Miyazawa Model Exhibition

figma photo

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2015: figma

All the figures you're still waiting on pre-orders for
Apr 14
Back in February we got our first look at a bunch of new figma from Max Factory, Phat!, and FREEing. Since then we really haven't heard a whole lot outside of an occasional appearance here and there. While there's nothing her... read
Good Smile Company photo
Good Smile Company

Don't underestimate Nendoroid magical girl Akari Yomatsuri

Plus a bunch of other friends from Miyazawa Model Exhibition
Nov 19
Although announced a few months ago, we're finally getting out first look at Nendoroid self proclaimed magical girl Akari Yomatsuri from Captain Earth at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Autumn 2014! They haven't said a wh... read
AmiAmi photo

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: AmiAmi's coverage / round-up

It's like you don't even need those other twenty stories
Apr 09
AmiAmi's coverage of Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014 provides an excellent round-up/summary of the event which includes one of the first live photos of Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Freddy Krueger out in the field. Among A... read
Nendoroid Shinobu Oshino photo
Nendoroid Shinobu Oshino

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: A little donut-loving Nendoroid vampire

Sadly she does not live in my shadow
Apr 08
Nendoroid Shinobu has been on my radar for a while, and looks to be a winner. Her more animated, post-Bakemonogatari form is perfect for Nendo-fication (disregarding a certain uncomfortable bathing scene). The version at Miyazawa Model Expo is still unpainted, but she still has that melts-your-heart cuteness. This is one Kahotan preview I'm really looking forward to! [via Hobby Search's Twitter] read
Vertex Shinji and Kaworu photo
Vertex Shinji and Kaworu

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: Vertex gives us the Shinji and Kaworu figure we've always wanted

Did you know there are male Eva pilots too?
Apr 08
Here they are again, Shinji and Kaworu in an impending embrace just like we saw at WonFes. There's actually nothing new here; Vertex's tweet just shows the prototype at Miyazawa Model Expo. In case you're behind on the latest... read
Phat! Company Satsuki photo
Phat! Company Satsuki

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: Phat! Company's Kill la Kill Satsuki Kiryuin

Satsuki, Junketsu and Bakuzan - What more do you need?
Apr 08
It's already been well established how much I love Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill, and how excited I am for Phat! Company's Ryuko figure, but now we get to see another beautiful lady - Satsuki Kiryuin! You couldn't ask for a b... read

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: QuesQ steps up their game

Making a splash and not even one release yet!
Apr 08
It seems to be the modus operandi of QuesQ to buy up garage kits and release them as PVC figures. They've picked up a few interesting kits and gearing up to raid our wallets! We've known for some time that they purchased the ... read
Miyazawa S2014: Nendos photo
Miyazawa S2014: Nendos

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: More Tetsudou Musume Nendoroids

More info on Monden Sakura and Kurihashi Minami
Apr 08
The Tetsudou Musume Nendoroid line is certainly growing, as what started with Alice and Marina is now expanding to include Monden Sakura and Kurihashi Minami. We saw both at WonFes, but they were only at Miyazawa Mo... read
Kosaki Onodera photo
Kosaki Onodera

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: Phat! Company's Kosaki Onodera

Nisekoi's plot-lenghtener!
Apr 08
Though I'm only one volume of the manga into Nisekoi, I'm actually pretty pleased to see that one of the characters is getting a figure. Phat! Company was showing a prototype of Kosaki Onodera, the girl who is basically not m... read
Kirino Kousaka photo
Kirino Kousaka

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: Super Figure Kirino

Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Spring 2014
Apr 08
My Little Sister Can't Be This... Huge? At the Miyazawa Model Exhibition, folks at Hobby Search snapped a quick shot of a poster Griffon Enterprises had up showing a "Super Figure." It's a swimsuit- and cat parts-clad Kirino ... read
GSC Gray photo
GSC Gray

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: GSC's Gray Fullbuster

Ice to see you
Apr 08
We've known he was coming since Wonder Festival, and we've seen grey (er, no pun intended) protoypes floating about, but at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition Good Smile Company finally showed off the fully painted version of Gray... read
Captain America photo
Captain America

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: figma Captain America

I see red, white, and blue
Apr 08
Were you one of the many who went to see Captain America: The Winter Solider over the weekend? I sure was! Now all I see is Captain America fever. So it was perfect that Max Factory’s figma Captain America appeared at ... read
Fate/Extra photo

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: GSC's Saber Extra

At least a few will be "Fated" to buy another Saber
Apr 08
It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is no such thing as too much Saber merchandise... or, at least, it's the opinion held by many companies and fans. While relatively few collectors can afford it all (assuming t... read
Black Rock Shooter photo
Black Rock Shooter

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: figma Chariot (tv ver)

Sit down, strap in, it's going to be a wild ride
Apr 08
On display at Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014 was a somewhat long-awaited figma Chariot (tv version) of Black Rock Shooter fame. The figma will apparently come with a sword and a gargantuan-sized wheel sure to drive the... read
Miyazawa S2014: Link photo
This time, he's in serious business mode
It was nearly a year ago that I first talked about how much I'd like to see a Nendoroid of Wind Waker Link, and at the past two WonFes events, we've seen the green-clad warrior in his chibi form. While February's ev... read feature

Griffon Nanoricchi photo
Griffon Nanoricchi

Griffon announces its Nanoricchi VC line of figures

I don't understand, why don't these look like Touhou characters?
Nov 12
Griffon, purveyor of endless Touhou Project figures and the Griffon face, is entering the world of super-deformed figures. The market used to be dominated by Nendoroids, but is now... still mostly dominated by Nendoroids, act... read
Alphamax Viola photo
Alphamax Viola

Voila, Alphamax's Viola unveiled

Seen at Miyazawa Model Exhibition
Nov 12
Tony Taka's character designs have been the subject of more than a few figures lately, especially if they're from the Shining series of games. At Miyazawa Model Expo, Alphamax revealed a sculpt of Shining Ark's Viola. You mig... read
Figma photo
Some figures look a lot different from when we last saw them
Another Japanese figure show means another crop of figma being put on display by Max Factory. While nothing shown at Miyazawa Model Expo Autumn 2013 was entirely new we are getting an updated look at some figures that we... read feature

TF Exosuit photo
Plus two other unexpected things
Fans of the original Transformers animated movie will certainly remember seeing the adult version of Spike and his son Daniel running around in special Exosuits (called Excel Suits in Japan) through most of the movie. CM's co... read feature

Nendoroids photo

Nendoroid update: Saber, Kanbaru, Levi, Shizue, and Aegis

Pretty colors!
Nov 12
Besides some new shots of Nendoroid Levi, we've got some photos of the now-colored Shizue (Winter ver.), Suruga Kanbaru from Bakemonogatari, and Aegis from Persona 3, who was last seen at WonFes. And to round things off, get ... read
Pulchra: Levi photo
Pulchra: Levi

Pulchra shows off a prototype for scaled Levi

Mean face
Nov 12
Two Attack on Titan posts in a row? Yep. Good Smile Company and quesQ aren't the only manufacturers getting a piece of that cake. Pulchra joins the party with their unpainted prototype of Levi. Check out two images in the gallery. This figure is 1/8th scale and doesn't appear to have a release date at this time. [via AmiAmi, Hobby Search] read
quesQ Mikasa Ackerman photo
quesQ Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa from Attack on Titan getting a figure by quesQ

Kicking ass and taking names
Nov 12
Miyazawa Model Expo: Autumn is in full swing, and we're seeing some great stuff coming out of there. Check out the gallery for a shot of Mikasa Ackerman, who is getting a scaled figure by quesQ. She's an unpainted prototype for now, but looking pretty solid. Mikasa is slated for release in June of next year, for now. [via Hobby Search] read
Phat! Company Ryuko photo
Phat! Company Ryuko

Phat! Company announces Kill la Kill's Ryuko Matoi

Kill la Kill hits the figure world thanks to Phat! Company
Nov 12
Anyone happen to be at Miyazawa Model Expo Autumn 2013? I wish I was, because I would seriously hug the folks over at Phat! Company right now. Apparently they will be making a figure in 1/8th scale for Ryuko Matoi from K... read

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Vertex and Ques Q

Apr 11
For smaller companies, Miyazawa Model Exhibition serves as a good place to remind us what they're coming out with. Both Ques Q and Vertex did that, with Ques Q bringing its swimsuit Aisaka Taiga and school uniform Aegis.... read

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: AmiAmi

AmiAmi not only sells collectables, but makes them too.
Apr 10
AmiAmi had quite a showing at the 2013 Miyazawa Model Expo. There were fighting girls, fairies galore, and space pirates! Most of these I had not seen previously so it was kind of exciting to see prototypes of these figurines... read

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Alter

Yay, more Alter goodies!
Apr 10
There were a few prototypes of figures by Alter displayed at the Miyazawa Model Expo this year. Most interesting was the painted prototype of Einhart Stratos from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. Of course there w... read

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Good Smile Company umbrella

Good Smile Company, Phat!, Wing, Max Factory, Gift, and FREEing!
Apr 10
Brian already has you covered with the figma that were on display at Miyazawa Model Exhibition 31, but what about the rest that Good Smile Company et al. have to offer? Look no further than this post, thanks to coverage by Mi... read

[NSFW] Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Orchid Seed

Boobs. Lots of boobs.
Apr 10
Orchid Seed clearly caters to a certain type of audience, in case you couldn't tell by their showings at the Miyazawa Model Expo. These figures are certainly not for the prudish. They showed off not one but two new Sonico fig... read

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Bandai

Pokemon, Power Rangers, and more on display
Apr 09
Bandai displayed many of their big releases at Miyazawa Model Expo. Starting from D-Arts, already available for pre-order were Blastoise, Charizard, and Mewtwo. Of course, what only seemed logical was to show off now was Ven... read

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Real Action Heroes

Super-size your figures
Apr 09
Medicom didn't have anything new in the Real Action Heroes range to show off at the Expo but they did bring along a whole range of their previously announced big hitters to show off, and it was the first time many of these go... read

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Evolution Toy

Voltron fans take note: There's a new Albegas in town!
Apr 09
This is some pretty deep stuff that Evolution Toy is getting into with their display for Miyazawa Model Expo 31, but I'm going to keep things simple knowing not everyone is a mechahead. First and foremost: It's Albegas! Haili... read

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: figma and Max Factory poseables

A little more than just the same old, same old this time
Apr 09
Max Factory's presence at Miyazawa Model Expo 31 was, predictably, one that included lots of figmas. There's not a whole lot that's particularly new here on the figma front. Once more, we've got Yagami Hayate, Guts from ... read

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