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Nathan Hamill

SDCC 2014: 3D Retro photo
SDCC 2014: 3D Retro

SDCC 2014: 3D Retro

All about the birds, bears and beasts
Aug 04
// Brian Szabelski
3D Retro's SDCC booth played home to a wide variety of vinyl creations, including Nathan Hamill's Mickey Mouse-colored Lavabear variant, Nathan Ota's Suited Birdies, and Gary Baseman's The Wild Girls and Chou C...
Plush Capacitor photo
Plush Capacitor

Nathan Hamill, Flat Bonnie develop a plush capacitor

Needs 1.21 jigasnuggles of power
Nov 22
// Brian Szabelski
OK, so maybe you can't use Nathan Hamill and Flat Bonnie's Plush Capacitor to travel through time ... but it runs on plushtonium and is snuggly, so why would you want to go anywhere? The collab features some of Nathan's style...

DesignerCon 2013: Flat Bonnie

Nov 13 // Natalie Kipper
Dcon: Flat Bonnie photo
Wonderful flat plushes stuffed with love
Checking out the Flat Bonnie booth at DesignerCon was akin to visiting a petting zoo stocked with flat, happy animals. The astroturf-lined tables were stacked with displays of the handmade plushes, including con-exclusives&nb...

DesignerCon exclusives photo
Her plush collaboration with Nathan Hamill will also debut at the event
Last night, Yukari of Flat Bonnie revealed several of the goodies that will be available at her DesignerCon booth (#705) this weekend in Pasadena, California. One big announcement is the debut of her collaboration with N...

3DRetro DCon exclusives photo
3DRetro DCon exclusives

Here are 3DRetro's DesignerCon exclusives

Strife and Sire, Bitta Critta to have glow in the dark versions
Nov 07
// Brian Szabelski
3DRetro's DesignerCon offerings are of the glow-in-the-dark variety, taking two recent releases and making them a little brighter at night. First, there's the MoonSHINE Bitta Critta, taking Scott Tolleson's character and maki...
Nathan Hamill Octopups photo
Nathan Hamill Octopups

Nathan Hamill's Glow Octopups on sale Friday

Glow-in-the-dark fun for Halloween
Oct 24
// Brian Szabelski
Just in time for Halloween, Nathan Hamill and 3D Retro are releasing a glow-in-the-dark Octopup. Available at 3D Retro and Nathan's shop, these are still US$10 a piece with the same design as before, just cast in glow-in-the-...
Octopup plush photo
Octopup plush

Plush of Octopup pops up on Instagram

Flat Bonnie transforms Nathan Hamill's adorable figure
Aug 16
// Natalie Kipper
Nathan Hamill's Octopup figure has graced the pages of Tomopop before but never like this. The lovable dog-octopus hybrid will soon be entering the plush medium, courtesy of Flat Bonnie. Images of the prototype plush hav...

SDCC 2013: 3D Retro

Designer toy exclusives for all!
Jul 27
// Vanessa Cubillo
3D Retro's SDCC booth was filled with exclusives and other designer toys from different artists. My favorite exclusive was their mashup figure, Evel Fett: Boba Edition that they made with the help of Retro Outlaw. This figur...

Custom Made Monday: Home of the Evil

Jul 01 // Brian Szabelski
Geese Howard custom 12-inch figure from by ZombieKev So we start things off with the usual spotlight figures, and if you're a King of Fighters fan, then this one we found on FigureRealm might just blow your mind. It's a 12-inch custom figure of the boss himself, Geese Howard, complete in his gi and hakama, with an evil smirk sculpted on his face. For the body, Kev used a DC Direct Deluxe 13-inch body, and a head from a Medicom figure with new sculptwork to make it look like Geese. Add in handsewn clothing and hands recast from various figures, and it's super-impressive. Custom Shredder concept by customfig Speaking of awesome finds on FigureRealm, how about this interesting take on Shredder? Using a wrestling figure for a base with a ton of unique sculpting (the cape is from another figure and that's all that's not sculpted), customfig has created an imposing Shredder, who comes with a sword and a throne base to sit upon. Maybe it's not the most canon-friendly figure, but it's hard to deny that this doesn't look impressive.  Iron Man and Iron Patriot Minicels by Fuller Designs Fuller has put his stylings to two of Kuso Vinyl's Minicel figures, turning them to Iron Man and Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3. The designs don't have much in the way of sculpting, but Fuller tends to layer details on with his painting skill, and they show off here. Plenty of shading to go with some of the wear and tear. These will be available in the Kuso Vinyl booth (#5642) at SDCC. Sergeant Bearbosa by Reet Neet Reet is back with another 3.5-inch Teddy Trooper custom, done in the same style as his previous General Bearends custom. I do like how the body this time around has a wooden finish to it instead of riveted copper, along with the gears protruding through the torn-open helmet. Like General Bearends, this is a commissioned piece, but Reet Neet is open for commissions, if you're interested. Fhtagndroids and custom Trikky by Infinite Rabbits Some new customs from Infinite Rabbits have appeared. First, there's the custom 7-inch Trikky, made for a trade with another artist. Nothing much seems out of the ordinary with it ... you know, except the dozens of eyes sculpted and painted onto the surface of the Trikky's face.  And speaking of eyeballs, Infinite Rabbits put together a trio of custom Androids he's called the Fhtagndroids, a little bit of Cthulhu-inspired vinyl madness. Sadly, all three variants have sold, but I'm sure he's got more creations in store; we'll let you know about any others that pop up in his shop! Jabba the Beett by Nathan Hamill The Deadbeet Custom Show is currently ongoing at Toy Art Gallery, and here's Nathan Hamill's piece for the show. Yes, it's a Jabba the Hutt inspired Deadbeet figure, and it works incredibly well. I love the sculptwork on the face to make it look just like Jabba, completely down to the eyes. Even Jabba's hookah is here as an accessory. I just hope Nathan's dad didn't accidentally blow up the stand it was sitting on ... Bjorn the Big Battle Star Astronaut and Johnny Tattoo by Bash Projects Two new customs to share with you from Bash Projects. First, there's Bjorn the Big Battle Star Astronaut, a secret weapon the Battle Star Astronauts who makes all hell break loose when he arrives on the scene. The Dunny is available for €230 in Bash's shop. The second is a commissioned Fatcap called Johnny Tattoo, a poor fellow who fell asleep in Bash's tattoo chair when he went for some ink. Bash doesn't appreciate that, so he gave him more than he bargained for ... and apparently took his clothes, too. Simon Belmont by KirkyMonster The third custom in this week's feature from FigureRealm, KirkyMonster has put together a spin on Simon Belmont, making him look more like his appearance in Ayami Kojima's original artwork. The body is a NECA Simon Belmont figure, the head a Resaurus Street Fighter Remy head, and the paintwork done in a brown and red style. Keeper of the Beach and Morrow Treehouse by Taylored Curiosities The latest from Taylored Curiosities are two customs featuring her Morrow creations. One is a Dudebox figure she's turned into a Morrow Treehouse, which was in the Dudebox shop but has sold. The feathers and fleecy floor kind of give it a nest-like feel. The other is Keeper of the Beach, a 4-inch Munny that serves as a swimming pool for a little Morrow fellow. This one has sculpting, painting, stitching, and needle-felting done into it, and it's based on memories of growing up in a seaside town. If you like it, it's £80 in the Taylored Curiosities shop. MF Doom Munnys and custom Hello Kitty toys by Kokeshi Clan Kokeshi Clan has put together some customs he wanted to show off. First, he's done a series of custom Munnys of MF Doom, complete with his trademark mask. It's a set of five, each in a different colorway with mics as accessories. He's also done a series of Hello Kitty customs, turning them into little ninjas. If you want either, they're in his shop. The MF Doom Munnys are US$65 and the Hello Kitty customs are US$45. Fly Girls by Jenn and Tony Bot and melodreama  Ending this week's round-up are a series of collaborative Dunnys from The Bots and melodreama. Inspired by World War II's female pilots, these five blind-boxed Dunnys are sculpted by The Bots and painted by melodreama, and each has a unique design all its own. You can pick one up for US$80 in The Bots' shop. [That wraps up this week's installment of Custom Made Monday! If you have any customs you'd like to see featured, or just spot something that's eye-catching and fits the feature, be sure to e-mail us and let us know!]
Custom Made Monday photo
Don't worry, some good guys are here, too
Welcome back to Custom Made Monday, fresh off a vacation induced by the fun of SDCC. Yes, it's been an overwhelming few weeks here at Tomopop HQ, but we've managed to squeeze out another round-up of custom figures that caught...

3DRetro reveals more SDCC exclusives

Jun 27 // Brian Szabelski
3DRetro at SDCC photo
New works from Nathan Hamill, Brandi Milne
We have news on two more 3DRetro exclusives for San Diego Comic Con to bring you. First up, there's Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire Super Soldier Edition (say that one a few times fast). For the show this year, the 7-inch tal...


Toy Art Gallery presents the DEADBEET Custom Group Show

Nice to beet you
Jun 27
// Vanessa Cubillo
This Saturday, on June 29, Toy Art Gallery will be hosting Scott Tolleson's DEADBEET Custom Group Show. This show invited a number of all-star artists to customize a DeadBeet, a 6 inch soft vinyl beet toy created by Scott To...
Nathan Hamill's Octopup photo
Nathan Hamill's Octopup

Nathan Hamill's Octopup debuts in a cherry colorway

A little taste of Japanese vinyl from 3D Retro
Jun 24
// Brian Szabelski
Need a little Japanese vinyl in your life? 3D Retro has something for you; specifically, Nathan Hamill's Octopup. A 2-inch-tall figure, Octopup is Nathan's latest, with the first edition being a cherry red translucent colorwa...

Nathan Hamill's Gunmetal Kammu arrives

On sale at 3DRetro today
Mar 22
// Brian Szabelski
Way back at San Diego Comic Con 2012, we got a quick glimpse at Nathan Hamill's Kammu figure, and since then, there's been several different versions cast in different metals. The latest edition releases today, Gunmetal Kammu...

Ice and Fire Strife and Sire coming Jan. 19

Will be a BAIT exclusive
Jan 10
// Brian Szabelski
Nathan Hamill's latest is another Strife and Sire colorway. This time, though, it's a nice-looking Ice and Fire colorway, with a a bright red Strife and an icy blue Sire, limited to just 100 pieces. Each purchase comes with a...

DesignerCon 2012: 3D Retro

Nov 08
// Brian Szabelski
At the 3D Retro booth at DesignerCon, we saw many things, including: A wild Buff Monster! He was signing at the booth and in some of our shots, as you can see. Lifesize Benny the Dreamer and Bellicose Bunny statues! As far a...

Saturday brings a Strife and Sire signing to TAG

Featuring Nathan Hamill's newest vinyl creation
Oct 18
// Brian Szabelski
Toy Art Gallery will be playing host to a signing on Saturday, Oct. 20, featuring 3DRetro and Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire figure. Nathan will be in attendance for the event, which will see the release of the two-piece, 7-...

Check out what's in store at Tenacious Toys' NYCC booth!

Oct 03 // Natalie Kipper
The artist collaborators are good folks that will be sharing a portion of the  booth Tenacious Toys. The first of which is Bugs and Plush, a vinyl toy design company (check out my Wonder Con coverage of them here). Next up is Rampage Toys, which focuses on sofubi designs. And last but not least, is Furry Feline Creatives, headed by Alvin and Cheri Ong. Rampage Toys and Furry Feline Creatives will bring con-exclusive merchandise for purchase to the booth, but they aren't the only ones. Here's the rundown on the exclusives: Jon-Paul Kaiser's Pandaimyo Blue Mini Qee (limited to 300 pieces, US$28 each) Scott Tolleson's Uncle Argh Noir Mini Qee (limited to 500 pieces, US$28 each) Furry Feline Creatives' Black CandyCat Purridge (limited to 10 pieces, US$40 each) Rampage Toys' Ugly Unicorn, Manotaur, and Dinosaurs blue resin figures by Jacob JAMS There will also be a few items that will be sold at NYCC before being released to general retail. They are: Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire vinyl figure set (US$50) VISEone's Tube Monsters (all three colorways, US$15 each) Jason Freeny's Gummi Anatomy figures (two colorways) plus prints Rich Page's Dita sculpture And, who wouldn't want to get that new figure signed by the artist? Here is the schedule of artist signings going on throughout the days of the convention: Friday October 12 11am: Jacob JAMS signing his resin figures (including blue Tenacious Exclusive colorways) 2pm: VISEone signing his new Tube Monsters (all 3 colorways) 3pm: Nathan Hamill signing his new Strife & Sire vinyl figure set Saturday October 13 11am: Jason Freeny signing his Gummi Anatomy figures, Gummi Anatomy prints by 1XRUN & the Freeny CAPSL figures 1pm: Jon-Paul Kaiser & J*RYU tag team signing, featuring our exclusive JPK Pandaimyo Blue Mini Qee and J*RYU's Baby Sapling resin figure (also a Tenacious Exclusive) 2pm: Carson Catlin signing, featuring his Reticulated Dunny series 3pm: Rich Page of UME Toys signing, featuring the debut of Dita and a whole slew of other offerings 4pm: JC Rivera signing, featuring assorted customs and resin figures Sunday October 14 2pm: Jason Freeny signing his Gummi Anatomy figures, Gummi Anatomy prints by 1XRUN & CAPSL figures Is there a toy or artist you are particularly excited about? [via Tenacious Toys' blog]  
Signings, exclusives, and collabs!
New York Comic Con is swiftly approaching and Tenacious Toys planning on taking part in a big way. Their booth, number 3121, is one you will certainly want to hit up. Why? Well, how you feel about artist signings? And event e...


Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire to debut at NYCC

Two figures for the price of one!
Oct 01
// Natalie Kipper
New York Comic Con begins in a little bit over a week and Nathan Hamill has announced that he will be debuting his latest vinyl creation at the event. The new work is a pair of figures called "Strife and Sire," featuring a ba...

During a signing at the 3D Retro booth, Nathan Hamill brought along a few new prototypes to show off. One of those that particularly caught my eye was Strife & Sire, a two-figure piece featuring a stylized bat-like fellow...


Leecifer's Bat Bunny is the best Bellicose Bunny

Mar 15
// Kristina Pino
It might be my bias for all things Batman, but this is the best contribution I've seen for the upcoming event "Bellocosity: The Bellicose Bunny Group Custom Show" so far!  I'm not saying it for naught, either. Mister Joh...

DesignerCon 2011: 3DRetro

Nov 14
// Natalie Kipper
It was near impossible to miss 3DRetro's booth at this month's DesignerCon in sunny (albeit moderately chilly) Pasadena. The store had a rather large booth adjacent to the entrance to the exhibit hall. I cannot recall one tim...

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