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12:00 PM on 07.20.2014

Sideshow's Sentinel maquette fully revealed, up for pre-order

Sideshow Collectibles' gargantuan 32-inch Sentinel maquette is currently available for pre-order. I was fairly wowed when I saw the preview image back in May and the full thing is, well, staggering. Not what quite what I expe...


Hot Toys Rocket Raccoon and Groot pre-orders blast off photo
Hot Toys Rocket Raccoon and Groot pre-orders blast off
by Scarecroodle

Hot Toys' 1/6-scale Guardians of the Galaxy Groot and Rocket Raccoon are currently available for pre-order. Rocket Raccoon is suitably small at 6-inches tall while Groot measures a towering 15-inches in height.

While both figures look awesome, the pricing is a little odd. Groot has a US$200 MSRP while Rocket Raccoon, under half his height, is listed for US$160. Sure, RR comes with his gun, but it still seems a little unfair!

For those interested in both figures, there's a special collectible set available for US$360 which includes both figures and additional parts for Groot: an interchangeable angry head and a pair of partially clenched hands (you know, because Rocket Raccoon wasn't already getting the short end of the stick on this one).

Groot seems to look the cooler of the two but part of that ties into the alternate head only available in the collectible set. I love the detailing and paint, as well as the sculpt. Rocket Raccoon, who I had been hoping might be listed for under US$100, seems a decent rendition. That said, it's a little disappointing that he doesn't feature an opening mouth.

Hot Toys' Groot and Rocket Raccoon are slated for a March release.

[ Pre-order Groot | Rocket Raccoon | Collectible Set Sideshow Collectibles ]

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Kotobukiya teases ArtFX+ Deadpool photo
Kotobukiya teases ArtFX+ Deadpool
by Scarecroodle

Kotobukiya has posted a teaser for what could be either an ArtFX+ Deadpool. The image depicts the mutant's arm and shoulder as he draws a sword.

Kotobukiya has been top-loading on teasers going into SDCC, including several Bishoujos teased (the Marvel Bishonen line remains... well, not happening). The ArtFX+ Deadpool was announced in a Kotobukiya catalog earlier this year and is the first new Marvel Now! ArtFX+ statue shown since the Marvel Now! Avengers series.

Expect the full unveil at SDCC.

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Female Thor may open door for a lot of collectibles photo
Female Thor may open door for a lot of collectibles
by Scarecroodle

For those who missed the somewhat weird announcement earlier this week, Thor will soon be a woman. No, it's not a gender-bend (although it's worth noting something similar was done with Lady Loki) nor is she being billed as a substitute, this is just the new normal because, well, comics!

The Marvel press release explains that Thor will still be a god rather than a goddess (a reference that nobody understands just yet) with a different character wielding Mjolnir. While you could write this all off with a simple "comics be crazy" and completely forget about it (since it's unlikely to ever appear outside of comics, in much the same way the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon doesn't feature Miles Morales) if not for the fact that a female Thor opens a rather large door for merchandising. So when you see a Marvel Bishoujo Thor announced this year (because it seems inevitable) and your brain is spinning for a second, I hope this advance warning from keep you from experiencing a mini mental breakdown.

At any rate, whether you approve or not, it's just the latest in a long trend of comic makers trying to alter existing characters (whether to shake up the status quo for a quick sales boost or not) because promoting new or lesser known characters is apparently hard and risky. I imagine that the overall reaction and profitability of this decision will determine who DC Comics will pull this same trick with.

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Kotobukiya sets up a sting operation using a Wasp teaser photo
Kotobukiya sets up a sting operation using a Wasp teaser
by Scarecroodle

Kotobukiya has released a teaser image for what appears to be a Marvel Bishoujo Wasp sketch along with the caption, "HI! I'm the Wasp! And you've just been STUNG!"

The Wasp is best known for her Avengers affiliation, as she was a founding member of the group and a regular on its roster (despite having yet to appear in film...). More recently she was one of the starring characters in the short-lived Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (subsequently replaced by Avengers Assemble, which features more of a movie-verse cast). Her powers have included shrinking to about the size of a wasp, growing (up to 40-feet tall?), bio-electric stingers, and the ability to control insects.

This will be the character's first appearance in the line.

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2:30 PM on 07.15.2014

Painted Bishoujo Jubilee is here for pre-orders

[Update] Pre-orders are now available and listed below! She'll be out in late December for ¥7,200. Wasn't it just yesterday that we finally got to see the prototype sculpt for Jubilee? Oh yes, it was. In what was just a d...

Andres Cerrato

DST announces SDCC panel schedule, will be giving away posters photo
DST announces SDCC panel schedule, will be giving away posters
by Scarecroodle

Get ye to the DST booth! Diamond Select Toys will be giving away three free Minimates posters (see all three in the gallery) at booth #2607 during SDCC. Once you've been lured in by the promise of a free poster (or three), stay to check out DST's offerings for the coming year.

Are posters not your thing? DST will also be hosting its usual two panels, both with Q&As and giveaways at the end. The Minimates panel takes place on Saturday, July 26, from 1:30-2:30 in Room 8. DST President Chuck Terceira, artist Jason Wires, and marketing guru Zach Oat will be on hand to discuss what's coming up for the popular 2-inch mini-figure line. Will there be a second Godzilla Minimates box set? The answer might be at the panel.

For everybody else, DST's "The Best of All Worlds" panel is on Sunday, July 27, from 3:00-4:00, in Room 7AB. The panel will discuss all of the non-Minimates offerings, including the Marvel Select line, statues, busts, and so forth, in addition to apparently announcing a new toy line.

Be there or be square-bodied with a roundish head that may be flat on the top.

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Start the fireworks, the rest of Koto's Jubilee has been revealed photo
Start the fireworks, the rest of Koto's Jubilee has been revealed
by Scarecroodle

Kotobukiya has unveiled the full prototype for its upcoming Marvel Bishoujo Jubilee. The sculpting (which still subject to great) looks surprisingly great and I find that I absolutely love the design... which is why I'm not looking forward to seeing it painted because things can only go downhill from here. Granted, if Kotobukiya could make the pose work then perhaps there's hope for the paint as well.

The one point of interest is that the statue doesn't seem to have any special effects. The Shunya artwork depicted an overly stylized version of Jubilee's energy plasmoids and I would have assumed we might see something similar in the finished product since they've done the same for other characters. It's possible that the piece is being sculpted separately because it will likely be removable.

Casual X-Men fans will best remember Jubilee from X-Men: The Animated Series where the character had a starring role (yet received no action figure in the associated toy line despite having the potential for a great light-up gimmick). She would go on to have a very minor place in X-Men Evolution (where, due to differences in design, it didn't really even look like Jubilee) and was featured in some deleted scenes in the films. Jubilee seems to be frequently cut in favor of Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat, formerly Sprite) who serves a similar function as a teen/rookie member and features a power that offers more diversity to the team (although both have powers known for shorting or damaging electrical instruments).

In the comics, Jubilee has often served as Wolverine's "Robin" (more literally used in Amalgam, where she became the character known as Sparrow and served as a sidekick to Dark Claw (a fusion of Wolverine and Batman)).

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Rocket Raccoon mini-bust joins Gentle Giant's SDCC exclusives list photo
Rocket Raccoon mini-bust joins Gentle Giant's SDCC exclusives list
by Brian Szabelski

Gentle Giant has been rolling out some SDCC exclusives this week, and their newest is a 5-inch-tall polystone mini-bust of Marvel's Rocket Raccoon. The design is based on Rocket's appearance in the new Guardians of the Galaxy film, complete with the snarling teeth and blaster rifle, but without Bradley Cooper's voice. 

Rocket's price point is US$70, with pre-orders up on the Gentle Giant website right now. If you pre-order there, though, you won't get one until they ship out after SDCC, and you have to be a Premier Guild member to actually pre-order one of the 800 being produced. They'll be available at the convention, too, so if you're not a PG member, you can always have a friend mule one for you, right?

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Koto's Bishoujo Jubilee headsculpt previewed photo
Koto's Bishoujo Jubilee headsculpt previewed
by Scarecroodle

Kotobukiya has previewed an unpainted (but partially penciled in for detail's sake) headsculpt prototype of its upcoming Marvel Bishoujo Jubilee. The company plans to reveal parts of her sculpt as a week-long event.

Will Jubilee be greater than the sum of her individual parts? The character artwork still leaves me feeling a little skeptical (partly for that silly base) despite the head-sculpt showing some promise. I really want this one to work out (as Jubilee is my favorite female member of the X-Men) but Shunya has a habit of making things that I don't find appealing (Black Cat (reviewed) being one of the rare exceptions).

Will Jubilee's final reveal result in fireworks or a fizzle? Only time will tell. In the mean time, you can check out a version of the image in its natural resolution in gallery.

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Funko's fifth SDCC reveal gives us Frozen exclusives photo
Funko's fifth SDCC reveal gives us Frozen exclusives
by Vanessa Cubillo

Funko is again delivering exclusives from one of their more popular upcoming series, Frozen. I mean, are we surprised that people wanted Frozen Pop! figures? So there will be three exclusives from this Disney movie.

Glow in the dark, Olaf, Freezing Transition Elsa, and Frozen Anna. If Disney isn’t your thing, there are also some Marvel exclusives here. There will be a Flocked Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.

There will also be an exclusive Marvel Mystery Minis series. This series will include 12 special edition figures like Spider-Man, Daredevil, Hulk, and Thor. Ok, Funko, I want to be surprised with your next batch! 

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SDCC-exclusive ArtFX+ Hulk is more than good, it's GREY-T!! photo
SDCC-exclusive ArtFX+ Hulk is more than good, it's GREY-T!!
by Scarecroodle

Kotobuikya may have a few good exclusives going to SDCC, but only one is so good that he's grey-t: the ArtFX+ Grey Hulk! This Grey-test of exclusives will be sold at the Treasure Island Sports booth (#5030) during the con. Can't make it? The company seems to have at least a few available for pre-order on its site (unless it's an order online, pick up in person deal).

The ArtFX+ Grey Hulk is a redeco of Kotobukiya's Marvel Now! Hulk, the first figure in the ArtFX+ Marvel Now Avengers line (which one of our community members reviewed). It was a pretty neat sculpt although not everybody was pleased with the shade of green used for the paint. As such, the Grey Hulk might appease any naysayers.

This 1/10-th scale figure is limited to 2,000 pieces and will sell for US$75.

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