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1:00 PM on 06.18.2014

Jin Saotome rolls out a new custom of his namesake

Jin Saotome the custom figure maker has just completed a new figure of Jin Saotome from Cyberbots and Marvel vs. Capcom. However, while it's a new 7-inch-scale figure, the bigger size isn't the only difference. He's also gone...

Brian Szabelski

8:05 PM on 11.06.2013

Jin Saotome returns with new custom Slenderman and more

Even though we've just celebrated Halloween, it's okay to still have some fright in November. Jin Saotome is not a stranger to Tomopop. His customs inspire awe and amazement, but his two new customs will be sure to also ...

Andres Cerrato

6:30 PM on 08.13.2013

Cancel the apocalypse with Jin Saotome's Gipsy Danger

Saying that I loved Pacific Rim is an understatement. As much as I loved that NECA made some highly-detailed toys of the Jaegers and Kajiu, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the range of movement in the joints. Per usual, Jin Sa...

Andres Cerrato

8:00 AM on 04.09.2013

The Brass Knight is here to fight in an old timey fashion

Jin Saotome makes custom action figures from toy lines like Marvel Legends, DC Universe, GI Joe, etc. His latest custom comes from his DC Steampunk line, a custom 6-inch steampunk Batman he calls the Brass Knight. Just che...

Vanessa Cubillo

Custom Made Monday: A new coat of paint photo
Custom Made Monday: A new coat of paint
by Brian Szabelski

Today's my birthday, and as such, I figured today would be as good a day as any to announce the rebirth of Munn-day Morning Recap into a new, expanded feature — Custom Made Monday.

Custom Made Monday expands on what Munn-day Morning Recap did; no longer will we just be rounding up Munnys and Dunnys, but a full assortment of customs from all over the place. You might see custom figures from Jin Saotome; Munnys from notable artists in the designer toy scene; custom gunpla, figmas and Nendoroids and garage kits when they cross our radar; and more. A lot of customs of all sorts will still get featured in their own posts on Tomopop too, so don't worry; they're not all going away. Heck, MMR may even return if we have a particularly good reason for doing so.

For the first Custom Made Monday, we're giving you a taste of what to expect. This time, we have custom designer toys alongside Nendoroids, action figures, even prop replicas that have been made by hand. Not every Custom Made Monday will be this big ... but since this is #1, why not? Hit the jump to check it all out!

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Custom Delights: Jin Saotome's figma Samus Aran photo
Custom Delights: Jin Saotome's figma Samus Aran
by Brian Szabelski

You probably remember seeing Chris' review of figma Samus Aran, and if you did, you probably were wondering what could have been done to make her a bit better. Well, Jin Saotome has you covered; he's put together a new figma Samus custom that features her with a her face! Those of you who are eagle-eyed and fans of Hasbro's Marvel Legends line will probably recognize the head as a modified Black Widow head, and it's not a bad match. He's also done some additional paint detailing and sculpted out an ice beam accessory that looks radical. Yes, I just said radical for the first time anywhere in the world since 1987.

Want to pick this one up? Jin's put it on eBay and the current price is US$128. The auction ends Sunday, Dec. 23, at around 10:30 p.m. Eastern (7:30 p.m. Pacific)

[via toycutter]

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8:00 AM on 01.03.2012

Jin Saotome's custom Zero is a force to be reckoned with

Just as promised, Jin is continuing his journey through the Mega Man universe with a new custom. You may have seen his Mega Man custom from about a week ago (which ended up selling at just over US$350 by the way), but the tim...

Chris Pranger

4:45 PM on 12.25.2011

Jin Saotome's custom Mega Man is what the world needs now

Merry Christmas to everyone, and what better way to spread the cheer on a joyous day such as this than with a brand new custom action figure from Jin Saotome, one of my favorite custom figure designers. He's brought us so man...

Chris Pranger