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Gaming Heads Tali photo

Gaming Heads unveils Mass Effect's Tali

Gaming Heads' last statue of Loftwing Link was a little lacking in the face department, but at least with their new Mass Effect 3 Tali piece, that won't be an issue. The newest 1/4-scale statue in Gaming Heads' series features the Quarian w...

Diamond Select Toys photo

SDCC 2014: Diamond Select Toys

Let's keep that San Diego Comic Con train rolling along. The next booth up is Diamond Select Toys! Of all the new things I saw at this year's SDCC, DST had the thing I wanted most. Well, the thing I wanted most that I know I'll be sinking m...

What Pedro Is Up To photo

What Pedro Is Up To: Learning to Love the POP

Looking back, when I first saw the Funko POP series a few years back, I didn't think much of them. I thought they were cute, but I didn't expect for the line to last very long. Well, needless to say that I was wrong. Dead wrong. Multiple li...

Mass Effect photo

This giant Garrus will help with your calibrations

In my eyes, there aren't enough Mass Effect statues out there. Sure, there are a bunch of ships and guns, but I'm talking about character stuff. For a series that has some fantastic aliens and people in its cast, there's criminally few thin...


Huge LEGO Normandy from Mass Effect is pretty amazing

Given its swoopy, curved design, recreating the Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect was always going to be a tricky task. But what if you also wanted to make it is a big as a coffee table? Believe it or not, that's exactly what LEGO modeller extr...


Get the FemShep Bishoujo limited version from BioWare

It's been kind of quiet around these parts lately, but here's something to break that up. As you are all aware, Kotobukiya is quite good at making these Bishoujo figures and their upcoming one happens to be Female Shepard from Mass Effect 3...


Tomopop Review: Play Arts Kai Garrus Vakarian

Shepard was not so good. Ashley was decidedly middle of the road. So that leaves the best of the three characters featured in Square Enix's Play Arts Kai Mass Effect 3 line, Garrus, as the last one to review. Anyone who's played the tr...


Tomopop Review: Play Arts Kai Ashley Williams

Just last week, we reviewed Square Enix's Play Arts Kai Commander Shepard, and he was not that great. Maybe that's putting it a little lightly, but there are still two other Play Arts Kai Mass Effect 3 figures, so hopefully at least on...


Tomopop Review: Play Arts Kai Commander Shepard

Square Enix has been diversifying the Play Arts Kai by leaps and bounds lately, and one of their latest license acquisitions has been the Mass Effect series. Sure, BioWare totally dropped the ball with that thing they called an ending in Ma...


NYCC 2012: Dark Horse

Mass Effect 3 has made its impact felt on the market. Due to demand, numerous pieces have been constructed by various companies over the past year. Dark Horse, long known for its publishing arm, has already dabbled into the collectibles mar...


NYCC 2012: Square Enix

Square Enix's booth at New York Comic Con was, of course, home to a number of released and future Play Arts Kai figures on display, along with other collectible goodies. Some of them we've seen before, like the Tekken Play Arts Kai figures,...


NYCC 2012: Kotobukiya show display

So what did Kotobukiya bring with them to New York Comic Con this year? Maybe it would be better to ask what they didn't bring? The Koto booth is packed with an impressive display ranging from US$9.99 Evangelion ice trays to a US$...


[UPDATE] Kotobukiya previews Bishoujo Commander Shepard

The next Bishoujo preview from Kotobukiya has just gone live on their Facebook page, and it's Mass Effect 3's Female Commander Shepard getting her moment in the spotlight. We knew this was coming, based on the teaser we saw recently, but th...


TGS 2012: Square Enix's Mass Effect 3 Play Arts Kai

Finally, we get to the last few things from Square Enix's Tokyo Game show figure displays: their Mass Effect Play Arts Kai figures. No new sculpts were shown off: the same five — both Shepards, Tali, Garrus and Ashley — were on ...


Kotobukiya gives us a peek at Bishoujo Female Shepard

I'm sure you've been wondering just how Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Female Shepard will look as an actual figure, and now, we have a peek at her. Posted on the Kotobukiya Facebook page, the first shot is of Femshep's face, which looks a bit diffe...


Chibi Mass Effect plushies are better than any DLC

As long time readers of Tomopop may know, I'm a huge fan of the Mass Effect franchise. As such, my desire for great merchandise is at an all time high, now that the series is ostensibly done. Leave it to the official Mass Effect twitter fee...


Bioware and Mimoco reveal Mass Effect 3 Mimobots

Mimoco have just announced a new, limited set of three Mimobot flash drives based on characters of Mass Effect 3 which are available to purchase via Bioware. Two of the designs have been revealed to be Commander Shepard and Liara, and a thi...


SDCC 2012: Square Enix Play Arts Kai (Part 2)

Continuing our Play Arts Kai coverage from Square Enix's booth, we head on out to space! In particular, that's because this batch features Mass Effect 3's Commander Shepard, Garrus and Ashley Williams. We saw them at Toy Fair in unpainted f...


SDCC 2012: Kotobukiya booth tour - Games Edition

The slimmest of slim galleries we'll post tonight for Kotobukiya's offerings is probably going to be this games-related post. Besides the illustration for Mass Effect 3 Bishoujo Commander Shepard, we've also got a reprise of the ArtFX Statu...


SDCC 2012: Sideshow Collectibles joins the preview party

We're getting to open more presents early tonight and these gifts are from Sideshow Collectibles. They make things that we love. Things that are very large. Those things that we love and large will also be equal to the pain we'll give our w...


[UPDATE] Toy Fair 2012: Up close with Bishoujo Liara

Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Liara T'soni figure has been a familiar site to Tomopop readers, and she appeared at Toy Fair. But once again, it turns out Kotobukiya has a few surprises up their sleeve with their rendition of the lovely Asari holdin...


Toy Fair 2012: Dark Horse

Dark Horse's booth at Toy Fair was filled with all kinds of goodies. Besides the already revealed No Ordinary Love bust by Camilla D'Errico, there's also some Mass Effect replica models of the Normandy and, new to the line, Reapers. Of cour...


Toy Fair 2012: Play Arts Kai Mass Effect 3 figures

Toy Fair 2012 is ongoing right now in New York City, and Tomopop's Keith Polott is at the event, snapping pictures of some of the latest and greatest toy-related announcements! We'll start things off today with a rather big announcement: Sq...


Wonder Festival 2012 Winter: Bishoujos and FemSheps

Wonder Festival Winter 2012 really didn't have many surprises for the fans of Kotobukiya's Bishoujo lines. In part, that's because they went ahead and dropped the hammer on their reveals before WonFes happened. Still, there was Tekken Bisho...


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