner Brothers characters with Xs for eyes, to a wall, and now, this... I feel like all parties involved with these figures just aren't ... read

Did you buy Black Rock Shooter? Read this guide to make sure it's the real deal

Dec 10
Good Smile Company makes some pretty PVC. They're also pretty expensive, so it comes as no surprise that there are a ton of cheap knock offs out there. If you're worried that the gorgeous Black Rock Shooter you just purchased... read

China builds the world's largest bootleg of the 1/1 scale Gundam

Dec 09
The 1/1 scale Gundam has traveled from Odaiba to Shizuoka but Szechwan, China would look one of their own as well. This monstrosity of a mecha is the largest bootleg I've seen since the Soviets made the Buran. This version of... read

The Sixth Doctor's sexy companion gets a figure with...a lot of personality

Dec 07
Toys from Doctor Who are pretty hit or miss. Usually miss, which makes me quite sad. This time around Underground Toys takes a swing and misses, at least with the figure you would want. Peri, the companion for the bizarr... read

I can't believe my sister could turn into such a bad plush, and her friend an even worse one

Nov 23
Well well, it was inevitable, but with the vast multitude of merchandise from Oreimo aka I Can't Believe My Sister Could be this Cute, some bad products would hit the market. Thanks to Chara-Ani, we now have some pretty atroc... read

I can't put into words how awful this Evangelion merchandise looks

Nov 22
...seriously. This is some pretty awful stuff here. Let's talk about this monstrosity up top first though. The EVA Unit-01 has been turned into a lot of different things, I don't think a head-mount for your wall should be one... read

Tokyo Doll's 'Shy Mate' line is a bit more herp and derp than shy

Nov 12
Tokyo Doll's new "Shy Mate" line is the newest 60cm (1/3rd scale) doll line to grace the market. If the Volks' Dollfie line is too beautiful for your style, and you have enough money to blow for two Dollfies, then t... read

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