Super Mario photo
Or 1990 if you're from Japan... or 1992 if you live in Europe?
Yoshi! Everybody's favorite dinosaur plumber's assistant will be joining Mario and Luigi in Bandai's S.H. Figuarts line. First introduced in Super Mario World, Yoshi would go from being little more than a handy power-up to a ... read feature

Nintendo photo
What? I don't have to wait for Bandai to produce an articulated Bowser?!
Jakks Pacific apparently has plans to product Nintendo action figures, taking characters from such properties as Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong. The news was apparently discovered via an Australian retaile... read feature

Review - SHF Super Mario photo
Let's see how they can 1-Up this
Mario is the figure that so many have wanted a quality representation of. While there have been a few over the years, they did little more than just move arms up and down. Earlier this year, Bandai brought the news that many ... read feature

Mario photo

Mario Kart 8 toys are coming to McDonalds

Now a reason to see that creepy new mascot
Jun 16
Has your excitement died down yet from playing the new Mario Kart for the WiiU? No? Alright, McDonalds wants your business! Their next Happy Meal toys will be coming straight from Mario Kart 8. I’m not even going to ca... read
Nintendo  photo

Nintendo announces that their toy NFP project is called Amiibo

How scientific of them!
Jun 10
[Update: Added more pictures and information] Last month, we heard that Nintendo was going to be making figures that can be integrated into their video games. At the time, these toys were called Nintendo Figurine Platform, or... read
Super Mario photo
Super Mario

Hey paisanos! SHF Mario (and accessories) make for one smashing Super Show

A triple threat against Samus and Link? Suddenly that Captain Lou Albano reference seems even more apt
May 28
Bandai's upcoming S.H. Figuarts Mario (and the two accessory packs) has received a preview gallery which besides paying an homage to the games also shows off some Super Smash Bros-styling fighting againt figma Samus and Link.... read
Nintendo photo

Nintendo is making their own figures for their video games

Nintendo embraces the toy culture
May 08
It’s no secret that Nintendo has been struggling in the video game market. I mean, one day Mario really might have to be a plumber! Still, this company continues to fight and is still trying to be innovative. At an in... read
Mario photo

It's time to get a jump on pre-ordering SH Figuarts Mario

It's everyone's favorite Italian plumber made by a Japanese company
Feb 07
After seeing it at the Nuremburg Toy Fair, we knew that S.H. Figuarts Mario was a real thing. This was indeed great news! Well now pre-orders are opening up for this figure. Mario will be almost four inches tall and come wit... read
Figuarts photo

Bluefin posts teaser hinting at possible Mario line

Let the speculations begin!
Jan 19
Today on Bluefin Tamashii Nations’ Facebook page they posted a very interesting picture. It was a picture of a Super Mario Coin Block with the hashtag #figuarts. WOW! What? Are we looking at a S.H. Figuarts line? Or m... read
Super Mario plushes photo
Super Mario plushes

These Super Mario 3D World plushes are quite catty

Also featuring New Super Mario Bros. U's Nabbit
Jan 15
Hailing from his most recent Wii U title, Super Mario 3D World, Mario's latest plush incarnation dons the game's cat suit and brings some of his buddies along for the ride. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad get in touch with thei... read
Nintendo photo

Feel like cheating? K'Nex Super Mario codes right here

Cheaters never win... except when they save money and aggravation by finding the figures they want
Jan 06
Can't beat Series 3 of K'Nex's Super Mario Mystery Figure blindbags? Try cheating with these codes! Details (and codes) after the jump. read
Nintendo photo

Save up your coins for Club Nintendo's new Luigi figurine

It'sa me, Luigi!
Dec 23
Ever feel like Club Nintendo has nothing worth spending those coins on? The rewards program might just have solved that all-too-common complaint with an upcoming Luigi figurine which pays tribute to the popular Luigi's Mansion series. Full details after the jump. read
Super Mario 64 photo
Super Mario 64

This Lego custom is the Bob-omb... battlefield

Probably consists of more than 64 bits
Dec 15
Super Mario 64 was a revolutionary change for Nintendo's Mario series,  bringing the 2D platformer into glorious, clunky 3D. Matt De Lanoy (Pepa Quin) has honored that legacy with an amazing Lego sculpture of the Bob-omb... read
Super Mario plushes photo
Super Mario plushes

More Mario plushes than you can shake a tanuki tail at

Fans of the Koopalings will definitely be pleased
Aug 21
I love the Super Mario Bros. games. Not only are they (and their spin-offs, like Luigi's Mansion) genuinely fun to play but they often lead to equally fun toys. I spotted a boat-load of Mario plushes up for pre-order over at ... read

Tobias Wüstefeld creates Mario skull art for 8-bit show

skulls are very useful
Jul 03
Tobias Wüstefeld is an illustrator, designer, and director from Germany who also likes to do art. For an 8-bit art show in Vienna, We Love 8bit Art Show, he made these Super Mario levels sculpted on top of ani... read

Jason Freeny shows us what Mario is really made of

DTA nominee, Freeny, shows off his latest sculpture
May 25
For those not familiar with the work of artist, Jason Freeny, you're missing out! Known for creating anatomical sculptures, his latest work is of everyone's favorite plumber, Mario. Measuring 8 inches tall, Mario appears in ... read

Race over to the UK for these amazing Mario Kart trophies

Club Nintendo
May 16
Those of us old enough to realize what a reversal of fortune is going in between the US and the UK in terms of gaming release lately can now look to our neighbors across the ocean with even more envy. As if it wasn't repeated... read

This Italian artist gives 'Metal Mario' a new meaning

Metalwork is a winner here
Mar 06
There are a lot of artists out there that do work with tiny interlocking bits of chainmail, but certainly many less working in the similar but less sturdy area of paperclip art! Artist Pietro D'Angelo is one such creator howe... read

K'Nex Super Mario Brothers Wii blind bag code cracked

And the answer isn't up up down down left left right right B A
Feb 19
For all you cheaters out there, Nightram over at Video Game Memorabilia Museum has posted the answers to K'Nex's blind bag code for their Super Mario Brothers Wii blind bags. Rather than go with an 8 digit code with their UPC... read

Petey Pirahna takes a bite out of the custom scene

Feb 07
Once again, some great custom vinyl work has caught my eye, always a rarity! This time, the design comes from one Reet Neet, who I've got to give some big props to for noticing the perfect customization for the bubbly-headed ... read

K'Nex's Mushroom Kingdom is growing

It'sa even more Mario!
Feb 02
Nightram has pointed out that some new Super Mario K'Nex items have gone up for pre-order over at ToyWiz. While the initial Mario offerings have been at retail for a while, this has been the first I've seen of the new figures... read

Crack into these sweet Mario Choco Eggs

Jul 06
Looking for a little tastiness to go along with your toys? Grab an order of these upcoming Furuta Choco Eggs, celebrating Mario's latest Wii outing. Basically, these little things are like a Kinder Surprise but containing toy... read

Earlier today, we brought you some news about Julius von Brunk's Domaster and Tetrawing. While rummaging through his other creations, I happened to find the Koopa Airship from Super Mario Bros. 3, the best game ever made, and... read feature


Sorry, Mario ... but I think your princess is in another castle. Kodykoala has completed a new custom vinyl figure featuring a zombified Peach and what's left of poor Mario. The 7- to 8-inch piece has Peach on a spooky l... read feature


Plush Tanooki Mario costs more than an extra life

Jan 12
I like Mario as much as the next silly Nintendo diehard, particularly anything related to Super Mario 3D Land as it rawked my world pretty hard this past year. Thankfully we're starting to get a glut of merchandise from 3D La... read

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