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Medaka Box

Medaka Box Beach Queens photo
Medaka Box Beach Queens

Medaka Box Beach Queens revealed, up for pre-order

Boy do these look better in color
Apr 22
// Kristina Pino
Alright, so after that fuzzy, awful scanned image, we now finally have the full retail sample from Wave for the upcoming Medaka and Shiranui Beach Queens figures! And what's more, they're up for pre-order at ¥3,990 sugges...

First glimpse of Medaka Box Beach Queens figures

fuuuuuuuuuzzy pictures!
Apr 20
// Kristina Pino
A few days ago, there was a quick announcement over Twitter about upcoming Beach Queens figures for characters of Medaka Box. I noticed an update on FigSoku about them, and it looks like there's already a pair ...

MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn: MegaHouse

The hottest shows get equally hot figures
Nov 26
// Natalie Kipper
MegaHouse brought an boatload of anime figures to MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn. And, I am pleased to see, there was quite a variety in the shows represented. We're seeing the lovely girls of The Idolm@ster and Idolm@ster 2 ...

30th Prize Fair: Sega Prize

YuruYuri, Accel World, OreImo, and even Kaito Kid show up from the game company that's also prize figure maker.
Nov 07
// Jonathan Tubbs
What's a Prize Fair without the company that has it in their name? Sega Prize attended the 30th Prize Fair with their assortment of prize figures from an array of anime titles that may interest some folks. The one that immedi...


Miyazawa Model Exhibition: CM's Corporation

Lots of busty ladies on display as well as robots and a new series of figures.
Nov 05
// Jonathan Tubbs
CM's Corporation has made a name for itself with its line of Gutto Kuru Figure Collection series of poseable figures. Since then, the company has expanding to static PVC figures with their La Beaute line. Now the company look...

Good Smile delays more toward and after the new year

Ultimate Madoka, Princess of the Crystal, Saber Lily and more get pushed back
Oct 31
// Jonathan Tubbs
What? Is it already time for more product delays from Good Smile Company and Max Factory? Apparently so. Here is what you'll need to be rolling over your planned budget for: Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Ultimate MadokaNovember...

Max Factory's Medaka takes your suggestions, pre-orders

1/8-scale figure releasing in January 2013
Aug 30
// Brian Szabelski
Fans of Medaka Box probably remember seeing Max Factory's 1/8-scale Medaka Kurokami and wondered, "When will we get to pre-order her?" Well, with pre-orders open today, she's already fulfilled your request! Medaka will c...

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