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RAH Hange Zoe photo
RAH Hange Zoe

Hide your titans, RAH Hange Zoe is on the loose!

Jan 24
// Tianxiao Ma
As dark as Attack on Titan can be at times, it does have its fair share of zany moments. Some of my favorite ones come from Hange Zoe, the overzealous Titan enthusiast. She's one of the few characters who don't fear Titans - ...
Fate/stay night photo
Nothing new for this arrow nerd, he loves the future.
Archer has 'tude. And for good reason; the guy has seen some terrible things. Also done some things of which he's not entirely proud. And this may or may not turn out to be one of those things. The Real Action Heroes line has...

Attack on Titan photo
Attack on Titan

The Colossal Titan gets an equally colossal Be@rbrick

Not everything is cuter as a teddy bear
Jan 03
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
I have to give Be@rbricks credit; they know how to make scale work. What started as a kinda cute offshoot of Medicom's Kubricks didn't waste much time coming into their own. They haven't done a whole lot to shake up their aes...
RAH Rin Tohsaka photo
RAH Rin Tohsaka

Fate's Rin Tohsaka gets an RAH figure

I do like the glasses face
Oct 24
// Tianxiao Ma
I'm not the biggest fan of the Fate franchise, but Rin has a nice enough design where I've generally liked the figures that get made of her. Medicom Toy is jumping on that bandwagon with this RAH version, which should be a tr...

RAH Sebastian Michaelis photo
Available for pre-order soon
Sebastian Michaelis of Black Butler was recently revealed to be the latest in Medicom Toy's Real Action Heroes line of figures. AmiAmi Blog's preview highlighted the demon-turned-butler's accessories and various pos...

Space Dandy Be@rbrick photo
Space Dandy Be@rbrick

Space Dandy episode 14 spawns a real life Be@rbrick, baby

He's going to need some friends, though
Jul 07
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
If you caught the premiere episode of the second season of Space Dandy over the weekend then no doubt you noticed a cameo by a certain Japanese toy line. Never a stranger to self parody, episode 14 features the gang jumping f...
Be@rbrick Transformers photo
Changes from Optimus Prime bear to Optimus Prime robot, and back!
[Update: AmiAmi has an early listing for the impending pre-order for Optimus Prime and Megatron. They're 145 mm or 5.7 inches tall, which isn't bad, but they're breaking the bank at a suggested price of ¥5,184 each. ...

Medicom Toy photo
Medicom Toy

Medicom's Toy Exhibition 2014 reveals new Kill La Kill Real Action Heroes

Plus, Daft Punk, Madoka Magica and more!
Jun 21
// Martin Siggers
Medicom's annual Toy Exhibition opened today, and as ever for the company Real Action Heroes were front and centre. There was a good mix of announced, released and brand new stuff on show, with a few first glimpses to hand. P...
RAH Annie Leonhart photo
RAH Annie Leonhart

At last, someone's making an Annie Leonhart figure that I can't have

I've always wanted to not be able to own one
Jun 21
// Tianxiao Ma
This month's scans had a pair of Wonder Festival exclusives from Medicom Toy's RAH line: Annie Leonhart and Mami Tomoe. Annie certainly looks cool and collected. Although she comes with two face plates, it's difficult to tell...
MAFEX Darth Vader photo
MAFEX Darth Vader

Medicom enters the dark side with MAFEX Darth Vader

Sorry for making yet another something something dark side pun
May 26
// Andres Cerrato
Last year, Hasbro finally gave in and made Star Wars figures in the 6" scale. The move was well received, but the figures haven't lived up to everyone's wild expectations about what a 2.25-inch increase could do. Meanwhile, M...
RAH Hit Girl photo
RAH Hit Girl

Dish out some vigilante justice with RAH Hit Girl

And prepare for a lot of swearing
May 22
// Tianxiao Ma
Kick-Ass probably isn't in the public consciousness right now so I find it a bit odd that Medicom would be releasing another RAH Hit Girl. The first Hit Girl was based on her Kick-Ass 2 look, where the character is also a bit...

Medicom's new Optimus Prime is a real Be@r

May 22 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Be@rbrick Optimus Prime photo
Be@rbrick Optimus Prime adds to his legacy of strange alt modes
Calling a Transformer a brick is usually used as an insult. It means the figure has a simple transformation and limited articulation. Medicom and Takara Tomy's new Be@rbrick Optimus Prime may have brick in the name, but it's ...

RAH Kamen Rider Double photo
RAH Kamen Rider Double

It's no Joker - Scans reveal Real Action Heroes Kamen Rider Double

Now, count up your money!
May 22
// Martin Siggers
After I had a disappointing experience with Real Action Heroes recently I swore I wouldn't be suckered back into the range any time soon. But damn it, Medicom Toy seemingly know all my weaknesses, as scans have revealed they'...
Batman photo

Why so serious, Medicom? Your MAFEX Joker doesn't put a smile on my face

Why aren't you laughing?
May 17
// Scarecroodle
Toyark reports that Medicom Toys has released a first look at its upcoming MAFEX The Dark Knight Joker (Heath Ledger). According to Toyark, the figure is slated for a February release and will retail for ¥4,500. To sum up...

Tomopop Review: Real Action Heroes Link

Apr 18 // Martin Siggers
Figure Name: Real Action Heroes LinkFigure Maker: Medicom ToyRetail Price: ¥19,800Available at: HobbyLink Japan | CDJapan | Amiami | Big in Japan | Hobby Search | Nippon-Yasan Martin: OK, let's kick this thing off! I've gotta say, the first thing I was really impressed with was the packaging here. All the official game logos, super classy white box, opening window and minimalist design - very cool and befitting a high ticket item like this Rio: Agreed! It was great to see it all officially labelled so you didn't feel like you were getting some rip off with a license after paying so much for it. Martin: Well...we'll get to that. What was your first impression when you opened that box window? For me it was definitely that tunic, which has kicked up considerable fuss around the 'net as people have been getting their figures in. Rio: Yeah... about that tunic. Well, it looks like a tunic... I guess. I'm sorry, but when I'm used to paying this amount for a Hot Toys figure, what the hell is with that cheap shoddy fabric? I use better fabric than that on hats I make! Martin: It was a real body blow (no pun intended). And you bring up a really good point there. I paid almost $200 shipped for mine, and at this price level you're playing with the really big boys. Apparently Medicom have claimed the change was mandated by Nintendo, but it's still really crappy of them to make a major change like this without notifying customers at all. Rio: Yeah, that was the price I paid as well. I think that's B.S. Why Nintendo would regulate you to use a crappy material is beyond me, especially when it's at no cost to them. If they were going to make this change, they should have charged at the VERY least $10-$20 less. Not that the fabric costs that much less, but it definitely brings down the aesthetic value. Martin: One thing I will say that did impress me is the scale. Link is BIG, he really does feel super-sized in your hands.Rio: Yeah! That really shocked me! Funny enough I got the Figuarts Zero Sailor Moon at the same time in the mail, and I was like, "Man, she's small..." Then I opened up the box for RAH Link and I'm like, "DAMN! He's huge!" Martin: How was poseability in your eyes? As someone who is TERRIFIED by dolls, I've never owned anything that had actual cloth clothes before. I was simultaneously thrilled by how good stuff like his trousers looked, and super annoyed that they restricted his movement somewhat on his arms and legs. Rio: I'm terrified by Dollfies, so there's still that! Well, as someone who has several Hot Toys figures (and I hate to keep referring back to that), I was a bit underwhelmed. Speaking of being terrified.. I was extremely scared when informed by Andres that I would need to be very careful when posing him, and that these figures are much more prone to breaking. WHAT?! Oh man, that scared me to death. It's alright once you figured out the best way to move him, but I'm still torn on how 'great' I think it is. Martin: I don't think it's wrong at all to keep referring to Hot Toys stuff. That's the kind of marketplace we're playing in here, and you've got to match your competition. I generally don't think poseability is terrible but mine had pretty loose ankles and wrists, and posing the feet is an utter pain since for some inexplicable reason they chose not to use ball joints. Rio: Yeah, being able to pose the feet was where I had the most problems. Mind you, with said competition that's never been an issue. Martin: Let's move on then. One thing I really did dig was that Master Sword and Shield combo. Big, beautifully painted and simply gorgeous. Rio: Oh yes, the accessories look great. I love both the sword and shield, but I adore how the bow and arrow looks as well! It's almost as if the effort was put more into the accessories than the figure itself, but I definitely can't complain on them. Martin: I'd agree but I've got major beef with the bow. I don't know if this is a case-by-case problem, but the 'bow gripping' hand on my example was so tight that it was nearly impossible to fit the bow in. I had to use so much force the I was scared the hand would snap, and the net result was a bunch of absolutely horrible paint cracks on the hand (pictured below), meaning I'll need to sit down and repaint that at some point. It's insane to me they didn't make the bow break apart in the middle, which would have made the whole process infinitely easier. Rio: Wow.. You know, I'll admit I didn't get that far to try that, but that does scare me to try. Martin: It's a bummer alright. It might seem like a small thing, but it's another example of cutting corners which actually have a pretty big impact on the finished product. You've spent all this money on this beautiful bow, why not go that extra mile and make it disassemble? Rio: Yeah, I agree. There's no reason why it shouldn't be made to be taken apart. Did you have any other issues like that with yours? Since I'm a total worry wart, I was too afraid to try much with it, so I'm a big baby and didn't see much of that. Martin: Mine's left wrist was a little loose and the paint could have been sharper, but otherwise no outstanding quality issues. Everything feels very solid and weighty and I will say I was overall impressed with the body itself. Rio: Yeah the body was definitely done much better than the other things we've brought up so far. Still you know, I'm partial to my Hot Toys figures, but they definitely get high marks on the body than they do for the other parts. How did you feel about his face? The face is almost always a big factor in figures, so do you think they did a good job? I think I'm a pretty solid fan of the work they did on it. Martin: I'm very high on the face. It's super sharp and really does look a lot like the Skyward Sword version of Link it's meant to be based on. The swappable eyes are cool too, and make side on poses much more realistic. My biggest issue is that we've only got two expressions. I know Link doesn't smile that much, but this generation of Link is way more expressive than his prior incarnations and it would have been nice to have a gentle smile or something like that. Rio: Agreed. I would have loved a smile of some sort, though I do like the expressions that were included. A smile never hurts though! What pose do you think you'll keep your figure in, and with what expression? Martin: As you can see in the photo above (which is also handy for scale), I'm keeping him with his neutral expression, standing upright in a very classic sword and shield pose. I did consider having him with the bow though, just so I could strap the sword and shield to his back, which is one of my favourite features. Rio: Those are the EXACT two I'm torn between! I really wanted to do the bow, so if I get brave enough I'll do that. Martin: How are you on the beetle? I love that it's included but the fact that there's no way to properly attach it to his arm is kind of a joke. It barely feels like it belongs with the character. Rio: Yeah I'm in the same boat. It's awesome that it's there, but.. what was the point if you weren't going to do anything with it, Medicom? Martin: It seems a recurring theme through this review is 'great ideas, shoddy execution'. Would you agree on that? Rio: Yeah, and it seems we agree on pretty much every aspect of where that shoddy execution is. I really hope this same type of thing doesn't happen when I get my RAH Ryuko Matoi... Martin: I think we're approaching the end of this review, so let's ask the key question that every review is ultimately all about - do you feel you got you money's worth? Because I'm afraid to say I don't. RAH Link is a decent enough figure, but he's a decent enough figure who should probably cost about half what he actually does. I'm loving the detail and heft the larger scale affords, but in the back of my mind there's a nasty little voice telling me that actually, figma Link might be a better all round toy. Rio: Yeah, I definitely didn't get my money's worth. I would gladly shove my $200 to Hot Toys as opposed to Medicom if their quality stays like this. After seeing this in person, I'm more excited to get my Nendoroid Link than I was this now. It's 'okay', but as you said.. 'okay' should cost about half of what this did. Martin: Agreed. I'll happily keep Link, and put him on display in my cabinet, but when all is said and done this was a terrible missed opportunity, and I suspect it'll be damaging long term for Medicom. I'll certainly think twice before purchasing from them again. Any final words before we wrap up? Rio: That pretty much sums it up. I love Medicom as a company, and have liked other pieces they've done, but I sure hope they work on their Real Action Heroes line a bit more before other big releases come out.Martin: Thanks Rio. Let's hope if we do this again, it's for something a little bit more praiseworthy. So hey guys, obviously this is a new format for us, and we'd appreciate it if you'd let us know what you think. Would you like to see more reviews like this, or do you prefer the old one person format? Sound off in the comments and if you want to know anything more about Link, Rio and I will be happy to answer questions. 
RAH Link photo
Too Much Green
I've got a real soft spot for Real Action Heroes Link. Not only because, like many people, I dearly love The Legend of Zelda, but because he was one of the first major pieces of news I covered after I joined the site. As...

RAH Ultimate Madoka photo
Get a gander at Godoka
First seen live only last week we're now getting some official images straight from Medicom of Ultimate Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She's looking mighty impressive under the right lighting. Her flowing dress i...

RAH Ultimate Madoka photo
RAH Ultimate Madoka

Make room on the shelf, RAH Ultimate Madoka is coming!

1/6 scale Godoka announced
Apr 07
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Oh yes, this is real. Medicom Toy just announced this massive Real Action Heroes Ultimate Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica! She's a 1/6 scale figure in an extravagantly detailed cloth outfit as well as her bow and arrow....
Fate photo

Stop and see the flowers: upcoming RAH Saber Lily gets a preview gallery

Because saying stop and small the flowers somehow seems creepy in this context.
Mar 20
// Scarecroodle
Medicom's upcoming RAH Saber Lily has received a preview gallery (or, more technically, a review) on AmiAmi's blog. Unless I've lost track, Saber Lily will be Medicom's fourth RAH Saber (following the standard "armored" Saber...
RAH Ryuko Matoi photo
RAH Ryuko Matoi

RAH Ryuko is ready for poseable action!

Ryuko's ready to show how limber she is
Mar 09
// Rio McCarthy
The Medicom Toy Blog gave me a nice little gallery to lust over this week, and of course it stars Ms. Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill. I'm so excited to get my hands on the Real Action Heroes Ryuko, but even more so after seein...
RAH Levi photo
Medicom looking for a clean sweep of your money
Medicom is spoiling us with Real Action Heroes recently. Rio took a look at the lovely Ryuko Matoi earlier today, so it's only fair I level the battle of the sexes by presenting this equally stunning rendition of Levi from At...

RAH Ryuko Matoi photo
Senketsu does a body good
Why hello there, Ryuko - if it isn't my favorite butt kicker in a current anime series! Medicom Toy's Real Action Heroes Ryuko Matoi Senketsu ver. was a huge hit at Wonder Festival 2014 Winter this year, as it should have bee...

Star Wars photo
Star Wars

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Star Wars invades MAFEX line

The text won't crawl and I can't get the music to play...
Feb 10
// Scarecroodle
A short time ago at a convention far, far away... (cue opening theme) Episode IV.V: A Newer Hope It was a period of great excitement and financial anguish. The mighty Japanese toy companies have gathered in one place in a ful...
RAH Ryuko photo
RAH Ryuko

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Real Action Heroes Ryuko

Complete with real cloth lack of clothing!
Feb 10
// Martin Siggers
The Kill la Kill love fest keeps on rolling! After the show made a big splash in the figma and Nendoroid world, it's no surprise to see Medicom Toy jump in and recruit it to the Real Action Heroes range. They're kicking ...
Superman photo

A very Bizarro Sofubi (and Superman) on the way

It's a bizarro, bizarro world
Feb 03
// Scarecroodle
Things are looking a little more Bizarro (or Bizarro?) with the upcoming DC Heroes: Superman and Bizarro Sofubi Figures, set to appear in the pages of the February issue of Diamond Comics' PREVIEWS. The 9.75-inch tall figures...
Amazing Spidey 2 photo
Amazing Spidey 2

Medicom spins a MAFEX Amazing Spider-Man 2 pre-order web

But will it stick?
Jan 16
// Scarecroodle
Pre-orders have opened for Medicom Toys' MAFEX Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man, based on the character's likeness in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man sequel. True believers may recall that the first entry in Medicom's MAFEX li...
RAH Chun Li & Cammy photo
RAH Chun Li & Cammy

RAH Cammy and Chun Li are ready to fight for pre-orders

2.0 and something new, now please buy them
Dec 30
// Andres Cerrato
It's a wonder what happens when a company decides to make figures of a popular, well-received franchise. While Medicom has released a lot of figures in its Real Action Heroes line, they weren't always what the mass market gra...
Attack on Titan photo
Attack on Titan

RAH Levi gets a gallery... sort of

Epic head tilting
Dec 27
// Scarecroodle
Medicom has released some images of its upcoming Real Action Heroes Levi (Attack on Titan). The only problem is, well, they're kind of limited... as in only being head shots. But hey, that's one nice-looking head, right? Besi...
PPP Maka photo
PPP Maka

Perfect Posing Products Maka Albarn eats up pre-orders

Reap what you sow
Dec 24
// Martin Siggers
A little earlier this month, Medicom Toy revealed that they'd be starting up a new range of high-end static PVC figures dubbed 'Perfect Posing Products', with Soul Eater's Maka Albarn the first entrant into the line. Now on C...
RAH Chun Li & Cammy photo
RAH Chun Li & Cammy

Medicom introduces Real Action Heroes of Chun Li & Cammy

They're still pretty gals
Dec 23
// Andres Cerrato
If a company makes a hit, there will be others to see that demand into their products. Medicom has tackled Street Fighter and these two before, but that's not stopping them from releasing two new Real Action Hero 1/6 figures ...
Soul Eater photo
Soul Eater

Medicom starts Perfect Posing Products with Maka Albarn

Soul Eater heroine opens new static figure range in style
Dec 12
// Martin Siggers
Medicom Toy has ruled the roost in large scale poseable anime figures for quite some time now, thanks to their rather excellent Real Action Heroes range. Now though they're looking to turn their undoubted talents to something...

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