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MotU photo
Yet another chance to pick up MotUCs
Matty Collector closed with a whisper rather than a bang late last year (although the final sale -- which I stupidly delayed in ordering until it was too late -- was an explosion of value), taking with it many of our cherishe...

Mattel photo

SDCC 2016: Mattel

WWE, DC, She-Ra, Monster High, and more!
Jul 23
// Soul Tsukino
Our friends over at Mattel always try to do big at these conventions and this time around is no different. They had a lot to show off at SDCC, and our own tian was there to get all the picture. So let's dive right in.
Ghostbusters photo
Things going down drain for new movie?
The Ghostbusters remake isn't scheduled to hit theaters for another 2 weeks, but the movie's collectibles may be long gone from your local Target by then. Multiple reports (and some editorials) have come in that Targets have ...

Mattel pays tribute to wrestling's greatest blunder with SDCC Exclusive

Jun 10 // Soul Tsukino
The Shockmaster was the brainchild of the legendary Dusty Rhodes and debuted on August 18, 1993, during the live broadcast of Clash of the Champions XXIV. The big guy (in actuality Dusty's brother-in-law Fred Ottman) was to crash through a wall to introduce himself. The fireworks went off and... [embed]37473:37312:0[/embed] To remember the moment that has lived on in wrestling infamy, Matty Collector presents this figure complete with goofy ring coat and a bedazzled stormtrooper helmet. The Shockmaster is package in a way to commemorate him going ass over teakettle in front of a nationwide cable audience. He is priced at $30. Pre-orders for the figure start on June 16 for Matty Collector subscribers and June 17- 26 for everyone else. However, you MUST pick the figure up in person at the convention. For more details visit HERE.
WWE photo
This figure will SHOCK you!
Mattel, though their Matty Collector specialty label, has announced that one of the figures they will being selling exclusively at Comic-Con International- San Diego this year will be a figure that pays tribute to one of the most infamous moments in wrestling history. Ladies and gentlemen. I present the Shockmaster!

WWE photo

Toy Fair 2016: Mattel WWE

WWE's latest offerings on display
Feb 24
// Soul Tsukino
Being one of, if not the biggest exhibition for Toy producers, Mattel was a given to come in and show off what it plans for its toy lines in the foreseeable future. One of its top lines is the WWE wrestling figures. With Wres...
Mattel photo

Mattel halts production of Hulk Hogan figures

When it comes crashing down.
Jul 29
// Soul Tsukino
After transcripts were released of former wrestling great Hulk Hogan using racial and homophobic terms in a leaked video, Mattel, toy makers for the WWE announced that all production of Hogan related toys and figures has been halted.
SDCC 2015 photo
SDCC 2015

SDCC 2015: Mattel - WWE

Giving a look to the future
Jul 15
// Soul Tsukino
During Comic-Con International: San Diego, the WWE and Mattel gave us a look at what to expect from them in the near future. They showed off stars from the WWE's past, present, and future, and even tossed is a few more interesting figures into the mix.
Masters of the Universe photo
Masters of the Universe

Matty unveils final figure (Prahvus) in Club 200x, sub closes 3/23

Saving the, errr, last for last
Mar 17
// Scarecroodle
Matty Collect today unveiled the prototype for Prahvus, the final figure in Club 200x. Club 200x is slated to close at 23:59 on 3/23. Have you subscribed? Compared to the other figures (such as King Chooblah), Prahvus looks a...
Masters of the Universe photo
Masters of the Universe

Not so abominable! Matty unveils King Chooblah

Mattel not-so-cryptically reveals a cryptid
Mar 16
// Scarecroodle
Have you signed up for Club 200x yet? Matty Collector has unveiled a prototype for the FIFTH figure in the limited 6-figure club, King Chooblah. Despite having never seen the 2002 Masters of the Universe, I've found many of t...
Masters of the Universe photo
Hail to the Queen, baby!
Matty Collector has unveiled its Masters of the Universe Classics Queen Grayskull, the fourth figure shown thus far for the 6-figure "Club 200x" subscription. Queen Grayskull is the wife of King Greyskull and was apparently t...

Masters of the Universe photo
Because that new MOTU movie is totally still coming out
The new Masters of the Universe film (title pending) is going to come out at some point (maybe!), but in the mean-time we may or may not have a concept image of the new Battle Cat. Apparently somebody connected to the film ha...

WWE photo

Mattel and WWE show off at Super Toy Con

Just in time for Wrestlemania
Mar 02
// Soul Tsukino
Mattel and the WWE went to Las Vegas this weekend for Super Toy Con 2015 and, thanks to the fine folks at Ringside Collectibles, we get a great look at the future faces of the WWE and Mattel.

MOTU Club 200x officially opens

Feb 24 // Scarecroodle
Masters of the Universe photo
In the year 201x...
Matty Collector recently announced plans (and showed off the first figures) for its Club 200x. The company has since revealed the remaining selection in its six figure line-up as well as opening subscriptions. While the p...

Mattel photo

Mattel CEO Bryan Stockton parts ways with company

Gives Mattel reps somethign to talk about at Toy Fair
Jan 27
// Scarecroodle
Various news sources have reported that Mattel's CEO, Bryan Stockton, has resigned following another disappointing holiday season. While much of the news focuses around Barbie sales (with the usual references to feminist rant...
WWE photo

Get ready for Wrestlemania 31 with WWE figure pre-orders

Starting the road to Wrestlemania
Jan 10
// Soul Tsukino
With the beginning of the new year, the WWE likes to start the "Road to Wrestlemania", traditionally considered their best time of the year creatively as they build towards their biggest event, Wrestlemania. This year's big e...
Masters of the Universe photo
In other news, I also didn't attend NYCC but have no plans to do a video series
Matty Collector may not have been able to find time in its busy schedule to attend NYCC, but the company has unveiled its newest figures anyway through a video series entitled "Not at New York Comic Con Video Con". Matty has ...

Matty Collector photo
Matty Collector

Matty's Scott Neitlich leaves Matty

Does this mean I can't call him Matty's Scott Neitlich any more?
Oct 19
// Scarecroodle
Scott "Toy Guru" Neitlich, the de facto face of Matty Collector (not to be confused with the mascot), has announced his resignation from Mattel in a lengthy interview with AFI. Neitlich is announced as leaving his dream job a...

SDCC/WonFes Highlight Reel: The Scarecroodle edition

Sep 09 // Scarecroodle
While I find myself unable to do a top ten list, I figure I should at least try to order these things in terms of preference. Spider-Man 2099 has long been one of my favorite superheroes. Unfortunately, the character hasn't seen that much great merchandise over the years. Yes, he has a Bowen statue I can't afford and WizKids did a few decent Heroclix figurines, but the more conventional offerings have been a little lackluster. ToyBiz's Spider-Man Classics Spidey 2099 was a somewhat lame redeco of a normal Spider-Man figure (from that same line) which featured a cloth cape and lacked the character's iconic arm-spikes (besides having those out-of-character webshooter-posed hands). Hasbro took a stab at the character with a less articulate figure in the Spider-Man Origins line but, once again, it lacked those arm-spikes and featured a cheap cloth cape. Finally, Hasbro gave us a Spidey 2099 in the Marvel Universe line and, while it recycled the standard body, the figure at least had the arm-spikes (positioned a little oddly?) and a plastic cape. It looked like that would be the best we'd ever get... then SDCC 2014 rolled around and Hasbro unveiled its Spider-Man Legends Spidey 2099. Hasbro's new Spider-Man 2099 is almost everything I could have hoped for: it features an accurate build, it has Spidey's ironic outstretched fingers (although it lacks the talons, but hey, they could be retracted!), there's a lot of articulation, and it's in the 6-inch scale. It's more or less everything I wanted (sans a glossy paint job). I look forward to picking it up and, with any luck, seeing Diamond Select Toys produce an even better version of the character in its Marvel Select line. My second most-wanted item is Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics Tung Lashor. Matty Collector had previously announced that Tung Lashor and Squeeze, the two last Snakemen from the original vintage line, would be included in the final two Club Eternia subscriptions. The catch? Only one would appear per year and Matty wasn't saying which would appear when. Those fiendish devils! Thankfully, however, Matty Collector unveiled my favorite, Tung Lashor, at SDCC and announced that he was conveniently scheduled for November (alongside Galactic Protector She-Ra!). I had been looking forward to Tung Lashor for a while, especially because the original vintage figure was one of the few He-Man figures that managed to stay with me over the years despite several moves and Hurricane Andrew (which was responsible for two of those moves). The MOTUC Tung Lashor is a great update of the vintage figure, capturing and (slightly) improving on the original's look. Although (like most MOTUCs) it lacks the original gimmick, MOTUC has replicated the tongue-lashing feature with an alternate extended-tongue head. I'm fortunate that he came out this year, since there are no guarantees that the 2015 Club Eternia will hit its minimum number of subs. Of course, the downside is that we probably won't ever see a really articulated 200x series Tung Lashor but at least there's NECA's staction version available which, in this instance, is better than nothing. Another bit of particularly exciting news is Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Select Carnage. Back when Hasbro produced a pretty good ML Carnage in its Spider-Man Legends line, I (just barely) held off buying it because I saw what incredible work DST had done with its MS Venom (which I still want to pick up at some point). The problem with basically every Carnage so far has been a lack of interchangeable parts, something that the MS Carnage should correct. We can already see that it includes a version of the axe-arm which is one of those absolute staples missing from most releases. If it was just that, the MS Carnage (with its great sculpting and paint) would stand quite a bit taller than most (if not all) other Carnage action figures. However, DST intends to give fans far more than that which should make the MS Carnage the definitive Carnage action figure. It completely justifies not picking up the latest ML version. Of course, the Marvel Select wasn't the only thing Carnage fans had to look forward to, as Kotobukiya unveiled the rest of its Fine Arts Carnage. The statue notably features multiple tendrils extending from his body and includes an interchangeable arm (I believe the weapon arm is exchanged with a normal hand). If I was more of a statues fan, I would be all over this one. In what shaped up to be a pretty good convention for evil, Hasbro announced (and showed off) its 6-inch Star Wars Black Series Bossk. Prior to Bossk, Boba Fett was the only real bounty hunter (ie, not some Rodian punk who gets shot while sitting down in a cantina)  that we'd seen and I was starting to get a little worried that the line would be canceled before it got into producing them.  Bossk looks a lot better than his also-great Saga Legends counterpart (who was among the first modern Star Wars figures I picked up) and hopefully this trend will continue long enough to get me a Dengar. On the subject of both improvements and redemption, the Marvel Legends line will *finally* get a half-decent Scarlet Witch (the previous version, released in ToyBiz's Legendary Riders series, was so bad that the company originally didn't intend to release it in the US... or so the rumor goes). This pretty cool wave (dubbed "Avengers Legends"?) features Odin (!!!) as a BAF, with alternate parts for a King Thor variant. While I really don't care for most of the wave, I doubt that I'll be able to pass on a decent-looking Odin. Other pretty neat Marvel Legends coming out (that don't rank on my favorites list) are Agent Phil Coulson, Maria Hill, and a Thanos BAF, as well as Machine Man and Captain Marvel. Plus the ML Sentry (originally intended as a running change in the Hit Monkey wave) is finally getting a release. Jumping over the Summer Wonder Festival side of things for a moment, the biggest thing to grab my attention was the announcement of a figma Dark Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh!). Although we've seen a decent DMG figure or two over the years, such as the Cu-Poche version, never has there been a great normal, articulated figure for the character. While a Dark Magician may be a bit more apropos, I think I'd rather have the DMG first. Another exciting set of announcements were for Nendoroids Rider and Archer (Fate/Stay Night). Although we saw some great mini Nendoroids for Rider (at least one of which I own), it's going to be nice to get a full-sized (or full Nendo-sized...) version of the character as well; especially because she should come with a bunch of props. The only thing keeping me in my seat is a nagging suspicion that Kotobukiya may eventually cover the character in the Cu-Poche line, which I'd probably prefer. Other adorable small figures included NECA's Mogwai Series 5, which features three more concept characters (Patches, Zoe, and Gary). Although I know that at least two of them are basically straight-up repaints, I'll still be excited to pick those up (I'm less sure about wanting the all-white, weird-faced Gary). Due out in November (not October), the ones that I grab should look pretty neat next to my other concept-series Mogwai (which I mostly picked up to get Penny). I'm still not sure why the Gremlins part of the line has basically stalled (with a few figures in limbo) while we keep getting Mogwais who didn't even appear in the movies. I'm even less sure why I keep getting so excited to see new ones. Mattel will be adding the Yvonne Craig Batgirl to its Batman classic TV series line. While I had hoped to see the character (especially when the line looked canceled once or twice), she's unfortunately part of a 3-pack with Batman and Robin. I suppose it's not a huge hurdle, since Batman and Robin were two of the only figures I didn't buy when the line first came out. The head-sculpt and body-work is pretty neat, but those arms look unusually long or something. The figures were designed by Mattel's in-house crew (rather than the Four Horsemen who handled a lot of the other DC collectibles in the past) so I guess things are bound to be a little iffy in places. Another cool babe that I'm really happy to see is Mattel's Galactic Protector She-Ra. This New Adventures-styled figure is one of the Four Horsemen's original creations and mixes some of NA He-Man's elements with She-Ra's design, giving the character an updated look. Given that she's due out in November alongside Tung Lashor, I'll likely buy both characters directly from Matty Collector this time around (rather than hitting up eBay for a better price). And, jumping back to the classic Batman TV series, Diamond Select Toys showed off a number of resin busts and vinyl bank busts, both at its booth and during a panel. My favorite item was naturally a Burgess Meredith Penguin bust. While the TV series had some great villains, few seemed as fun as Burgess Meredith's take on the Penguin. Will he some day be followed by an eggsellent Vincent Price Eggman bust? Only time will tell. Although the Four Horsemen won't be doing much for Mattel going forward, the company is hardly sitting on its hands these days. The company's latest endeavor is a fantasy-themed line of figures entitled "Mythic Legions" which features dwarfs, orcs, vampires, and more. The sculpting and paint-work on these is incredible, absolutely top-notch stuff. The only drawback is that you usually have to buy these sorts of things directly from the Four Horsemen's site which costs you a bit more on shipping (as opposed to buying from Entertainment Earth, which offers free shipping on larger orders). Ranking a bit lower on my list is a 6-inch Star Wars Black Series Hoth frost-bitten, bloodied Luke and wampa 2-pack. The pack is ostentatiously based on that famous cave scene in The Empire Strikes Back, but will likely not include a removable, bloodied arm option for the wampa. However, I'm still impressed that Hasbro will be making a wampa that much larger than Luke. Although fans were never given a great look at the wampa's size in the films, the one Luke encountered was implied to be huge (something that didn't really carry over to Shadow of the Empire on the Nintendo 64). Another neat Star Wars announcement came at WonFes where Good Smile Company showed plans to make a Nendoroid Darth Vader and Storm Trooper. Oh, plus Kaiyodo showed off its Star Wars Revoltechs which could be promising. Honestly, there were so many cool things I should have made two Highlight Reels. Here are a few more really exciting items:   The MOTU Minis Snake Mountain is incredibly adorable. It's also neat because Matty's Scott Neitlich previously revealed that a MOTUC Snake Mountain is unlikely given how things went for Castle Grayskull, which makes this the only official Mattel Snake Mountain that we'll ever see. While the diorama is a massive want, it's bundled as part of a subscription which is a massive Don't Want To Pay For. As such, I'll only be nabbing it if I can find it cheaply on the aftermarket. The Spider-Man Legends line discussed earlier also includes a May Parker Spider-Girl (MC2 continuity) and a Phil Urich Hobgoblin Build-a-Figure. Although I've stayed away from the MC2 continuity (which, as far as I'm aware, has never been adapted into a cartoon or film) but I've been aware of the May Parker Spider-Girl and wanted a decent figure. As previously mentioned, I only know Phil Urich from his heroic Green Goblin run (and even then, I only owned one or two issues) so the fact that he's a murderous, villainous Hobgoblin came as something of a surprise. Granted, the new design makes for a cool figure. It's just a shame that it's a BAF when I'm trying to move away from buying full waves. The final item on the Hasbro front is the Marvel Universe (or Marvel Infinite) 3.75-inch Sandman figure, which brings me a step closer to completing a 3.75-inch Sinister Six. The figure is cool for coming in both a standard version (seen here) and an all-sand deco. The figure looks like he recycles some parts from the MU Absorbing Man (first released in a Secret Wars 2-pack before getting a single-card release alongside a variant) although it's hard to be sure. I was excited to see a Jim Lee-styled Beast as well. Speaking of Jim Lee, Kotobukiya will be producing a Fine Arts Rogue based on the character's appearance around the '90s. The sculpting so far looks great and I can't wait to see the statue painted. In addition to Carnage, Diamond Select Toys will also be releasing a Marvel Select Cable. This guy would be a lot higher on my list if I was more of a Cable fan, but other than the Marvel vs. Capcom games, I've never really gotten into the character. I do like that DST went with his bulkier look which is usually how I've envisioned Cable. The other pretty neat remaining DST item is the MLP:FIM Rarity vinyl bank. I wasn't sure what to make of the first two banks, but this one is absolutely adorable. It recently went up for pre-order and was among DST's items featured in the latest issue of Previews. DC Collectibles had a lot of new designs on display for its Batman: The Animated Series line. Killer Croc and Batgirl had sculpted prototypes on display, although the jointing hadn't been implemented yet (Killer Croc's pack-in, Baby Doll, presumably won't feature articulation). Several other designs were shown on the backdrop, including Penguin and Riddler. While I like a lot of the work that I've seen on the line thus far, I'm not sure how much of it I'll actually be buying. I'm assuming that I'll probably at least get the Man-Bat, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, and maybe the Riddler. Even if DCC wasn't releasing several at a time, it's just too much for me to collect at this point given the US$25 price point. Speaking of affordability, Mattel will be expanding its 4-inch DC Multiverse line with oversized figures from Rocksteady's Arkham series. The figures are going to be pretty large but, unlike DC Collectibles' versions (which ran from something like US$50 to US$100), they're going to be a more affordable US$25. It's great because I wanted a Grundy but I didn't want to spring US$80 for the DCC version. On the subject of pricey, over-sized figures, Matty Collector will be releasing 12-inch remakes of the vintage MotUs. While it's a neat concept, I can't see myself paying US$75 (before Canadian shipping...) for these. It didn't occur to me at the time, but this is basically the same approach that Gentle Giant has taken with the giant-sized remakes of the old Kenner Star Wars figures. However, unlike those Star Wars figures, some of these actually look tempting. I've probably mentioned this a few times, but I've never been able to get into She-Ra: Princess of Power. I like the fact that there seems to be more of a story to the series than the original Masters of the Universe (of which I rewatched a few episodes earlier this year, mostly for nostalgia), but the episodes that I've watched have felt a little dry (and the character voices can be annoying). As such, I'm always surprised by how many POP character designs I find appealing. Mermista, for instance, sports a neat aquatic theme but, more importantly, she comes with an alternate mermaid lower body. Of course, I'm also excited over the Real Ghostbusters line announcement. Finally, DC Collectibles had its recently unveiled Batman: Arkham Knight figures on display. These were unveiled shortly before SDCC but it was still great to see them out in the field rather than in stock photography. I'm really looking forward to the Scarecrow although I'm not that fond of the character's broken leg. Of course, given that Batman: Arkham Knight is on the PS4/Xbone, I'm not sure when I'll actually play the game itself since I'm not planning on getting either system in the near future (nor do I own a gaming-quality pc).
Top toys photo
Now in Low Definition
SDCC and WonFes may have been almost a month ago at this point, but many of its collectibles are still on our minds. Tian recently posted the top ten things he was looking forward to from these cons and, because I'm far more excitably (and exceedingly less orderly), my own highlights list is nowhere near that short. See many of my favorites after the jump.

LEGO photo

LEGO reigns as number one toy maker on the planet in sales

Not bad for starting 2013 at number three
Sep 08
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Can you believe it? LEGO started 2013 as the number three toy maker in the world before easily overtaking Hasbro's number two spot by the middle of the year. And then a year later LEGO did what seemed impossible and knocked M...
DC Comics photo
But are you still willing to unleash your wallet?
After repeated insistence from Matty Collector that the company would NOT be releasing an "Unleashed" Doomsday in any way, shape or form because Club Infinite Earths tanked, Matty has announced that it will, in fact, be relea...

Matty Collector photo
Doomsday... and other things
Matty Collector's post-SDCC sale starts at noon EST on August 4th and includes, but is not limited to, the DCU containment suit Doomsday. Other non-DCU containment suit Doomsday SDCC items up for sale include the Monster High...

SDCC2014 Monster High photo
SDCC2014 Monster High

SDCC 2014: Monster High

The Ghouls are ready for new dolls
Jul 30
// Rio McCarthy
Greetings, ghouls and spooks! This year there were a ton of new Monster High dolls shown on display that you'll be able to pick up in upcoming months. After recently getting my boyfriend addicted to Monster High, I'm excited ...

SDCC 2014: Mattel - Masters of the Universe

Jul 26 // Scarecroodle
Not wanting to jump the gun, I skipped discussing the Preview Night reveals which included MOTUC Eldor, Sweet Bee, a Battle Ram vehicle pack (with Man-at-Arms), and the first two Giant MOTUs (He-Man and Skeletor). As I would later realize, apparently we didn't get booth photos right away (ie, the Tomopop team stopped by the booth after the Matty Palooza revealed items were added) so I missed an opportunity to break up the coverage. Eldor is noteworthy for being a requested Filmation character who never received a figure in the original line. He'll apparently include some sticker sheets and is slated for October. Queen Bee (see gallery) is also due out in October, but she's a Club-exclusive and thus won't be part of the monthly sale. The Giant He-Man and Giant Skeletor were revealed on Preview Night, but they weren't alone for long as a Giant Beast Man and Giant Stratos joined the case after the Matty Collector panel. The figures strike me as a little odd given that Club Eternia's "road map" was shortened so it could end in 2015 with one of the reasons given being the rising costs of plastic and yet here Matty Collector is producing over-sized replicas of vintage Masters of the Universe figures. Um, argh? The concept is pretty neat, especially since it follows a line that was all about modernizing the classic toys. While a Giant Beast Man would certainly look nice on my... well, I'd probably have to put in a new shelf but, with the figure's US$75 before shipping price tag, I imagine that I probably won't be doing that. Kudos to Matty, though, for doing something like this. They even feature an over-sized card. The Giant figures will be released individually each month from September to December. Check out the gallery for Skeletor and Stratos. On a personal note, I was happy to see that Tung Lashor will be this year's Snake Man figure (meaning Squeeze will be the 2015 Snake Man figure). Tung Lashor has held a special place in my heart for being one of (if not) the only Masters figures that I still own from my childhood. Basically it survived several moves across states and countries, a hurricane or two, random misadventures, and room raids. The original figure had a tongue-extending gimmick which made use of a control on his back to extend/retract a really thin tongue. As with some previous entries, Matty has replaced the gimmick functionality with an alternate piece so Tung Lashor will include both a standard head (pictured) and an alternate head with the tongue stuck out (which is unfortunately behind the placard). The other exciting bit of news is the Galactic Protector She-Ra, which is a New Adventures-styled version of the character who apparently featured in one of the recent mini comics. It's also worth noting that she's an original design from the Four Horsemen. Given my (admittedly strange) affection for the New Adventures continuity, I'm looking forward to picking this one up... although Tung Lashor remains the only thing I absolutely have to get. Jumping onto the Mini MOTUs for a second, the 2015 selection will be offered as a sub. While that might sound like good news (since you don't need to worry about sales days), the downside is that the year's "diorama" (in this case Snake Mountain) will no longer be a CNC; instead it's going to be the club exclusive item and covered in the US$20 subscription price. The change is a little migraine-inducing, as the CNC pieces were the only thing that really justified the US$20 price tag for the 2-packs. Fans will still be paying the same US$20 per 2-pack, but they're less value for their money. So if you want Snake Mountain it'll run you US$140 (six 2-packs and the US$20 sub fee) before shipping and taxes. The figures themselves still look cute. The 2015 selection will include She-Ra vs. Horde Trooper and Jitsu vs. Mekaneck. Be sure to check out the additional images in the gallery. Skeletor's Hover Robots will apparently be the 2015 traveling convention item. Given that at least a few people might want to army build, these should be a hot commodity. Each one will include a flight stand. The last major highlight might be all the customs, as the booth featured a LOT of Skeletor customs. There are a few more images of these in the gallery and there are a lot of awesome or humorous designs spread throughout. Finally, here's a quick look at some other items that caught my eye: Lizard Man is one of the 2015 Club Eternia figures and features a really awesome figure design. Apparently he was a Filmation-only character who had three appearances in the cartoon (with different colors or details each time). He may be something of a bit character, but he's certainly appealing. Another interesting figure is Mermista, Club Etheria's December 2014 figure. She-Ra's mermaid ally will include an alternate lower torso which has definitely put the figure on my radar. Huntara, the fan's choice winner, had her figure revealed. Like the fan's choice Mara, she's slated for the 2015 selection. Snake Armor He-Man will appear alongside Battle Armor King Hiss in a new 2-pack. The set is the first quarterly item of 2015 and I'm assuming is a reference to the 200x series. The Snake Armor He-Man looks great. In the interests of brevity, I didn't run through everything. However, the release schedule will give you some idea of the things in the gallery. Otherwise you can tune in when I cover the Matty Palooza panel for some additional information. Be sure to check out the gallery.
Masters of the Universe photo
Cue the excitement
For those expecting some cool Masters of the Universe stuff at SDCC, Matty Collector apparently didn't disappoint. There were a lot of new reveals (a few of which were shown early) between the Club Eternia and Etheria selecti...

SDCC 2014: Mattel WWE photo
SDCC 2014: Mattel WWE

SDCC 2014: Mattel's WWE figures

A little bit of something for fans of all ages
Jul 26
// Brian Szabelski
The WWE section of Mattel's booth was pretty well filled at this year's San Diego Comic Con, with plenty for both old and new fans alike to be happy about. Many of the figures revealed at the panel on Thursday were at the boo...
SDCC 2014: Minecraft photo
SDCC 2014: Minecraft

SDCC 2014: Mattel's Minecraft mini-figures

Sadly, no Herobrine lurking about
Jul 25
// Brian Szabelski
If you have a slightly uncontrollable love of Minecraft, as I sometimes think I do, then it was perhaps interesting to see a little Minecraft section at Mattel's SDCC booth. Inside that section was a little "chest" you c...

SDCC 2014: Mattel - DC Comics

Jul 25 // Scarecroodle
Back in October, I reported that Yvonne Craig (a.k.a. Batgirl on the 1960s Batman tv show) had signed a licensing agreement which would allow companies to use her likeness. At the time I had hoped that it meant Mattel would add Batgirl to its Batman Classic TV Series line although almost immediately after I heard that Mattel didn't have anything else in the works for the line... but thankfully that's changed with a pretty great-looking Batgirl figure. While I'm aware that some people are probably more looking forward to a higher-end item like a Hot Toys Batgirl, those types of collectibles are harder to squeeze into my budget (and onto my burgeoning shelves) so Mattel's take is as good as I'll get. And, other than the arms maybe looking a little long, Batgirl looks great. I'll admit that I was a little apprehensive given how Catwoman turned out, but Mattel definitely seems to have done the character justice here. But wait, Bat-fans! There's more good news in the form of an "Ultimate Gift Pack" which includes Batman, an alternate unmasked Bruce Wayne (Adam West) head, several cans of Bat-spray (possibly not specifically labeled?), the computer console, the red phone, and several other accessories. The pack is slated to retail for US$30 although I'm curious who might even carry the thing. At any rate, these new items renew my hopes that we may someday see an eggsellent Vincent Price Eggman and a Louie the Lilac. Otherwise note that the Batman Power Attack (or whatever the mini version of that line is called now) is apparently finally getting a real Scarecrow figure (as seen on the shelf under the gift set). Hooray? Of course, another big piece of news is that Mattel's DC Multiverse line has gone giant with some over-sized figures. If you didn't want to spring US$50 to US$75 for the DC Collectibles Arkham games versions of Solomon Grundy, Killer Croc, Clayface, etc, Mattel will be selling more affordable (but less detailed, less articulated, etc) versions of the characters for around US$25 each. These fairly sizable figures are designed to scale nicely against the 4-inch line, but they'll still be a good deal larger than your DCUs if you want to go that route. It's a nice substitute for all of us who may have repeatedly kicked ourselves for not grabbing that DCUC Solomon Grundy CNC we saw on ebay that one time for only around US$20 or US$25 (and packed with a DCUC Shazam, no less) which would now cost us US$60 or US$70 which is more than we want to pay for a character we only somewhat like. You know, a totally hypothetical example. The larger figures might also come with a generic-looking prison backdrop, something that they may be tossing in to justify the price-tag. Personally, I'm looking forward to grabbing the Killer Croc even though I have the DCC version (since I'm always worried about damaging the DCC version). The Multiverse line will also be picking up some Batman: Arkham Knight figures. The ones on display include the new Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Red Hood, and the titular Arkham Knight. Also on display was Black Mask, Hush, and some of the others who appeared in previous titles. One of the ways you can pick up some of these characters is through a "Date Night" 4-pack for US$40 which Arkham-series Batman, Catwoman (Arkham City), Joker (Arkham Origins), and Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight). There's also an Arkham Knight Batmobile on the way (see gallery). Although vehicle support is usually more of a for-kids thing, I imagine that adult collectors who are into the line may spring for that as well. The Total Heroes line seems to be improving pretty quickly. While I wasn't all that interested in the DCU downgrade from the get-go, Mattel seems to be putting some effort into the line with neat entries like Steel, an over-sized power-suited Lex Luthor, and a really nice Joker. Also on display were the Matty Collector exclusives including the Batman Beyond (with both Terry and Bruce alternate heads), Cyborg, Black Manta, and the Green Lantern pack. The rest seemed to be previously revealed (and still upcoming) or older product. This includes the Super Powers-themed wave (featuring vintage-styled cardbacks) which I still think looks great. Be sure to check out the gallery for additional photos.
Mattel photo
Will you say Yves to Yvonne?
While Matty Collector's DC offerings are drying up, Mattel's DC Comics booth at SDCC showed off a slew of items heading to retail including a rather large expansion to its 4-inch Multiverse line, new items for its Batman Clas...

SDCC 2014: Mattel's WWE Panel

Jul 25 // Brian Szabelski
The WWE brought out its big guns for this year's panel, featuring the injured Daniel Bryan, Paul Heyman and Hulk Hogan, with Michael Cole hosting. So pretty much, if you were a wrestling fan at SDCC, this was where you wanted to be on Thursday morning, even if you weren't a big figure collector. Mattel's own announcements were pretty quick but featured a lot of new stuff to go over, including two-figure Battle Sets of the New Age Outlaws; Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H; mid-90s HBK vs. 2014 Undertaker; and Big Show vs. Andre the Giant.  The NXT fans out there will be happy to know that NXT's stars will be beginning to get figures, with Sami Zayn as the first out of the gate. He'll be part of the regular Superstars line, alongside Rusev (and Lana, too), El Torito, Eva Marie, Adam Rose, and Bo Dallas. Not going to lie, the Sami Zayn news was pretty exciting, and I'm looking forward to Bo's figure as well. The WWE Elite line will add in at least six more figures: Bluetista (a.k.a. Best Batista), Roma Reigns, and Cesaro with his Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale trophy, X-Pac with the European Championship (and there was much rejoicing ... somewhere), Junkyard Dog, and the debut of Doink. Or rather, all three different Doinks; you'll get the three different heads, each with its different hairstyle. The Defining Moments line is returning, with three new figures announced for that series. Two of them will be Wrestlemania III Hulk Hogan (and the original WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt) and Razor Ramon. Oh, and this man called Sting crashed the party at the end, just after Mattel announced they'd be making a figure of him for the first time as the third Defining Moments entry. It's also technically Sting's first appearance as part of the WWE family, WWE 2K15 commercial not counting. Needless to say, the place went a little unglued when he actually showed up in his Crow Sting facepaint and attire, and it seemed like such a perfect surprise to throw at the end of an already entertaining panel. Bet the people who left during the Q&A session in the middle are kicking themselves now, aren't they?
SDCC 2014: WWE Mattel photo
Lots of new figures announced ... oh, and some guy crashes the party
For four years now, I've made. I've learned that not only is it pretty informational, but there's almost always a surprise in store for the folks who attend. I just happened to get spoiled my first year during the Summer of P...

What Scarecroodle Is Up To: The Growing Terror of Parallax

Jul 11 // Scarecroodle
As mentioned, the completed Parallax looked awful. Worse still, the final piece needed to complete the thing was sold separately (which is just flat-out wrong on so many levels). At the time, I didn't know I wanted to spring for the extra US$20 or US$25 for the upper torso piece sold by itself which, by that point, wasn't really going to retailers who had gotten sick of these things pegwarming on their shelves. It was around that time when I realized that all the limbs were interchangeable, even the extra lower torso pieces. Parallax instantly went from being an absolutely awful CNC to being something really special. Given that the character has a completely nonsensical body, you could mix and match however you wanted. If I wanted, Parallax could be absolutely huge. Unfortunately that revelation was marred by the discovery that the torso pieces were pretty part to detach again. And I misplaced a bunch of pieces. However, I put together a mostly complete Parallax: Parallax in his current form is missing a few of the more specific limbs, although it's not something you'd notice. Basically the "leg tendrils" came with some of the crappiest figures in the line (which is saying a lot since the line was absolutely awful) and, because there was less of an overstock for them, I wasn't able to get them as cheaply as the standard tendrils. The worst of those is the 2-piece tendril which would have required buying Marrow who, as one of the final two figures (the other being the Parallax torso), would have run me a bit more money for not a lot of value. So I have the half that connects to the torso (which I need to find) but not the full extension. At this point I believe I have at least two spare torsos as well as another four (or five) limbs and the one half-limb. For scale, I have a DC Universe Classics John Stewart (not to be confused with the Daily Show's Jon Stewart) in front of Parallax. He's roughly in the 6-inch scale. Fun little additional factoid: when the first Green Lantern trailer came out, there was a surprising bit of confusion. Some fans were commenting, "I thought the Green Lantern was supposed to be an African-American!" Justice League Unlimited, which used John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan for a more ethnically diverse Justice League, apparently left its mark. Personally I've always preferred John Stewart over the mostly boring Hal Jordan (who received something of a personality reboot in the New 52), the ever-annoying Kyle Rayner (the '90s Green Lantern who cameo'd in one of the cartoons), and the complete jerk Guy Gardner (there was also Alan Scott, who technically was the first Green Lantern but he wasn't actually a member of the Green Lantern Corps and his powers worked a little differently). As such, and with Ryan Reynolds (who would have made a better Kyle Rayner) out-of-the-way, I hope that he'll make into Warner Bros' Justice League film. Of course, because an approximately 6.5-inch (if memory serves) figure is a lousy comparison point, here's Hasbro's Marvel Universe Sentinel. I've also propped Parallax up on his tendrils slightly, as the character is meant to be displayed. So yeah, he's actually huge and he can grow even larger if you toss in additional mid-sections. Granted, it'll get harder to support the weight the higher you stack him but you can toss a whole bunch of lower torsos on at the bottom or something. The figure features a lot of really sick detail including horrific protruding faces, skulls, and whole human-like torsos. Basically he's kind of awesome. Parallax's face can be removed, exposing a leech-like head underneath. It's probably a reference to the fact that the Fear Entity (or just Yellow Light?) possessed Krona. The outer face would be a representation of Krona while the one underneath is the truth appearance. Granted, the same leech-like face appears on the shoulder as well which could also suggest that the entity doesn't have a real face at all. And, because I have a debilitating black light addiction, I couldn't help but mess around with some fluff I saved from a shredded pillow to try something like the cloud effect seen in the film... although it came out nothing like that.It's still cool, though, which is what really counts. Finally, while we're still just on the subject of lanterns, here's Mattel's DC Action League Larfleeze (with Glomulus) facing off against a movie-styled Kilowog from the same line. Although pricy for what it was, the DC Action League was pretty neat. It was something of a shame to see it go. Also, although I hyped up the coolness of Parallax, bear in mind that he's a pretty lousy figure by most standards. The choice of paint apps is just straight-up bizarre; he's a mix of bright yellows, translucent parts, then heavily shadowed portions. However, because the toy line bombed even harder than the film, you can pick up a lot of the figures for dirt cheap. BBTS has the wave 1 figures available 3 for US$10 (ie, US$3.33 apiece); while they no longer have that deal, you can pick up a bunch of Naut Kei Lois for US$2.16 apiece and get those same parts that way. The only problem is finding Isamot Kol for the essential lower torso piece (needed for a really long/tall Parallax) and you're stuck paying at least retail for the individually packed upper torso. Be sure to check out all the rest of the photos in the gallery.
Parallax photo
It may not get better but it certainly can get bigger
Toy companies can do some odd things when it comes to movie spoilers. In the case of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, for instance, Kenner revealed the villain's secret identity when it left the figure unmasked in the packaging ...

Masters of the Universe photo
Masters of the Universe

Matty's Scott Neitlich says MOTUC Snake Mountain is unlikely

It was already unlikely that I'd spring for one
Jun 19
// Scarecroodle
Matty Collector's Scott Neitlich has confirmed via the Matty forums that a Snake Mountain playset is basically off the table.  "At this point it is doubtful we will explore something this large again," said Neitlich, who...
SDCC exclusives photo
The daughter of Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf will be a con-exclusive
For Ever After High fans awaiting more news after Tuesday's teaser image, the time for the full reveal has come. As predicted, the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is none other than Cerise Wolf (a.k.a. Cerise Hood), the daughte...

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