Naruto Megahobby Expo photo
Naruto Megahobby Expo

The Naruto manga ends as MegaHouse adds more figures

Manga and movie represented at Megahobby Expo Autumn 2014
Dec 02
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
If you're like me then your week feels a little less complete after years of getting a weekly dose of the Naruto manga ended in November. Sure, I was satisfied with the ending (got my pairings!), but I still want more. Thankf...
G.E.M. Digimon photo
G.E.M. Digimon

The DigiWorld just got more adorable with G.E.M. TK and Kari

Plus Demidevimon drops by to torment TK
Sep 04
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Well this is a great surprise! It was only about a month ago that MegaHouse announced they were following up their G.E.M. series Digimon figures of Tai (Taichi) and Matt (Yamato) with their younger siblings Kari (Hikari)...
Dandy & Honey photo
Dandy & Honey

Megahouse's Space Dandy and Honey are up for pre-order baby

One of them is an idiot bimbo and the other is Honey
Jul 10
// Martin Siggers
OK, it might not be as delightfully continuity-baiting as Be@rbrick Dandy, but there's good news for Space Dandy fans who prefer their figures a little more traditionally styled. After popping up at MegaHobby Expo a few ...
Megahouse's Youkai Watch photo
Megahouse's Youkai Watch

Tokyo Toy Show: Megahouse's Youkai Watch figures

Jun 12
// Brian Szabelski
While Level-5's Youkai Watch no-showed at E3 this year (despite hopes it might pop up for North American gamers), but it sure didn't no-show Tokyo Toy Show. In fact, Megahouse had two Youkai Watch figures on display...
MegaHouse photo

Demon Girl Astaroth is one sexy smurf

Or sexy demon smurfette?
Jun 05
// Scarecroodle
MegaHouse's 1/8-scale Excellent Model Astaroth is currently available for pre-order. The blue-skinned demoness (or demonette?) was apparently created for trading cards packaged with Shinra Bansho Chocolate Wafers (because not...
G.E.M. Utena photo
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
Having seen her in colour at MegaHobby Expo (alongside the freshly revealed Anthy) we knew it was only a matter of time before Megahouse's take on iconic heroine Utena Tenjou went up for pre-orders. Now she's pre-orders have ...

MegaHobby Yato photo
Take Noragami's main character home to do some odd jobs
I have to admit I'm a little surprised that the first figure released for the anime series Noragami is the main character Yato. I know that seems a little strange to say, but come on, it's a guy. I was really sure the first w...

MegaHouse Astaroth photo
MegaHouse Astaroth

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: MegaHouse's Astaroth gets painted

You can find a sexy demon anywhere these days
May 31
// Tianxiao Ma
I like when figure makers find cool original or underrepresented character designs instead of going with what's popular, but this Astaroth figure from MegaHouse completely slipped under my radar. Astaroth is a character featu...
GEM Anthy Himemiya photo
GEM Anthy Himemiya

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: G.E.M. series Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena

Nice butts seem to be a trend this time around
May 31
// Rio McCarthy
How many of you watched the hell out of Revolutionary Girl Utena back in the day? Well, with seeing this new prototype of Anthy Himemiya, it's definitely wanting to make me go back and watch it again. It's been several y...
Megahouse Honey photo
Megahouse Honey

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: MegaHouse's Honey from Space Dandy in color

In color and in person, what more could you ask for?
May 31
// Rio McCarthy
We just saw her in the magazine scans, but now Honey is sweet as can be in person with her new color job. Hobby Search tweeted a picture of how she looks at MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring, and I think I actually giggled with glee...
Sailor Moon photo
Sailor Moon

Megahouse is coming out with three new Sailor Moon Petit Chara series

We'll see these figures more this weekend
May 30
// Vanessa Cubillo
If you’re a Sailor Moon fan, you are probably familiar with Megahouse’s Petit Chara figure series. They’re cute chibi figures on colorful round bases, with each character getting two figures with different ...

Tomopop Review: Portrait of Pirates Crocodile Repaint Ver.

May 28 // Pedro Cortes
Figure Name: P.O.P. NEO-EX Crocodile Repaint Ver. Figure Maker: MegahouseRetail Price: ¥8,000Available at: Hobby Link Japan Behold, the cardboard prison that dares to contain Crocodile! Like most P.O.Ps, he comes in a rather large box, so you shouldn't worry about potential damage. I've read that a couple of people have gotten their Crocs with busted hands, but that sounds like an anomaly rather than something you should be worried about. Yep, he looks pretty strapped in. He ain't moving from that plastic. Outside of the casing, Crocodile cuts a pretty imposing figure. His sharp fashion sense hides the heart of one mean dude who's willing to destroy an entire kingdom for his own purposes. Looking at him from the side shows that he's got his hips jutted out like most male figures. I'm guessing this has something to do with preventing long-term lean, but it really would be nice if there were some more dynamic poses. You can also see the detail that the sculptor worked in across his slacks and mid-section. Both sections of clothing are appropriately wrinkled, which is a nice detail I like seeing in clothing. The back is probably the worst angle for ol' Croc. For one, you can see the obvious seam where his hook arm is attached to his body. He also has no butt. Take that as a lesson folks: unless you want a flat Crocodile booty, be sure to do your squats on leg day and do them right! Thing is, you're unlikely to get a whole lot of viewing of his butt as Crocodile likes to wear... ...a nifty coat! You can also see the arm seams here, but at the very least they look natural on the clothing. I also dig the ruffle along the collar. It's a nice, fanciful touch that adds a certain amount of fashionable arrogance to his outfit. Here's a close up of Croc's face. Since its first release in 2010, fans on message boards have derided this version of Croc. Much is said about the lackadaisical expression lacking the necessary intensity that Crocodile has in the show and in the manga. Personally, I'm alright with it. Yeah, it isn't the most expressive, but I think it fits his casual arrogance and callow nature. It's like he's looking down on who ever he's looking at. Also note that the cigar is a separate piece. It comes in a small compartment in the packaging that's taped up, and for good reason. It's really easy to lose it. It doesn't help that the peg is short and the hole in his mouth is shallow. If you're going to display him with the cigar, and you really should, be careful of moving him around too much or you risk losing it. Croc's right hand is connected via a small peg, allowing for rotation. It isn't particularly impressive, but hey, it's something. You can spin it around and pretend that he's wielding some of his sand in the palm of his hand. Oh well, at the very least it has some nicely painted rings on his hand. A high-level crime boss has got to show off those riches somehow! The major effect parts revolve around Croc's hook. The P.O.P. comes with two additional accessories that you can put on to his left socket. In it from the start is his normal hook. You can replace it with... ...a poisoned hook. It doesn't appear for very long in One Piece, but it's an interesting choice. Your other option is... ...a blade. Less subtle than a hook, but it'll certainly get the job done. Me, I keep it on the normal hook. I think it fits Croc better overall. Finally, here's a shot of his base. If you've seen the original 2010 Croc, you'll immediately notice that the base is a completely different color. Instead of the black/purple you see above, it was a sandy brown to match, you know, Croc's affinity with sand. I'm kind of torn between which one I like better. Yeah, this color matches his outfit more, but the sandy base feels more appropriate for the character. Despite some issues with weak posing and questionable color choices with the base, I'm going to recommend Crocodile. For one, he's an imposing character that deserves some good merch. I really like the arrogance inherent in the pose and facial expression, though not everybody may agree. I also like the sculpting and paint job done on his slacks and coat. He's a smooth-looking goon that should be in every One Piece fan's collection! [A big thank you to Hobby Link Japan for providing the figure for review!]
Review: P.O.P. Crocodile photo
I hate it when sand gets in all those uncomfy spaces
Over the years of my figure collecting, Megahouse's Portrait of Pirates line has remained my favorite series of figures. Based off of characters from the immensely popular One Piece, the figures tend to be excellent represent...

Tomopop Review: Alpha x Omega's Yzak Jule

May 24 // Andres Cerrato
Figure Name: Alpha x Omega 1/7-scale Yzak JuleFigure Manufacturer: MegahousePrice: ¥6,750Available At: HobbyLink Japan  Yes, it's a box. Just like all of the other Gundam SEED figures released by Megahouse over the last year, the box for Yzak features a window, showing off the figure as well as all of the alternate pose pieces, including bandaged head and alternate right arm. The base is rather unremarkable, having a violet hue. Just like Athrun's and Lacus' base, it features his name and the Z.A.F.T. logo. Also pegs. Now that Yzak is free from the plastic prison, let's take a look at what Megahouse has done here. Yzak's pose is very similar to Athrun's, with the arm stretched out along with the jacket flapping with an imaginary breeze. The pose itself is taken from the first opening, so I'm okay with it being similar to Athrun's. There is an alternate head and arm after all. From the back, we see that the uniform is pretty tight in places. The belt really holds that jacket on and Megahouse has done a pretty nice job of showing the wrinkles and creases both at the waist and the boots.You also get an outline of that backside, which I imagine is great for that segment of collectors out there. Here's a better look at the belt and its snugness. Okay, what I actually want you to do is look directly below his belt, then go to your right and look at those appendages. I don't know if Coordinators are supposed to have extremely long finger digits, but Yzak does here. It's nothing really crazy, but they're just really long fingers. Oddly long. At least they're well-manicured, as Megahouse gave his fingernails a hint of gloss. Nice nails on even longer fingers. I don't know why, but they just could not nail the Z.A.F.T. logo for the arm. I know it's detailed, but they were able to do it on the original run of Gundam SEED figures more than 10 years ago. It was done the same way for Athrun, I was just hoping for something better. Also, if you note, the paint at the top of the collar is a bit splotchy. This Yzak is a bit sloppy, but it's something that is only observed during close inspection. Let's talk about what they did get right, his head. They absolutely nailed Yzak's expression. The cocky smile is captured perfectly in this piece. Also, I cannot say enough about the hair. Each of the strands are nicely trimmed, and there's no blotches or bubbles of paint at the ends.  Did I say they got his head right? I meant heads. My favorite of the two, as great as cocky Yzak is, is the scarred and bandaged head. The hair is nicely mixed in with the bandages and the face is once again done perfectly. The scar is done right and adds character to the figure. Also pictured here is the alternate arm, which of course features Yzak once more with giant fingers. See why I prefer the scarred face? It's just that more dynamic and we all have our imperfections caused by being shot by a heavily-genetically modified soldier because you had just shot a shuttle full of civilians. Just the little things.  Why reach out the future when I can just remember and hold in the pain, right? Let's take a look back at the past. The Yzak figure on the left was released in 2006 during the run of Gundam SEED Destiny. What a difference eight years makes. This really shows how far the industry has come over these last years. Yikes. Time has not been kind. I remember asking when the new SEED figures were announced, "Why? They got figures years ago." Yeah, this is the reason why.  Here's Yzak with the aforementioned Athrun. A couple of differences to note here. One, Yzak has a much better tailor than Athrun. While his are tight, it's not the child's medium for Athrun. Two, it's nowhere near as windy out for Yzak. One other note: Athrun's head is able to move around whereas Yzak's is fixed in place. It doesn't really make that much of a difference, but just worth noting here.  With the gang all here, Yzak stands out the most from the boys. I liked Yzak most out of the cast anyway and I'm glad that he got a new figure. Time makes you think a lot of things were better than they were. It's a shame that we probably won't get the other two Z.A.F.T. pilots, Dearka and Nicol. With what will be in most likelihood the final figure in the line, it does have its faults that could have been avoided. However, it is still a rather good piece to add to the collection, especially if you're a fan of Yzak which will allow you to look past those minor flaws. After all, it's not like the guy has a giant scar going down his face. [Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing this sample for review!]
Alpha x Omega Yzak Jul photo
The last of SEED ... for now
It's been a while for Megahouse's line of Gundam SEED figures. Opening first with G.E.M. Athrun Zala, then the figure of the songstress with the really long initials, RAHDXG.A.NEO Lacus Clyne, then actual main character&...

GEM Seiba Retsu and Gou photo
GEM Seiba Retsu and Gou

Megahouse adds Seiba Retsu and Gou to its GEM series

Shown off in latest batch of magazine scans
May 22
// Brian Szabelski
Megahouse's GEM series has been a line that's grown on me, in no small part to the wide variety of series it covers. You can now add another one off most people's radar to the list: Seiba Retsu and Seiba Gou from Bakusou Kyou...
Space Dandy photo
Space Dandy

Scans unveil Megahouse's Space Dandy duo in colour baby

Dandy and Honey both looking good
May 22
// Martin Siggers
We've known for a little while that Megahouse was working on figures of Dandy and Honey from Space Dandy, but now new magazine scans have emerged that not only show them off in glorious colour, but also reveal that they'll be...
Megahouse's Amy photo
Megahouse's Amy

Pre-orders are afoot for Megahouse's Amy

Plenty of heart and sole
May 15
// Martin Siggers
I'm torn on this newest release from Megahouse. I loved Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet and feisty heroine Amy was one of my favourite characters. This figure of her (aside from being pretty much the only full siz...
Dragon's Crown photo
Dragon's Crown

Preview gallery of Megahouse's Sorceress looks a bit sleepy

Support classes have it rough
May 13
// Pedro Cortes
After going up for pre-order in early March, we now have an extended gallery of Dragon's Crown's Sorceress, as envisioned by Megahouse. Big surprise, she's still rather busty and ridiculously proportioned. On top of that, she...
Sales photo

Get your wallets out, it's a Megahouse sale at HLJ

PVC for filthy lucre
Apr 21
// Pedro Cortes
Stop the presses: if you have any extra money in your pockets, get ready to put it in the bank and use it. Hobby Link Japan has got itself a sale on a bunch of Megahouse figures. Going on until May 2, you can get up to 65 per...
RAHDXGANeo Tiera Erde photo
RAHDXGANeo Tiera Erde

Megahouse's Tieria Erde goes undercover for exposing previews

Tieria's here to get your a dress
Apr 16
// Andres Cerrato
I never thought that this would be an actual figure, but here it is. From the plot twist of an episode of Gundam 00 comes the RAHDXG.A.Neo Tieria Erde by Megahouse. While it's not the usual appearance of Tieria, it's certainl...
MegaHouse Sorceress photo
MegaHouse Sorceress

MegaHouse's Sorceress goes up for pre-order

And you won't even need a church to resurrect your bank account
Mar 05
// Tianxiao Ma
Looks like tonight is boob night. Anyway, I'm pleased to report that MegaHouse's Sorceress is going up for pre-orders right now. I might actually like the back of this figure more than the front. The paint and sculpt look gre...
MegaHouse DBZ capsule toy photo
MegaHouse DBZ capsule toy

Relive the Buu saga through MegaHouse's Dragon Ball Z capsule toys

Still a far cry from what Capsule Corporation can fit into capsules, though
Mar 05
// Tianxiao Ma
Dragon Ball Z toys make a lot of sense because who has time to sit through all those TV episodes anyway? MegaHouse is gearing up to release a series of eight capsule toys this June for ¥750 each, depicting scenes fro...
MegaHouse Sorceress photo
MegaHouse Sorceress

MegaHouse's Sorceress brings all the boys to the yard

But when will the Dwarf get a figure?
Mar 02
// Tianxiao Ma
MegaHouse has impressed me so far with their Dragon's Crown offerings. I'm pleased to say their upcoming Sorceress figure continues the trend. The painted version shown in this month's magazine scans looks very solid, so I'll...
MegaHouse Tieria Erde photo
MegaHouse Tieria Erde

MegaHouse takes a shot at Tieria Erde

Two hand options make for entirely different gestures
Mar 01
// Tianxiao Ma
Gundam 00's Tieria Erde will be getting a figure made, thanks to MegaHouse. This version is based on her look in the eighth episode of season two, sporting a maroon dress (and no glasses). The magazine scan shows two hand opt...

Tomopop LinkUP: From viewers like you

Feb 20 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Pinkcheeks has been having a lot of fun with Mayoi Hachikuji. Here's figma Mayoi enjoying some fresh air in the great outdoors on a mountain hike... ...and here's Nendoroid Hachikuji looking platinum cute in a pink bunny costume! Right in our very own Tomopop C-Blogs, CrowMaiden did a wonderful photo review of Megahouse's G.E.M. series Yamato "Matt" Ishida from Digimon. I really need to get myself one of these and Tai. [embed]33698:37257:0[/embed] Kenneth Bolido did a great video review for the 2014 Snow Miku. Lots of nice visuals in this review. I'm sure this isn't the last time we'll see her in LinkUP. Reflective Boundary did a gallery for the very sexy Alphamax 1/8 Velvet from Shining Ark. Quite the treasure. Kixkillradio made Kaiyodo's Capsule Fortune Saber figrues look pretty darn irresistible. She also spent some quality time with Cu-Poche Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi from HenNeko. This figure needs a neko mask in the worst way! Former Tomopop staffer Chag posted on his blog Hobby Hovel about his engagement this past weekend and how love effects our hobby (and vise versa). Congrats! Don't forget to check out the Tomopop Tumblr for great stuff being shared all the time like these amazing Star Wars figure photos from Avanaut shared by Archie McPhee. That's it for this week. See you next week right here on Tomopop LinkUP!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Take a moment to enjoy other people playing with toys
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! This week we're doing something entirely different from the normal LinkUP. Last week we took no prisoners when reporting on Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter] which doesn't leave much for ...

Dragon's Crown photo
Dragon's Crown

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Dragon's Crown

Arrow straight to the heart
Feb 12
// Pedro Cortes
The second I saw all the designs of Dragon's Crown, I knew that they'd make fantastic figures. The ridiculously busty Sorceress, the gloriously thighed Amazon and the lithe Elf were seemingly made from the ground up to have f...
Naruto photo

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: G.E.M. Kakashi Anbu Ver.

Going back in time with the Kakash
Feb 12
// Pedro Cortes
For some reason, people used to really dig Anbu Kakashi. Maybe it was because of the stripped down design. Perhaps it was because it was part of mysterious character's even more mysterious past. Either way, I remember seeing ...
Sailor Moon photo
Sailor Moon

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Sailor Moon mini figs

So tiny. So cute.
Feb 12
// Pedro Cortes
I don't know if you've heard this, but Sailor Moon is a pretty popular franchise. All joking aside, the anniversary of the show has brought a ton of sweet merch this past year, and it doesn't look like it's stopping any time ...

Tomopop LinkUP: Mass naked figure event

Feb 06 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Kotobukiya has posted a gallery for their latest Shining figure, Neris, on their blog. She's a great looking figure and available now for pre-order so go find yourself one. Orchid seed isn't only offering their special chrome bikini version of Sonico at Wonder Festival that we talked about last week. They've also got a special clear A5 file of the Sorceress from Dragons Crown, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt trading cards, and Seven Deadly Sins bath salts. Vertex will be offering this very special and very limited version of Noel Vermillion at Wonder Festival. The yellow repaint is limited to only 50 and sold at 8,800 each, the same prices as the regular version. Grizzry Panda will be showing off their latest garage kit, Kongou from Kantai Collection at Wonder Festival. It doesn't seem like she'll be up for sale, but they will be bringing many of their more popular kits from previous events back for sale. RocketNews24 reported on another Licca-chan doll crossover, this time with Kumamoto city mascot Kumamon. She's sporting a cute red and black dress with bear ears and comes with a little Kumamon. The real surprise is that she went up for sale exclusively at Takara Tomy Mall on February 1 and has already sold out. Toy As Object is reporting on this really cool and unconventional Crystal-Mecha by Super7 and artist Matt Allison. It's already been released in black with an orange crystal, it is now available for US$95 in red with a translucent blue crystal stand nine inches at the Super7 store. Hot Toys posted an interview with acclaimed anime director, character designer, and mecha artist Shinji Aramaki. They talk about his latest movie, the 3D CG take on Captain Harlock and the figure HT made for it. AmiAmi blog posted a gallery for Megahouse's G.E.M Series Sasuke Uchiha figure. They did a great job with posing on this figure and he even comes with special head parts so you can swap his eyes between regular, Sharingan, and Mangekyo Sharingan. Also at the same link is the latest Naruto additions to the Petit Chara Land series. The series features Naruto (Kurama Mode with baby Kurama), Sasuke (with Aoda), Orochimaru (with Manda), Hashirama Senju (with, uh, trees), Madara (with hypnotized Kurama) and ANBU Kakashi (with Bull). Cute figures, wouldn't know they were at war. Traditionally Bandai doesn't do Wonder Festival, choosing to handle their own events. That went out the window last year when we got our first look at D-Arts Sailor Moon at Wonder Festival 2013 [Summer]. This year Tamashii Nations will be representing Bandai and bringing along a bunch of their newest figures as well as some we've never seen before. We should be getting our first look at new figures from Infinite Stratos and Tiger & Bunny plus some others they haven't revealed the source for yet. quesQ will be at Wonder Festival with a number of new limited edition repaints for sale. Up for grabs will be Flandre Scarlet in pink and Kazami Yuuka in blue from Touhou Project, Elizabeth in black and pink from Persona 4: Arena, and Percival in red from Eiyuu Senki Gold. Of course they've got other things planned to debut at the event. The Japanese AmiAmi blog posted a gallery for Prince of Tennis' Shiraishi Kuranosuke from the ARTFX J line by Kotobukiya. Fans of the series will probably find very little to complain about here. Kahotan posted a gallery for Parfom Aigis which includes a very informative interview with Phat! Company's Ootani. There's also a new look Parfom Nozomi Hoshino which acted like the prototype for the series and will make an appearance at Wonder Festival this weekend. Primal Heart updated with a look at their latest Saber garage kit from Fate/EXTRA CCC. The kit features Saber in a tiny nightgown and they really captured her well! Artist Amanda Visell made this really cute 8 inch Wood Jackalope Dunny. It's available for US$400 at the Switcheroo shop. I thought the jack in jackalope stood for jackrabbit, but I guess it stands for lumberjack. [embed]33525:37254:0[/embed] Universes collide when Filmation Skeletor voice actor Alan Oppenheimer and 200X Skeletor voice Brian Dobson come together to play with Skeletor figures for this promo video for Power-Con. Man, Alan can still do the voice perfectly! Aniplex is working on another Homura figure for Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Like most things these days this one is movie based and the figure title translates to something like Flame Time Regression ver. Should be really nice when it gets a limited release in September on at the Aniplex+ store. Need another reason to get Attack on Titan figma Armin this weekend? Try Akiba Hobby's advance gallery out and see if that convinces you. [embed]33525:37255:0[/embed] Friends of Tomopop Jesse DeStasio, Nicholas Fung, and Cade Hiser have joined forces to host a new weekly toy show on YouTube called ToyPizza. Every Tuesday they'll be talking about great toys for all ages past and present, doing outings, and just talking about the stuff we all love. The first vid is just over four minutes long so it's easy to jump in and watch. What have you got to lose? And that's it for this week. Not sure what we'll have to talk about next week with Wonder Festival over, but I'll be back again nextweek with another Tomopop LinkUP nonetheless!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
We're in the final days before Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter]!
Hello and welcome back to a very busy Tomopop LinkUP! I suppose that title is worthy of a little explanation. You see, back in the heyday of anime fansubs there was a number of speed subbers that were notorious for their nons...

Megahouse Marika photo
The Lady in Red
After popping up at MegaHobby Expo late last year, Megahouse's take on Marika Katou from Bodacious Space Pirates is now painted up and ready for ordering. As opposed to earlier versions of her, she's portrayed in her loo...

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