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4:40 AM on 02.08.2015

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: Nendoroid invasion

Good Smile Company's giant wall of reveals (they need to trademark that) has some interesting and/or exciting Nendoroid releases. We have a wide variety of stuff, so there's bound to be something for everyone. Or maybe everyt...


Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: Nendoroid Stormtrooper will subdue your rebel heart photo
Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: Nendoroid Stormtrooper will subdue your rebel heart
by Scarecroodle

GSC's Nendoroid Storm Trooper was fully on display and in painted form at Winter WonFes. The figure was first announced on the Summer 2014 WonFes wall and had appeared my Highlight Reel for that month.

The figure (full image in gallery) easily lives up to expectations. While it would make an awesome Nendoroid army-builder, odds are that I'll probably skip picking one up since I'm trying to stay away from the Nendoroid line (there are, after all, only so many things you can buy!). However, I look forward to seeing it displayed with the Nendoroid Darth Vader in an array of photos in the future.

Now, if GSC did a Nendoroid Boba Fett... or a Nendoroid Bossk... or a Nendoroid Dengar... (I can't imagine how messed up a Nendoroid IG-88 might look.)

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Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: Nendoroid Mako joins the Fight Club photo
Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: Nendoroid Mako joins the Fight Club
by Martin Siggers

Everybody agrees that magnificent klutz Mako Mankanshoku was the breakout star of Kill la Kill, but now she's getting a bunch of attitude and a whole lot more badass. Good Smile Company revealed that Mako will be returning for a second Nendoroid, this time of her Two-Star Fight Club uniform. This gives our favourite schoolgirl a sneer, a sweet coat and a bunch of weapons to hurl at her enemies and OH GOD IT'S TOO ADORABLE. More details as we get them.

[via Facebook ]

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These Snow Miku previews should have everything you'd want to see photo
These Snow Miku previews should have everything you'd want to see
by Tianxiao Ma

The upcoming Nendoroid Snow Miku (Snow Bell ver.) is a great design - one that works better as a Nendoroid than as a figma, I think. The proportions look just right as a Nendo, emphasizing her fancy head gear and cutting down on a fairly plain looking dress.

I'll let you decide for yourself, as there are two great preview galleries out. You can check out Mamitan's photos on her blog. She makes great use of her snowy setup! Akiba Hobby also has a large preview gallery up showcasing the accessories and alternate faces.

This is a Wonder Festival "exclusive" but you'll also have a chance to order this online for a limited time.

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2:44 AM on 02.04.2015

Nendoroid Link: The Wind Waker Re-Release

If you weren't able to snag Nendo Link when he was first released in Fall of 2014, there's good news! The Wind Waker adventurer will be re-released in June of this year with pre-orders already underway. Good Smile Company's v...

Rachael Chambers

Tomopop Double Review: Nendoroid Link photo
Tomopop Double Review: Nendoroid Link
by Martin Siggers

Last time our reviews editor Rio McCarthy and I teamed up we talked about our collective joy and frustration over Real Action Heroes Link. It seems only appropriate then that we reunite in textual form to look at another variation of Nintendo's eternal hero. This time though, he's much shorter, younger and bigger headed, both by design and by format. Will the Hero of Winds meet with more universal approval than the Hero of the Sky? Only one way to find out.

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Good Smile Company reveals Winter Wonder Festival exclusives photo
Good Smile Company reveals Winter Wonder Festival exclusives
by Martin Siggers

With Winter WonFes 2015 less than a month away, Good Smile have stepped up to reveal the exclusive goods that they'll be selling at the event, thus saving us the agony of speculation and second guessing that used to characterise the event.

As is always the case at Winter WonFes, Snow Miku headlines the exclusives available, with her fan-designed 'Snow Bell' look available in both Nendoroid and figma forms. We've also got a rather striking Nendoroid of Battleship Re-Class from Kantai Collection and another Saber figma, this time an unarmoured 'Dress ver.'.

As with all WonFes exclusives in recent years these will also be available from the Good Smile Online Shop for a limited period of time. GSC will also take any remaining stock touring round the world on the convention trail, so if the company attends an event near you that might be a smart time to get your hands on this stuff. Online sales will be made to order so as long as you get in between the 8th and 16th of February you'll be guaranteed to get one. The two Snow Mikus will be ¥4,500 apiece while saber and Re-Class will set you back a little more at ¥5,000.

Honestly I'm a little underwhelmed, but then I'm not a huge fan of any of these characters. Any of you readers out there really liking what you're seeing?

[ via Good Smile Company ]

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1:00 AM on 01.15.2015

Good Smile Company's getting a head start on summer with Nendoroid swimsuits

Good Smile Company has been kicking around the idea of Nendoroid More swimsuit bodies for a while now, but just recently they've announced something for Wonder Festival. They're making two basic bodies and styles with some co...

Tianxiao Ma

Buckle up! You're in for some wild Nendoroid Rider pre-orders photo
Buckle up! You're in for some wild Nendoroid Rider pre-orders
by Scarecroodle

GSC's Nendoroid Rider (Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works]; ie, the recent Fate/Stay Night remake) is currently available for pre-order.

Rider (whose real identity was Medusa) received a good amount of merchandise during Fate: Stay Night's original run, including a figma and several Nendoroid Petits. If you liked those Petits, you're in luck because the full-sized Nendoroid has enough customization to mimic the designs of her smaller counterparts (which I now mildly regret buying instead of waiting several years on the off-chance that there would be real Nendoroid). This includes a removable visor, her dagger/chain weapons, and a magic circle.

Nendoroid Rider looks great and I'm sorely tempted to pick her up... but I'm worried that Kotobukiya will release a superior Cu-Poche Rider. For everybody else, she can be pre-ordered for around ¥3,700 yen and is slated for a May release.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi ]

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Nendoroid Tomoyo pre-orders aim to put girls on film photo
Nendoroid Tomoyo pre-orders aim to put girls on film
by Martin Siggers

I've already spent my fair share of time raving over the adorable Nendoroid Cardcaptor Sakura, but as everyone knows a magical girl is nothing without her friends to back her up. That's why I'm delighted to pass on the news that Sakura's constant companion Tomoyo Daidouji has now joined the Nendoroid army.

We've known about her for a while of course, but today was the one two punch of a Kahotan preview and pre-orders going live, so there's plenty to get excited about. Tomoyo's pretty light on acessories given her relatively mundane nature, but she is blessed with three magnificent expressions. There's a really neat bit of attention to detail that allows Nendoroid Sakura to have her head swapped onto the body, complete with hat. Ther real killer for me though is the Good Smile Online Shop exclusive, which is a 'smug version' of Kero that's so painfully adorable I might need to stump up for it.

Overall, it's quite a simple figure but the charm of the character is enough to overcome all of my reservations. Tomoyo comes into the picture in June of next year for ¥4,800, so hit the links below if you feel like having a camera lady for your Nendoroid Sakura.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Big in Japan | Good Smile Online Shop (w/bonus Kero) ]

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Good Smile Racing reveals Miku design for 2015 photo
Good Smile Racing reveals Miku design for 2015
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

It's that time of year again when Good Smile Racing shows off the latest design that their Racing Miku Nendoroids and figmas will be based on. This year they seem to be going for something a little different compared to previous years. Earlier Racing Miku designs kept pretty close to the race queen idea before moving to more technological "Apend" designs. This time we're treated a very "princess knight" looking Miku. 

I can't be the only one that looks at this and thinks she looks like she stepped right out of Valkyria Chronicles. Skimpy outfit? Check. Sparkly  hair? Check. A white lance/parasol with a blue glow? Absolutely check! I don't know if Sega had a hand in this design (they make games for both VC and Miku), but it isn't hard to imagine someone took a little inspiration from the game series for Miku. Still, it's not a bad design and I do love the shield. 

Sooner or later they'll be adding 2015 personal sponsorships to the Good Smile Racing website where fans will be able to buy the Nendoroids and figmas based on this design along with some other goodies. Until then, enjoy the new Miku, you'll probably be seeing a lot of her next year. 

[via GSC on Facebook]

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2:00 AM on 11.26.2014

GSC's Nendoroid Elsa from Frozen opens for pre-order

Alright, Frozen fans, Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Elsa is finally open for pre-order. We also now know all the details for this figure and the price. All our questions have been answered! So, let's get to it. Elsa will com...

Vanessa Cubillo