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7:00 PM on 01.08.2013

Announcing November's Megapixel winners!

Sorry for the delay there folks, but I'm back to announce the winners. Be sure to check the contest post to see all the great entries. For the November Megapixel, the winners are Nan, Ket and Itsa Timmy! Email me at pedro [at...

Pedro Cortes

[ REMINDER ] Monthly Micropixel: Halloween Edition photo
[ REMINDER ] Monthly Micropixel: Halloween Edition
by Kristina Pino

Yay, October! It's the month for harvesting delicious pumpkins, savoring the best beer of the year, eating pie, and getting costumes ready for all kinds of fun and mischief. Well, that's if you're into that kind of thing.

This month, submit your spookiest figure-centric images in the comments section below for a chance at various cool prizes sponsored by HobbyLink Japan: Kotobukiya's Fine Art Statue Captain America, Max Factory's Meiko Honma, Bandai's Chibi-Arts C.C. and Premium Sega Prize Mari Illustrious Makinami. All four of them look awesome, so make sure you bring your A-game this month! As usual, everyone is welcome to join, but I'll need some help with shipping fees if you live outside of the U.S. and Canada. Once I receive the prizes, I'll take pictures of them to feature on the front page.

As for last month's contest, the winners are: Orannis and Invincible! Both of you, please email me (kristina [at] tomopop [dot] com) with your prize preferences and street addresses. I'm also picking a runner-up entry for some trading figures: Anime0Milk! Shoot me an email to claim your prize.

Great job with last month's contest, and good luck with this month's! Your due date is Monday, Oct. 29, so you've got three weeks a week and a half from today to enter. If you're wondering what happened to the more long-form Megapixel contest, they aren't totally gone -- I'm just going to do it less often since they're so much more work. I think the next one will be in January, so be ready for it!

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[REMINDER] September Micropixel: Feelin' Blue photo
[REMINDER] September Micropixel: Feelin' Blue
by Kristina Pino

Woo, September! Another month has gone by, so I've got a new challenge for you. For September, rather than the full Megapixel, we're gonna do it like July's contest: drop your entries in the comments section here with one image. The theme this time is blue. The color blue, specifically. Besides that, anything goes, folks!

Last month's winners are: Counterpunch, Niceboat and Wilda! The three of you, please send me an email (kristina [at] tomopop [dot] com) with your prize preferences (give me your preference in order of want) and a shipping address so I can get those out to you. Congratulations! Honorable mention goes to Sailor Samus, so you go ahead and email me too, and I'll get something to ya. 

As with all my contests, anyone is welcome to join. If you are outside the US & Canada, I just need help with the shipping, but otherwise the more the merrier! If you do enter the contest, please make sure you check back and see if you happen to be the winner so you can get in contact with me for prizing. If I don't hear from you within a couple days that I announce the winners, I'm giving your prize to someone else.

This month, I'm giving away two awesome figures which you'll see reviews of as soon as I receive them: Sega Prize Princess of the Crystal and Bandai's Chibi-Arts Princess Shirahoshi. A big thank you goes out to HobbyLink Japan for sponsoring our monthly contest! You've got until Friday, September 28 to enter this month's photo contest. Good luck!

[See the gallery for pictures from last month's entries and click through the jump for links to everyone's posts]

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[REMINDER] Monthly Megapixel: A picnic with Frankenstein photo
[REMINDER] Monthly Megapixel: A picnic with Frankenstein
by Kristina Pino

[update: Once again, I forgot to put in the deadline! Thanks for reminding me, tears4dragons... you've got until Monday, August 27 to enter this contest! Good luck, everyone!]

August already? Yeesh.

So, last month's "Micropixel" contest was rather successful, eh? We got lots of beautiful entries, and staff had a hard time picking a winner as always. The votes are in, and it looks like the person taking away the big swimsuit figure is Pinkcheeks! Tied for second place (and behind by just 1 vote each): IshokuOsero and Israel Figueroa! Honorable Mention goes to XHatching because that's just too much. The four of you, please email me (kristina [at] tomopop [dot] com) to claim a prize! I've got a few trading figures and things I can send over to the runner ups.

As for the new contest, all the rules and guidelines are below the cut, as well as the prize info (though if you've been paying attention to our reviews lately, you should already know what those are). Your challenge themes: National Picnic Month, National Smile Week, Watermelon Day, Book Lover's Day, Tell a Joke Day, and Frankenstein Day. Feel free to go with one or several (or all?) of these themes. Both photo and video entries are allowed, and you can express yourself in as little or as many frames as you like. (holiday list)

Also, a big, hearty thanks goes out to HobbyLink Japan for sponsoring our contest! Be sure you check out the gallery for pictures of all your entries in one place. I think I got you all - if I missed your image, let me know! Finally, and this is important, of you normally skip the guidelines and such below the cut, at the very least look at the last paragraph. Thanks!

Now, for all the mumbo-jumbo (click the jump).

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[REMINDER] July Micropixel: The swimsuit contest photo
[REMINDER] July Micropixel: The swimsuit contest
by Kristina Pino

Since a lot of folks are off in July, on vacations, doing all kinds of crazy stuff for the summer around this time, I've decided to make July's Megapixel contest something... short and sweeter. I challenge you all to a swimsuit contest!

Wait, what? You say you don't own a figure that is wearing a swimsuit? That's OK. Wrap some ribbons around another figure and pretend. I don't care if it's Spider-Man in a g-string, I want to see a picture. Just one picture of your figure (or doll, or plushie) hitting the beach.

Don't have a beach nearby? Get a little creative! Use your computer screen to create a background, or create a shoe-box backdrop, or photo-edit your figure image into the most glorious beach scenery possible. Just remember: one image. And that's it!

The prize this time around is another brought to us by HobbyLink Japan; the enormous and beautiful (even though Jonathan wasn't too hot on her) Hayate Yagami Swimsuit ver. by Gift (review here!). I still have a few trading figures and other goodies to give out to multiple winners, so don't worry about competing with too many people for just one prize. Paste your images either here on this thread or in a cblog titled "Swimsuit Contest <your entry here>" so we know what's what.

Good luck! You've got until July 31 - the end of this month. 

[Further reading: Last month's Megapixel entries and winners]

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Announcing our May-June 2012 Megapixel winners! photo
Announcing our May-June 2012 Megapixel winners!
by Kristina Pino

Our last Megapixel contest didn't get as much entries as usual, but that doesn't mean that the awesome folk who did play were any less amazing than usual! Staff was rather decisive about the first place winner, but were a little divided on a second place winner, I think. Because of this, I'll probably give a few more things away than I originally planned to.

The first place winner is Wilda this time around. Wilda, go ahead and send me an email and let me know whether you want Kenshin (reviewed here) or Sheryl (also reviewed) as your grand prize! Second place is KillxRadio. Killx, if you want one or the other of the main prize (after Wilda chooses), it's yours. Third place was ManWithNoName for awesome burger prep, and I've got some Peanuts Formation Arts and just one Monster Hunter trading figure left for you if you're interested. My last prize goes to Tears4Dragons because she's awesome. Peanuts and Monsters applies to you as well.

All of you (winners), please send an email over to me (kristina [at] tomopop [dot] com) and claim your prize! Everyone else, look forward to the next contest going up sometime this week. For a list of all of last month's entries, click through the jump. The images in the gallery are also labeled with the participant names for your convenience.

Finally, for those interested, Wilda has started up a thread in the forums regarding set ups for these contests and has a great explanation as to how he does his entries. You should check it out, share tips and inspire each other.

A big thanks goes once again to HobbyLink Japan for sponsoring this contest!

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[REMINDER]Monthly Megapixel: Just give me a burger! photo
[REMINDER]Monthly Megapixel: Just give me a burger!
by Kristina Pino

Hi all! May 4 was the end of last month's Megapixel contest along with the opening night of The Avengers, so now it's time for May and its holidays. How did y'all like the movie, by the way?

This time around the contest is starting right at the end of the month, so I'm combining May and June. The themes are going to be: National Hamburger Month, Nurse's Week, National Doughnut Day, Father's Day, and Lucky Penny Day. Want to petition for an additional theme (lookin' at you, Scarecroodle)? Check out this list (or this one, for June) and be sure to mention it in the comments so I could consider an amendment. Your due date is Friday, June 22! Additional theme courtesy of Scarecroodle: Save a Rhino Day!

Hit the jump to get details on this month's prize offering(s) and instructions on how to enter! I got a couple of entries in my e-mail this month from folks that didn't seem to know how to create a cblog, so for you non-regulars, please read what's below the cut. Prizing info is also going to be there, and this time around, this contest is being sponsored by HobbyLink Japan! They're pretty rad.

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[REMINDER] Monthly Megapixel: Go For Broke! photo
[REMINDER] Monthly Megapixel: Go For Broke!
by Kristina Pino

Hello, hello! We're back with another Monthly Megapixel challenge!

I'm a couple of days late posting this, but it's because I wanted to announce the winners for March at the same time. 

Congratulations to Counterpunch for winning the favor of both staff and community members! I'd also like everyone to cheer for Wilda who got the second highest amount of votes among staff, and I've decided I'll send something over to Ninebeats as well for good measure. Great job, everyone!

This month, I've referred once again to Holiday Insights for theme ideas, and these are the holidays I've chosen: National Poetry Month, National Karaoke Week, Go For Broke Day, Barbershop Quartet Day, and East Meets West Day. This was a hard list to choose from, but I think you'll all manage just fine. The due date is going to be May 4 since it's Avengers Day (and so you remember it better), and all the prizing info as well as links to all of the March entries are after the jump.

Good luck, everyone!

[header image via Tears4Dragons!]

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[REMINDER] Monthly Megapixel: Peanuts and Beer photo
[REMINDER] Monthly Megapixel: Peanuts and Beer
by Kristina Pino

Last month we tried something new at the suggestion of some of your fellow community members and gave several different themes to choose from. I like how things went, so this month we're doing the same thing!

It's March, and the big thing is probably St. Patrick's Day (woohoo, green beer!), so that'll definitely be one of the themes. Going by this page, it looks like there are some other fun themes to choose from, such as National Peanut Month, National Women's History Month, National Potato Chip Day, Proposal Day and Waffle Day. So yeah, you can pick any or all of these as your theme for this month! Some of you folks got very creative with your entries in February and even incorporated multiple themes, so I'd guess it was just as fun for everyone else. The due date is March 31, the last day of the month!

As for February's winners, Orannis won everyone out by just one vote! It was really close - almost everyone got at least one vote because the entries were grand. Tied for second place are Killxradio and Counterpunch! The three of you, please send me an e-mail over to kristina (at) tomopop (dot) com to claim a prize!

That done, click past the jump to get the usual instructions, pictures in the gallery from last month's entries, a list of all of them so you can visit any you missed, and prizing information you'll want for March's challenge.

[header image via Counterpunch]

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Monthly Megapixel: Trying new things photo
Monthly Megapixel: Trying new things
by Kristina Pino

Due to the contest clutter we had after all the giveaways this December, it seemed appropriate to skip January's Megapixel challenge. February isn't exempt though, so here's the run down:

Instead of assigning just one theme, after discussing it with some of your fellow community members in a c-blog, I've decided to give you a choice among a few themes and avoid forcing everyone to make an entry based around Valentines. This month, the themes to choose from are:  Black History Month, Valentines (pro or anti works), Make a Friend Day, Groundhog Day and Clean Out Your Computer Day. That's five themes to choose from, and all pretty easy, so I think you'll all do just fine! You have got from today, Feb. 8, until the end of the month, Feb. 29. That's three weeks one week!

For my usual spiels, some links to last month's entries, pictures and more (including prizes), click through and read on!

[header via Psycho Soldier from the forums]

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[REMINDER]Twelve Days of Swag: Winner's Circle photo
[REMINDER]Twelve Days of Swag: Winner's Circle
by Kristina Pino

[Reminder: Not all of you have gotten to me via e-mail about your prizes. I'm giving you another chance to get in touch before I move on!]

At long last - we've got our winners! I apologize for stretching this out a bit, but you no longer have to wait! Read on to see who the winners were for all the swag contests and December's Megapixel. Remember, all the comment to win contests were just dealies, so there'll be some wacky results.

All winners: please shoot me an e-mail over to kristina (at) tomopop (dot) com and include your Tomo handle, name, address, all that good stuff. We'll also talk prizes in the e-mail. Cheers, and congratulations to all winners!

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[REMINDER] Monthly Megapixel: Holiday Party photo
[REMINDER] Monthly Megapixel: Holiday Party
by Kristina Pino

December already? Brrrr. I sure hope everyone is keeping warm! December doesn't just mark the change in weather from pleasant to freezing, though. It also marks the start of another Megapixel contest, filled with all sorts of holiday fun and cheer! Well, unless you're Yotsuba, who doesn't seem amused.

This month's theme is Holiday Party. This theme was actually partially suggested by Counterpunch, who wanted it to be a "Robot Holiday Party!" In favor of not excluding some folks from the contest, I've made it a little more general but those of you who like an extra challenge are absolutely welcomed to go with your fellow community member's idea! Who knows, I may even throw in an extra prize category just for that if a few people go with robots!

As for last month's winners: holy cow guys, we had such a hard time voting. It really almost came down to a four-way tie! That being said, this month's "grand prize" winner is Wilda! Right behind was Counterpunch, and then Kira Yamato44 and Rivelets (still tied). Wilda gets to pick a prize from the selection in the original post, Counterpunch is getting second choice, and...well, I suppose I can dig something up for Kira and Rivelets! All four of you, shoot me an e-mail to Kristina (at) Tomopop (dot) com! And for the record, I loved each entry this month enough that I wish I had a prize for all of you. Don't you worry, though... December is going to be a great month for contests! Just you see...

Now, you'll all want to hit through the jump to check out what December's prizes are going to be, read 'da rulez' and most importantly, check out images I've pulled out of everyone's entries from last month! Your deadline for this month's contest is going to be December 30, just over three two weeks from today!

[header via Counterpunch!]

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