Wooser photo

Nendoroid Wooser returns in a budget-friendly light version

Available for less than US$20? Count me in!
Mar 17
Back in 2013 Good Smile Company released a pair of Nendoroid Wooser figures after the popular first season of anime shorts. The sets featured Wooser with Rin and Darth Wooser with Ren and a ton of extra stuff from the&nb... read
Nendoroid tree photo
Nendoroid tree

Oh Nendoroid tree, how lovely are your branches

Nendoroids look as good on the tree as under it
Dec 25
For some families it's common to trim the Christmas tree just before the big day arrives. Me, I say do it the day after Thanksgiving or don't do it at all (or maybe I just said that as an excuse not to put up a tree this year... read
Good Smile Company photo
Good Smile Company

Don't underestimate Nendoroid magical girl Akari Yomatsuri

Plus a bunch of other friends from Miyazawa Model Exhibition
Nov 19
Although announced a few months ago, we're finally getting out first look at Nendoroid self proclaimed magical girl Akari Yomatsuri from Captain Earth at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Autumn 2014! They haven't said a wh... read
NYCC 2014 GSC photo

NYCC 2014: Good Smile Company Up-close

We get up-close and personal with the GSC display
Oct 11
Good Smile Company is awesome for getting us right up close with their latest display pieces at New York Comic Con! You can practically smell the fresh paint on the figures! This is as close as you can get without being there... read
Nendoroid SAO Sinon photo
Nendoroid SAO Sinon

[Updated] Take aim at this new SAO Sinon Nendoroid gallery

On target for pre-orders tonight
Sep 03
[Update: Hey, look, pre-orders are up. Find them down below.] Coming into the Sword Art Online 2 anime I wasn't really sure what to expect from series newcomer Sinon. The early previews made her look like the cold, emotionles... read
Nendoroid Red at J-List photo
Nendoroid Red at J-List

Pre-order the elusive Nendoroid Pokemon Trainer Red at J-List!

Our prayers have been answered
May 16
This is not a drill, people. Good Smile Company had previously announced that Nendoroid Pokemon Trainer Red was to be exclusive Japanese Pokemon Centers and the Amazon Japan Pokemon store. But while we were busy cursing our f... read
Rail Wars! Nendoroids photo
Rail Wars! Nendoroids

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2014: Rail Wars! gets two Nendoroids

Joined by Tetsudou Musume's Kinugawa Miyabi
May 15
TomyTec just wants to keep giving us those railroad girl Nendoroids, it seems, and now we're seeing their collab with Good Smile Company spill into a second series. Rail Wars! is joining the Nendoroid line, as revealed a... read
Nendoroid Yakumo Yukari photo
Nendoroid Yakumo Yukari

Prototype Nendoroid of Touhou Project's Yakumo Yukari spotted

Located at Gift's booth at the Annual Hakurei Shrine Grand Festival in Tokyo, Japan
May 10
Over in Tokyo, Japan, fans of Touhou Project are most likely attending the Annual Hakurei Shrine Grand Festival (or the Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai, in Japanese). The event is a mecca for all things Touhou, including merchandise.... read
Fate photo

Pre-order Nendoroid Gilgamesh; do it for the gold solo cup

Gold solo cup / I fill you up / Let's have a party
Apr 09
Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Gilgamesh (Fate) is currently available for pre-order and, in addition to what we saw in the recent preview, will apparently also include his famous jug of wine along with a chalice. The Archer-... read
Nendoroid Rin Tohsaka photo
Tsundere Nendoroids are great
Saber gets all the attention these days, but Good Smile Company hasn't forgotten about tsundere master Rin Tohsaka of Fate/stay night! She got a gorgeous scale figure way back in the day, but now returns as a diminutive Nendo... read feature

Tomopop LinkUP photo
Tomopop LinkUP

Tomopop LinkUP: Remakeover

Breathing new life into old favorites
Mar 15
Sometimes our favorite characters are too good to fall off into obscurity over the years. Often they'll get a new outfit and and just continue their adventures like Sideshow's upcoming 1/6 scale Catwoman. Sometimes they trans... read
Nendoroid May'n photo
Available at concert locations for May’n Road to 10th Anniversary Japan event
When I go to a concert, usually all I come back with is a useless ticket stub and half a cup of low-quality beer that's been spilled on me - if I'm lucky. If I'm not lucky, a lot of beer has been spilled on me. Wouldn't it be... read feature

Nendoroid Nagisa Momoe photo
Eats cheese, surrender monkey status unknown
This Nendoroid was announced a while back for the latest Madoka Magica film. Although the film came out last October, the spoiler situation can be tricky with anime movies so I'll keep this post intentionally vague. Nagi... read feature

Tomopop LinkUP photo
Take a moment to enjoy other people playing with toys
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! This week we're doing something entirely different from the normal LinkUP. Last week we took no prisoners when reporting on Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter] which doesn't leave much for ... read feature

Tomopop LinkUP photo
Oh, right, there are other events going on this week
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! It's been a pretty busy week in all sorts of ways. We're still plowing our way through Wonder Festival coverage with the shadow of Toy Fair looming over us. But outside of that the Ol... read feature

Wonder Festival photo
Wonder Festival

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Nendo and figma Hatsune Miku

School uniform versions getting lottery treatment this year
Feb 08
Probably the two biggest complaints about the figma and Nendoroid lines are that there are too many Hatsune Miku variants and too many characters in school uniforms. Well look at what we have here, a figma and a Nendoroid of ... read
WonFes 2014 Winter photo
WonFes 2014 Winter

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Planned figma and Nendoroids

You just have to identify them all
Feb 08
If you're tuned in here, you just want to know what Good Smile Company and its army of subsidiaries have ready for you to start pre-ordering and drooling over. They've decided to make things a bit easier and just gone ahead a... read
WF Nendoroids photo
Kahotan offers a final look at Mami and Miku before Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter] this weekend
Kahotan has updated with two new galleries for Good Smile Company's latest Wonder Festival exclusive Nendoroids. You've already seen these, but they're certainly worth a second look, especially when they get the Kahotan photo... read feature

Nendoroid Yoshino photo
Nendoroid Yoshino

Pre-orders A(re) Live for Nendoroid Yoshino

Arriving in May
Jan 24
Fans of Date A Live, listen up: the little Nendoroid Yoshino you might have had your eye on is open for pre-orders! Not only is she coming with her floppy-eared hood, you're getting her puppet Yoshinon as well and some pretty... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Now is the time to think summer after all
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! I know I've complained at least once already about the winter, but when dealing with subzero temps as often as we have this year I think it warrants some additional complaining. They ... read feature

Nendoroid photo

Kahotan shows off heroic Iron Patriot

Mini 'Merica
Jan 21
I don't know why, but shrinking Iron Man down to Nendoroid form works. It's fun, adorable and I want to pose it all around my room, preferably shooting missiles at my other robots. Of course, if you're taking the Mark 42 from... read
Nendoroid More pajamas photo
Nendoroid More pajamas

Even more looks at Nendoroid More's pajama parts

No new surprises, just more adorableness
Jan 16
Sure, we've seen the Nendoroid More pajama parts before, even in color, but if you wanted to see how they might look posed in a different environment, Good Smile Company have posted a few more photos, featuring the Vocaloid g... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
It's the last LinkUP of the year!
Hello and Welcome to this week's Tomopop LinkUP! It's been a crazy, exhausting week for me. Between a three-day ice storm, a 17 hour power outage, and rushing through Christmas, it has all left me a little drained. But the ne... read feature

Magazine Scans photo
Magazine Scans

Get a another look at new Nendoroids with these scans

More chibi cuteness than you can shake a turkey leg at
Nov 29
It's magazine scan time again and we have some very exciting pictures for fans of Nendoroids. For starters, we can see some poses and accessories for the recently-announced Nendoroid Neptune (previously featured in last week'... read
Nendo costumes photo
Nendo costumes

Good Smile Company reveals new Nendoroid costume project

So early it doesn't even have a name yet
Aug 14
Think for a moment; what hasn't Good Smile Company done with Nendoroids yet? We've had various stands, diorama rooms, add-on parts, and even vehicles. The only thing they haven't done is is a line of costumes for your favorit... read
WonFes: Nintendo Nendos photo
Are your bodies ready?
Your eyes do not deceive you: Nendoroid Luigi and Wind Waker Link art is in that header image. They're coming. We have no other info at this time, but Link should have been obvious: I mentioned it was the most likely non-Mari... read feature

Nendoroid Ranka Lee photo
Nendoroid Ranka Lee

Nendoroid Ranka Lee sings her way to pre-orders

Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan
Jul 17
Frontier fans rejoice as your chosen deity has finally made her way to Nendoroid form and pre-orders! It's been a while since Ranka has been seen, but with previews being revealed in recent days, it was only a matter of time ... read
Industry jargon part 3 photo
Now with a difficulty rating
The ever-helpful Mikatan has once again graced us with another installment of her ever-growing guide to industry jargon. This time around she's added a star system that rates each entry from one to five. I don't know if I ent... read feature

Good Smile AX exclusives photo
It is Nendoroid Yukata Miku and Madoka
Toward the end of May, news broke about Good Smile's exclusives for Anime Expo. The two pixelated photos shown off led me to believe one was definitely Nendoroid Miku and the other possibly Madoka ... and guess what? That's e... read feature

Nendoroid Hayate Yagami photo
Nendoroid Hayate Yagami

Now you can add Hayate Yagami to your tome of pre-orders

She'll have more articulation than standard Nendos
May 30
[Update: added more pre-order links] Normally I'm not into Nanoha stuff, but this Nendoroid Hayate Yagami actually looks pretty cool. This is the Unison Edition from Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A's. Romantic title, I know. T... read

Get out of despair with Nendoroid Itoshiki pre-orders

School gets out eventually, right?
May 21
If you missed him the first time around, you missed out on a great Nendoroid of Nozomu Itoshiki. He was my very first Nendoroid and it holds a special place in my collection for a number of reasons. As the recipient of a grea... read
With pre-orders opening tomorrow, details emerge
[Update: Pre-orders are now open] The hardest part about waiting for the release of a game you really want, is knowing that there are people somewhere in the world playing it. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is that game for me. Af... read feature

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