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Legend of Zelda

Max Factory Link photo
Skyward Sword's Link is the latest entry
Good Smile Company's Wonderful Hobby Selection line is getting a new addition from Max Factory! This time it'll be The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's Link making the transition from artwork to PVC figure. Compared to some o...

A Link Between Worlds photo
He looks happy to finally be here
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is without a doubt my favorite Zelda game and certainly one of my favorite SNES games (somewhere alongside Chrono Trigger and Super Metroid). While I haven't played its 3DS sequel A Lin...

Legend of Zelda photo
A Link between GSC and my wallet
A Link Between Worlds (reviewed) has very quickly joined the list of my favorite Legend of Zelda games and, as such, I was happy to learn that he'd join the figma line... and even happier to see a photo of an unpainted protot...

Legend of Zelda photo
Cheaper than the 3DS remake
While many fans greatly enjoyed the Wind Waker Nendoroid Link (double-reviewed), others wanted something in a slightly more traditional style. Their patience paid off earlier this year when a Majora's Mask version was announc...

Nendoroid photo

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: Nendoroid invasion

Nintendo is taking center stage here
Feb 08
// Oansun
Good Smile Company's giant wall of reveals (they need to trademark that) has some interesting and/or exciting Nendoroid releases. We have a wide variety of stuff, so there's bound to be something for everyone. Or maybe everyt...
MF Link photo
Legend of Zelda hero appears
What with figma Link and Nendoroid Toon Link popping up in Good Smile's portfolio over the past few years, it was surely only a matter of time before a full fat scale version of the legendary hero broke ground. And here he is...

Nendoroid Link photo
Nendoroid Link

Nendoroid Link: The Wind Waker Re-Release

Another chance to bring home the hero
Feb 04
// Rachael Chambers
If you weren't able to snag Nendo Link when he was first released in Fall of 2014, there's good news! The Wind Waker adventurer will be re-released in June of this year with pre-orders already underway. Good Smile Company's v...

Tomopop Double Review: Nendoroid Link

Feb 03 // Martin Siggers
Figure Name: Nendoroid Link The Wind Waker ver.Figure Maker: Good Smile CompanyRetail Price: ¥4,000Available at: Hobby Search | AmiAmi | Plamoya | Entertainment Earth  Martin: So Rio, after we had such an uneven experience with our last Link review, why did you decide you wanted to revisit the character once again? Rio: Nice to team up with you again, Martin! Well, even though the last Link figure we reviewed was rather... poopy... I couldn't leave my love for Link behind. Plus, as a bonus? - It's Toon Link, so it's much more simple. They couldn't screw that up, right? Martin: I will say that as a Toon Link lover from day one (yes, I am being a Nintendo hipster) that it's pretty great that the design has retroactively become a classic. Plus, he looks almost exactly like a Nendoroid to begin with, so that can't hurt. Rio: I will fully admit that with my younger mind when Wind Waker came out, I wasn't too happy about Toon Link originally. Granted, I also had a major crush on Adult Link, so... you can see why I wasn't thrilled we got a kid! Of course, I got over it and loved the art style after I got off my fangirl mode. Martin: I think some of that art style does bleed through to this Nendoroid. Though it's tough to make Link look explicitly cartoonish because that's pretty much how all Nendoroids look anyway, the big bold flat colours work really well here and do give a strong impression of just leaping out of the screen. Rio: Yeah, I'm definitely glad for the simple style, as it translates well and it doesn't go overbearing one way or the other with its style. Martin: I'll agree wholeheartedly with one exception - I think without the advantage of constant emotion the eyes can occasionally look a little big and dead, depending on viewing angle. Rio: Yeah, that does become a problem with certain poses. On occasion I feel like the Pokemon Banette is staring at me with soulless eyes, which can get kind of weird considering the cute package the stare is coming from. Martin: Big praise for the rest of the sculpt though. It's pretty plain and simple but with that nice crisp edge only GSC seem able to achieve on figures of this scale. Rio: Yes, the sculpt definitely looks nice, and does well for the figure with keeping it clean. Shall we move onto the accessories? Martin: I think so. Given that Nendoroids are pretty much static figures the accessories are a pretty big part of making them unique from each other. How do you think GSC did on that count? Rio: I felt there weren't very many accessories, in comparison to how many items Link uses, but maybe one day we'll see an accessory kit of some sort. What items they did include I felt were pretty well detailed and cute for the size of the figure. I will say this is one action motion accessory that I actually really like. Usually I find myself somewhat underwhelmed. Martin: Yeah, it definitely fits the more cartoonish style of the figure. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much was included, considering I feel GSC's products have been getting a little bare-bones as of late. Is there anything you wish had been included instead of or in addition to what we got? Rio: I think the only thing I would have loved to see specifically and didn't, was just a bomb accessory. I thought it'd be cute to have one he could hold as if he was going to throw it. I think I'm pretty happy with him quite honestly. It's definitely an upgrade from the last Link we reviewed in my book. Martin: I'd have liked to see a Master Sword and maybe one of the more Wind Waker unique items, the Deku Leaf perhaps. Rio: Oh! The Deku Leaf would have been adorable! Martin: The problem with any Zelda-related figure is there are always going to be WAY more potential accessories than can possibly be included! Rio: Haha isn't that the truth? Link and his many gadgets need to have 5 or so accessory packs just to keep up with the little guy! Martin: I'm sort of surprised that hasn't happened actually. Just look at Bandai and their S.H. Figuarts Mario. Rio: Yeah, I really wish it would have. The items in a Zelda-related pack would have been more interesting and fun for me. Martin: I will say of the accessories provided though I absolutely love the Wind Waker and the extra arms. it would have been near impossible to put those standard arms into a composing pose, so the little extra touch is much appreciated. Rio: Totally, it helped immensely. I also love the heart container, because when you put it behind him so you can't see the stand so much, it's really cute how you can recreate him getting one like in the game. Martin: Honestly, I found the heart container one of the most frustrating accessories. The reason why it's in front of him in the pictures is because I found it almost impossible to get it to stand up behind him. The stand was just too flimsy and loose, though I'll admit this may be sample-to-sample variation. Rio: It was definitely frustrating. I had issues with it too, but once I get it where I want it, it's not moving. Martin: Perhaps it's just a case by case thing. What did you think of the face selection? Rio: I love the side-eyed grumpy face - that thing makes me laugh so hard every time. I do wish we had an actual "cat-faced" Link, but we got a pretty good selection otherwise in my book. Wind Waker was so expressive it's hard to knock it down to just a few. Martin: My big complaint here is the absence of wide eyed shocked Link. This harks back to a recurring complain I have with Nendoroids, which is the perennial inclusion of the 'neutral' face. Is anyone really going to use bland straight-ahead Link here? I think not. Rio: Yeah, definitely not. I agree, the shocked face would have been hilarious and great for so many photoshoots! Martin: Having said that, four faces is pretty generous so I'm not too aggrieved. Also, here's a plug for you GSC - I would totally buy a scale King of Red Lions to go with this figure. Make it! Rio: I was JUST thinking this the other day actually, especially with the figma horses and all that coming about. Martin: Let's start wrapping this up then. I always find Nendoroids a little tough to review because they're pretty same-y, but in this case GSC's usual fit and finish is a boon, as is the range's unique style. Rio: Agreed! I've not been super in love with many of the newer Nendoroids, but I'm really pleased with Link. I love having his cute little self sit by me while I work. Martin: He's earned my desktop spot too, so I think we're of one mind here. Any final words before we call this one? Rio: Just one: HYYYAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Let us know what you think about the review format in the comments! We'll be back soon with the biggest, baddest Double Review yet!
Nendo Link photo
Maestro please
Last time our reviews editor Rio McCarthy and I teamed up we talked about our collective joy and frustration over Real Action Heroes Link. It seems only appropriate then that we reunite in textual form to look at another vari...

First 4 Figures photo
First 4 Figures

Ganondorf headlines new series of Wind Waker statues

Hyrule better watch out
Jan 21
// Rachael Chambers
Wind Waker is, visually, one of best Legend of Zelda games out there. Bringing the game's iconic style to polystone resin grandeur, First 4 Figures has presented Ganondorf to kick off the lineup. Standing at 15 inches tall, G...
Skull Kid figurine photo
Skull Kid figurine

Skull Kid figurine included with Majora's Mask 3D pre-order

The 3DS remake just got sweeter
Jan 08
// Rachael Chambers
There has been great anticipation for the release of Majora's Mask on the 3DS. To sweeten the deal, Nintendo has included a detailed Skull Kid figure in the US$50 Limited Edition bundle. This is great news to anyone who is a ...
F4F Loftwing Link photo
F4F Loftwing Link

First 4 Figures reveals their Loftwing Link

And it could be a lot better
Oct 28
// Brian Szabelski
The folks at First 4 Figures have a new Zelda collectible on display, featuring Link on the back of a crimson Loftwing from Skyward Sword. It's 26 inches tall and the sculpting on the Loftwing is fairly impressive; I love how...
SDCC 2014: Dark Horse photo
SDCC 2014: Dark Horse

SDCC 2014: Dark Horse

Putting those licenses to good use, I see
Aug 05
// Brian Szabelski
Dark Horse came to SDCC with a little bit of something from all of their major licenses, including: Ganondorf and Link were actually on display this time and able to be photographed. The two statues are the Twilight Princess...
Nintendo photo
What? I don't have to wait for Bandai to produce an articulated Bowser?!
Jakks Pacific apparently has plans to product Nintendo action figures, taking characters from such properties as Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong. The news was apparently discovered via an Australian retaile...

Legend of Zelda photo
This much awesome is dangerous
Japan seems to get all the really awesome game bundles. The most recent example is a special "Treasure Box" edition for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors, which includes a Triforce clock, a treasure chest, and a scarf. While I'm n...

What Scarecroodle Is Up To: Also doing some reading, etc

May 16 // Scarecroodle
As you've probably guessed, I'm a fan of superhero-related properties. While Superman has never been one of my favorite characters, it's hard to deny that he's something of a cultural icon and has had a tremendous impact on comics. So recently when I was visiting this strange place where they let you borrow books for free, I either remembered (or stumbled upon?) a Superman "biography" that I previously heard discussed on NPR some years ago and had been meaning to check out (both figuratively and literally, I suppose). Larry Tye's Superman: The High Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero is a somewhat in-depth look at the Man of Steel's conception and rise to prominence, starting by discussing the origin story of his two creators and getting up to... well, I'm only about thirty pages in! So no spoilers, people. I want to learn from the book if this Superman thing takes off. Pictured alongside the book is Mattel's DC Universe Classics wave 6 (Kalibak-series) Superman variant. He was the variant for the Recovery Suit Superman (based on the costume that Superman wore while he was healing following his "death" at the hands of Doomsday) and uses a fairly standard mold. In fact, he's more or less identical to other Superman figures in the DCUC line except for that mullet. He was one of the first DCUC figures I picked up and, at the time, I thought Superman looked cooler with a mullet. I've also been reading Stephen King's autobiographical "On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft". As with Superman, Stephen King has never been a personal favorite although he's probably the most prolific man in horror today. I've liked some of his short stories (and a few of his novels, especially The Long Walk), but I've generally found his stuff to be very hit or miss. Some of his stories resonate with me tremendously while others... well, not so much. However, his work often makes for tremendous movies and mini-series. The book has been recommended to me countless times over the years although I've generally avoided it for a lack of interest. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it's actually fairly entertaining besides providing some insights into how he got started as an author. After getting eighty pages into the autobiography, I wound up just ordering a copy so I can keep it around (and also mark the hell out of it) for personal reference. Standing next to the book is Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Funko's Horror Classics Mystery Minis blind-boxed line. While I've never read Stephen King's It, I greatly enjoyed the miniseries which featured Tim Curry as an evil, supernatural clown (and also starred a young Emily Perkins of Ginger Snaps fame). The fantastic-looking Pennywise is one of the easier figures to spot in the Mystery Minis set as a box containing one will weigh a bit more than the others in the series (although I imagine Captain Spaulding is a heavier figure was well). Game of Thrones is absolutely massive these days. The immensely popular HBO show is in its fourth season and, although I haven't started watching it, a few months back I spoiled a good chunk of the franchise by checking out article after article in the A Song of Fire and Ice wiki (ie, the wiki for the original novels). The plot is just incredible, a complex web of interactions among generally well-crafted characters each with their own motivations and aspirations. I had originally planned to just wait until the tv show finished then binge-watch all at once, but I was also curious about the novels that started it all so I wound up grabbing a copy of A Game of Thrones (the first novel in the series) on the cheap. I plan on starting this 800-page monster after I finish reading that Superman biography. Standing next to the novel is Rhaegal from Funko's Game of Thrones Mystery Minis (reviewed). Although Funko has also produced a series of 6-inch Legacy figures (with series 2 on the way!) and Pop! versions as well, Rhaegal is thus far the only collectible I own from the franchise although I expect that will change by the time I get through reading the novel. Besides reading, binge-watching tv shows (and films), and following the collectibles scene, I still game a little and the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds instantly captured my attention when it was announced (in no small part for being sequel to A Link to the Past). So while Skyward Sword still sits shrinkwrapped on my shelf, I've completed both LBW's normal and heroic mode. While I wouldn't raise A Link Between Worlds onto the same pedestal as A Link to the Past, it's still a great game. I somewhat enjoyed the option to rent then buy the weapons instead of unlocking them in dungeons but, at the same time, the terms of rental potentially made heroic mode a little annoying and finding a dungeon's hidden treasure just didn't have the same thrill. My only other issue with LBW was that it was relatively easy. I never needed to consult a guide to solve any puzzles (or use the in-game option) and most of the boss fights, while fun, posed relatively little challenge. Speaking of shrink-wrapped, I hadn't unboxed figma Skyward Sword Link until now. I was originally going to just put my Phantom Hourglass Link gashapon but, failing to find him, I finally let the figma Link get some air. I love blind-boxed figure (most of the time). The element of mystery, the thrill of the unknown, is always fun... but, at the same time, I always have my eye on a few specific figures in any given series. So while I may want a *surprise*, I want that surprise be a figure I want. How do you separate the ones you want from the ones you don't when the things are packaged randomly, you might ask? Well, there's always a trick or two... DC Collectibles' Scribblenauts Unmasked series 2 very recently hit Gamestops in my metro. Unlike series 1, where I had my eye on a handful of characters, I was specifically only hoping for Bane. Bane has a 3/24 rarity which makes him a little more common than the others but, more importantly, he's also a taller figure. My natural conclusion? Just move the box around a little bit and go with the one that moves the least. The theory seemed sound. However, as the saying goes, you have known knowns, known unknowns, and then you have unknown unknowns: things you don't know that you don't know. In this case, the known unknown came in the form of three hidden characters. What I didn't know and certainly didn't expect at the time was that the series' Max figure, who was shown cosplaying as various heroes, had instead rather unexpectedly taken the form of the evil extraterrestrial space starfish known as Starro and was also a larger figure. Truth be told, I like Starro so it wasn't an entirely unpleasant twist. Plus, I reasoned, the figure WAS most likely the rarest in the wave at his ?/?? rarity (which implies a greater than 1/24 rarity). So I left thinking, "Wow, I'm a lucky guy!". It's weird how an implied rarity completely switches your view on a collectible. Whereas I would have been okay with Starro-Max and perhaps thought him a little neat, the rarity suddenly elevated the figure to the stars. So I had built up this idea in my head that he was cooler because of some perceived rarity and connected monetary value only to look him up on ebay and find... well, my expectations completely shattered. Rare or not (perhaps he was 5/48 or something fluky instead), the figure's average listing was about US$10 with occasional ones priced even lower. Suddenly that change in perceived rarity and worth made me think less of the figure than if he was, say, of an average 2/24 rarity. He was still the same figure, still had a design I liked, and was something I most likely wouldn't have sold anyway, but the whole experience had generally messed with my head. I'm not sure whether I would have preferred just a Scribblenauts-styled Starro over a Max-cosplaying-as-Starro, but the figure is cute. The figure is definitely a highlight in a line where many of the figures are essentially just repaints. Given that my only other real want this wave is Bane, I'm not sure if I'll try my theory again or just pay a little more for Bane loose. Otherwise I could just skip him entirely since I never got Black Manta from series 1 either (instead getting my other top choice, Bizarro).
What Scarecroodle is upto photo
I also visited the Guggenheim, but they didn't allow photos
Taking a page out of Kristina's book, this week I'd focus on some of the things I've reading and doing while also showing off some related collectibles. Thoughts will be spoken and things will be photographed. More after the jump.

Nintendo charity auction photo
Nintendo charity auction

San Jose State art student charity auction is all about Nintendo

Auction currently open online
May 10
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
This has fallen just a little under the radar, but there's still time to take part! Students in the San Jose State University Animation/Illustration program are holding Press Start: Nintendo Charity Gallery until May 16 where...
C2E2 2014 Paisley Fawn photo
C2E2 2014 Paisley Fawn

C2E2 2014: Paisley Fawn

Smudges of many a color
May 02
// Natalie Kipper
The majority of Paisley Fawn's C2E2 offerings were different varieties of her signature Smudge plushes. If you aren't acquainted with the creature, you need only look in the gallery to learn of the herd of small, pudgy l...
Customs photo

Blow it up! Handmade Zelda bomb and pouch

How else would you store your bombs?
Apr 25
// Scarecroodle
 Coliescutecrafts has crafted a Legend of Zelda-styled bomb pouch and bombs set. The pouch and three beanie bombs (only one photographed) purportedly took her three hours to make (and required suede, thread, leather, yarn, pipe cleaner, poly-fil, and poly pellets). While not the most impressive replicas I've seen, it's still a neat tribute to an awesome franchise.

Tomopop Review: Real Action Heroes Link

Apr 18 // Martin Siggers
Figure Name: Real Action Heroes LinkFigure Maker: Medicom ToyRetail Price: ¥19,800Available at: HobbyLink Japan | CDJapan | Amiami | Big in Japan | Hobby Search | Nippon-Yasan Martin: OK, let's kick this thing off! I've gotta say, the first thing I was really impressed with was the packaging here. All the official game logos, super classy white box, opening window and minimalist design - very cool and befitting a high ticket item like this Rio: Agreed! It was great to see it all officially labelled so you didn't feel like you were getting some rip off with a license after paying so much for it. Martin: Well...we'll get to that. What was your first impression when you opened that box window? For me it was definitely that tunic, which has kicked up considerable fuss around the 'net as people have been getting their figures in. Rio: Yeah... about that tunic. Well, it looks like a tunic... I guess. I'm sorry, but when I'm used to paying this amount for a Hot Toys figure, what the hell is with that cheap shoddy fabric? I use better fabric than that on hats I make! Martin: It was a real body blow (no pun intended). And you bring up a really good point there. I paid almost $200 shipped for mine, and at this price level you're playing with the really big boys. Apparently Medicom have claimed the change was mandated by Nintendo, but it's still really crappy of them to make a major change like this without notifying customers at all. Rio: Yeah, that was the price I paid as well. I think that's B.S. Why Nintendo would regulate you to use a crappy material is beyond me, especially when it's at no cost to them. If they were going to make this change, they should have charged at the VERY least $10-$20 less. Not that the fabric costs that much less, but it definitely brings down the aesthetic value. Martin: One thing I will say that did impress me is the scale. Link is BIG, he really does feel super-sized in your hands.Rio: Yeah! That really shocked me! Funny enough I got the Figuarts Zero Sailor Moon at the same time in the mail, and I was like, "Man, she's small..." Then I opened up the box for RAH Link and I'm like, "DAMN! He's huge!" Martin: How was poseability in your eyes? As someone who is TERRIFIED by dolls, I've never owned anything that had actual cloth clothes before. I was simultaneously thrilled by how good stuff like his trousers looked, and super annoyed that they restricted his movement somewhat on his arms and legs. Rio: I'm terrified by Dollfies, so there's still that! Well, as someone who has several Hot Toys figures (and I hate to keep referring back to that), I was a bit underwhelmed. Speaking of being terrified.. I was extremely scared when informed by Andres that I would need to be very careful when posing him, and that these figures are much more prone to breaking. WHAT?! Oh man, that scared me to death. It's alright once you figured out the best way to move him, but I'm still torn on how 'great' I think it is. Martin: I don't think it's wrong at all to keep referring to Hot Toys stuff. That's the kind of marketplace we're playing in here, and you've got to match your competition. I generally don't think poseability is terrible but mine had pretty loose ankles and wrists, and posing the feet is an utter pain since for some inexplicable reason they chose not to use ball joints. Rio: Yeah, being able to pose the feet was where I had the most problems. Mind you, with said competition that's never been an issue. Martin: Let's move on then. One thing I really did dig was that Master Sword and Shield combo. Big, beautifully painted and simply gorgeous. Rio: Oh yes, the accessories look great. I love both the sword and shield, but I adore how the bow and arrow looks as well! It's almost as if the effort was put more into the accessories than the figure itself, but I definitely can't complain on them. Martin: I'd agree but I've got major beef with the bow. I don't know if this is a case-by-case problem, but the 'bow gripping' hand on my example was so tight that it was nearly impossible to fit the bow in. I had to use so much force the I was scared the hand would snap, and the net result was a bunch of absolutely horrible paint cracks on the hand (pictured below), meaning I'll need to sit down and repaint that at some point. It's insane to me they didn't make the bow break apart in the middle, which would have made the whole process infinitely easier. Rio: Wow.. You know, I'll admit I didn't get that far to try that, but that does scare me to try. Martin: It's a bummer alright. It might seem like a small thing, but it's another example of cutting corners which actually have a pretty big impact on the finished product. You've spent all this money on this beautiful bow, why not go that extra mile and make it disassemble? Rio: Yeah, I agree. There's no reason why it shouldn't be made to be taken apart. Did you have any other issues like that with yours? Since I'm a total worry wart, I was too afraid to try much with it, so I'm a big baby and didn't see much of that. Martin: Mine's left wrist was a little loose and the paint could have been sharper, but otherwise no outstanding quality issues. Everything feels very solid and weighty and I will say I was overall impressed with the body itself. Rio: Yeah the body was definitely done much better than the other things we've brought up so far. Still you know, I'm partial to my Hot Toys figures, but they definitely get high marks on the body than they do for the other parts. How did you feel about his face? The face is almost always a big factor in figures, so do you think they did a good job? I think I'm a pretty solid fan of the work they did on it. Martin: I'm very high on the face. It's super sharp and really does look a lot like the Skyward Sword version of Link it's meant to be based on. The swappable eyes are cool too, and make side on poses much more realistic. My biggest issue is that we've only got two expressions. I know Link doesn't smile that much, but this generation of Link is way more expressive than his prior incarnations and it would have been nice to have a gentle smile or something like that. Rio: Agreed. I would have loved a smile of some sort, though I do like the expressions that were included. A smile never hurts though! What pose do you think you'll keep your figure in, and with what expression? Martin: As you can see in the photo above (which is also handy for scale), I'm keeping him with his neutral expression, standing upright in a very classic sword and shield pose. I did consider having him with the bow though, just so I could strap the sword and shield to his back, which is one of my favourite features. Rio: Those are the EXACT two I'm torn between! I really wanted to do the bow, so if I get brave enough I'll do that. Martin: How are you on the beetle? I love that it's included but the fact that there's no way to properly attach it to his arm is kind of a joke. It barely feels like it belongs with the character. Rio: Yeah I'm in the same boat. It's awesome that it's there, but.. what was the point if you weren't going to do anything with it, Medicom? Martin: It seems a recurring theme through this review is 'great ideas, shoddy execution'. Would you agree on that? Rio: Yeah, and it seems we agree on pretty much every aspect of where that shoddy execution is. I really hope this same type of thing doesn't happen when I get my RAH Ryuko Matoi... Martin: I think we're approaching the end of this review, so let's ask the key question that every review is ultimately all about - do you feel you got you money's worth? Because I'm afraid to say I don't. RAH Link is a decent enough figure, but he's a decent enough figure who should probably cost about half what he actually does. I'm loving the detail and heft the larger scale affords, but in the back of my mind there's a nasty little voice telling me that actually, figma Link might be a better all round toy. Rio: Yeah, I definitely didn't get my money's worth. I would gladly shove my $200 to Hot Toys as opposed to Medicom if their quality stays like this. After seeing this in person, I'm more excited to get my Nendoroid Link than I was this now. It's 'okay', but as you said.. 'okay' should cost about half of what this did. Martin: Agreed. I'll happily keep Link, and put him on display in my cabinet, but when all is said and done this was a terrible missed opportunity, and I suspect it'll be damaging long term for Medicom. I'll certainly think twice before purchasing from them again. Any final words before we wrap up? Rio: That pretty much sums it up. I love Medicom as a company, and have liked other pieces they've done, but I sure hope they work on their Real Action Heroes line a bit more before other big releases come out.Martin: Thanks Rio. Let's hope if we do this again, it's for something a little bit more praiseworthy. So hey guys, obviously this is a new format for us, and we'd appreciate it if you'd let us know what you think. Would you like to see more reviews like this, or do you prefer the old one person format? Sound off in the comments and if you want to know anything more about Link, Rio and I will be happy to answer questions. 
RAH Link photo
Too Much Green
I've got a real soft spot for Real Action Heroes Link. Not only because, like many people, I dearly love The Legend of Zelda, but because he was one of the first major pieces of news I covered after I joined the site. As...

Nintendo photo

Zelda and Pokemon monopoly sets perfect for when you're 'board' and want to game

A weird team-up, considering board games stopped being relevant when video games were invented
Apr 13
// Scarecroodle
There must be some unwritten rule asserting that if it exists then eventually it will receive its own version of Monopoly. Although it seems that just about everything has been covered, the list of whatever-is-left has shrunk...
Legend of Zelda photo
Legend of Zelda

Nendoroid Link is ready for a pre-order adventure

The adventure will probably take him months to reach your house
Apr 11
// Scarecroodle
[UPDATE: Kahotan has released a preview gallery] Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Wind Waker Link is currently available for pre-order. While the character won't come with things like a bomb, boomerang, or hookshot, he will inc...
Miyazawa S2014: Link photo
This time, he's in serious business mode
It was nearly a year ago that I first talked about how much I'd like to see a Nendoroid of Wind Waker Link, and at the past two WonFes events, we've seen the green-clad warrior in his chibi form. While February's ev...

Legend of Zelda photo
Legend of Zelda

First 4 Figures adds Zelda to their Legend of Zelda line

This princess wields a sword
Apr 01
// Vanessa Cubillo
By popular demand, First 4 Figures is adding another statue to their Legend of Zelda line; Princess Zelda. Looking exquisitely beautiful, Zelda is designed after the official artwork for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. A...
Legend of Zelda amigurumi photo
Legend of Zelda amigurumi

Help this Lost Maiamai find a home

Crochet one of the scattered crustaceans from Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Mar 16
// Natalie Kipper
I know quite a few amigurumi enthusiasts who are fond of Ravelry. The site's pattern database is massive and its network of helpful users is a godsend. Plus, every so often you find a pattern that just leaps out at you as som...
Legend of Zelda photo
Legend of Zelda

Pre-orders are open for Dark Horse's Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess statues

From Twilight Princess, Link and Ganondorf are ready to be ordered
Mar 07
// Vanessa Cubillo
At NY Toy Fair, Dark Horse finally allowed us to see their statues from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. There were two on display, Link and Ganondorf. The Link statued looked good, but Ganondorf was just impressive. Now ...
Legend of Zelda photo
Legend of Zelda

Toy Fair 2014: Dark Horse - Legend of Zelda statues

These are proud statues for any Zelda fan
Feb 18
// Vanessa Cubillo
At SDCC this year, Dark Horse announced that they would be making figures from Legend of Zelda. If I remember correctly, they had the figures there but they weren’t allowing people to take pictures. Well, it looks...

LEGO's next sets up for consideration are a nerd's dream

Next LEGO set could be for Macross, Zelda, BTTF, Adventure Time, Sherlock, or Japan itself
Feb 14
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
LEGO CUUSOO has announced the latest round of fan-made sets up for consideration to be made into real products that anyone can buy. Previous winners include the Back to the Future DeLorean time machine with Doc and ...
Nendo Link photo
Nendo Link

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Nendoroid Link arrives!

Come sail away with me
Feb 08
// Martin Siggers
You wanted him. I wanted him. Let's face it, pretty much everyone with a soul wanted Nendoroid Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. And now he's finally here! Well, not quite, but we have at least got the first pict...
WonFes 2014 Winter photo
WonFes 2014 Winter

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Planned figma and Nendoroids

You just have to identify them all
Feb 08
// Andres Cerrato
If you're tuned in here, you just want to know what Good Smile Company and its army of subsidiaries have ready for you to start pre-ordering and drooling over. They've decided to make things a bit easier and just gone ahead a...
Legend of Zelda photo
Legend of Zelda

Custom Delights: Legend of Zelda Triforce medallion

Will it make all my wishes come true?
Jan 03
// Vanessa Cubillo
Christmas may be over, but here is an ornament that you can hang to represent your love for Legend of Zelda…or just golden triangles. Made by artist, Christopher Soprano of Sop-Art Studio, this Triforce medallion is m...

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