WTF?! photo

DC Comics meets Thomas the Tank Engine (and other exclusives)

Worst. Crossover. Ever!
May 17
// Scarecroodle
Few things horrify me as much as talking faces on things that shouldn't have faces. So naturally I just love the fact that Matty Collector has decided to give the Justice League (or Super Friends) the ol' Thomas the Tank Engi...
Masters of the Universe photo
Masters of the Universe

Two-Bad isn't Too-Good for the general public

Too-Bad he may sell out early
May 08
// Scarecroodle
Matty will be selling some leftover stock of MotUC Two-Bad during its upcoming May 15th sale (which is currently labeled as "April 15th because, you know, screw proofreading!). Fans will recall that the figure was switched to...
Masters of the Universe photo
Masters of the Universe

Matty unveils final figure (Prahvus) in Club 200x, sub closes 3/23

Saving the, errr, last for last
Mar 17
// Scarecroodle
Matty Collect today unveiled the prototype for Prahvus, the final figure in Club 200x. Club 200x is slated to close at 23:59 on 3/23. Have you subscribed? Compared to the other figures (such as King Chooblah), Prahvus looks a...

Masters of the Universe photo
Masters of the Universe

Not so abominable! Matty unveils King Chooblah

Mattel not-so-cryptically reveals a cryptid
Mar 16
// Scarecroodle
Have you signed up for Club 200x yet? Matty Collector has unveiled a prototype for the FIFTH figure in the limited 6-figure club, King Chooblah. Despite having never seen the 2002 Masters of the Universe, I've found many of t...
Masters of the Universe photo
Hail to the Queen, baby!
Matty Collector has unveiled its Masters of the Universe Classics Queen Grayskull, the fourth figure shown thus far for the 6-figure "Club 200x" subscription. Queen Grayskull is the wife of King Greyskull and was apparently t...

MOTU Club 200x officially opens

Feb 24 // Scarecroodle
Masters of the Universe photo
In the year 201x...
Matty Collector recently announced plans (and showed off the first figures) for its Club 200x. The company has since revealed the remaining selection in its six figure line-up as well as opening subscriptions. While the p...

Masters of the Universe photo
As long as there are customers, there will be a line
The Masters of the Universe Classics line is dead, long live the Masters of the Universe Classics line! With the upcoming retirement of Club Eternia (and the failed roll-out of the MOTU Minis club), many wondered what may be ...

Mattel photo

Mattel CEO Bryan Stockton parts ways with company

Gives Mattel reps somethign to talk about at Toy Fair
Jan 27
// Scarecroodle
Various news sources have reported that Mattel's CEO, Bryan Stockton, has resigned following another disappointing holiday season. While much of the news focuses around Barbie sales (with the usual references to feminist rant...
SALES!! photo
The deals are real
A thousand and one ARRRRGGGHHS! Matty Collector's 7 Days of Cyber Monday Sale opened to the general public (ie, us plebs who didn't buy a sub) at noon today and, despite remembering it all morning prior to the sale, I wound u...

Matty Collector's November sale still on-going

Nov 19 // Scarecroodle
Regular readers may have noticed that our Matty Collector-related coverage has decreased in recent months, mostly because Matty Collector is a pain to deal with (even more-so now that Scott Neitlich announced his departure) to the extent that even getting hi-res (or any reasonable) resolution product images for things like monthly sale stories has been impossible (I can't think of even one company that's been even half as hard to deal with for relatively basic requests). Couple that with the fact that Matty Collector's handling of multiple issues in recent years has been, speaking generously, completely awful (Digital River, price hikes, Big Lots, non-club pricing policies, etc) and you'll notice that my enthusiasm for covering the brand has notably waned (with the exception of conventions and major announcements) during my tenure at Tomopop. When I've purchased Matty Collector's products, it's almost never through the site itself but instead from third parties who, because they're stuck buying items as part of a club, often resell items at a significantly lower rate (which is how I got both the club exclusive Gorpo and Hydron for less than US$50 shipped). Things changed with November, however, as both the hotly anticipated Masters of the Universe Classics Tung Lashor and New Adventures She-Ra went up for order (other items released this month? Arrow (see header), the DC Total Heroes Firestorm, some giant Masters figures, etc). Finally two things I wanted were being released in the same month so it made sense to actually order directly from Matty Collector. Of course, the pricing is *still* annoying since the two figures ran me US$70 shipped (because Matty / Digital River charges higher than average shipping AND higher than average tax. I still don't understand the tax thing, although the math would work if they were taxing on shipping as well for some bizarre reason. Otherwise I've assumed it was a tariff rather than a tax.) The sale is still ongoing for those who might be interested. Of course, Tung Lashor is sold out now so there's less reason to check it out, but there are still other items available. Otherwise, fans can look forward to Matty's Seven Days of CyberMonday which, of course, is also no longer the value that it once was. [ Order at Matty Collector ]
Matty Collector photo
The sale where Scarecroodle actually bought something directly from Matty
Matty Collector's November sale started Monday and several items are sold out. This sale is a little different since, for the first time in about a year, I actually ordered product directly from Matty Collector instead of getting it cheaper on the secondary market. More after the jump, where I'll also gripe about Matty Collector's poor outreach efforts.

Masters of the Universe photo
In other news, I also didn't attend NYCC but have no plans to do a video series
Matty Collector may not have been able to find time in its busy schedule to attend NYCC, but the company has unveiled its newest figures anyway through a video series entitled "Not at New York Comic Con Video Con". Matty has ...

Matty Collector photo
Matty Collector

Matty's Scott Neitlich leaves Matty

Does this mean I can't call him Matty's Scott Neitlich any more?
Oct 19
// Scarecroodle
Scott "Toy Guru" Neitlich, the de facto face of Matty Collector (not to be confused with the mascot), has announced his resignation from Mattel in a lengthy interview with AFI. Neitlich is announced as leaving his dream job a...
Masters of the Universe photo
One more month...
Matty Collector's Scott Neitlich has released a video showing off (mostly finished versions of) the final figures in this year's Club Eternia and Etheria subs, including Tung Lashor, New Adventures She-Ra, Mermista, and more....

Masters of the Universe photo
Matty decides to stop playing games with our hearts
In news that shouldn't shock or surprise anybody, Matty Collector has reached its subscription goal for the 2015 Club Eternia. The company had previously cast doubt on the club's continuation in the annual "Fear Drive" (I'm a...

Masters of the Universe photo
A house and its pre-orders divided?
Matty Collector has re-opened subscriptions for Club Eternia, claiming to be 10% short of funding for the 2015 subscription. Of course, my initial reaction was, "Who cares? Tung Lashor is already coming out this November," bu...

DC Comics photo
But are you still willing to unleash your wallet?
After repeated insistence from Matty Collector that the company would NOT be releasing an "Unleashed" Doomsday in any way, shape or form because Club Infinite Earths tanked, Matty has announced that it will, in fact, be relea...

Matty Collector photo
Although, in fairness, Matty Collector has forgotten about us more than we have about it
Matty Collector's August sale starts in... well, it started yesterday. However, you didn't miss much since the only item to sell out so far has been Faker and he probably went during Early Access. The sale consists of two Clu...

Matty Collector photo
Doomsday... and other things
Matty Collector's post-SDCC sale starts at noon EST on August 4th and includes, but is not limited to, the DCU containment suit Doomsday. Other non-DCU containment suit Doomsday SDCC items up for sale include the Monster High...

SDCC 2014: Mattel - Matty Collector Panel / Mattypalooza

Jul 28 // Scarecroodle
Matty Collector showed off a classic Batman tv series (ie, the Adam West Batman) cowl on Preview Night. Although this wasn't a reveal, I never discussed the non-Masters Preview Night reveals so I thought it only fitting to highlight the news of this replica. Although it's a pricy prop, I imagine that collectors will see it as a nice accessory to Matty's previously released Utility Belt & Batarang combo. Ah, now here's the big update: Matty Collector will be producing items based on the much-beloved cartoon The Real Ghostbusters in 2015. The cartoon was created following the massive success of the original Ghostbusters movie which subsequently revealed the sheer marketability of the concept. The cartoon would spawn an absolutely gigantic toyline featuring a slew of humorous, gimmicky ghost figures. One of the problems with Matty Collector's previous Ghostbusters figure line was a lack of supporting figures, especially when it came to ghosts. The Ghostbusters figures would occasionally include a packed-in ghost or, at times, a non-ghost accessory. What I hope to see from this new line is just ghosts packed by themselves. The only possible issue with this idea might be the cost of tooling, but I 'm optimistic that Matty will be able to find a way to make it work for at least a little while. Hopefully the line will eventually expand to feature the Extreme Ghostbusters characters as well. Also, for those wondering why it's called "The Real" Ghostbusters instead of just Ghostbusters, there's a much older cartoon that was just called Ghostbusters which resulted in a trademark dispute. Ironically, the original series has probably profited from the confusion, as it would may otherwise have remained even more obscure. The big theme going forward with Matty Collector is bundling/packaging. Last year, Matty announced that the clubs would feature the option of quarterly shipping and now we're seeing something similar being put into place for the company's other offerings. To cut down on Digital River's shipping costs (nothing can be done about the absurd tax rate, however... I suspect that they're charging either Canadian taxes or import tariffs), fans will now have the opportunity to bundle the remaining three MOTU Minis packs. Additionally, fans who passed on the first three packs will have a chance to buy and have those shipped together as well. The three remaining packs are as follows: As I've mentioned in the past, I like the style of these but I absolutely hate the pricing. As a result, I have yet to pick up any of these (although Scareglow *was* tempting). I suppose it might be different if they packed together two characters I really like, but that hasn't happened yet. It's a shame, too, since I wouldn't mind having at least part of the Mini Castle Grayskull. It's a really cute little set. Unfortunately, next year's Mini MOTUs does away with the CNC in favor of using it as a club promo. Doubly unfortunate is the fact that Matty Collector didn't see fit to lower the price on these packs. I had always assumed that the price of the packs was being ballooned by the large CNC pieces that came with it but, even in the absence of the CNC pieces, the 2-packs remain at US$20. In the interests of comparison, I want to mention that Mattel's DC Action League line (and its predecessor) feature comparable figurines and only retail for around US$8. While I would expect the MOTU Minis to cost a bit more due to lower production runs, the pricing seems excessive. Otherwise, it might have been nice if the Horde Trooper was packed with another army builder just in case fans wanted multiples. Otherwise I love the fact that Matty included Mekaneck's gimmick. The not-CNC item for the 2015 Mini MOTU series is Mini Snake Mountain, which looks adorable. The Mini Snake Mountain diorama will be a subscription exclusive and its cost will be covered by the US$20 club buy-in price (giving the club a total US$140 cost before shipping, taxes, etc). Of course, because it's now a sub item, Matty Collector can officially juice up the prices further for non-subs. So to recap: If you wanted to buy just one pack from the line last year (let's say, for example, the Scareglow pack) you'd pay US$20 and get two figures along with a CNC piece which you could then display by itself or sell on ebay to recoup part of your expenses. If you wanted to buy just one pack this year, you're going to pay US$22 *BUT* you won't even get a CNC price. The classic more for less, *grumble*. On the bright side, fans who don't have an extra US$140+S/H lying around to buy into the club will still be able to get the few specific figures that they want. One of the bigger announcements was Matty Collector's plans to release a 12-inch tall "Giant" MOTU line which recreates the original figures in a far larger scale. The four figures will have the option of being bundled together or being combined into your existing monthly bundle (which also entails buying all four). It's a really cool idea and is a good way of showing others that you're a huge fan. In October, fans will have the chance to buy the Battle Ram with a variant Man-at-Arms for US$110. It's a non-sub item. I've heard some complaints about the choice of pack-in with at least a few people apparently preferring no figure at all to keep the price down. Given that it's US$110, I can understand that viewpoint. Otherwise, the rest of this year's Club Eternia and Club Etheria figures were announced as being: As I mentioned in the MOTU booth coverage, I'm really looking forward to Tung Lashor. The standard head really captures the original figure's appearance while the alternate gimmick head is just plain cool. Also as mentioned in the booth coverage, Galactic Protector She-Ra is a Four Horsemen original concept. The story apparently involves the gang coming up with the idea over breakfast one morning then trying to figure out a way to get it into the line. I'm happy that they did, since the New Adventures-themed She-Ra looks great and she's thankfully not replacing another New Adventures character. Given that both Tung Lashor and Galactic Protector She-Ra fall in November, I'm hoping to buy them at once during the month's Matty sale. Gwildor is one of the movie characters and subsequently may not appeal to everybody. Given that the film has been more or less left untouched, I'm wondering if it may receive additional attention after Club Eternia ends or whether that's just it for the movie figures as well. While I'm also not a She-Ra: Princess of Power fan (which I say despite owning figures of She-Ra, Catra, and others...), Mermista seems too hard to pass up given the alternate, articulated mermaid torso. That brings us to the end of 2014 and, rather sadly, almost to the end of the Masters of the Universe Classics line. No! Say it ain't so! As we all know, 2015 marks the end of the vaunted Club Eternia and, subsequently, the end of Masters of the Universe Classics itself. The final subscription should include a lot of fan-requested characters. The constraints seem to suggest that there won't be any more live-action movie figures (unless they count as "surprises" or as members of the vintage toyline) with the focus instead being on vintage and cartoon characters. Matty Collector has revealed three of the figures (and a two-pack featuring a 200x version of He-Man and King Hsss as a quarterly item as well as a club exclusive figure) but we know at least two more figures besides that: second fans-choice winner Mara (New Adventures) and the snakeman Squeeze. That leaves another seven monthly figures and three quarterly items, as well as a non-sub item or two. I may have never watched the 200x series, but I like the look of this pack. Apparently the pack doesn't include the alternate upper torso for King Hsss, although it will supposedly be sold as a part of something else? It's also worth mentioning that the claw thing on Snake Armor He-Man's hand is either a snap-on or an interchangeable part. Huntara, the first (?) fan's choice winner turned out pretty neat. She's a Filmation-only character who seems to have only appeared in one episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power yet she left on impression on fans... or people just really like the design. Oo-larr, apparently described as the "Jungle He-Man", is the club exclusive figure. I'm not familiar with the character, but he was apparently referenced in a few of bios including Gygor's, Battle Armor Skeletor's,  and Demo-Man's... you know, figures I don't own. Oo-Larr will come with a Castle Grayskull blueprint as the map item, which seems neat. Finally there's the year's (or the line's final) traveling convention item: Skeletor's Hover Robots. All things considered, it should be an interesting year even if it'll be sad to see the line go. More importantly, we'll have new Ghostbusters items to look forward to... although I'm not sure when or where those may be announced, considering that Matty Collector is blowing off NYCC this year.
Matty Collector photo
We got Snake Mountain! ...kinda
The Matty Collector panel at SDCC (or "Mattypalooza") was described as featuring a lot of new Masters-related announcements and, well, little else. However, some major non-Masters news came in the form of an announcement that...

SDCC 2014: Mattel - Masters of the Universe

Jul 26 // Scarecroodle
Not wanting to jump the gun, I skipped discussing the Preview Night reveals which included MOTUC Eldor, Sweet Bee, a Battle Ram vehicle pack (with Man-at-Arms), and the first two Giant MOTUs (He-Man and Skeletor). As I would later realize, apparently we didn't get booth photos right away (ie, the Tomopop team stopped by the booth after the Matty Palooza revealed items were added) so I missed an opportunity to break up the coverage. Eldor is noteworthy for being a requested Filmation character who never received a figure in the original line. He'll apparently include some sticker sheets and is slated for October. Queen Bee (see gallery) is also due out in October, but she's a Club-exclusive and thus won't be part of the monthly sale. The Giant He-Man and Giant Skeletor were revealed on Preview Night, but they weren't alone for long as a Giant Beast Man and Giant Stratos joined the case after the Matty Collector panel. The figures strike me as a little odd given that Club Eternia's "road map" was shortened so it could end in 2015 with one of the reasons given being the rising costs of plastic and yet here Matty Collector is producing over-sized replicas of vintage Masters of the Universe figures. Um, argh? The concept is pretty neat, especially since it follows a line that was all about modernizing the classic toys. While a Giant Beast Man would certainly look nice on my... well, I'd probably have to put in a new shelf but, with the figure's US$75 before shipping price tag, I imagine that I probably won't be doing that. Kudos to Matty, though, for doing something like this. They even feature an over-sized card. The Giant figures will be released individually each month from September to December. Check out the gallery for Skeletor and Stratos. On a personal note, I was happy to see that Tung Lashor will be this year's Snake Man figure (meaning Squeeze will be the 2015 Snake Man figure). Tung Lashor has held a special place in my heart for being one of (if not) the only Masters figures that I still own from my childhood. Basically it survived several moves across states and countries, a hurricane or two, random misadventures, and room raids. The original figure had a tongue-extending gimmick which made use of a control on his back to extend/retract a really thin tongue. As with some previous entries, Matty has replaced the gimmick functionality with an alternate piece so Tung Lashor will include both a standard head (pictured) and an alternate head with the tongue stuck out (which is unfortunately behind the placard). The other exciting bit of news is the Galactic Protector She-Ra, which is a New Adventures-styled version of the character who apparently featured in one of the recent mini comics. It's also worth noting that she's an original design from the Four Horsemen. Given my (admittedly strange) affection for the New Adventures continuity, I'm looking forward to picking this one up... although Tung Lashor remains the only thing I absolutely have to get. Jumping onto the Mini MOTUs for a second, the 2015 selection will be offered as a sub. While that might sound like good news (since you don't need to worry about sales days), the downside is that the year's "diorama" (in this case Snake Mountain) will no longer be a CNC; instead it's going to be the club exclusive item and covered in the US$20 subscription price. The change is a little migraine-inducing, as the CNC pieces were the only thing that really justified the US$20 price tag for the 2-packs. Fans will still be paying the same US$20 per 2-pack, but they're less value for their money. So if you want Snake Mountain it'll run you US$140 (six 2-packs and the US$20 sub fee) before shipping and taxes. The figures themselves still look cute. The 2015 selection will include She-Ra vs. Horde Trooper and Jitsu vs. Mekaneck. Be sure to check out the additional images in the gallery. Skeletor's Hover Robots will apparently be the 2015 traveling convention item. Given that at least a few people might want to army build, these should be a hot commodity. Each one will include a flight stand. The last major highlight might be all the customs, as the booth featured a LOT of Skeletor customs. There are a few more images of these in the gallery and there are a lot of awesome or humorous designs spread throughout. Finally, here's a quick look at some other items that caught my eye: Lizard Man is one of the 2015 Club Eternia figures and features a really awesome figure design. Apparently he was a Filmation-only character who had three appearances in the cartoon (with different colors or details each time). He may be something of a bit character, but he's certainly appealing. Another interesting figure is Mermista, Club Etheria's December 2014 figure. She-Ra's mermaid ally will include an alternate lower torso which has definitely put the figure on my radar. Huntara, the fan's choice winner, had her figure revealed. Like the fan's choice Mara, she's slated for the 2015 selection. Snake Armor He-Man will appear alongside Battle Armor King Hiss in a new 2-pack. The set is the first quarterly item of 2015 and I'm assuming is a reference to the 200x series. The Snake Armor He-Man looks great. In the interests of brevity, I didn't run through everything. However, the release schedule will give you some idea of the things in the gallery. Otherwise you can tune in when I cover the Matty Palooza panel for some additional information. Be sure to check out the gallery.
Masters of the Universe photo
Cue the excitement
For those expecting some cool Masters of the Universe stuff at SDCC, Matty Collector apparently didn't disappoint. There were a lot of new reveals (a few of which were shown early) between the Club Eternia and Etheria selecti...

Matty Collector photo
Early access should be underway
Matty Collector's July sale starts in exactly 24 hours (July 15, 9am PST / 12pm EST), with Early Access already underway. July boasts another impressive roster, featuring Flogg and Double Mischief as the month's new figures (...

Masters of the Universe photo
Masters of the Universe

Matty's Scott Neitlich says MOTUC Snake Mountain is unlikely

It was already unlikely that I'd spring for one
Jun 19
// Scarecroodle
Matty Collector's Scott Neitlich has confirmed via the Matty forums that a Snake Mountain playset is basically off the table.  "At this point it is doubtful we will explore something this large again," said Neitlich, who...
Matty Collector photo
Matty Collector

Matty Collector's June sale is currently underway

6/16 makes for one (sign of the) beastly sale
Jun 16
// Scarecroodle
Matty Collector's June 2014 sale is currently underway. This somewhat large-ish sale includes the newly released Masters of the Universe Classic (MOTUC) Extendar (sold out), DC Total Heroes Black Manta, and several prominent ...
Matty Collector photo
Matty Collector

Matty Collector blows off NYCC

'Sorry, fans, but we have better things to do'
Jun 12
// Scarecroodle
Matty Collector has announced that it will NOT be attending New York Comic Con this year, instead citing a unspecified scheduling issue (perhaps the entire company will be washing its hair that weekend?). While the news is ce...
SDCC exclusives photo
The daughter of Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf will be a con-exclusive
For Ever After High fans awaiting more news after Tuesday's teaser image, the time for the full reveal has come. As predicted, the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is none other than Cerise Wolf (a.k.a. Cerise Hood), the daughte...

Matty Collector photo
Matty Collector

After some delay, Matty Collector reveals THREE new SDCC exclusives

Are these the final three exclusives?
May 16
// Scarecroodle
If you're anything like me, you've probably been wondering what Matty Collector had up its sleeve. While showing off an exclusive Hordak and the SDCC-exclusive Doomsday, Matty Collector announced that there would be two more ...
She-Ra photo

Matty releases package shots of Flutterina

Floats like a butterfly but stings like a bee
May 15
// Scarecroodle
Matty Collector has released the packaging photos for the upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics Flutterina along with the caption, "Review samples were also sent out so look for fan coverage soon". Gee, that's funny, Matt...
Matty Collector photo
Matty Collector

Pick up Scorpia during Matty Collector's May sale tomorrow

Or don't. I honestly don't care either way
May 14
// Scarecroodle
[EDIT: Story was intended to go live tomorrow... whoops! As such, references to "today" have been changed] Matty Collector's May sale starts at Noon EST on May 15th and will feature Scorpia and Battle Lion, as  well as a...
SDCC exclusives photo
Boy, talk about a horse-face
The badges have (hopefully) been purchased, the hotel rooms booked, now it's time to start talking about San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. Mattel revealed that one of their much-coveted con-exclusive toys will be a two-pack of ...

SDCC photo

Matty Collector starts SDCC reveals, shows two con exclusives

Matty will break your heart every time.
Apr 30
// Scarecroodle
San Diego Comic-Con is still a few months away but that hasn't stopped Matty Collector from making its first SDCC announcement which comes in the form of a Filmation-styled Masters of the Universe Classics Hordak. The She-Ra:...

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